Vassallo Arguello in Another Tennis Betting Scandal at Monte Carlo?

Posted on April 15, 2009

Argentina's Martin Vassallo Arguello may be involved in yet another match-fixing scandal after a first-round match in Monte Carlo this week.

Vassallo Arguello, ranked No. 69 in the world, was rated as the favorite in internet betting for some reason over No. 21-ranked Igor Andreev -- and even after Vassallo Arguello had lost the first set 6-2, he was the favorite in continued betting.

"Despite winning the first set convincingly, Andreev's odds on Betfair were listed at $2.10, or 10/9, an unbelievable price considering he was the higher-ranked player and had already gone one set ahead," wrote

At 5-4, 40-0, Andreev has three match points on serve.

"At this point, Betfair was betting $25.0 or $26.0 on Vassallo Arguello -- in layman's terms, that means the Argentine was available at 25/1 and there were takers at this price even though realistically, in such a dire predicament, he should have been at 250/1 or longer," wrote

Vassallo Arguello came back to force a second-set tiebreak, where Andreev threw in two double faults to eventually drop the match.

In the third set, Vassallo Arguello easily ran out the win 6-2.

Vassallo Arguello was involved in the infamous match in Poland in late 2007 against Russian Nikolay Davydenko, winning when the Russian retired in the third set with a foot injury, with millions wagered on Vassallo Arguello.

"There may be an innocent explanation for the betting trends, and perhaps the result was no more than a neat coincidence," said of the match. "But one wonders what the ATP made of it, and whether their crack anti-corruption squad will swing into action any time soon."