Robin Soderling Interview - French Open, June 7

Posted on June 7, 2009

Robin Soderling Interview
French Open, June 7
After loss to Federer in Final

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You mentioned already probably you lost todayagainst the best player of all‑time. When you went into this match, what was different than when you wereplaying it? I mean, in the way of whatyou wanted to do and what you couldn't do out there.

ROBIN SODERLING: You know, I think the match ‑‑ the matchwas what I expected. You know, I playedRoger so he many times, so I know his game now. But, you know, I think I didn't play aggressive enough.

But it's always ‑‑ you know,every time I played Roger, after the match I always said, I played so badtoday. Now I learned that it's not thatI played bad, he makes me play bad. Sothat's what's so difficult playing against him.

Q. Obviously you beat Rafa, then you got to beatby Roger, and all of us have been sort of consumed by the idea that Rafa hastaken Roger apart a lot lately ‑ exceptof clay recently ‑ but in majors. Whatis the difference for you between them when you face them on court?

ROBIN SODERLING: They're both great players, of course, butthey have different game styles. Youknow I think Roger's game doesn't suit my game at all. He doesn't allow me to be aggressive. He always had me on the run today.

With Rafa, it's different. It's easier to be aggressive, you know. In all my matches against Rafa I think Idictated the game, I dictated the play.

But against Roger, for me,it's been so far impossible to do that.

Q. Secondly,on that, you said Roger is the greatest of all‑time. As a player, does it give you pause to saythat, because he's had such trouble will with Rafa? Can he be the greatest, but he's had problemswith this one guy? Or in your mind, it'slike, I don't care. I know what I see?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I played him, so I know. I never played anyone playing that fast. He's a great player. He doesn't have any weaknesses at all. He really deserves to be called the bestplayer of all‑time, I think.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about thepositive for you in this tournament?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I had a great tournament. I had the two best weeks of my career sofar. I've been playing some very goodmatches and I've been beating some very good players.

You know, I always knew before thatwhen I play my best tennis I can beat anybody, everybody. But I think I showed it today ‑‑ Ishowed it during this tournament, I could do it a lot of matches in a row,which feels very good for me, and it's very good for my confidence.

Q. Do I think it will change something for thefuture now? I believe in yourself?

ROBIN SODERLING: Hopefully. I always ‑‑ think I always believed in myself, but for sure this givesme a lot more confidence. I know Ididn't have my best results in Grand Slams before this tournament, but I thinknow I really showed to myself that I can do well in Grand Slams.

Q. Can I just tell us your thoughts about theincident when the man came on the court and sort of danced in front ofRoger? Were I surprised that securitywas quite slow in coming out? Were Iworried when it happened?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, it wasn't really a nice thing to see. I mean, I think the security was at least assurprised as we were.

But, I know, I mean, it's very badthat things like this can happen. At thesame time, it was ‑‑ we only play one set, so we both needed to stay veryfocused.

So I tried not to think aboutit too much. It's a shame that thingslike this can happen.

Q. Imentioned during this week that your breakthrough on clay is very surprisingfor I. What is to expect for I in thefuture going now on your better surfaces?

ROBIN SODERLING: Well, I know, I think I can play well on allsurfaces. You know, I don't have anysurfaces that I feel like, you know, it's not ‑‑ that doesn't suit mygame.

So far I maybe had my best resultson indoor tournaments, except for this tournament. I feel very confident, and I feel very goodfor the grass now. You know, I playedgood matches there as well. I didn'thave the results, but, again, I played good matches.

Hopefully I can put ittogether for the next Grand Slams, as well.

Q. Wouldyou be disappointed if you can't have results at Wimbledon,the next Grand Slam?

ROBIN SODERLING: Yeah, I'm always a little bit disappointed ifI lose early in the tournament or if I don't play well.

I also know that in a Grand Slameverybody is ‑‑ all matches are tough. You know, you need to play well from the first point until the end,until the last point, you know.

So, yeah, I think I willbe ‑‑ if I don't play well in Wimbledon Iwill be a bit disappointed. Again, Iknow that I can beat everybody, but I can lose to a lot of guys as well when Idon't play my best tennis.

Q. Ifyou have only one memory of this tournament, what is it?

ROBIN SODERLING: I have so many. Of course beating Nadal. You know, it was a very nice for me. You know, I think I made what was supposed tobe impossible, to beat him on clay in best‑of‑five sets ‑‑ I mean, no one elsehave ever done it before and I finally made it.

So I will remember that for a longtime.

Q. Did you already talk to Magnus about thegame? If yes, what did he say?

ROBIN SODERLING: No, I tried to, but he said, No, we don'ttalk about the match now. We take itlater tomorrow or something.

Q. What tactic have you had to do? What did you try and did not obviously worktoday?

ROBIN SODERLING: Thank you. You know, I tried to stay aggressive. You know, I think that's you what have to do against Roger. He plays so well when he can take theinitiative.

But it didn't work today, as yousaid. He played too well and he didn'tlet me to be aggressive at all. So Ihave to change something for next time we play.

Q. How does he prevent your aggression?

ROBIN SODERLING: He's even more aggressive. I have to say he plays even faster. Simple as that.