Tennis Commercials

Because of their marketability and international appeal, tennis players have long been features in ad campaigns and commercials. Here are a few of the great ad campaigns and TV vignettes done by some of the biggest names in tennis. Check back as we'll update this page periodically. Enjoy watching them!

Roger Federer Lindt Chocolate "Airport" Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer gets roughed up in airport screening in this new Lindt TV spot.

Roger Federer Mercedes-Benz Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer has a new Mercedes-Benz commercial out.

Caroline Wozniacki Proactiv Commercial [Video]
Caroline Wozniacki continues to add to her bank account.

Fernando Verdasco Head and Shoulders Commercial [Video]
Fernando Verdasco is officially dandruff free.

Rafael Nadal the Actor Shoots a Banesto Commercial in Manacor [Video]
Rafael Nadal shoots a Banesto commercial.

Roger Federer Breaks the Speed Limit in New Mercedes-Benz Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer shows how to get more speed on your serve.

Watch Roger Federer Do Absolutely Nothing, And Do it Well [Video]
Another behind the scenes look at Roger Federer's latest Credit Suisse TV commercial.

Novak Djokovic and MTS Release New Commercial [Video]
Novak Djokovic and MTS have a new ad spot out.

Gillette Gives Roger Federer a Close Shave, Sort of [Video]
Gillette shaves Roger Federer in a big way.

Who's That Running? Who's That Stripping? Why It's Rafael Nadal! [Video]
Armani is out with a new Rafael Nadal commercial.

Rafael Nadal Likes Kia [Video]
Rafael Nadal reveals what he likes in new Kia commercial.

Roger Federer New Wilson BLX TV Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer has a new Wilson commecial out.

Roger Federer is Soaking Wet in Latest Credit Suisse Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer is all wet in his latest ad campaign.

Roger Federer Commercial Outtakes [Video]
Wilson releases a brief outtake from their Roger Federer BLX commercial.

Roger Federer Nike Commercial With Wayne Rooney [Video]
Roger Federer makes a cameo in Nike's new World Cup football commercial.

Flying High: Watch Novak Djokovic Play Tennis on Airplane Wings [Video]
Watch Novak Djokovic playing tennis on the wings of a flyling airplane.

Incredible Roger Federer Trick Shot Video from Gillette [Video]
Roger Federer makes an incredible trick shot in this Gillette shoot.

Fernando Verdasco New Adidas Commercial [Video]
Adidas has a new Fernando Verdasco commercial.

Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova Go Head-to-Head, Get It? [Video]
Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova settle the score in this new video.

Novak Djokovic Wants to Play Tennis on an Airplane Wing? [Video]
Novak Djokovic is teaming with Head in a video campaign asking if tennis can be played on airplane wings.

Credit Suisse Enrolls Roger Federer Into Acting School [Video]
Roger Federer and Credit Suisse have released another video.

Roger Federer: "I Just Really Got Into Drinking Coffee" [Video]
Roger Federer promotes the Swiss-based JURA coffee machine brand.

Rafael Nadal Armani Teaser [Video]
Rafael Nadal's Armani teaser.

Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo Film New Nike TV Commercial [Video]
Sports superstars Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo were in Mallorca yesterday to film a Nike commercial.

A Closer Look At Roger Federer's New Rolex Sky Dweller Watch [Video]
Roger Federer helps Rolex unveil it's new Sky-Dweller line.

Rafael Nadal Faces Cristiano Ronaldo In Latest Nike Commercial [Video]
Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo clash in this latest Nike spot.

Rafael Nadal And Babolat Have A New Ad Campaign Out [Video]
Rafael Nadal has a new Babolat commercial out.

Here's Rafael Nadal Trying To Find His Car In A New Kia Commercial [Video]
Rafael Nadal is featured in this new Kia commercial.

Watch Roger Federer Navigate Nature's Terrains In This Mercedes Benz Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer shows off his driving skills in this new Mercedes Benz commercial.

Here Is Roger Federer's New Jura TV Commercial [Video]
Jura has just released a new Roger Federer TV spot.

Roger Federer Has A New Mercedes Benz Commercial, And His Kids Speak English!
Roger Federer is featured in this new Mercedes Benz TV spot.

Roger Federer Loses His Bag For Lindt Chocolate [Video]
Roger Federer and Lindt have released a new TV spot that fans of the Swiss will surely love.

Watch Roger Federer Play Other Sports In This new Gillette Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer stars in this new commercial from Gillette.

Here's More Roger Federer Acting Like Roger Federer In Three Credit Suisse TV Commercials [Videos]
Watch Roger Federer in these new Credit Suisse TV commercials.

Mmm, Caramel! Roger Federer Has A New Lindt Commercial [Video]
Lindt chocolates has new, funny Roger Federer commercial out.

Roger Federer Swats A Fly In This New Nike Commercial [Video]
Watch Roger Federer try to swat this fly is his new Nike ad.

Watch Rafael Nadal Eat A Giant Bowl Of Cookies In This Funny New Quely Commercial [Video]
Ever seen Rafael Nadal eat a whole bowl of cookies? Now you have.

Roger Federer Grows A Mustache In This Hilarious Wilson Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer is hilarious in this new Wilson commercial.

Rafael Nadal Now Has An ESPN Sportscenter Commercial [Video]
Rafael Nadal now has an ESPN commercial.

Here's Novak Djokovic Wearing An AC/DC Shirt In This Adidas Spot [Video]

Now Juan Martin Del Potro Has His Own ESPN Sportscenter Commercial [Video]
Juan Martin Del Potro got his own ESPN Sportscenter commercial.

Roger Federer Goes James Bond In This New Jura Coffee Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer does his best James Bond in this new coffee commercial.

Roger Federer Reverses Roles In New Gillette Commercial... A Sumo Wrestler? [Video]
Roger Federer trades his tennis racquet in for other sports in this new Gillette commercial.

Roger Federer Stars In New Credit Suisse Campaign [Video]
Roger Federer will star in a new Credit Suisse campaign, here's a behind the scenes look.

Maria Sharapova Has A New Nike Ad And It Includes Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov [Video]
Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal and Grigor Dimitrov are among those featured in a new line of TV commercials from Nike.

Patrick Rafter Tries To Help Nick Kyrgios In This Funny Underwear Commercial [Video]
Wanna see Nick Kyrgios in his underwear?

Roger Federer Is In A New Mercedes-Benz Commercial [Video]
Roger Federer appears in a new TV spot.

Novak Djokovic Turns Back The Clock In This Peugeot Ad [Video]
Novak Djokovic looks quite different in this Peugeot ad.

Watch Roger Federer Float In Outer Space For Jura! [Video]
Roger Federer goes to space?

Maybe Rafael Nadal Should Switch To Golf? [Video]
Rafael Nadal looks good hitting golf balls.

Watch Roger Federer Get Chased By A T-Rex! [Video]
Will Roger Federer escape from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. No joke!

Novak Djokovic And Gustavo Kuerten Star In This New Spot For Peugeot [Video]
Want to see what Novak Djokovic would look like with Gustavo Kuerten's hair?

Roger Federer Has A New, Fantastic Mercedes Promo Spot [Video]
Roger Federer has a new Mercedes Benz promo out. Don't miss it.

This New Jannik Sinner Commercial Is Wild [Video]
Check out this new Jannik Sinner TV spot.

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