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by Sean Randall | March 6th, 2006, 2:39 pm
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Just read the latest news release on the tennis-x site on the replay system. The new system will be first implemented in Miami and again later at the US Open.

From reading the release and a few others including the press release, it’s amazing how this is being spun as an innovation that will increase “the interest and excitement for in-stadium fans and television viewers. ”

Let me get this straight, by now having correct calls there will be more exictement for fans in the stadium and on TV. So correct calls = more exicitement? Since when??

Imagine if that was around when McEnroe played. There would be no real aguing. How boring.

I agree with the tennis brass that it’s needed as the number of bad calls has seemingly on the rise and applaud them for getting it done, but to suggest the new system will add more to the game is a sham.

If i’m an Andy Roddick fan and a replay call goes against him that’s not going to get me exicited. On the flip side the fan of his opponent will, so what…

And how is it exciting for me sitting at home watching on TV and there’s a delay to check the call. What use to be exciting was watching a player argue a call, but I guess those days are going away.

But that’s just how desperate tennis has become. In this case, correct calls and replay will bring apparently make the sport more exciting. Yeah right. Can’t the tennis officials think of something else to make it more exiciting??

Does the NFL think that their replay system adds “exicement” and “interactivity” to the game? Never heard that. Nor have i heard in college football. It’s done for fairness and correctness and not for the purposes of exictement. In fact, the NFL always re-examines the merits of replay at the end of each season, and the notion of losing excitement is not one of the fears should the system be abolished.

Also with the system, what if a player who has used both challenges get hooked at the end of a match. In the NFL every play under 2 minutes (or maybe it’s five) is reviewable. In tennis, I presume they would have to have a “match point” rule where if necessary match point against/for can be challenged. I’m sure that was talked about but not mentioned in the releases i have read thus far.

Or perhaps they were just too caught up in all the excitement to think about that…

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