www.the-white-mile.net Patty and fellow freak/husband have outdone themselves. "> www.the-white-mile.net Patty and fellow freak/husband have outdone themselves. ">
The Whack Mile
by Sean Randall | May 4th, 2006, 3:00 pm

The White MileWe all know Patty Schnyder has some issues. She’s a nutjob on the court, a nutjob off the court and now without a doubt a nutjob in cyberspace.

After visiting her new “book” site “The White Mile” at www.the-white-mile.net Patty and fellow freak/husband have outdone themselves.

The site is detailing Patty and Rainer’s progress as they write a book entitled “The White Mile” which will tell their story. A story, according to the site, “that features the yet untold truth and shows what humans are capable of if money and power rules the mind, wrong traditions are kept alive and time becomes something really precious.”ADHEREL


What we do is know is what Patty and Rainer are capable of, and on the internet it’s creating disturbing websites.

I’m no web expert but if I were to design a site about a book I was writing I don’t think I would go with gloomy Moby-ish background soundtrack, a creepy abandoned house, and spiders and bugs dancing around the screen. But that’s just me.

As for naming the book/site “The White Mile”, Patty explains “A mile can be very long, especially if it is a white one.”

Sure, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up. Whatever.

Anyway, be sure to check it out, but don’t bookmark it. In fact you should block it. Heaven forbid your computer locks up on that site and that homepage image gets burned into your screen. Nobody needs that.

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6 Comments for The Whack Mile

Kenneth Says:

I still think Melanie Molitor is her real mother and Martina was switched at birth.

Peter C. Says:

I love it!!! Patty has character!!!

Tim Says:

Great job. The site is beautyful. Come on baby

Nat Says:

I love patty! eveything she does is great !

Anna Says:

I think the book is going to be cool, but the rats and spyders freaked me out….dont like that part, but the concept is interesting….Patty is obviously a very deep person….and smart too!!!!!!!!!!!!

JHThree Says:

Hmm, I don’t know if Schnyder is a nut-job or not, but not every tennis player has enough of an inner life to want to write a book, let alone be capable of writing one. Only time will tell if it’s any good, but at the very least, Schnyder seems to have more going on upstairs than, say, Anna Kournikova.

As for the music at the web site, it sounds a lot to me like the sountrack music from the old U.S. TV show “Twin Peaks.”

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