Mark Philippoussis Tries to Score on Age of Love
by Sean Randall | June 18th, 2007, 12:01 pm

I admit. I watch a little bit of golf now and then. And if Tiger’s in the mix at a Slam on the final day I sometimes tune in. Yesterday, Tiger was on the leaderboard at the US Open in Oakmont where he eventually finished second behind some overweight smoker named Angel Cabrera. ADHEREL

But the golf and Angel’s smoking is not what I remember the most. What I remember the most about the telecast was the commercials, specifically the one previewing NBC’s new dating show, “Age of Love”, which features tennis’s very own Mark Philippoussis trying to decide if he wants to get it on with a bunch of 20-year-old or 40-year-old “women” on TV for the world to see.

Now I haven’t seen the show – it debuts tonight at 9pm – so maybe I’m jumping the gun. But screw it. Mark’s last girlfriend, Alexis Barbara, was a teen when they dated, so I think I’m pretty safe in guessing that Flip’s going to go with the younger “girls” on the show.

As for the show itself, chances of it bombing have to be right around 100%. During the commercial yesterday they didn’t even mention by name who the “stud” (or in this case “dud”) guy was. If you are NBC don’t you at least want to promote the fact you have a two-time Grand Slam finalist, Mark Philippoussis on your commercial? Apparently they didn’t think that was appealing enough, and probably figured such disclosure would frighten away viewers.

I do have to give credit to Mark for getting a gig like this. I hate reality dating TV and in my mind anyone who appears on these shows or wants to appear on these shows has to be of lowest common denominator. But there still must have been an application process, assuming Philippoussis wasn’t the only one who applied or the only washed up “star” they hunted down (was Marcelo Rios unavailable?). So for Flip to wow the producers, casting agents, NBC execs, and land a leading network role like that is pretty phenomenal. In fact, given he has to be among the Top 5 talents ever in tennis to have never won a Slam (he never will), maybe this will be his true calling.

And if you are on the show – or really any of these “reality” hook-up shows – you are kidding yourself if you really think that’s the road to finding your true love. If you really believe that, and you have exhausted all other avenues and you think that TV’s the only place to go, then you have got bigger issues. Let’s face it, all the girls on Mark’s show are in it to pick up a paycheck, hook-up, get humiliated on national TV, and try and get enough exposure to land them another TV gig somewhere down the road. Not to say that Mark isn’t, but at least he can fall back on playing low level ATP events and Challengers.

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7 Comments for Mark Philippoussis Tries to Score on Age of Love

beerme Says:

that is harsh on the flipper. he has balls to do this and anything that gets tennis out there is good. i’m sure he doesnt think hes going to meet the love of his life. im just going ot watch it to see the skanks kill each other to hook up with him.

zola Says:

I don’t like to see a young tennis player on a reality show . He should collect his money off the tennis courts. But then, this is Philippoussis…

I remember JMac from last year’s USOpen, saying tat Mark called him and asked for his help. JMAc asked him to come to NY. and did not hear from him for a couple of weeks until he read or saw a pict of Mark and PAris Hilton….

This is Wimbledon time. He should be on the court not on TV. But perhaps chasing “true love” is more appealing to him right now. I was never a fan of his, so works for me!

penise Says:

capriati should be one of the skanks

Roddick Girl Says:

C’mon PPL , Give him a Break .
I admitt this is a little bet surprising , but since he’s not totally fit & can’t get 2 play at wimbledon , it’s o.k 2 do the show , at least we “Scud Fans” will get 2 see him more , ‘n hopefully he’ll be fit soon , very soon & he’s gonna be back to the top .

lulu Says:

how could the guy think about playing tennis after this sort of ultra crap show… i certainly couldn’t show up in the locker room after that
i guess he’s planning to retire, then…

Nancy Says:

Who the hell is Sean Randall? Just another nobody with a computer and Internet access who wants to take cheap shots at people who actually DO something with their lives.

Sue G. Says:

Does anyone out there know how Mark Philippoussis and Amanda Salinas are doing AFTER the “Age of Love” show? It is September 3rd today and I wondered if they continued on or if it was just a big joke…He isn’t anywhere to be found on the tennis circuit, but I read that he had a back surgery not too long ago..

Any current info would be appreciated!

Sue G.
Orange County, CA

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