Gasquet Pulls from US Open, Young Walks Into 3rd Round

by Richard Vach | August 30th, 2007, 12:35 pm

A little luck never hurts as Donald Young found out Thursday morning when his opponent, No. 13 seed Richard Gasquet, announced he was withdrawing from the US Open, citing a fever and sore throat.

“I tried to practice, but I couldn’t play,” an exasperated Gasquet addressed the media after a morning practice effort. “I get fever yesterday night. I had a big problem, I get fever. I can’t play in three sets in my match today. It’s impossible for me. I am really, really disappointed because it’s an important tournament for me. I can’t. It’s impossible. I did my best. I practice this morning, but…I did my best. Nothing is possible for me.”

Gasquet said the illness came on suddenly, and the news was a shock to Young who said he would rather advance with a win, but, he would take what he could get.

“I was really surprised because I saw him in the locker room,” Young said. “A couple people saw him hitting today. I saw him hitting yesterday and the day before. I thought he was okay.”

Young will next play the winner of the match between Spaniard Feliciano “F-Lo” Lopez and Russian Igor Andreev, with a victory there likely lining him up against world No. 1 Roger Federer in the fourth round.

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14 Comments for Gasquet Pulls from US Open, Young Walks Into 3rd Round

jane Says:

This isn’t only lucky for Donald Young; it’s another lucky break for the man with the black shorts, for while Federer doesn’t get another walkover, like at wimbie, he won’t have to face an on form Gasquet, who might’ve actually been a threat.

Now Fed will coast to the quarters, with little challenge (I for one don’t think Isner can beat him – even though it would be a fun upset).

jane Says:

that should be “can’t” – I don’t think Isner can beat Fed.

And I am not saying Gasquet has been on form of late, but if he is, he’s a threat, as he showed at wimbie, pushing Fed throughout the first set even tho he was a zombie due to sheduling disadvantage.

penise Says:

Don’t dismiss Isner. He’s like Dr. Ivo but better and Fed beat Ivo earlier this year 7-6 7-6 (I think). Plus the Open crwod loves Isner.

funches Says:

There’s no such thing as a tough draw for Fed at the U.S. Open. The only player who can beat him is an in-form Nadal, and that can’t happen until the final and apparently can’t happen at all with Nadal’s injuries.

Fed has lost a grand total of two sets in 20 grand slam matches not involving Nadal this year. That should end any debate about whether Fed is vulnerable, but because people get sick of the same guy winning all the time, they try to create scenarios where he will lose.

Kara L. Says:

Maybe it’s that case of mono going around! I heard that Gasquet has a thing for Vaidisova and she recently had mono…

The other, more scinitillating prospect is that he got it from Mario Ancic. Hee.

grendel Says:

Jane, why does everything always have to be seen in terms of Federer? This is in danger of getting obsessive…..

I’m pissed off about Gasquet’s withdrawal because he’s such a great player to watch, and in particular I was looking forward to his match with the (to me) unknown Young.

Also, I’m not convinced by Gasquet’s reasons. How does he know he has a virus – these things take a while to detect, I understand, and if you do have one, you’re knocked out, you don’t give press conferences, and aren’t spotted having a practice session, etc.

He’s a very interesting fellow, Gasquet, as well as a wonderful tennis player. But he’s also the sort of chap I can imagine having a headache who then convinces himself he has a brain tumour.

Well, it takes all sorts, and one kind of loves Gasquet the way he is. But although he may one day win a grand slam simply on sheer talent, I doubt if he has the application to win more than one.

jane Says:

grendel –

because this is related to federer: gasquet, as many have noted (including yourself on an earlier thread about fed’s draw, I believe?), was the one opponent who might’ve threatened fed, or at least given him a good match, prior to the quarters.

wouldn’t you have liked to see fed play against gasquet rather than another qualifier (or a below 20 ranked player, depending on who comes through)? I know I would have. That’s my opinion on this matter – it is another break for him, as well as for Young. Simple truth really.

And as for my “obsession”, Fed seems to come up in almost every single post on here, so I don’t think it’s me. sheesh: I’d say there are a lot of folks who are plenty more fed-obsessed than moi. look at my posts: plenty don’t even mention fed.

jane Says:

In fact, every single blog topic still up, execpt for two (the hingis one and the one on andy & gimel – which have no comments) deal with federer either directly or indirectly.

The whole of tennis is obsessed with Federer – as are millions of his fans. It’s hard to get away from the topic. And I am not saying that’s wrong; it’s just a fact.

However, I brought up Roger’s shorts because it seemed unfair criticize Sharapova for her frivilous fashion on two separate blogs, when Fed does the same thing by playing with his style. It just seems to me that the guy is beyond criticism. People say anything against him and they get shot down – quickly.

grendel Says:

ok, Jane, withdraw obsessive, sorry if it offended you – but seriously, my first reaction was: how annoying not to see the wonderful Gasquet. Then one starts wondering about the ramifications. Yes, it does make Fed’s life easier in an unfortunate way. But that’s how it goes, you know. Not much you can do about it.

About Fed’s bizarre black attire, if you go to messageboard, and click on Peter Bodo USOpen crisis centre day 4 (sorry, dunno how you give this info the quick way with lots of blue letters and things), there’s a huge number of posts, it’s like a long series of conversations, so you’ll have to scroll down, but you’ll find there’s loads of criticisms of Fed’s forray into style. The Moderator had to step in, in fact, and ask people to concentrate on the tennis. So it does depend where you look.

For the record, Federer seemed to be on fire last night, his backhand slice was simply something else, and the all black attire seemed to enhance the effect, like a ballet or something. I can imagine the scorn this will elicit from certain tennis pros. Fair enough, that’s ok.

grendel Says:

By the way, Jane, the message board I mentionned, together with other threads, concern themselves with all sorts of players other than Federer, if you are getting sick of the sight of his name.

jane Says:

Grendel –

Thanks for the board reference: I only stumbled upon this board inadvertently (much to the chagrin of some, I am sure) and haven’t bothered to look for others. I usually discuss tennis with an another obsessive, my aunt, whom I msn throughout most matches.

You’re right – Fed looked on fire in the black; he looked more in form than he did in Montreal or Cincy, I think.

I think Gasquet is a bit of a kook, really, like a French eccentric or something, but I think if he could pull it all together he’d be a helluva force to be reckoned with.

Skorocel Says:

Jane, why such a fuss about Gasquet retiring? Young (if he gets there) & Isner will give Fed more trouble than the Frenchman, believe me!

jane Says:

Skorocel – you think?

Perhaps Isner, but I’ve never seen Young play in the pros, and it seems to me that for both the occasion is pretty huge so mentally they may not be ready (not that Gasquet is any great shakes mentally!).

But I hope you’re right and they live up to the hype.

buzzcock Says:

Gasquet is a complete wussy. Nadal is out there with two bad knees and this pansy can’t play because of a fever and sore throat? What a coward.

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