Darth Federer Eyes 12th Slam Today Against Djokovic

by Sean Randall | September 9th, 2007, 3:59 pm

Roger Federer has never lost a match in his career in the all black Darth Vader look. After the US Open final today that will still be fact. ADHEREL

Novak Djokovic has enjoyed a great US Open, with great wins over Radek Stepanek and David Ferrer, he’s also shown us his personal side with a pair of memorable impersonations Thursday evening. But today’s going to be too much for the 20-year-old Serb.

While Federer will be comfortable in playing in front of 23,000 plus and in his 10th straight Slam final, this will be Novak’s first go round in a major title bout.

The lack of a day off also hurts Novak. Fed’s used to it, not Novak. The heat could also play a role. Djokovic has had problems with conditions and injuries in the past, and even yesterday he looked somewhat sluggish at times in the heat and had to summon the trainer.

By wearing the black outfit Fed will send a message to Novak that he’s just fine playing tennis in warm, humid conditions.

Federer and Djokovic match-up pretty well. But I think Federer right now is better than Novak in just about every department, even backhand. I think Novak is a more consistent ball striker, but in the pressure of a final he’s likely to make a few more errors than normal.

Fed will also have revenge on his mind after losing to Djokovic in the Canadian final.

I also don’t think Novak will be completely overwhelmed by the occasion. That win over Federer last month showed the kid’s poise, which is quite remarkable for a 20-year-old. And Novak looked a lot better than Fed did yesterday in the semifinals. After jittery starts by both players they each managed to win in straight sets. But I’m not going to put much stock in either of those wins.

Federer’s never lost a Sunday Slam final not played on clay. That said I’ll bet on black again, in straight sets.

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64 Comments for Darth Federer Eyes 12th Slam Today Against Djokovic

alexandros Says:

Then again, you have been wrong before…Federer will lose in 4 sets and Novak will stablish himself as a true champion, contesting for the number one spot with Fed and Rafa.

jane Says:

Djok had 1st set and gave it away – shame. Clearly nerves got the best of him.

Daniel Says:

Seems like we are watching Montreal final when Fed had 6 set points, went to tie break and lost. This time is his REVENGE!
Djoko had 5 set points and Fed turned the match away. I think Djoko will collapse and loose in straigth sets.

Sirin Danilievich Says:

At this level nothing is “given away”; at this level nothing is about “revenge”. It’s all about skill,flexibility, resolve, and the elusive but determining aura of fate. I am a Federer fan, but so what. D has the skill, flexibility and resolve to win. Will he or will F? I’ll monitor the results and see what fate has to offer. Hats off to D’s fans–he is a superb tennis player. Kudos to F’s fans, he is also a superb player. One thing I can be sure of: whoever wins, nothing will be given to the other man, whatever stats may be quoted or scores displayed, one man will win. Tennis is a compelling game.

Michael Says:

Fedex in four my friends Djoko cant pull it together yet maybe in 2 to 3 years he can recover from losing a set after 5 set points, not yet

Daniel Says:

Well I have to admit it, Djoko is surprising me! He stay firm and Fed serve appear when he need to. But they both are making a lot of unusual mistakes.

Even if the match end in 3 sets as I said, I think Djoko is ready to give Nadal and Federer a lot of trouble next year.

But let’s get real, he won’t turn a match when he had set points in both sets. He can be mentally that strong to turn a match against Fed. Although it will be “the match” if he can force a 5th set.

jane Says:

Love the Djoker – has an awesome game and personality. Only 20, only 1st slam. Lots of expectations. Lots of nerves. Too many errors.

Fed showing he has the experience and confidence today, a large part of why he’s winning, as stats pretty even. Djok could’ve won both 1st & 2nd set, which says a lot about the future.

Thrilled to see he’s opened the door.

Sirin Danilievich Says:

Dear Daniel and Jane,

No, no! do not be fair or liberal in your sentiments. Be Russian–that is look to the more interesting contingencies of existence. Never surrender your passion. Love will win!! Of course, I am just a “crazy” Slav. Figure that one out.

Val Says:

It does look like the Djoker is not Djoking this time. Hes trailing by 3 sets and I think that Darth Fed will take him out.

Nerves of steel, and its not even a sweat for Fed. Literally, no sweat the match is his.

jane Says:

Okay Sirin – how’s this?

The Gods must be crazy!!!!

Enjoy this one Federer cause it’s your last – hahahaha!

Hope Djok wipes him at the Masters!

That’s not too liberal is it?

Shital Green Says:

I admit my prediction of Djoko’s chances in the tie breaks turned out to be wrong as he still needed the experience of a grand slam to keep his mental cool.
Congratulations to Fed for winning US Open 4 in a row in the open area and 2nd after Tilden in the entire history and for inching in to break Sampras’ 14 GS. Also, congratulations to Djoko for performing impressively in the whole summer this year. He definitely gained something out of this to capitalize in the future. I hope he will work on his serve and improve on the net as well. He has proved he is formidable and can till improve to yield better results in the coming days.

Tennis Fan Says:

It would appear Choke-a-bit lost in straight sets … I was predicting Federer in 4 … clearly I have underestimated the Fed.

… honestly, I knew Djokovic was good …and he is … he will be a big challenge next year …but the guy is just a little too cocky for my liking … and judging by his family … he comes by it honestly.

I guess I find Federer’s humility more tolerable … its what makes him human. Incidentally, the Federer-Davydenko match yesterday was far more entertaining than the Djok-Ferrer match. Imagine that …the two tennis machines delivering a far more watchable and entertaining event!

max619 Says:

Fed,the ultimate tennis machine, dedicates his 4th US Open to Jane and Shital Green.

Jane , your comments about Fed are a Djoke but yo uare a joke.

Ha, ha , ha

jane Says:

max619 –

Gloat all you want.

Notice how the crowd roared for Novak WAY more than they cheered for Fed? The winds are a changing. I’ll be here for the swing.

Jerseyboy Says:

I think Djoko is going to dominate Tennis in the nearby Future. I like this guy, hes not just a great player with a big Prospect, but he has Personality too. I mean, everyone loves this Guy why Federer’s personality is as dry as the Gobi Desert. He jumps on the Court, beats the Guys like some kinda Terminator and leaves off the Court as fast as he came. Sure Fed is a superb Tennis Player, but that’s all about it – Djokovic has it all, and i mean all. That’s why he is the Real Deal in the near Future to come. The Tennis World needs a guy like him very badly.

Daniel Says:

We won’t see a lot of matches like Federer-Nadal in Wimby this year in finals.

Grand Slams finals are a whole different thing, more mentally. Most of the finals are won before they even get played.

This one, I thought was very tense, and tend to the more confident side. But Djok prove he is there already.

Know Djokovic will pass 4000 points in ATP rankings and, as I said before in old post, will threat Nadal more than Fed in a short period. At this year end, the Djoker will be less than 500 points away from Nadal.

Mark my words!!!

Sir Loz Says:

I find that there are a lot of people that are very anti-federer here. It’s a shame because certain people (Jane) have been talking up the end of the Federer reign before this tournament and now that he has won 3 grand slams in a calendar year (for the third time), all the doubters still can’t hold their hands up and just say he is the best in the world and that they may have been premature in writing him off.

My personal opinion is that he is the best that has ever played the game and I find it very hard to believe there will ever be anybody that is so technically brilliant with on-court intelligence, that plays by instinct and so utterly dominant over so many years.

It is a shame that certain people are almost praying for him to fall because of a personal dislike of him rather than valid tennis-based opinions. We will never see the likes of Federer again and I for one am going to savour the closest to perfection we have ever seen in any sportsman while we still can, I just wish some others gave him the credit he so blatently deserves!!

I challenge everybody to knock Federer when there is someone out there who is better than him . . . any takers?

Tejuz Says:

Could have or would have doesnt answer anything.. Djoker did choke on all those set points. Just like how Fed choked in Montreal. It was more like a Revenge for Fed by winning those 2 tie-breakers after saving set points.. only on a much bigger stage.. to show how it feels when you are at the losing end of tie-breakers every time. Ditto with Roddick as well…

Match wasnt a very pretty one, but hats off to Roger for playing well on the big points.. just like he did at this years wimbledon.

Alas.. Djok will never be able to win his first GS final anymore.. unlike Fed or Nadal or Sampras or Becker

Tejuz Says:

I agree Sir Loz.. Clearly he gets less respect than he deserves for his achievements. He has already achieved them.. nobody can take from him what he has acheived. 3 GS + 1 final in 2 successive caledar years. I dont think anybody can match his 10 successive slam finals records.

Tejuz Says:

well.. Fed did find some weakness in Djokivic game.. that short backhand slice to Djokovic backhand. Djok was not able to hit it well cross court and was making lots of unforced errors when trying to generate his own pace.

ross Says:

11 slams in 4 years. The day tiger woods comes even CLOSE to doing that (he never will, nor will anybody else), then you can talk down Federer.

Till then – he is the GREATEST athlete who has ever played an individual sport. ITs a fact. Eat it.

Tejuz Says:

Jane… keep predicting the winds of change …. probably it might come right after a few years.

Samprazzz Says:

Choke-o-vic is his new nickname. Come on!!! He gave Fed the first set back. You can’t beat Federer if you’re going to spot him the first set.
Federer is the master.

Sean Randall Says:

“Choke-o-vic” certainly applies. Novak had a lot of chances and really should have been one, if not two sets up on Fed. But at the end of the day Fed’s experience in Slam finals was the difference. Simple as that.

If this was a regular tour final match, best-of-three, I think Novak would have won – he played better. But on this biggest of stages Novak’s lack of big match experience showed while Fed seemed to do just enough to get by.

Novak did play a great match outside of the big points. Fed i don’t think played his best.

This loss should make Novak much stronger in the future and I think the next time he’s in a Slam final he might just win it. Congrats to Fed and his 12th Slam.

max619 Says:

who says everybody loves Djoko? Perhaps the Americans do but that’s not everybody. I personally think the kid has turned into a clown granted he has skills and talent for tennis. But yeah, it fits the American need of having new heroes. That is clown heroes.

Jane, you and the Shital Green’s of the world together with the anti-Federer authors of this blog are just pathetic.

Dani Says:

The world of tennis needs players like Djokovic. Badly. The public have decided, it’s done. You people continue to count records, who cares really? Federer won today, so what, we looove Novak, don’t be upset that some are not to keen on robots like Darth Federer : )

Skorocel Says:

Very well said, Sir Loz! You know, it’s just a shame that some people tend to mistake tennis matches with a Hollywood drama… Come on, Fed’s here TO PLAY TENNIS – and he plays it ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Like no one ever did!

As for the final, well, it wasn’t particularly great tennis, though that fantastic overhead BH volley + that one unbelievable BH cross which Fed played I guess at 4-3 in the 3rd (when Djoker was serving) just shows you what Fed’s game is all about… It’s about BEAUTY, NOT BOREDOM!

Anyway, it’s clear that Djoker choked during the important points (I mean mainly those setpoints in the 1st set), and I know that all those Fed haters will keep highlighting this fact… But hey, the same can be said about Federer in the 1st set of that Montreal final, yet no one even mentioned it…

Anyway, congrats to both players for providing us a dramatic, even if not that high quality match! If he doesn’t do a “Safin one”, Djoker certainly has his best tennis ahead of him. And as for Roger… Well, 12 Slams down, only 3 to go!

Kara L. Says:

The Darth Federer look was very appropriate, Federer used his Sith mind tricks to choke the hell out of Djokovic. I’m not complaining, that was awesome.

张奔斗 Says:

Federer really didn’t play all that well this whole tournament. Kinda like the 2006 Australian Open, where he also did just enough to get by each match and won in the end. On the other hand, this also proves just how much better he is than the rest of the field. He doesn’t always need to play his A game in order to win slams.

andrea Says:

what a treat to watch this match live.

better luck next time djokovic

roger, you are amazing!

FoT Says:

Whether he choked or not is irrevelant. Roger won… That’s what will be going into the record books. No * by the win… just that it is his 12th grand slam. Like another poster said earlier, back in 2004 when Roger was going for his 3rd slam (with no coach, I might add), people kept bring up Wilander as the last person to achieve that feat years ago and then they said Wilander never won another grand slam so even if Roger accomplished that feat, it would be the end of him.

Now here we are in 2007. Not only did Roger do it in 2004, but he did it in 2006 and 2007! Yet, I read that some people are still predicting the downfall of Roger and giving everything next year to either Nadal or Djokovic.

If you read roger’s interview, he said this is what is keeping him motivated – the young guys that are pushing him. So all you folks who want Roger to ‘go away’, I think you’re in for a shock. I don’t think Roger is going any where.

Remember, Roger said he wasn’t winning at the age of 19 or 20 like these guys. He was a late bloomer. That’s why he’s basically still in the prime of his career whereas someone like Nadal has been winninig since he was a teenager might not have such a long career due to injuries. And remember when Nalbandian made that Wimbledon final way back when, everyone else said “oh don’t worry that he lost, he’ll have more opportunities”. He hasn’t made a grand slam final since. So when you have these opportunities you better take them because nothing is guaranteed. For all you guys who are giving Djokovic the #1 ranking now for next year – heck – nothing is guaranteed. He had his opportunity today and he didn’t take it. Roger did.

I think we’re living in a great age where we can say to our children and grand children that we were there when Roger did this and that… We’re watching history so instead of always trying to take something away from Roger – you need to just embrace what we have because we’re going to miss it when he’s finished.

Congratulations to Roger in winning his 12th grand slam and hope for more to come.

max619 Says:

Sean Randall’s quote “Novak did play a great match outside of the big points. Fed i don’t think played his best”

And this is exactly the point, Fed played hardly his best tennis while Djoko playing a great match and still won in 3 straight sets. Can you imagine Fed playing a great match too? We would be talking about a 62 63 64 score? And what in the world would you be then saying?
You might be Jane’s boyfriend I guess.
This is indeed a Dysfunctional blog folks!!

T Dawg Says:

I’m a Federer fan….but come on Novak, don’t give Fed. those sets like that. Stop choking – you make plenty of money regardless of the outcome. Fed. had a lot of pressure on him to win that match, and you didn’t take advantage of his poor play, next time you probably won’t catch Federer on a bad day like that. I wanted to see an upset, and then see how Federer would respond to getting beat on hard courts at a major in the next major….there is a big difference between 11 and 12 slams….I think Federer will play even better now that the Lion has reclaimed his terrority….Sampras step aside – too bad you don’t get to enjoy your record, you arrogant slap…sorry never liked Sampras and his attitude w/David Cup and just the way he handled himself on/off court (showing his tounge to opponents in a disrepectful way)

Ryan Says:

Fed just lost in Montreal this year.Then not only did he win the US open but also the US open series getting that extra 1 million in cash…something he had never done for so long.This is what Fed is about.You compress him and he springs right back.What he did to Novak in the final is what Novak did to him in Montreal….winning in tie breaks.As for Novak saying he was nervous, he had set points etc etc is not an excuse for his loss and does not take anything away from Fed’s win.All his previous opponents could have said the same thing like Gonzalez had 2 set points in AO open, Baghdatis could also say he was nervous.
Djokovic just became another victim of Hannibal Lecter.I mean forget winning the match he couldn’t even win a set.Other than talking big like he saying he doesnt give a damn about Fed’s accomplishments, he’s not scared of him etc etc and being gutsy he didn’t have the balls to play big when it mattered.Youngsters have taken down legends before.Safin won at his age US open at his age,becker won wimbledon(the biggest event in tennis) when he was just 17.It’s come to a point where Fed does not even need to play good tennis to win slams.Djokovic could be more of a threat to him in the future but he could have done some damage to Fed in the US open.Fed still wins 3 out of 4 slams for the third time this year, that makes Mats Wilander look like an asshole. Like Fed-hater Shital Green said that fed-critics are honest to admit that Federer’s shit stinks like shit,but it’s still enough for him to put one on the final and win.

Tejuz Says:

every body has chances.. but then champions are those who convert those chances. And unless Djok converts those and wins a major he will be just one of the ‘OTHERS’. Nadal is much better than him.. and he atleast gives Fed a fight and some fright. It was one of the big choke job .. credit to Fed that he hung in there during those set points and dint give it away. Djokovic certainly talks big and appears cocky. Djok’s best surface is hard court and has already lost his first final.. Fed has til date not lost a non-clay GS finals.. 7 hard court and 5 grass. Djok has not even achieved a 1/10th of what Fed has achieved. Nadal has a much better record.

So now i guess Fed’s number 1 is no more a threat .. with his closest Rival Nadal trailing by more than 150 points. The closest would be if Fed loses early in the comin masters series or pulls out of them. and also fall early at Au Open.. provided Nadal wins them all.

grendel Says:

Looks to me like Fed worked out what was necessary, given that his game was only partially on. By the third set, he was much looser, and probably could have gone with Djokovic had the Serb managed to raise his game. But in fact, he had already hauled up the white flag.

So Djokocic has been given an important lesson. To beat a great champion like Federer, even when he is not at his best, requires unremitting determination – raw talent, which Djokovic has in abundance, will not do the trick on its own.

Personally, I feel Djokovic has it in him to absorb the lesson. The next final between Federer and Djokovic will be much more interesting – a proper battle. Fed perhaps will have to bring his A game to this, and the amazing thing about this man is that if he needs to, he probably will be able to. I would guess that at some level, Fed knew that Djokovic wasn’t ready.

But he also knows that he will be ready at some point next year. That point is going to be worth waiting for.

Daniel Says:

Skorocel, you take the words out of my mouth, “text”!!

I was about to mention here that two phenomenal balls Federer play in the third set. I never saw an angle in the backhand like he did, not even Agassi! I just laugh when I saw it.

I respect that people are able to not like Federer, but as a tennis fan I don’t think is possible not to enjoy it.

I myself hate Nadal, he irritates me with his ever returning balls. Do you imagine yourself playing against him?!

If wasn’t for him Federer would be already the BEST. But I think he is a phenomenal player and he is necessary. He levels the game higher!

But I don’t attack him or other players here, I try to appreciate them all, good tennis, what they all are suppose to do!

ross Says:

Sampras must be turning in his whatever…. just 14 months ago, fed had lost his first french final, had “only” 7 slams, and everyone was saying – well, Pete has double, its too far.

Now, 14 months later, fed is at the stage where he could overtake Pete next wimbledon!!

And this whole “less competition” thing lacks logic. There are more people playing tennis today than in Pete’s era, there are more clubs, more coaches, better equipment, more training academies – most importantly, since 1991, with the opening up of the central and eastern european academies, a large new set of very strong players has emerged, who, while growing up with Pete, were doing gymnastics, not tennis. So if at all, Pete had less competition than there is today – there was no flood of excellent and tough central and eastern european players as there is today, both mens and womens. Pete never had to face that onslaught. And we all know from the world rankings what an onslaught it is!!

Pete starting making hay in 1993, when lendl, mcenroe, connors were retired, and becker, edberg, courier were past their prime. He only had Agassi, who also goofed off in the mid 90s. Pete had it easier than it is today.

my $0.02 all over again.

And well, Tiger woods would love to win majors like Fed does – though he never did or will.

jane Says:

Daniel – well said. I agree. To each his/her own. Let the rivalry grow.

Let Federer enjoy the challenge of the younger guns: he said he likes it; it motivates him. And don’t forget, Andy Murray will be in there next year, with Rafa and Djok. 2008 promises to be another stellar year for tennis.

And Djokovic, wherever you are, you won our hearts, and next time, you’ll win the trophy. You rock.


missing agassi Says:


Well put and I agree 100%. It will be interesting to see how “Djoker” fairs in the Aussie Open.

nozzzzzzs Says:


What Dan Akroyd said to Jane Curtis in Saturday Night Live applies to you quite perfectly.

nozzzzzzs Says:

that’s Jane Curtin

Daniel Says:

What I like about this incoming rivalry is that Djoko doesn’t show much respect for Federer. Nadal and Federer are complete respectful with one another, never saying anything bad about each other. Djoko otherwise, I think kind of bother Federer a little bit.

Deep down Fed knows Djoko can be n° 1 player since Nadal, I believe, will never win beyond RG, maybe one Wimbledon, where he arrives very confident with a lot of wins trough the clay season.

Fed was asked about Djoko when he first started and said: “I was not impressed”. Fed doesn’t want to lift Djokos ego. Instead, he said Nadal would be the other player to win US Open other than him.

Right know Fed is in a comfortable zone, cause he knows Nadal won’t have success in hard courts (several players can beat him), and before he and Djoko threaten his N° 1 spot they will face each other. Fed can even benefits from this since Djoko game against Nadal works better and he can dethrone Nadal (Fed’s big Nemesis) in RG.

Again, a lot of speculation!

I am looking forward to this year masters series and cup and next year clay season. 2008 Fed will have to show all his best to finally suppress Pete’s record. And for that I am dying for…

2008 Darth Federer year!!!!

Leo Says:

Hey Daniel – I don’t think Fed has any issues with Djoker. This is from his press conference:

“But, yeah, I mean, he’s done an incredible job, because I remember the first time I played him in Monaco. I beat him in three sets. Everybody was wondering, What do you think? I was like, Not crazy impressed. But he’s had a great run and he’s really improved his game. Yeah, I mean, he’s done a great job the last six months or one year now. ”


Leo Says:

Also, someone mentioned “winds of change” and all that. Sure, the new guns are looking eager and playing quite well. But Fed already is one of the greatest of all time.

It will take something more than some “winds of change” to erase what Fed has already achieved.

When Fed leaves, what I will miss is his sublime racket skills. While Novak, Murray and Baghy have some of those skills, they are still nowhere as complete as Rog. Lets hope someone else develops it though…. tennis will be a lot poorer without it.

Daniel Says:


Yeah, maybe I’m seeing things, but to me reading the interviews, I don’t know it sounds different than what Fed and Nadal have.

Djoko made clear that he wants to be n°1, his personality is more outgoing, the way he talks about Fed, as an equal. Nadal, in his comments is more reserved, no. Djoko put it in a way that if he hasn’t choked he would win; kind of he lost the match instead of Fed win it.

The last line on Fed’s interview made me think about it, with the “especially him”:

“It’s a tough one for him to swallow, because especially him losing in the end straight sets, it’s tough.”

jane Says:


I interpreted the Djok/Fed relationship (through press conferences mostly) similarly to how you did. They are certainly respectful of one another, no doubt, but I don’t sense the friendship level that Roger/Rafa seem to share.

For those of you who are Djok fans, this is a good article at ESPN:



Tejuz Says:

so djoko admits that he is mentally weak. Especially in a GS semis or finals when faced with a tough opponent.

Tejuz Says:

and this being fed’s worst year since 2003.. it is still better than the best years of the rest. 3 Grand slam wins and 1 finals, even when he was below his best most of the times. I dont think Djoker will ever come close to that.. even for a single year. Lets see how Djoko swallows this defeat and regroups himself. He is still mentally weak in big matches.. no different from Baghdatis. Am sure Nadal will take care of him easily the next time they meet.

Tejuz Says:

By the way… article on what Sampras said about Fed very recently. He is talkin like Borg.. wants none other than Fed to break his record.


Giner Says:

I think it’s safe to say by now that Fed is the greatest of all time. Even if he never wins his 13th slam, he’s still a greater player than Pete, posesses a more complete game, and is just far more talented.

He will have 15 slams by this time next year.

h Says:

There’s no friendship between Federer and Djoko because Federer does not like dirty players. Djoko’s little tricks, such as his numerous fake injury timeouts, disgust players who genuinely love the sport and who want to compete fair and square.
For the same reason, most people do not like Henin, no matter how many slams she wins.

Tejuz Says:

Yes. Djok looks less genuine.. he is more concerned about putting a show out there.

Funny, no more new articles or blogs on this site by Mr Randall or Kuijl or Vach since Fed won the US Open. :-) .. what happened… proves that this site is more anti-fed.

grendel Says:

“When I look at Roger, I’m a fan,” Sampras said. “I mean, I’m a fan of how he plays, what he’s about, just the fact that I think he’s a class guy on and off the court. He’s fun to watch. Just his athletic ability, what he’s able to do on the run. I think he can and will break every tennis record out there. I just think he’s the only really great player I see playing. I think Nadal is really good and he’s a great player, but I just think there’s less of him. Today I think Roger is two, three levels above the rest.” This Sampras on Fed quote is not from same article as Tejuz mentions, but I’ve lifted it from another message board – if anyone insists, I’ll trace its source.

I thought it worth posting, because it seems very generous – given the obvious competition between Fed and Pete – and I have sometimes been harsh in considering Sampras’ attitude to Federer (not, of course, that Sampras could give a monkeys for that: but I have not been alone, that’s the point).

Incidentally, Tejuz, you say Borg wants none other than Fed to break his record. That may be so – the fact remains, he has recently tipped Nadal to win Wimbledon next year (as I understand it, contradicting an earlier prediction?)

jane Says:

Tejuz –

Just curious: if you really think this site is anti-fed, why post your thoughts here? I don’t think the writers here are anti-fed – at least I haven’t seen evidence of that, and I of all posters would likely notice (little self-deprecation there, haha).

I also don’t see evidence that the posters here are anti-fed – even those of us who don’t love Fed, and would like to see the sport in general, as well as the individual rivalries, open up more, acknowledge and even congratulate Fed’s achievements. (Obviously he’s mentally stronger than Djok, for instance. But I prefer Djok – and think he’s going to be a real challenge in the future.)

In fact, I find quite the contrary about this site. For example, if I say something even slightly against Federer, here, I am attacked by a slough of posters. Same with Shital Green. Sometimes those attacks are personal too.

It just seems like there should be room for differing opinions in general.

It also seems like a fan of tennis – in general – would be happy about the arrival of a new star on the scene, someone who can and will challenge the #1 and #2 of the sport. Just like, oh, Borg, Mcenroe, and Connors. Wouldn’t THAT be great?!

ross Says:

This “room for different opinions” argument is really funny, isn’t it? reminds one of the so-called debate between evolution and the other guys.

Its an easy an cheap argument to make. You see a black wall, then you call it white. Then you say – don’t be so close minded, have room for different opinions and debate.

Just stop this stupidity.

jane Says:

Regarding GOAT –

Federer is definitely the greatest player of the past few years – obviously.

However, there can never be a “greatest player of all time” in my opinion. Here’s why (and I’ve said this before):

Besides quality of competition, there is variance in equipment, and with that, style of play, not to mention changing court conditions and even surfaces (e.g. US Open). There are changing requirements on the tour, matches played per calendar year, for instance, prestige of slams and hence competition at those – for example many didn’t used to play at the AO as it wasn’t, apparently, an esteemed slam so that would affect the slam count of, say, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors and possibly even Borg (although he wasn’t the most successful on hard courts).

With all of these variables in mind, simple numbers/stats/records don’t add up to G.O.A.T.

There is certainly an on-going list of greatest players in their era, but not a greatest of “all time” as there are too many extenuating variables / circumstances.

There are always more players to come as well. So logically, how can any one ever claim so-and-so is the best “of ALL TIME”? Unless the world is going to end tomorrow, there will be more players in the future, and records will continue to be broken.

It seems best to appreciate Pete AND Roger AND Borg AND Lendl AND Laver….and so on….ad infinitum, or, at least until the Apocalypse / Ice Age. Just my opinion, and certainly not to undermine what Roger has done thus far; I just think all this focus on GOAT takes away from past player’s achievements by saying so-and-so is now better than the other guy. Laver, for instance, will always be the best in his ear, like Borg was in his, Pete in his, and Fed in his. And even that varies by surface, as Nadal is obviously the best clay-courter of the past few years.

Anyhow, apologies for the long post.

jane Says:

What black wall did I call white Ross?

I have always complimented Federer for his immense skill, talent and achievements. I just don’t favor him as a fan; I prefer other players. So what? That still doesn’t mean that I am going to attack Fed-fans. To each his/her own seems a more democratic postion to take in a blog, no?

naresh Says:

hey its gonna be a fun 2008 for tennis ! the competition is getting stronger and stronger for Mr Fed..obviously Rafa’s gonna be the one heading that list, but the “Djoker” has really stepped it up this year. this is just great for tennis ! the better the competitors play, the better Fed will have to play..which means we the viewers will get to see a higher level of quality tennis..i’m just so excited !!!

ps- Fed’s taking the Masters Cup though !

nozzzzzzs Says:

About Jane’s long diatribe about GOAT:

Let me quote Dan Ackroyd again, “Jane, you ——– —-.”

jane Says:

nozzzzzs –

You must be a wild and crazy guy. Anyhow, I always preferred John Belushi.

Tejuz Says:

Jane.. when i said this site is Anti-fed.. i meant the Authors like Randall, Vach or Kuijl.. for example.. today Randall comes up with an article ‘Federer Still Better-er, But for How Much Longer?’ .

Tejuz Says:

Grendel.. even i have been harsh on Sampras’ attitude on Fed before. I just posted that link cuz i came across it accidentally and wanted to share it with everybody.

Yeah, Borg has predicted Nadal to win Wimbledon next year.. and probably Nadal’s display at this years finals might have something to do with that prediction. But Borg did say that he wanted none other that Fed to tie his record(dunno if he mentioned break). But it also seems like Borg also wants none other than Nadal to win both RG and wimby in same here.. a record only Borg has.

T Dawg Says:

The best thing that could have happened to Sampras was Fed. breaking his record quickly, because now Sampras will become humbled and some people might actually like him…IF, Roger doesn’t break the record, Sampras will forever remain WAY TOO ARROGANT for most people…the good thing about Fed. having the record is that he will be a little arrogant, but nowhere near the level of Sampras, before Sampras knew his record would get broken

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