Tennis-X Notes: Williams Sisters’ Dad Hates White People

by Staff | March 17th, 2008, 2:37 pm

Richard Williams speaking to India’s Deccan Herald: “Tennis is a prejudice game. Well, I’m black and I’m prejudiced, very prejudiced. I’ll be always prejudiced as the white man. The white man hated me all my life and I hate him. That’s no secret. I’m not even an American, it just so happens that I was born in America. People are prejudiced in tennis. I don’t think Venus or Serena was ever accepted by tennis. They never will be. But if you get some little white no-good trasher in America like Tracy Austin or Chris Evert who cannot hit the ball, they will claim this is great…I think [Venus and Serena] can easily be No. 1 in women’s tennis. They have speed, they have power. Right now, they are more interested in learning to develop more businesses.”…
The Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras sold-out exhibition at Madison Square Garden generated a tremendous amount of buzz, and the promoters made out well with live TV coverage sold to the Tennis Channel, MSG Plus, as well as networks in Canada, Brazil, Russia, France and Australia. In New York City the match was also shown in Manhattan at the Sunshine Cinema, for those that didn’t have the Tennis Channel. “We thought it would be a success, but not to this degree,” said Joel Fisher, EVP of sports at the Garden. “It shows you there is an appetite for Tennis at Madison Square Garden with the fans of New York.”…

Former ATP player and current writer Justin Gimelstob ripping the tennis media over the treatment of Andy Roddick: “I guess that’s just a result of the proliferation of media outlets, where any malcontent with a computer and a wireless signal can post a blog and vent his misguided angst. I just hope those with the best view get to have the greatest influence on public opinion. Maybe a few of the so-called experts that get to sit high above the court, safely tucked away from the pain and pride of competition should have been in Chatham, N.J., last December when Andy found his own way to my charity event during a snow storm when he found out one of my other marquee players couldn’t make his flight because of the weather. Unsolicited, Andy gave up one of his few days off during the offseason and helped raise more than $300,000 for my own pediatric cancer charity. I guarantee you that every one of the 2,000 people who were there would paint a much different picture of Andy than the one splashed across’s tennis section with the headline, “The Ugly American.””…

Coach Jimmy Connors after dropping Andy Roddick: “Andy and I developed a great relationship and my admiration for him is unwavering. I instilled in him some of my love and passion for the game and have given him all the necessary ingredients to challenge the best. It is up to him to trust it and incorporate it into his game. It’s always been my view that maximum success as a tennis professional requires a 365 day a year commitment and I know he can do it…Trying to develop the next American champion is a challenge I would gladly accept.”…

Venus Williams has launched as the online home for her recently introduced lifestyle apparel brand, EleVen by Venus Williams. The site also features short films, tournament schedules and match updates, and Venus’s blog, “V’s Blog.”…

In March Andy Roddick (Dubai) and Sam Querrey (Las Vegas) won titles in the same week, the first time two Americans won ATP titles in the same week in 11 years…

According to AFP, Andy Roddick will choose the healthy under-the-table appearance fee to defend his title at the ATP event in Washington rather than representing the U.S. at the Beijing Olympics in August…

Serena Williams blogging on her experience at the Bangalore, India tournament in March: “I had a weird experience in Bangalore. One night I was in my room and my doorbell started ringing. I was sleep but I woke up to get the door. I got there just in time. There were three guys there at my door. Frankly, they looked like thugs and one of them covered the peep hole as I was looking through it and the other started putting a key in the door! I was terrified, I quickly put the top lock on and then I bolted it. I was like wow! So weird!…Anyways I did survive to tell the tale. I could not shake the feeling that I was going to be kidnapped. So far I have not!! If I do I hope that I have my Blackberry!!”…

Novak Djokovic appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday…

Singer Mandy Moore used to date Andy Roddick, but now her family has another link to tennis. Moore’s mother, Stacy, according to the National Enquirer, left her father to shack-up with female tennis teaching pro Claudette Laliberte. Laliberte has taught tennis in Florida and Arizona…

France’s Tatiana Golovin had surgery for a cyst in her left hip that was causing her back pain. Golovin has withdrawn from both Indian Wells and Miami, and may also miss Amelia Island where she is the defending champ…

India’s Sania Mirza is working with Sven Groeneveld, coach of Ana Ivanovic…

By switching to Fox Sports Net (FSN) from ESPN (Everyone Stop Paying attention to Network tennis outside of the slams), the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells will no longer have to buy time for the coverage at $480,000 for every eight hours…

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15 Comments for Tennis-X Notes: Williams Sisters’ Dad Hates White People

Dr. Death Says:

Pot stirring here by the staff?

Try golf if life is down to reading the Deccan Herald and the National Inquirer (whatever the latter is – not sold in Asia).

MariaP Says:

Richard Williams sounds like he’s doing Chris Rock material.
Check out “Never Scared” by Rock on youtube.
He says “Blacks don’t care about Jews. We hate ALL white people. We don’t break ’em up into little groups.” lol

TD Says:

Where is the outrage? Why does Mr Williams gets away with saying such hateful ignorant things but if he were white saying those things about blacks there would be hell to pay?

Eric Says:

sounds a lot like obama’s pastor to me… a lifelong democrat, i will vote for mccain rather than vote for someone who sits in a pew for 20 years listening to this kind of hateful trash- godd**n america (to quote the pastor) indeed! damn obama, his pastor, and the horse he rode in on… i love this country before i love the democratic party, and i’d rather see a war hero like mccain as prez than this sorry excuse for a candidate… in the meantime, go hillary!

Julie Says:

I’m disguisted by Mr. Williams’ comments. How DARE he stereotype all of us ‘white people’ into a group when he would be outraged if we did the same to him. I am not a prejudiced person and am insulted by the accusation. What a sad, angry man. I have lost all respect for the Williams’ family.

I like tennis bullies not tennis sissies Says:

the williams are racist ghetto scum nothing new here..

rogers twin sister Says:

He called Tracy Austin and Chris Evert white trash? He’s beyond contempt.

Dr. Death Says:

Fortunately, this post did not generate much heat. The last thing we need is for this web site to become a political forum. There are more than enough other venues for that.

katmac Says:

I, like many thought hard B4 deciding 2 comment on this issue. I stood up for Chris Evert previously, when she was accused of being racist by not commenting on alleged racist slurs aimed @ the Williams sisters, I was told this made her racist & had WASP upbringing, even although her family are Roman Catholic, but I suppose we can’t expect informed opinions or enquiring minds from people who can’t see beyond the colour of a player’s skin. I very much doubt if Chris Evert is racist. I know she wrote a letter commenting on how diff. the Williams approach 2 tennis was than hers & that they enjoyed the celebrity aspect something she never wholly embraced ’til she was retired as she was 100% focused on tennis 4 majority of career, these r not racist comments, merely observations & perhaps a veiled warning about how tough tennis can b if u don’t give it your all. I was decried for saying maybe she doesn’t like them, that doesn’t mean she is racist, there r prob lots of white people or any other race u care to mention who don’t like her, & with whom the feeling is mutual. To interpret that as racism is a desperate ploy to gain notice. I am shocked that Mr Williams is allowed 2 make such comments in public, with no repercussions, I suspect if a white had voiced similar opinion, they would, rightly b charged or urged 2 issue an apology. Take for example ‘Dog’ Chapman who said his son’s girlfriend was a gold digging nigger during a conversation, that was being, secretly, taped in order 2 sell, thus proving the point. There is no doubt in my mind; he is no racist, his pastor is black, for a start!!! His show was pulled as the station didn’t want 2 b associated with racism, even though we all know nigger is not necessarily a derogatory adjective. To call a tennis legend, the most successful player in open history, trashy because she is white,IS racist & is reprehensible. I shall comment no further & I very much doubt if Chris Evert or Tracey Austin will bother 2 comment in public as they will then b pulled into a racist discussion in which they have no interest.

katmac Says:

I’m still v keen not 2 b political as the site is, about tennis. I would like to wholeheartedly agree with ‘Rogers twin sister’ who said it is beyond contempt to call Austin & Evert trash, because they are white. I have never met either of them, but what I do know is that for someone who ‘couldn’t hit a ball'(Evert), 2 become America’s sweetheart & be THE single most consistent player in open history is quite a feat, I wish I had managed that, I’m white & I can’t hit a ball,yet the media never latched on to me! Strange? I can’t speak 4 Austin, I think although she was successful & came the closest 2 emulating Evert’s deadly accuracy from the baseline, her career was short-lived so we will never know if she would have gone on 2 enjoy such success. Many say hers (Evert)was not a grass game. She won 5(singles) GS events on grass, pretty impressive on a surface she apparently never mastered. Most pro’s would have been delighted 2 win that many in their entire career. Not bad 4 trash who couldn’t hit a ball. I know he only said it to rile us normal objective people, & I feel like I’m rising 2 the bait by commenting,I’m sure neither Austin or Evert will stoop low enough 2 react, as it’s not about politics. Does this ‘man’ think apartheid would have been fine if it was against whites? Does he think that grafters who devote their life to success @ a sport, because they feel winning & seeking to be the best, r attributes worth striving for? If his daughters hate the tennis world so much & he hates the USA so much & he believes everyone who is not from exactly the same racial background as he is trashy & untalented, one has 2 ask, what exactly does he want from his daughters & why subject them 2 a world he feels so much contempt & hatred 4? I don’t think anyone, save perhaps him, forced them onto the tour & nobody is begging them 2 stay, if they hate it. I thought they were both well respected excellent players, who have had ups & downs in their short careers, the downs were something Evert never experienced, perhaps being white trash gave her inner strength, OR, more likely she worked harder for longer & achieved more as she had no desire 2 swim in the shallow pool of celebrity, although her love life was well documented, it rarely detracted from her tennis. She was & is a true sportswoman who continues 2 b a great ambassador 4 the sport & without whom the Williams sisters may not b enjoying the sponsorship endorsements & parity of prize money between the genders players like her fought to achieve, not necessarily 4 themselves, but 4 those who followed. I’m fully aware that the opinion of their father may differ from theirs, but on this particular argument he COULD NOT b more wrong.

lione Says:

Well well… I am black and I don’t agree with Richard Williams words. I just don’t understand that man… I think he’s sometimes right, that the tennis world could be racist, but calling austin or evert trash, that’s just stupid and mean!!!

I think he’s just ignorant… I just hope that serena and venus strongly disagree with that

go hillary!!!

tennisfan Says:

Sadly Mr. Williams is the black version of Archie Bunker. His comments probably make his daughters groan as most kids today do not have the prejudices of their forefathers.Umndoubtably Mr. Williams has encountered predjudices in his lifetime and seeing the posts about Mr. Obamas pastor in a tennis blog, shows there are people out there who love to keep the race issue alive. Get a grip. I am a Canadian and admittedly we don,t have as much exposure to the race issue, thank God, but there are mean spirited people in all ploaces.I do remember when the Williams sisters came on the scene there were some in the tennis circles that were not receptive until they blew everyone out of the water with their play, however, having been subject to this mean spiritness, you would think Mr. Williams would know that this behavior is unacceptable and would not subject others to it

D.B. Says:

When Richard Williams says “One of my daughters is going to win (insert tournament name here),” you would be wise to contact your nearest legal sports book and place a wager. When Richard Williams says anything besides that, you would be wise not to listen. I don’t blame Richard for being Richard; I blame the reporter for giving him the opportunity to be Richard.

Pauline Says:

Tracy Austin is alway saying negative things about the Williams sisters. Mr Williams said, he feel the same way as the white race feel about black people. Well most whites are racist, this is Mr William view this isn’t Venus or Serena view both have dated white men. Tracy and Chris Evert have said some really vile things about the Williams sister. I think Mr Williams mean Tracy Austin, was a heavy drug user for years. Ms Evert have said some viles thing about the williams even the BBC had to ask her to stop. I won’t go into the details but Chris Evert is a racist by the way I am white English and Jewish. The tennis world don’t like Jewish people either. Mr Williams is right it’s true most whites including Jewish people are racist. I like the Williams sisters and even Mr Williams he talks the truth as you American say the truth will set you FREE. After the interview Chris Evert give on the BBC everyone in Great Britain was saying she a vile racist. I am a fan of the Williams and Serena snd Venus have rise millions of the poor of American. But anything positive about them won’t be reported. I remember seeing Mr Williams life story his best friend was murder by a white women and the police fine the little boys mother for complaining. Everyone in England didn’t believe the story but Mr Williams was telling the truth, he helped the family sue the police force. I don’t like Germans, it’s easy for people who never felt racism to judge people who suffer hate all their lifes.

MrMcEllison Says:

I don’t get his superiority complex, hell
the sisters are good but they certainly don’t square up to Martina’s level or even Evert for that matter.
Actually they don’t even square up to Henin, not even close. They had 2 1/2 easy years because the competition was either too old or not good enough.
After that they were just your average world number 6s.And the Sony Ericson open is not a Grand Slam title no matter how badly Serena wants it to be.
The bad thing about the Williams sisters is that they have the very typical anti white racist attitude of making an excuse when they don’t win
because that would be admitting they were just not good enough, because the competition was white.
But if they win they rub it in and yell superiority.

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