Roger Federer Smashing His Racquet Video
by Staff | April 3rd, 2009, 3:56 pm

During his stunning 2-6, 6-2, 6-3 loss to Novak Djokovic in the Miami Sony Ericsson semifinals Friday, Roger Federer took it out on his favorite Wilson tennis racquet.

In a rare display of anger, emotion and violence, the once-mild mannered Swiss smashed his racquet into the court with all his might just after losing a point to go down 30-0, 2-0 on Djokovic’s serve in the third set.

Note how the Swiss turns his head away just at the moment of impact, shielding his precious eyes from the shards of fiber thrust into the air from the blast. The man has done it before. He knows how to properly crush a racquet.

We hope some lucky ballkid got a hold of that frame before it went into the garbage. That’s a keeper as they say. ADHEREL

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32 Comments for Roger Federer Smashing His Racquet Video

Ra Says:

Classic stuff, and I love it.

Ra Says:

I was kind of hoping he would give it to Novak as a souvenir, actually.

jane Says:


Bojan Says:

Wow, IT has feelings xD

Giner Says:

Robbie Koenig’s commentary really really sucks I must say. The guy is a complete amateur and loves stating the obvious, and pretty much agreeing with everything Jason Goodall says because he has nothing to add himself. Some lines he loves using after a comment from Goodall:

“It certainly is,”
“You’re absolutely right,”
“You summed it up perfectly,”
“Only he knows / can answer that question,”

Goodall dominates the commentary, revealing what little insight Koenig has to add, if any.

The guy should quit and find another job more to suited his skills, such as a janitorial position.

Mary Says:

I normally don’t dig on Fed, but the racquet smash was kind of hot.

Linda Says:

I hate that he just tosses the bottles onto the ground behind him for the ballboys to pick up! What a jerk! Yeah, I understand he’s upset, but come on, have a little manners. What an arrogant prick! He’s too spoiled. He needs more humility. He’s a multi-millionaire for goodness sakes! Geez!

Arrogance, thy name is Roger Federer Says:


Nah, he just wrecklessly tossed his empty water bottles at them instead. What a classy guy.

mel Says:

linda, if throwing bottles is the best you have against federer, then you have little. give the guy a break.

ron Says:

Roger is a spoiled brat from Basel. Cannot handle losing. Living in a dream world in which he thinks he is the best. Go back to CowLand CH and live with you fat Czech girlfriend and keep crying to mommie.

Tanuj Lakhina Says:

This is totally shocking to see from Federer.Its probably the first time that he’s done that.And its almost split into two.
Safin finally got a partner!

Skorocel Says:

To ron:

Just to refresh your memory (and geographic knowledge), that fat cow Vavrinec was actually born in Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia), not Czech republic… Anyway, go back to your dream world and, please, stay there as long as possible, OK? They don’t need to hear your stupid comments here…

Skorocel Says:

Tanuj Lakhina said:

“Safin finally got a partner!”

LOL! :-)

anon Says:

Federer apologists out in force.

This is the kind of sore loser behavior they’d crucify players like Djokovic over.

Dani Says:

People, it is not just that Fed was annoyed with some game, he was frustrated that he couldn’t beat Djokovic whichever way-he can’t stand him! Every opportunity he has, he trashes him. He was nasty towards him in his comments even before Nole was anywhere near being number 3

fed is afraid Says:

fed has always been a poor sport, it’s easy to be gracious when you win, his real character or lack thereof is coming out now. he has no class.

Duro Says:

Dani, do you know why is that so? The only classy, style player who, when appeared, could shake his world of perfectness which he was the king in and dispute him as the best and only in the world that plays classy, noble tennis. He’s a perfect example of ego maniac and the case for therapist to make a case study of him.

Dani Says:

Duro, of course, he recognised from the start where the real danger is coming from ;-)
But the problem is that nobody seems to notice his arogant nasty coments directed at Novak.
It’s all about selling, and pushing media favourite darlings, idolising and curving them like Gods, giving them weak opponents, qualifiers, nice and breezy evening hours to play because it sells better, a whole week off at Wimbldon etc They have some records to chase and get so that every sports news page can write about it, 14. title broke, title broke title broke

zola Says:


Sean had posted a link to this video in the previous thread. May I ask what was the purpose of posting it as an individual thread?

The guy lost a match, broke a racquet, he is disappointed, frustrated,…a former champion in frustration and distress…come all the world and watch him and throw rocks at him!

well, I think you have achieved your purpose. Now give him a break.

z Says:

this video really made my day XD

alex Says:

If there’s anything Federer hate more than losing, it’s losing to Djokovic! :-)

Cindy_Brady Says:

Federer is beginning to show his true classless colors.

I always knew the goody goody image was a put on. He is nothing more than a spoiled attention whore. Point in case. He tried to steal the thunder from Rafa during the Australian Open awards ceremony with all his crying. Boo hoo hoo. Federer almost made Rafa feel guilty for beating him. What a pathetic display for a supposed champion of his caliber.

Now he resorts to smashing rackets like a brat because his skills have diminished. Maybe Johnny Mac should coach him. He will show him how it’s really done.

Anyways, I’m glad the world can finally see what an ugly person Roger Federer is inside. And this is only the beginning. Wait til he loses early at both the French and Wimbledon championships. I’m sure he’ll break more. Can’t wait to see the complete melt down. Oh YES SIR!!!

Linda Says:

He did the exact same thing at Indian Wells, and he was winning too. Go figure!

Linda Says:

Actually, him tossing those empty bottles…it’s kind of funny after watching it over and over again. He just flips them over his shoulders. I bet those ball boys really like him. Hahaha!! It makes me laugh.

Buddy Says:

The real classy player is and always will be Nadal, in winning and losing he gives credit where credit is due.

And even when Federer has his tantrums, you never ever hear a bad word about it from Nadal.

Federer on the other hand only praises himself when he wins and always says compared him him his opponent was trash. And now when the tables have turned, you always see him making excuses when he isn’t playing his supposed “best” tennis.

I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Federer get beached at the unlucky number 13. Maybe that would give him some humility.

Cindy_Brady Says:


Your wisdom and insight are “on point”.

Nadal is far classier than Federer will ever hope to be. When Nadal loses he praises his opponent genuinely and takes his victories with humility.

When Federer loses it’s never because his opponent played better. It’s always because he played bad somehow. Federer has more excuses than Carter has pills. Maybe Mr.Arrogant will finally get a coach like every other top player has. I for one hope he doesn’t. Let the true ugliness show its face like Darth Sidious in “Revenge of the Sisth”.

Good job!

Linda Says:

I know that I’m beating this subject to death, but whenever Nadal needed his empty bottles to be thrown away, he just called for the ballboy over and gave it to them. Now that’s someone who treats others with respect. Yeah, I would agree he is a classy guy.

Fruitcake Says:

Yeah .. Nadal is real classy when I remember what he said to a ballboy at Wimbledon (in Spanish) a couple of years ago … it doesn’t bear repeating on here and it put me off him for life.

Lenny Says:

Ok. Newsflash. Roger, Rafa, both Andys, Nole and every other player you adore or worship or are a fan of or whose game you like, yada yada – pick your PC term – are HUMAN BEINGS. Gasp! Who’d have thunk it, huh? I’m sorry to have to be the one to break this to ya. I mean, come ON. Do you really expect them to always be on their best behaviour in victory, in defeat, in the heat of the moment out on court, in the press con after a particularly heart breaking loss, EVERY TIME, ALL THE TIME? Geez! The gods and saints aren’t perfect, yet we expect tennis players to be? Building up idols just to tear them down is just so much fun, isn’t it? Would it be too much to ask everyone to get a little perspective? Tennis is a GAME, and the players are simply PEOPLE. People capable of some great things, and also people with every human flaw we all have – arrogance, petulance, pride, all inclusive.

molly Says:

Oh please– every player has the right to get frustrated. No one gives a shit when andy throws his racket or when lewitt makes racist comment. They just are jealous cause feds is so damn good.

molly Says:

oh and lenny- totally agree

Buddy Says:

Sissy boy is getting serious again. =) Finally

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