2009 Wimbledon Tennis TV Schedule

by Staff | June 21st, 2009, 2:09 am

The 2009 Wimbledon Championships begin on Monday, June 22. Five-time champion Roger Federer will open Centre Court play at 1pm local time in London. In the United States, nearly 100 hours of live coverage will begin at 7am ET on ESPN2 and continue through the fortnight. ADHEREL

For the first time on ESPN2, Wimbledon coverage will be produced in high definition and presented in ESPN2 HD’s 720p format.

NBC will begin its broadcast of Wimbledon on the first Saturday and conclude with live coverage on the East coast of the women’s and men’s singles final the last weekend.

ESPN’s live match coverage will be supplemented by Tennis Channel’s evening program, with highlights, interviews and features Monday, June 22 – Wed., July 1, from 7 – 11 p.m EDT.

At this time official live stream from Wimbledon is not offered. The complete Wimbledon TV schedule for the U.S. is below (subject to change, from the Wimbledon website).

(all times EDT)
ESPN2 0700-1700 Early Round Coverage Day #1

ESPN2 0700-1700 Early Round Coverage Day #2

ESPN2 0700-1700 Early Round Coverage Day #3

ESPN2 0700-1700 Early Round Coverage Day #4

ESPN2 0700-1700 Early Round Coverage Day #5

ESPN2 0800-1500 Early Round Coverage Day #6
NBC 1500-1800 Wimbledon

NBC 1300-1600 Wimbledon
ESPN 1600-1800 Highlights – Week #1

ESPN2 0700-1000 Round of 16
NBC 1000-1300 Wimbledon
ESPN2 1300-1900 Round of 16
NBC 2335-2350 Wimbledon Update

NBC 1000-1300 Wimbledon
ESPN2 1300-1700 Ladies’ Quarterfinals
NBC 2335-2350 Wimbledon Update

NBC 0700-1000 Men’s Quarterfinals
NBC 1000-1300 Wimbledon
NBC 1300-1700 Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals
NBC 2335-2350 Wimbledon Update

ESPN2 0700-1200 Ladies’ Semifinal
NBC 1200-1700 Wimbledon Ladies’ Semifinal
ESPN 2000-2200 Highlights – Ladies’ Semifinals
NBC 2335-2350 Wimbledon Update

ESPN2 0700-1200 Men’s Semifinal
NBC 1200-1700 Wimbledon Men’s Semifinal
NBC 2335-0005 Wimbledon Update

NBC 0900-1400 Wimbledon Women’s Final
ESPN2 1400-1500 SportsCenter at Wimbledon
ESPN2 2000-2300 Highlights: Men’s Semifinals

NBC 0900-1500 Wimbledon Men’s Final
ESPN2 1500-1600 SportsCenter at Wimbledon

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36 Comments for 2009 Wimbledon Tennis TV Schedule

Ra Says:

I’m pretty disappointed that there’s no Wimbledon subscription available for the US. It’s treated me very well in the past, and I’m not looking forward to doing a link-jumping dance such as the FO required. It looks like ESPN2 will have some pretty extensive coverage, though, so that’s a plus. Eff NBC.

tennisfan Says:

And I’m guessing that ESPN2 will “treat” us to another substandard image so they can include their bottom (of the barrel) sports bar. That’s what they did to us during the French. Here was their email reply:


“Thank you for writing.

We compress the video during our French Open telecasts to prevent our news and information service, the BottomLine, from obscuring the court. The BottomLine is a 24/7 service that fans expect and do tune in for”.


It’s so disappointing that there isn’t a quality US video network willing to cover the non-weekend hours of grand slam tennis. I did notice that ESPN sh*t-canned their sportsbar during golf coverage, so I think their email reply that “fans expect and do tune in…” to drool over the latest sports gossip is network-droid-nonsense.

Von Says:

Verizon Fios espn360.com will be covering Wimby tennis, and it’s free, but only for Verizon customers.

Jamie Says:

What about the DirecTV expanded coverage? I love the mix channel because I can surf between courts. For the French Open, they had six different courts available.

I agree about the bottom line crap on ESPN2. Yuck.

Mina Says:

For fellow Canadians out there, as usual TSN will be airing coverage of Wimbledon. Generally, live coverage (actual live coverage, not “live” coverage as per NBC) starts daily at 7am EST and is repeated again on TSN2 (if you have digital cable) at 10am EST.

If you enjoy the comprehensive coverage and like watching live tennis on TV, please consider sending them an e-mail complimenting them. I did!

RZ Says:

Thanks for posting this. One question: On Wednesday, July 1, is NBC the only outlet covering Wimbledon? I think perhaps two of those “NBC” slots are supposed to be ESPN2.

I’m glad ESPN2’s has second week coverage. They are SO much better than NBC!

cecil scott Says:

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have Direct TV and the coverage I’ve watched on the seven channels provided on

cecil scott Says:

I don’t know about the rest of you,but,I have Direct TV and the coverage,I’ve watched,on seven channels provided,for free,on ESPN Activated has been nothing less than spectacular.Maybe you all need to invest alittle on a disk instead of trashing the best sports coverage we have available. 10hours aday on 7channels pretty good in my book..THANK YOU E.S.P.N.

Christine Says:

Love tennis but hate to watch when Mary C announces.
Mary please shut up so we can enjoy!

hesser Says:

whooo hooo roddick did very well to win yesterday

hesser Says:

i have no complains that i have tennis channel and nbc and espn 2 I desire to thank you for broacasting tennis performances

Annie Says:

1st week Directv coverage used BBC coverage, it was awesome. 2nd week coverage CRAP! We will be limited to the matches NBC chooses for us to watch as usual. Come on NBC get with the times, have a look at Directv’s 1st week of coverage!

Simon Says:

NBC’s coverage is a disgrace as always. Everything is on tape delay. Do they not realize that this ruins the entire experience? Why are they so set against showing matches live?

Their coverage of the Olympics was equally poor.

Bob Says:

I dunno why nbc show tennis. Am watching right now what espn showed 2 hours earlier, and the best is, the commentators saying its “live” What a Joke. Totally missing the Ferrero / Murray game too!

Barbara Says:

thought it was discusting that TSN broke off right in the middle of the Ferrero/Murray game.

jane Says:

Barbara – indeed – utterly pathetic!!!!

Shirley Says:

I’m in the US with DirecTV which is supposed to have great coverage, but between ESPN2 and NBC still miss great matches (no Roddick or Murray today. I miss DISH, they used to give us Tennis Channel during slams.

Cory Says:

ESPN does pretty good coverage for the few matches they cover. Doubles always gets kicked to the curb and if it’s not an American playing or the Men’s top 2 seeds, you don’t get to see it either.

NBC’s coverage may not be great, but since I don’t have cable TV, I’m grateful for something. I listen to Radio Wimbledon so, at least, I get to hear about some of the other better matches.

Who has the best overall coverage? Is it the Tennis channel?

sk Says:

I think Serena looks like an animated cow playing her match with Elena

sk Says:

I also wonder what it is that’s so bulky under Serena’s head band. Maybe something to keep her cool.

Eric Says:

Christine, Mary C is the only one I like. If you don’t want to hear turn off the sound on your tv. At least she doesn’t take herself as seriously as most of them do.

Eric Says:

Why are you so nasty sk? this is a very angry message board.

mewow Says:

So I sit here watching last year’s final, while the semi-final is live but not on my TV…..ARGH! Who are these ‘suits’ that try to force us to watch repeats when something live is happening?

Tom Kelly Says:

The Washington Post said today:

Earlier this week, NBC Sports issued a statement boasting of its 30-year run in televising “Breakfast at Wimbledon.”

Ignored amid the self-congratulation was this: The network’s coverage of Grand Slam tennis has become one of the most loathed things in sports.

NBC once produced memorable coverage of tennis greats from McEnroe and Borg to Agassi, Sampras and Federer.

These days, the network is thoroughly reviled for its inability and refusal to show matches as they happen.

Time and again over the past two weeks, NBC aired tape-delayed coverage of Wimbledon matches rather than broadcast other matches live. The network did the same at the French Open, clinging to a practice as out-of-date as a wooden racket.

The result is a wave of unhappy fans, who have voiced their disdain on Twitter and other social-networking platforms.

Consider the fan experience Wednesday. The network began its coverage at 10 a.m. with tape of Roger Federer’s already-completed match against Ivo Karlovic – even as, unseen by NBC’s audience, Tommy Haas was pulling a major upset of fourth-seeded Novak Djokovic.

NBC then made a bad situation worse by sticking with taped tennis rather than showing matches involving two popular players, Andy Murray and Andy Roddick, that were getting under way.

Not until ESPN2 took over coverage at 1 p.m. were fans on the East Coast able to see live coverage of the remainder of a very exciting quarterfinal match between Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt.

“I don’t understand why NBC can’t show LIVE tennis. It really annoys me,” one irate fan wrote on Twitter.

Nick Says:

Where the hell is the second men’s semifinal coverage?!!!

Arun Says:

No one is playing second semifinal between Andy M & Andy R anywhere….
This is so disappointing.

tennis shu Says:

Agree with mewow — am really POed that Murray and Roddick are in the third set already and nothing but ESPN2 news/talk shows. Someone really dropped the ball.

Faye Says:

I think the comments by sk are racist. I’m sure it is heart to swallow two super-talented africian americans ruling and reigning in the tennis business.

Shazoo Says:

There are about a hundred places to watch this stuff online for free. I watched the Roddick v. Murray match in good quality online. You just have to know where to go…

zo Says:

Tennis shu

I watched Roddick vs Murray on NBC yday…as it happened? Maybe it was delayed a bit but at noon EST it was on…prior to that I was watching Federer vs Haas.

gail donaldson Says:

Where is the women’s doubles final???!!

mab Says:

Where are the women’s double finals at Wimbleton? We’ve got an aspiring doubles player here and no one to watch!!

bklynpotter Says:

Why no coverage of womens doubles final
with both serena and venus?

alex Says:

Yes! Where is the Ladies’ Doubles Final???

alex Says:

Does anyone know who is airing it, or if it will be available on replay somewhere?

Michael Says:

Why no spoiler alert at beginning of coverage of Friday’s Women’s semis with Serena? They showed highlights of what was called “the best womenn’s semi ever” and then proceeded to show the Venus blowout. What jerks!!!

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