Federer Pummels Soderling, Murray Survives in 5 at Wimbledon
by Staff | June 29th, 2009, 10:13 pm

Roger Federer pummelled Robin Soderling in a replay of the French Open final to move within three wins of an all-time record 15 Grand Slam singles title on Monday at Wimbledon, laying down 23 aces to top the Swede 6-4, 7-6(5), 7-6(5).
Federer improved to 11-0 against the dangerous Soderling who nonetheless has been his personal punching bag during his career.

“Today was hard to get through a really dangerous match,” Federer said. “Not many rallies, so maybe not as much fun for the people. But I stayed calm, waited for my chance.”

Former world No. 2 and Wimbledon No. 24 seed Tommy Haas also continued his run on Monday, straight-setting No. 29 seed Igor Andreev 7-6(8), 6-4, 6-4 to set up a meeting with Novak Djokovic, who eased past Dudi Sela in straight sets.

Andy Roddick advanced to an all-former-No. 1 meeting with former Wimbledon champ Lleyton Hewitt after defeating Czech Tomas Berdych 7-6(4), 6-4, 6-3. Difficult to beat when he’s serving 70 percent, the top American delivered 24 aces to arrange a meeting with the gutsy Hewitt, who came from two sets down to defeat Czech Radek Stepanek in five.

“It doesn’t get any easier from here,” Roddick said. “I have loads of respect for Lleyton, what he’s been able to accomplish. Everyone knows he’s certainly capable of playing very, very, very well on this surface.”

After dropping the first two sets Hewitt turned things up in the third, breaking Stepanek’s serve twice, then twice in the fourth set.

“I was able to start dictating play a little bit more and sort of put a bit more pressure on his forehand,” Hewitt said. “He was hitting his backhand extremely well. He was attacking both sides off it and returning well if I missed my first serve. My serve definitely picked up from then on in, though. I was struggling a little bit pushing off with my left leg on the serve. Got better as the match went on.”

Other players into the quarterfinals were (3) Andy Murray who survived a late-night closed-roof encounter against (19) Stan Wawrinka 2-6, 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3; (22) Ivo Karlovic who set up a meeting with Federer by service-bludgeoning (7) Fernando Verdasco in four sets and three tiebreaks; and unseeded former No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero who defeated (8) Gilles Simon in straights.

“It was pretty special, I thought Stan played a great match,” Murray told the audience on-court after the match. “The standard he set at the start was tough to keep up with. He was playing great and he came out with some big shots. In five-set matches there are these momentum shifts sometimes. It was great, always when you play indoors the atmosphere is great, but when you’ve got 15,000 supporters it makes it extra special, so thanks a lot.”

The men will resume play on Wednesday as the women take to the court Tuesday for their quarterfinals.

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48 Comments for Federer Pummels Soderling, Murray Survives in 5 at Wimbledon

the_mind_reels Says:

how about a little fact-checking/editing, guys? Rog may be racking up the GS titles, but he’s not gunning for number 16 yet.

Also, the Murray-Wawrinka match today was Wawrinka’s to lose. Tough loss for Stan. We’ll see how Murray’s fitness holds up in week 2.

Von Says:

No, Federer didn’t pummel Soderling; it was a very close match. Myabe I watched the wrong match, but I don’t think a 6-4, 7-6(5), 7-6(5) match translates to the loser being pummelled. Except for a few lucky points, Soderling could have won the two tie-breaks. Staff, your imagination is running amok!

jane Says:

Yes, the word “pummeled” is questionable at best. Von is right. Sheesh!

Bojan Says:

I’m surprised he didn’t write “Murray pummeled Wawrinka” :P :)))

hank Says:

“Commentors Pummel ‘Staff’ for poorly titled blog post”

skeezerweezer Says:

Hello all,

Yeah pummeled was kinda strong. Other Journalists mentioned how FED beat RS convincingly, etc. Maybe they really meant he was in control? I don’t know, it’s like MJ, makes it look so easy but it was not.
I’m out.

skeezerweezer Says:

BTW, looks like a very good Wed. coming up for Mens. NBC LIVE? C’mon!!!!!!!

TejuZ Says:

well.. ‘pummeled’ is a wrong word here. It was a highly competitive match, where the tie-breaks could have gone either way. Soderling played well, but Fed played the important points better in the tie-breaks. As soderling said it in his post match interview.. ‘He dint lose those tie-breaks, Fed won them’

We’ll see more of the same against Karlovic.. it will be a serving contest and it all depends on who blinks first in the tie-breaks. I like Karlovic’s chances here, he is serving awesome, amazing service percentages… if this goes to a 5th set, I dont see Fed winning it.. breaking Karlovic serve (winning 4 pts) is next to impossible. So.. Fed will somehow have to snatch 3 tie-breakers in a 4 setter match to win it.

Tennis Freak Says:

I think Karlovic is not more annoying than Murray to play with, at least for some players, but they have 2 different ways of frustrating their opponents: one Serves and Serves; the other uses “dishonest” (=extra-textual) disorderly mixture of shots, though I did not see that many against Stan today.

Von Says:

Karlovic was one happy camper today when he won. Did anyone see his little jig? For one moment he seemed like a clumsy hoola dancer with his hand movements.

Maybe Fed fans need to teach Fed how to jump up in the air to effectively return Dr. Ivo’s serves. Brad Gilbert has the perfect recipe — a mini-trampoline. Dr. Ivo’s serve is not a serve any player can take on the rise. I think if Fed can tee off on Karlovic’s second serves, he’d be able to obtain the break with his ground game, thus preventing a tie-break. All that’s needed is one break per set — but easier said than done. Super Wednesday looms!

Von Says:

I’m sure NBC will find a way to muck up TV coverage on Wednesday, leaving us with no other choice but to watch live streaming. Too, too bad!

huh Says:

I am utterly surprised to see staff callin it Fed pummeling Soderling! With just a little bit more luck Sod might’ve won the 2nd and 3rd sets. That double fault from Robin was awful, even I got angry thinkin why he falters in this way only vs Fed. Heck!

Mina Says:

Agreed – did “Staff” even watch the game? It was hardly a pummeling! It was actually a very competitive match. Had Federer faltered and Soderling capitalized instead of hitting a couple untimely double faults and errros, Soderling could have won 2 sets off of him.

Mina Says:

“errros” = errors

Sava Says:

He only has 14 grand slam titles now doesn’t he? How can he be winning his 16th so soon?

And yes the tie breaks were really competitive, he was lucky to have won but happy for him!

barry Says:

anyone who thinks a 6-4, 7-6, 7-6 (with both tiebreaks 7-5) score is a pummeling is a complete moron

Colin Says:

TejuZ – you say if it goes to 5 sets, Karlovic will beat Federer. I don’t think so. A man Ivo’s size will tire more quickly than ordinary players. If Roger is anywhere near his best he should win pretty quickly. Having said that, I’m still not convinced he is at his best (ie what he was before the mono).
Talking of fitness, surely it was Murray’s fitness that enabled him to come through against Wawrinka, whose first set was of tournament-winning quality. Also, Murray didn’t let that first set discourage him. He didn’t self-destruct.
Non-tennis note: did anyone see the brief shot of Jamie Murray watching? He was accompanied by a stunning girl. I wonder who she is.

Pro_B Says:

Von Says:

Karlovic was one happy camper today when he won. Did anyone see his little jig? For one moment he seemed like a clumsy hoola dancer with his hand movements.

Is that new? Saw him do the same routine at the end of the Tsonga match as well so i figured it was just something he does whenever he wins.
Btw the WB in the other thread was indeed Welcome back. Was offline by the time you posted your query about it.

Joe Says:

“Federer Slips Up Soderling in Straight Sets”

“Stan Let Slip the Dogs of War;Murray Throws Them a Bone”

Green Balls Says:

It was interesting to hear from Murray how much the centre court humidity varies when the roof is closed.

This humidity definitely makes for an entirely different type of match. The ball gets very heavy and the ball speed significantly slows. The ball’s court bounce is also significantly lessened due to the extra weight, and requires more energy on the part of the player. Winners and aces are much harder to come by.

Check Murray’s stats versus Wawrinka, http://www.wimbledon.org/en_GB/scores/stats/day13/1305ms.html, and compare to Murray vs. Troicki, http://www.wimbledon.org/en_GB/scores/stats/day13/1305ms.html, or Murray vs. Gulbis, http://www.wimbledon.org/en_GB/scores/stats/day11/1209ms.html.

Versus Wawrinka:
Total Points Played = 312
Murray Aces = 7
Murray Winners = 49
Murray Net approaches won = 74%
Murray Average 1st serve speed: 113 MPH, 2nd 84MPH

Versus Gulbis:
Total Points Played = 163
Murray Aces = 11
Murray Winners = 36
Murray Net approaches won = 82%
Murray Average 1st serve speed: 119 MPH, 2nd 89 MPH

I think this could cause more 1st week upsets on centre court in future years if they’re played with the roof closed. This year we didn’t get the chance to see 1st week matches play out under a closed roof.

Gordo Says:

I find what botches up NBC’s coverage is their somewhat understandable need to only show their American audience what the viewers want to see, or what NBC thinks they only want to see, which is coverage of American players.

I have found over the years the less Americans left in the draw the better the resulting coverage. Now that Venus and Serena are playing today and NBC has nowhere to go tomorrow except Roddick I think all will work out well.

But honestly – if Fish and Blake and Ginepri were with Roddick in the final 8, and if 2 of them were playing each other NBC would have Federer, Murray and Djokovic as afterthoughts.

And staff – yes, I agree with others in here – look up the word pummelled. It is a grand word, but it does not apply to what Fed did to Soderling.

He pummelled him at the French Open perhaps, but not yesterday.

jane Says:

Joe – most excellent Shakespearean title for the Stan match!

jane Says:

Gordo, as Von has noted elsewhere, what was annoying about yesterday’s coverage was that they didn’t even consistently do what you say – for example, they kept cutting out of the Roddick/Berdych match to show snippets of interviews or other matches. I wish they could show a match fully. They did that for the most part with Murray but that’s because by then there was nothing else to cut to, with all other matches finishes, and editorials and interviews all shown.

huh Says:

Completely agree with Colin. Obviously Fed’s not at his best fitnesswise, he was much faster and had the best and the most amazing hand-eye co-ordination.
He was a delight to behold at his prime ! How I miss the good old pre-mono days? Sigh….

Tennis Freak Says:

Guess what some players don’t like to play on the Center Court.
DUDI SELA: To tell you the truth, I wanted to play on Court 3. I won there, and it’s a nice court, I think. I was happy not to be in the Center Court, but it didn’t help me too much.

Djoko wanted the Center, and we all know he does, and Sela did not. Let’s say Sela wanted in the evening, and Djoko wanted to begin at noon. Imagine you were in the scheduling committee and you were faced with these two requests. How would you deliver justice to BOTH, i.e. without doing injustice to one or the other?

Arvis Says:

@Tejuz: “if this goes to a 5th set, I dont see Fed winning it”

Just so we’re clear, Karlovic has NEVER won a 5th set. Ever. So… you’re saying he’s going to win his first one… against Federer? At Wimbledon? I’d love to know what it is about Karlovic’s ability makes you think that.


huh Says:

Colin’s an excellent observer just like me coz he has also seen the ‘stunning’ gal sitting beside Jammie Murray, ha ha!
She was a really beautiful and sexy, just a great eye candy. ;)

margot Says:

On the theme of JJ looks like a Modigliani here’s one for Coen Brothers fans. Its been pointed out that TMF in his new suit looks remarkably like a certain character in “The Big Liebrowski.”

jane Says:

Tennis Freak says “Djoko wanted the Center, and we all know he does”

To which I would add, from an article and Djoko’s presser:

“The Serb wasn’t fazed by playing on the infamous Graveyard of Champions’ on Court No3 although he admitted the surface was different to the bigger showcourts he would normally expect to compete upon, especially with his high ranking.

“No, I am not upset at playing on that court,” he said.

“I am not criticising the organizers. It’s all right and I have played on that court before.

“It’s normal and you have to adjust because you can’t play on Centre Court all the time.”


Not unless you’re Federer, of course. ; )

Just trying to get your “goat”. LOL.

Von Says:

jane: Of course Djoko is going to say it doesn’t matter to him. If it did matter to him and he said that, could you believe the headlines? Perhaps one would run like this: “The Joker is miffed at Wimby”. I wonder how that would have gone over with him. So all things considered, he told them exactly what they wanted to hear.

Tennis Freak Says:

Djoko did mention that it was after 3 years, he was returning to Court 3. If you watch the video and read his face, he certainly was not excited about having to play on Court 3. Why would he be? I don’t blame him. He deserves a bigger stage.

Djoko did go on and on and on when his request was denied for an evening schedule at AO quarter this year.
And you know how much he loves the big stage. He loss to Kohl at FO had partly to do with that smaller venue.
The difference between you and me is that you somehow appear to think, I could be totally mistaken here, that solution to discrimination is reverse discrimination. My position is solution to discrimination does not have to be reverse discrimination(Did you read today or yesterday’s news on court decision on New Haven firefighters’ case?).

jane Says:

“I could be totally mistaken here” Indeed! You are. I never said the organizers should put Fed and/or Murray on court 18! I am merely saying, perhaps, Fed could’ve played on court 1 once, only once! Or maybe he could play last just once, only on one day perhaps. Esp. since he and Murray aren’t playing on the same days, so prime time t.v. is not an issue. Maybe in the early rounds he could’ve played court 1, when his opponents weren’t big draws? That’s it.

You brought this all up again with the Dudi comment so I replied.

Von may have a very good point, in that Djoko said exactly what they wanted to hear, and who can blame him? If anyone doesn’t want to get bad press right now, when he’s trying to keep things low key, it’s him. And for sure any kind of comment would be spun negatively in this case. So he did the right thing.

Von Says:

As I’ve previously stated, he needs to avoid the media as if it were a plague. You probably thought I was being cruel and critical, but I wasn’t. If he were in any way related to me, that would have been my advice to him. He’s fodder for the media and the last thing he needs is to be making remarks to them causing a domino effect. He can address it AFTER Wimby but NOT during.

jane Says:

I agree Von, and I understand from where you’re coming. Djoko has had some missteps with the press and in his career, and so he is doing what he needs to do right now to stay focused on his tennis – staying under the radar. Once he’s more mature and/or media savvy, then he can maybe turn the situation around, but for now, this is the right course of action. Whomever is guiding him in this way is doing the right thing imo. I believe he has the same PR guy/gal as Rafa.

huh Says:

Djoko has not won a Wimbledon yet, so it’s meaningless to think of him being affected by the curse of graveyard court, which by the way’s been the graveyard only for Wimbledon champions.

huh Says:

That said, I’d prefer, at any point of time, a Djokovic match on the centre court over the matches like The-Always-Afraid-to-play-well-at-big-points-Safina vs A-shadow-of-her-former-self Mauresmo.

jane Says:

“The-Always-Afraid-to-play-well-at-big-points-Safina vs A-shadow-of-her-former-self Mauresmo.”


vared Says:

I’m surprised he didn’t write “Murray pummeled Wawrinka
Bojan that’s funny

“The Joker is miffed at Wimby”. Whomever is guiding him in this way is doing the right thing imo.
Von and Jane, yep finally he’s learning to say boring Rafa-like statements. I read that Rafa, their manager and Djoko had a very long conversation at FO and all left together.

As far as Fed’s outfit, he reminds me of when Elvis wore that white get-up or Liberace.

huh Says:

As long as private parts are covered, I don’t care what a guy’s put on. I don’t lik/dislik any type of fashion, but I need comfort at all costs.That’s why I prefer to remain in only my undy, which giv max comfort. Sadly, I’m forced to wear more stuff. :(

vared Says:

correction: at WIMBY and all left together

After shaking up the tournament, Nadal sat on a couch in a players’ lounge area, chatting for quite awhile with his spokesman, Benito Perez-Barbadillo, and Djokovic. As it approached 10 p.m. — later, even, than the finishing time of his epic match against Federer a year ago — Nadal finally rose to leave. That trio, along with Uncle Toni, walked toward one of the black steel gates that guard the All England Club’s exits. The gate was locked shut.

margot Says:

von: 4got 2 tell you, yesterday Simon shouted “merde” during his match. Thought hmm; if either Andy had uttered such a naughty, naughty word, my my the tennis police would’ve been straight down whipped them off to court 3, never to be seen again……..
Is NOBODY round here a Coen Brothers fan??
Think I’ll tell Andy M to have a massage next time he’s on court, sure would relax him….
MMT, or any other person more knowlegeable than me: one for you; in match yesterday Wawrinka hit a ball on his baseline, his ball landed on Andy’s and was called out. Wawrinka then asked for Hawkeye and the umpire allowed it. Was stunned, thought you had to not hit ball and call at once. Fortunately Andy’s ball was in, but what would’ve happened if it had been out? Surely this would’ve unleased viper’s nest as was crucial point, tense match etc.
The Kim who doesn’t like Andy M (tennisfreaks you’ve got me confused now): you implied Wawrinka lost cos he was injured. You surely could not have seen the match cos in the 4th and 5th sets Wawrinka was running around the court like a frisky two year old.

Tennis Freak Says:

Look Miss Margot Murray is blaming me now for her confusion. Lol.
I wanted to tell you this for a long: If your man wins a Slam, this or the next, and keeps his consistency for over a year after that, I will not hold back from adequately recognizing him then. Right now, it is all noise to me. No offense.

jane Says:

margot – I am definitely a Coen Brothers fan: hello? Fargo! Burn After Reading? No Country for Old Men? All brilliant. Anyhow, I was trying to think of how the Fed outfit matches one in the Big L, but could only imagine the bowling – is that where the outfit comes from? Remind me; it’s been y-e-a-r-s since I saw that one, and I think I was tired when I did.

p.s. thanks for the props on the other thread; feel much the same about you and your posts.

Von Says:

margot: Yes, the boys would be tarred and feathered for sure. And, the genteel folk will blush to their genteel hair roots. OY.

tennisbebe Says:

Margot – How is the mood in GB after that fantastic Wawa/Murray match last night? Also wanted to ask you what the word is about all those tickets sold for MJ’s concerts in London – how in the world will they reimburse all those people for 50 dates? The promoters must be major league distraught.

TejuZ Says:

Arvis says: “Just so we’re clear, Karlovic has NEVER won a 5th set. Ever. So… you’re saying he’s going to win his first one… against Federer? At Wimbledon? I’d love to know what it is about Karlovic’s ability makes you think that.”

Arvis, i am a huge Fed fan and i would love to see him win this match in straight sets. But Karlovic serve is something to fear. Look, a 5-setter here wouldnt be as tiring as any other 5-setters just cuz there arent many rallies going on here, very few points won on return of serve. And in 5th set, there isnt any tie-break, Fed has to win 4 points or more to break a Karlovic serve, which is almost next to impossible the way he has been serving this tournament. His 1st serve percentage is awesome…So, i feel the best thing for Fed is to finish off the match in 3 or 4 sets, winning 3 tie-breakers.

TejuZ Says:

but yeah, i agree he has the worst 5-set record in history .. 0-11 i guess :-) but, with his current serving form, it would be very hard for Fed to win the match. he cant afford many UFE against this guy.

margot Says:

tennisfreaks: Miss Margot Murray! Lordy, lordy you know how to flatter a woman, you silver tongued wordsmith…..
ps re Murray, your scepticism is alright with me!
jane: shh, but it’s pornographer in the Big L….
tenisbebe: Gr8 British public slow to support darling Mr. TTM but NOW, WOW Murray mania is growing, but will die down after Wimbles, till next year of course. No idea about MJ but must reimburse mustn’t they, unless of course there’s some smallprint to the contrary, which is the case at Wimbles.

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