Davis Cup Quarterfinal Previews

by Staff | July 9th, 2009, 11:58 pm

Argentina at Czech Republic
Cez Arena, Ostrava
Surface: indoor hard

Radek Stepanek gets pulled from the singles with a bad knee and relegated to doubles only, which will turn this tie as Ivo Minar isn’t beating anyone. This makes the tie pretty if Juan Martin Del Potro and Juan Monaco can adjust to the fast Taraflex surface.
U.S. at Croatia
Sportska Dvorana “Zatika,” Porec Stadium
Surface: indoor clay

Can “Dr.” Ivo rain down the aces on clay? The nod goes to Croatia as Blake is 0-4 in live ties on clay and Fish has only one win in the same situation. Marin Cilic should dictate this tie, but the Bryan brothers will do their best to keep it a live tie by Sunday.

Russia at Israel
Sport Palaces Ltd (Nokia), Tel Aviv
Surface: indoor hard

Why is Marat Safin playing doubles for Russia when he has already mentally retired? Dudi Sela and Harel Levy will try and defend the home turf for Israel against Igor Andreev and Mikhail Youzhny in singles. Ram and Erlich used to be the money point in doubles until Erlich’s extende injury so anything could go.

Germany at Spain
Plaza de Toros de Puerto Banus, Marbella
Surface: outdoor clay

No Rafael Nadal for Spain as the world No. 2 has the hurting knee, but Fernando Verdasco and Tommy Robredo will be heavily favored against Andreas Beck and Philipp Kohlschreiber. Verdasco will also feature in the doubles with fellow pretty man Feliciano Lopez against Nicolas Kiefer and rookie Mischa Zverev.

Haas skipped this one for Germany citing injury, and Spain is so deep they have former No. 1 French Open winner Juan Carlos Ferrero on the bench. Good luck with that Germany.

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70 Comments for Davis Cup Quarterfinal Previews

tennisontherocks Says:

Karlovic comes back 2 sets down to beat Blake. oh no, that must hurt for James.

Israel is up 2 wins against Russia? I like chances of Ram-Erlich to win doubles and complete HUGE upset. Unless Marat has some magic left.

Veno Says:

Wow, some surprising DC results int he making…

When I look to the left I can’t take my eyes off the WTA ranking for this week!!!!!
Safina is almost 2000 points clear of Serena and almost 4000 clear of Venus and Elena!!!!!!!
I instantly chuckle again thinking about Serena’s remark at the Wimby presser after her win!!!!

“you cannot be serious!”

Kimmi Says:

Veno, If Nadal would have played Queens and won it, and then reach the semi or final of wimbledon, defend (same round as last year) Toronto/montreal, cincy and US open…and then Fed goes on to defend (same round as last year)toronto/montreal, cincy and US open…Nadal would probably still be No 1 and Federer with 3 GS titles # 2. Go figure..

Von Says:

tennisontherocks: James is a mentally fragile player, who has piggybacked on Roddick’s DC wins to earn a DC medal. I don’t see the US winning their tie v. Croatia without Roddick. So it’s goodbye US until next year. Now all who didn’t care for Roddick, e.g., the John McEnroes of the tennis world, and put him down so much, should take up a racquet and help their country. I’m sad roddick had to pull out, but I’m glad in a way because it just shows how much he contribbuted to DC without any respect shown for his hard work.

tennisontherocks Says:

‘I instantly chuckle again thinking about Serena’s remark at the Wimby presser after her win!!!!

“you cannot be serious!”’

Serena is the best in tennis right now , but lets do math here. Of her 8758 points, 6500 are from slams. Roger with his 3 slams is her equivalent on men’s side and has got the #1 spot she so wants and indeed deserves. His total points count is 11220 and 6200 coming from slams. So the best question to ask Serena is not why Safina is #1 or if she deserves it, but why she is unable to get those 5000 something points from rest of the events the way Roger does. If she does not care, then that’s fine. Just don’t act all surprised.

But more than her, I blame the tennis media here. She has done really well in her day job, which is to play tennis. But it’s their job to report the facts and ranking system is as objective thing as it gets there. It may be flawed, but at least its spelled out in detail.

tennisontherocks Says:

Von, I think Roddick gets his due for his Davis cup achievements. But the Davis cup itself does not get much attention, esp. in the US. I don’t understand why as for me, nothing beats the drama of D. cup. I guess I am in the minority here.

Von Says:


“I don’t understand why as for me, nothing beats the drama of D. cup. I guess I am in the minority here.”

Well, we’re both in the minority. I absolutely love the Davis Cup tintinnabulation type atmosphere. Except for the Olympics, it’s the only time in tennis year we can see athletes from several countries fight for their countries. The camaraderie and team spirit is just awesome, especially for the present US team.

Spain’s Ex-captain Emilio Sanchez said he was so impressed by the camaraderie shown by the US team that he made a concerted effort to engender that same spirit in his team, and look what’s happenend. He got even Verdasco to believe he could win without Nadal.

DC gets zilch attention in the US as opposed to other countries. When Sampras, practically won DC all by himself, he was ticked off that on coming back to the US only a small column in the newspapers acknowledged that win. Two years ago, when the US beat Russia to win the Cup, nothing happenend country-wide. If it were another country there would be a ticker-tape parade as was seen when the Mets and/or Yankees won the World series in baseball.

The bottom-line, tennis gets zero respect in the US and we can start with the commentators and writers as one of the root causes.

Veno Says:

@tennisontherocks and kimmi….tx for your elaboration on the ranking points system, but I know it very well myself(not pointing the finger at you guys, I apreciate you breaking it down)and I was just messing around.

But come on, Serena responding: “I’m number 2 cause that’s what I am. Safina is number 1 and she deserves it, cause she’s won Rome and Madrid” was an absolute killer!!!

Just not a fan of women’s tennis and no disrespect to Safina’s all-year round hard work at the WTA-tourneys, but looking at that ranking it doesn’t help grow my enthusiasm for the women’s game.

Veno Says:

Hey Von,

DC is very very big here and you have to have visited a rubber to be able to understand that unique feeling. When we(Netherlands) made the semi-final a couple of years ago it was huge!!!!!!!
Even fighting every year to qualify for the world group brings drama, tremendous atmosphere and a feeling of comradory among all Dutch tennis enthusiasts. We are lucky in that we have the same phenomenon(albeit a loooooooooot bigger) when our national soccer team is in a European or World Championship. It is so much fun!

You would imagine a patriotic and sports-minded country as the US would warm well to such an event but alas. I still hope public awareness will grow in the future, one can only hope, but one should always dream. Von, any news on Andy’s recovery?

Von Says:

Veno: I posted to you on the other thread. Whic country are you rooting for in DC?

Von Says:


“Von, any news on Andy’s recovery?”

None at all. I don’t usually visit his website but did so last evening and couldn’t find anything. I’m very concerned about my little guy and I only hope it’s nothing too serious that will become a problem for the future. I’d probably cry day and night if that were to happen. Got an onion I’ll start crying now? LOL.

I’m a huge fan of Davis cup and I hope they never change the format. I like the punctuated pauses from competitive mano e mano tennis during the year to the team atmosphere. Bring on the bells, the weird hats, the noisemakers, et al., and I’m in heaven.

I’m hoping fish could win this second rubber, or else, it’s bye, bye for the US until next year. I think it will be a crushing blow to the US team if they were to lose this tie and it would certainly open some closed eyes with respect to Roddick’s participation in DC.

Veno Says:

Hey Von, I just got back and read the other thread: A shout back at ya!!!

To answer your question: since we aren’t in the QF(as you as an astute reader certainly have noticed) I am rooting for the good ol’ US of A!
Pity to see James(who I love as a person and enjoy watching on the tennis courts) give in to the Croatian Eifeltower :( Karlovic. However, they’ll pull through!!!

Veno Says:


I hope my man the Fedmeister general starts putting some major priority on DC from now on. I know he pulled out of the rubber in Feb due to back problems and I can’t blame him for that, but I hope he and Stan will play some killer DC the coming years

Von Says:

Veno: “To answer your question: since we aren’t in the QF(as you as an astute reader certainly have noticed) I am rooting for the good ol’ US of A!”

There you go, now you’re my friend for life. LOL. It doesn’t take much to be my friend, does it? Well, that’s not exactly true, one has to be a devoted US Davis Cup advocate, and not bad mouth my fave without due cause for so doing. Thus, in the future, unless The Netherlands is not in DC, I’m expecting to see Veno rooting big-time for the US.

James is a nice guy but mentally fragile. I don’t now why PMc wanted Fish to fill in for Roddick — I think Sam would have been a better choice since Sam’s good on clay, but maybe Sam’s not healthy. Right now Fish and Cilic are tied at 2-2 and playing in the 5th set. Fish has had to have medical time-outs and some body parts rub-downs, so that doesn’t bode well for the US. Gos, how I miss seeing Roddick play today. Oh Andy hon, come back please.

I don’t know about Fed playing DC, but he really should, because his resume is lacking that dedication to his country. He said a few years back he wanted to concentrate on his singles career, which I suppose was breaking Sampras’ record, so now he’s done that, there should be nothing else keeping him back from his full DC commitment, don’t you think? As the favored line goes: “Only time will tell …”

Veno Says:

Dunno if you can put a positive spin on the US losing without Andy. I can go as far as to agree with you that it probably increases respect for what Roddick brings extra to the US team, but for how long? And they will throw the loss back hard at the rest of the team now. The Bryan Bros can take that, but for James and Mardy it could have maybe a long, stinging effect.
I don’t know Andy personally, but he doesn’t seem like a man not willing to take up the mantle for his country in DC and also take the the accompanied responsibility win or lose.

Veno Says:

Von Says: There you go, now you’re my friend for life. LOL. It doesn’t take much to be my friend, does it? Well, that’s not exactly true, one has to be a devoted US Davis Cup advocate, and not bad mouth my fave without due cause for so doing. Thus, in the future, unless The Netherlands is not in DC, I’m expecting to see Veno rooting big-time for the US.

Amen to that.

I hope Andy’s feeling 100% soon and I think he will.
2-1 in the 5th for Croatia it says here on the live score. Hope Fish can get a second or third wind.

Concerning Fed and DC….I posted 3 times on his website a plea of future participation in the DC and he always listens to me :)

And apologies for my timing so far….still learning to get a good grip when to post :)
Uptil now making bit of a mess of it….

Von Says:

Veno, if the US were to lose this tie, the little interest in DC tennis in this country will drop even further, thus, I’m hoping against hope a miracle can happen for them to win this tie. If they can do this, there’s a huge possibility they can win the Cup again this year, because Roddick is playing super good tennis at the present time, and can beat most of the players of any of the countries that will likely end up in the finals. so here’s hoping …… Go USA!

Von Says:

Veno: Don’t worry about your timing, you’re doing just fine.

“Concerning Fed and DC….I posted 3 times on his website a plea of future participation in the DC and he always listens to me :)”

He did, eh? Well, kudos to you for being so persuasive. ha ha.

Veno Says:

Von(Veno-Von-Veno-Von…are my eyes playing tricks on me?), GO FISH!!!!! 15-30 on Cilic’s serve at 2-2 in the fifth…

It’s past midnight already!!!!

Veno Says:

Well Von, I have to throw in a good balanced counter weight in stressing also some critical points from time to time against all the insane god-like worshiping going on for my man.
I’ve been his fan from 2001 before all the success and although I applaude his success and am very happy every time he wins, let’s just be real. He’s a guy who can play unbelievable tennis. Appreciate it, love it, cheer it, but worship him because he can? ludicrious imo.

Veno Says:

hmmm, my English is seriously starting to crack down there loool….Luckily I will be going on a 2 week holiday starting tomorrow!!!!!!!

Von Says:

Veno: “the Croatian Eifeltower :( Karlovic. However, they’ll pull through!!!”

Hey, I forgot to mention, that is priceless. ‘Croation Eifeltower’, I mean are you original and creative, or what! I love it, and again, absolutely priceless.

“It’s past midnight already!!!!”

I forgot, you guys are 6 hours in front of the US. I’m going back to watch the match now, so if you leave before I return, a goodnight to you and sleep well, with dreams only of tennis. And, according to the famed poet, ‘To sleep, perchance to dream, ay there’s the rub”……sweet tennis dreams, Veno.

Von Says:

Veno: What vacation spot have you chosen? Balmy beaches with lots of hoola girls, fanning you with large palm fronds, and you lying there in a hammock like one of the aristocratic Romans, sipping exotic brews, say in the Pacific or Fiji Islands? Anyway, whereever you choose to go, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And that’s for me to know and you to find out what you can or can’t do ….. LOL.

Veno Says:

Tx, enjoy the game…..I’ll be cheering USA!USA! while falling asleep…

I’m leaving for Nadal-country….see if I can talk him into buying my special deflamatory knee-tendonitis cream!!!!! I hope he’s back to 100% soon as is Andy Roddick. The game needs them to be 100% fit!!!!

catch ya in a couple of weeks!!!When I get back it’ll be only 1 week til the Rogers Cup and UO-fever will hit me big time by then!!!!!!!!!

Von Says:

Hey Veno: How do you like that 9th game? Cilic choked big time to serve out the set!!! Whoo hoo, the US still has a chance to pull out this second rubber win. Please Mardy, just do it!!

Veno Says:

Yeah!!!!! I can only follow the score unfortunately…but talk about “fishing it through the wringer” hehehe

He got it even-steven again in the 10th after trailing 0-15


Tennis Freak Says:

Veno says: “Von(Veno-Von-Veno-Von…are my eyes playing tricks on me?)”

I felt the same way the first time I saw you on this forum, and I still feel the same way about Von-Veno and Kimo-Kimmi, another semi-homographs. They do play tricks on your mind and are processed after a millisecond’s delay before arriving at distinction.
Positive: If you repeat and perfect this exercise of speed breakers,you will decrease the chances of logical fallacy, at least by some degrees.

Von Says:

Veno: Yeah, the Fish just ate up the bait, hopefully, he’ll eat the whole fishing rod.

You know, I don’t get it with the tennis fans/lovers. Here we have some exciting DC matches being played today and most tennis fans still remain fixated on the GOAT topic discussion. What’s wrong with this picture?

jane Says:

tennisontherocks says: ” the best question to ask Serena is not why Safina is #1 or if she deserves it, but why she is unable to get those 5000 something points from rest of the events”

You’re exactly right; so why don’t the media ask her that, instead of baiting questions, like “do you think you’re the real number 1?” or “does number 1 matter to you?” etc.

I wonder if James will retire soon; his results have been so up and down this season. He’s also got to be nearing 30 right?

I like Davis Cup for the team aspect, but it’s often difficult to find good coverage, which is a shame. I did get to watch the last USA /Swiss ties on streaming so that was nice.

Anyhow, hope all are enjoying it!

Veno Says:

Nothing to add there Tennis Freak….
Von!!!!!! Stop the nail-biting!!!!!!! The Fish will get it!!!!! Go USA

Von Says:

How do we confuse Von with vared though? But that has happened even though the post didn’t begin with a ‘V”. Hope springs eternal that it’ll happen some day, but which day ….. to be or not to be ….

Von Says:

Veno, I’m not a nail-biter at all. As a matter of fact, I don’t like to see anyone touching their face nose, mouth, etc.

Im so nervous, I can’t watch. When the match is so tense, if my fave wins, I’ll usually replay it and then and only then, I can enjoy it.

Veno Says:

Thanks Jane! You too!

James will turn 30 at the end of the year(I know he’s a 1979 build)

Agree on the coverage….same problems here

Veno Says:

Lol Von….

I don’t like people touching their faces either or worse yet…people touching MY face(unless I want them to hehehe)

Veno Says:


Von Says:

Veno: The matches are being shown at ATDHE.net. When the menu comes up, just look for Croatia v. USA.

Von Says:

Veno: Oh well, Fish just couldn’t pull it off. I miss my Andy Roddick soooooo much.

Veno Says:

Tx Von!!! Will have a looksy….

So hope the US will pull a miracle this weekend or we’ll have the 2 Croatian Windmills in the semis.

Von Says:

Goodnight Veno. Chatting with you helped to ease the tension. Try the link I gave you for tomorrow’s an Sunday’s matches on live streaming.

Von Says:

Coatian Windmills, Veno! That’s another gem. Keep ’em coming, you’re hilarious. LOL and LOL, again.

Veno Says:

Darn, got UFC crap on that stream :(

Veno Says:

Whahahahahahaha, duh…..Veno is the Dutch Douche tonight….the match obviously ended.

Hooray for my supreme intelligence!!!!!

Von Says:

Veno: UFC, is that bad or good for you? I mean do you like to watch that or don’t you, if you do, then that’s a plus, yes?. How’s the streaming coming through on your computer? I usually get excellent pictures but I find with the streams unless one has a fast computer the streams won’t work well. I see posters at times complaining that their stream freezes, but I don’t encounter that problem, and I don’t know if it’s due to my having a 64 bit HD connection.

Veno Says:

Von, it hasn’t frozen on me(well, watched for a couple of minutes only)and the picture is clear and well too.
And yes, you can credit your 64 bit HD connection for not freezing it as well as enough RAM memory free working the hard-drive. People who don’t regularly clean their computermemories(especially on the motherboard) can encounter these kinds of problems.

I’m not a fan of UFC. So hey there you go Von, Veno’s down a couple of points on the Friends with Von-scale I guess :-D(although I hope not)

They are tough men and I respect them as athletes, as I do MMA and K-1 athletes, but for me watching it, it bores me quite easily. It’s too static a sport for me.

I have Thai-boxed myself for 4 years, over a decade ago, loved it, but don’t miss it at all.

Von Says:

Veno: I’m not into UFC also, in fact I only watch baseball, basketball, figure skating and tennis, with the latter two as my top faves. So all’s well on the friends/sports front. LOL.

jane Says:

Tough loss for Fish – so close. After seeing Cilic versus Querrey and Haas at Wimbledon, I wonder if Cilic is poised for a break-through soon? He’s got a lot going for him: great serve, good movement, calm demeanor, variety from the baseline. He still seems to have hot and cold moments within matches though, and thus he can be really error prone at times. Anyway, he may be one to watch for at the masters and USO.

jane Says:

Von, this is for you:


(I generally like Tignor’s writing; see what you think)

Veno Says:

Hey Jane,

you could be right on the money with Cilic, but for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that his flegmatism could easily prevent him from breaking through indefinite. I hope he will though, cause he has a good game and good demeanor.

Veno Says:

Hey Von,

good to hear(or better yet read)all’s well on both fronts.

Figure skating I only watch during the Olympics and my faves after tennis are soccer, basketball,football(although coverage in the Netherlands is restricted to the Superbowl and the games played at Wembley which is once or twice a year)Golf and Track & Field.

One could argue I have a broad sporting interest or that I just can’t make up my mind.

Von Says:

Veno: I’ve never been impressed with Cilic. When all the hype with the young guns and Simon began, I kept quiet. I just didn’t see those dark horses and/or young guns becoming a real threat, and Cilic has proved just that, not to mention Gulbis. Today, Cilic strugggled against an ailing Fish. Fish has been playing so bad lately, e.g., his wimby match v. djokovic, he didn’t even show up, and yet, on Cilic’s home soil, Cilic struggled to beat Fish. So what does that tell you? I’m a difficult one to convince with the new up and comers — I need to see a ton of proof. Just look at Simon and Tsonga, need I say more?.

jane: Good article and thanks for sharing. What’s noteworthy: “Roger Federer: He became the sport’s greatest Grand Slam champion.” Notice he didn’t say GOAT, he said ‘greatest GS champion’. However anyone wants to spin that, it’s their rerogative, but that’s how I see it also.

I’m shocked Roddick’s diet consisted of so much junk food. Andy should be consuming grilled fish, chicken, steaks, veggies, whey protein shakes, pasta and ribose. Sheesh Andy, what was wrong with you? I’m surprised he had so much stamina despite eating the previous stuff, and that shows he’s a very strong young man.

I do believe Andy is playing similar to his ’03-04 form, and hope he won’t let the Wimby match affect him by giving up and neglecting his routine. One can only hope. i a’m also glad that Tignor felt Andy’s game was not one-dimensional as some posters seem to think. As the saying goes ‘only tme will tell” … isn’t it/

Von Says:

Veno: In my family soccer is the alpha and omega for sports; my husband is a volunteer coach, his father an international referee, my kids play competitive soccer, and they referee too. So as you can see, it’s soccer, soccer, soccer and soccer. LOL. Too much of a good thing. after soccer, the other sports follow, e.g., football, basketball, baseball, ice-hockey, et al. I’m the only the odd ball, watching figure skating and tennis. Can you blame me for not wanting to follow soccer? LOL.

Von Says:

oops, typo: ‘it’s their rerogative’
s/b: it’s their prerogative.

Veno Says:

I get that Von(on the soccer explanation). Good for you!

I agree on all the “hyped on young guns” of the past couple of years.
Gulbis… aiaiaia
Tsonga… great charisma, but a classic underachiever(well he’s French…its’a specific character flaw most Frenchies have)
Cilic… I doubt he’ll ever get to top 5
Gasquet… should be given a PhD in how to waste talent
Monfils… great character, great athlete, great potential, sadly no tennismind
Simon… can have a good day(or maybe a couple) but too much of a light-weight to make it imo

On Andy, I think his level during Wimbledon(stretching back to the Ozzie Open I think) is definitely on par with ’03-first half of ’04, albeit that I think with his new formed allround game he hopefully will get more consistent in reaching the later stages of the big tourneys…I have a feeling things will fall into place for your man very soon.

Veno Says:

Von Says: “Too much of a good thing. after soccer, the other sports follow, e.g., football, basketball, baseball, ice-hockey, et al. I’m the only the odd ball, watching figure skating and tennis.”

Kudos for the pun in there, Von!!! A cracker

Tennis Freak Says:

Jane says: Cilic’s “hot and cold…he may be one to watch for at the masters and USO.”
Cilic, you’re hot then you’re cold,
you’re yes, then you’re no
you’re in and you’re out
you’re up and you’re down
…….Can’t get off this ride
…….you’re hot, then you’re cold

Was that song playing in the background when you wrote that sentence?
About Tignor’s article, I pretty much thought the same and voiced some of it before the final, except the diet part. Definitely encouraging for Roddick fans. I demand some credit for assessing Roddick accurately, which I did a little bit even before the Murray match (anyone recalls “second best grass courter” description and his new arsenal of weapons”?), but after the final, a lot of people jumped on my boat. Don’t you think?:)

Veno Says:

Best grass courter(active players):’03-’09:Federer
Second best grass courter: ’03-’06, ’09:Andy Roddick
’06-’08:Rafael Nadal

My prediction for 2010: 1: Fed 2: Andy Roddick 3: Andy Murray 4: Rafa

Giner Says:

“Can “Dr.” Ivo rain down the aces on clay?”

Given that he holds the record for most aces fired in a match (against Lleyton Hewitt — a good returner), and it happened to be on clay.. I’d say, yes.

I am a bit surprised by Croatia’s decision to play on clay, but I guess it makes sense. The US are underdogs.

Argentina vs Czech Republic will be a tough one to call. Both have strong teams. The other matchups should not yield any surprises. Israel should not even be in the world group in my opinion.

Giner Says:

Just tried to access the davis cup official website.

Site Undergoing Maintenance

We are currently making some important updates to this site.
It should be back online shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Bravo Davis Cup! Go down during the only time it matters.

Giner Says:

I had to go to the ATP website instead to get the news (which isn’t as good).

“Karlovic Hits 47 Aces To Beat Blake ”

I guess that answers Staff’s question about aces on clay. They still strike the ball just as fast when serving on clay by the way. The speed gun measures at the time the ball is struck, not after the bounce. The clay absorbs some of the momentum of the ball so it does give a little bit more reaction time for the player receiving, but that doesn’t come until late when the ball is well into the receiver’s side.

“Israel Takes Shock 2-0 Lead; All-Square In Spain ”

And it appears I spoke too soon. I should have checked the site before I opened my mouth. I didn’t even know DC was on this week. It normally isn’t. Not a good time to host it, the week after a slam. A guy like Federer who plays on Sunday at Wimbledon will NEVER play it, not that he would have played it anyway.

Von Says:

“Von, About Tignor’s article, I pretty much thought the same and voiced some of it before the final, except the diet part. Definitely encouraging for Roddick fans.”

You most certainly did.

“I demand some credit for assessing Roddick accurately, which I did a little bit even before the Murray match (anyone recalls “second best grass courter” description and his new arsenal of weapons”?)…”

You demand? Well,that’s being pretty assertive, don’t you think? Anyway, yes, kudos to you for your insight, foresight, but not hindsight, which is always 20/20, isn’t it? LOL. seriously, you were spot on, voicing my thoughts openly. thank you TF, for having the chutzpah for to boldly go (in your case speak) where others are too chicken (moi) to do so. Now, is that laying it on thick or hat? LOL.

“…. but after the final, a lot of people jumped on my boat. Don’t you think?:)”

Not a whole lot of them, but a few unbiased and open-minded ones. It seems some are lavish on criticism and extremely stingy on praise. I’ve always believed in Andy, and have never wavered in my support, and I’ve always defended him when people said he was one-dimensional, his game was unwatchable, et al., because, IMO, no player is one-dimensional, and Roddick’s game had more to it than just his serve. Moreover, under Stefanki’s tutelage, his weapons have become more pronounced as was manifested in his matches v. Berdych and Murray, and more specifically, at the Wimby final. Am I proud of him, you betcha.

Von Says:

“My prediction for 2010: 1: Fed 2: Andy Roddick 3: Andy Murray 4: Rafa …”

Wanna carve that in stone?

Do you realize that if you were to take the ‘e’ out of your name, you’d turn yourself into a very intoxicating beverage? LOL. Vino blanco anyone?

“I’m the only the odd ball, watching figure skating and tennis.”

“Kudos for the pun in there, Von!!! A cracker ..”

Hey, you’re fast, you didn’t miss a beat in that one. Kudos to you and the beat goes on. ha ha.

Von Says:

Giner: “I am a bit surprised by Croatia’s decision to play on clay, but I guess it makes sense. The US are underdogs.”

When both teams won, and Croatia decided to use clay as the preferred surface, I had gone out on a limb and stated Roddick will beat Dr. Ivo and Cilic. Roddick can play on clay, and he’s beaten Dr.Ivo on other surfaces. Andy lost to Cilic last year in Canada, when his back was injured, but I doubt Cilic could have beaten Andy this time. That said, I believe Roddick would have won both of his singles rubbers and the Bryans doubles; James Blake will run true to form as always. That said, I’m still hoping for a miracle that the US will win the next 3 rubbers.

Dr. Ivo is tough, but he can be beaten off the ground and targeting his second serve, and it’s why he loses in the tie-breaks to those players who employ a good ground game. elementary, my Dear Watson, elementary. LOL.

jane Says:

I’m still holding out hope on Cilic and Tsonga to do something special. Cilic is quietly determined and I think I could see him do something special at Wimbledon one year. Tsonga could really do it *anywhere* if he’s well and gets on a roll. He’s a momentum player.

I think I’ve given up almost enitrely on Gilbus and Monfils.

I agree with Veno on Simon; he’s got guts and variety but I don’t see him ever winning a slam. Maybe a Masters Series or two.

JMDP will indeed win a slam; I have no doubt, seriously! Even though in some ways he’s not the most exciting guy to watch, he’s a learner, and he’s hungry like the wolf.


Von, I am glad you enjoyed the article. I like Tignor; he’s not in any player’s pocket, so far as I can ascertain from reading his work. He calls it like he sees it.

Von Says:

jane: Cilic needs some more weight to give his shots more umpf. There are times he appears as though a good breeze will blow him away.

Tsonga’s got too much umpf to his shots, without direction as to where to hit them. He’s somewhat ala James Blake; he needs a compass. And, Tsonga’s already done something big, he got to the finals at the AO in ’09, and won the Paris MS. I think he’ll win a few more titles but I don’t see him being a consistent top 10 player.

I don’t know about Gulbis doing anything big presently, unless he comes out of his funk and stops spending daddy’s money.

Simon has guts yes, but he does not possess any major weapons, and relies on his peskiness to draw errors from his opponent. he’s like enough already. I also think he’s burnt out from playing too many long matches and too much tennis in general.

DelPotro is hungry yes, but can he do it? As I’ve stated, I need to see more proof that these guys are serious contenders before I’m convinced they are the real McCoy.

Yes, Tignor is his own man, not biased and straight to the point. I doubt he’d do well here at Tennis.X.

Tennis Freak Says:

I was being sarcastic at all about your faith / hope on Cilic. I like him, too, more so because he is one of the few with college degree.
They always repeat that song on radio. As I was driving home this evening, it was on the air. And when I read your post, I couldn’t help from not throwing a few lines that were still ringing in my head. Transference in a weird sort of way.
I like Tsonga, too, but I see Cilic doing better in the future (I am just thinking about their age: Tsonga does not have much left, maybe a year or two; Cilic has plenty of time to grow his game). I think Cilic will do as well as Ljubicic did at his peak. We will see.

Tennis Freak Says:

was being sarcastic= was not being sarcastic

jane Says:

I wonder if Cilic matures, and maybe puts on some weight/matures, as Von suggests, if he could do an Ivanišević? (no I don’t mean the weird Bambi pony tail thing). I wonder if Cilic could pull out a slam win, especially on grass. It’s too soon to tell, but I don’t think I’d be *way* out of line thinking it may be possible.

Von, that’s true: (a) that Tsonga could use a compass (LOL) and (b) that he’s had some good results. But I think he is slam-winning caliber when all cylinders are firing, but he needs to get on a streak and ride it to a title. Hard to say if that’ll ever happen. Maybe it’s less likely than more, given that he’s a bit older and he seems to be injury prone.

Tennis Freak – all’s cool. A little song quotation is a nice switch up round here! I didn’t take it as sarcastic at all.

Tennis Freak Says:

Ok, I have had it enough.
GOAT discussion in this proportion has become increasingly boring and unbearable. If you think ornamentation, which is the real value of GOAT(read my posts above) does anything other than ornamentation, you are wrong. In fact over tawdry ornamentation will only trivialize what Fed has accomplished, if it has not already. That’s what you’ve doing to him by overdecorating him with clothes over clothes, makeups over makeups, lipsticks over lipsticks, eyeliners over eyeliners, botox over botox, facials over facials, bling blings over bling blings, ostentatious jewelries over jewelries, transplants over transplants (remember MJ’s nose?), and ultimately you are turning him into an unattractive Hoochie Coochie Man, despite you did not intend this (like kids do when they get their hands on makeup kits and mirror and nobody is around).
A lot of us who admire Fed unconditionally feel this way, and, at the same time, I suppose many non-Fed fans have had enough, too, so, please, stop it.

(PS: This is a re-post from other thread).

scineram Says:

After an upset of Tommy on the spanish clay Tommy pulls an epic again to level against Fernando 6-4 6-2 1-6 2-6 8-6. Meanwhile Cilic hammers Blake, Stepanek leads Monaco after Del Potro equalizer.

Tennis Freak Says:

Haas is doing some miracles recently. Who says the old cannot play? Still, it may not be enough for Germany: JCF, another member of the old club, seems to be in a good form to stop Beck.
To look positively, Argentina’s loss will free DelPo, though he wanted the country to advance, “we’re fighting for a dream and we’re very close.” It is not over yet, but Manaco coming back from 2 sets down is improbable uphill battle, if not impossible.
Blake should retire, if he loses in straight set, imo.

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