Safin Returning to Tennis, Senior Tennis
by Tom Gainey | February 10th, 2010, 4:03 pm

Call me crazy but isn’t Marat Safin a little too young for “Senior Tennis”? Safin, who just turned 30 years of age month, will make his debut on the senior circuit at an event next month at the 2010 Rio Champions Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ADHEREL

“It is going to be a lot of fun to play in Brazil for the first time at the Rio Champions Cup and join some of the great legends in tennis,” said Safin. “It will be an interesting change to be one of the young guys on the tour again and I look forward to playing in front of the Brazilian tennis fans.”

The lovable Marat will be joined in the tournament which open 2010 Champions Series circuit by Jim Courier, Mats Wilander, Mark Philippoussis, Cedric Pioline, Wayne Ferreira, Mikael Pernfors and Fernando Meligeni.

Safin, a two-time Grand Slam winner and former No. 1, retired at the end of last season keeping his future plans close to the vest. But was playing senior ball what he had in mind when he retired? I hope not!

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8 Comments for Safin Returning to Tennis, Senior Tennis

Fedster Says:

This is really awkward news, lol… It’s not good if he loses a match on the Senior Tour, but then again I also don’t want him to be everyone with ease!

Hilarious video Fed-Murray if you haven’t seen it yet, haha

JoshDragon Says:

Hmmm…it does seem a little bit strange. Especially since, he was just playing on the regular tour a couple of months ago.

I am a bit surprised to see him return to tennis this quickly though. I thought he might take at least a few years off before picking up his racquet again.

di-10S Says:

I think we need to redefine what “retirement” means…….. It’s either a)definate end to career or b)I need a break and to cause a buzz about me again and to test the market and see how much they miss me and then I’ll make a grand re-entrance

MrsSafina Says:

Why doesn’t he just return to pro tennis, he is dearly missed and can bring back some livelyness into tennis.

Rosemary Says:

I guess it’s all about the money which is sad. He is also playing in Atantic City in April which I was suprised at that as well. I wonder if he knows what he really wants.

Polo Says:

Is this true? Safin is only 30. Don’t they have any age rules for tennis seniors’ tournaments. This is quite ridiculous. In golf, you don’t get to join the senior tours until you are 50.

Is Safin confused? If he still wants to play tennis, he should have stayed in the regular tours. Maybe he is just lazy and could play and win some seniors tournaments without working hard.

I used to like Safin but he has been turning his tennis life into a career joke. I guess that is how he likes it.

Lynda heum Says:

Indian wells without Marat Safin this year sems pointless!Please come back!

Lynda S Says:

Indian Wells without Marat Safin this year seems Pointless! Please come back!

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