Shakira Video with Rafael Nadal
by Tom Gainey | February 19th, 2010, 4:01 pm

Tiger Woods isn’t the only news in sports world today (however if you live in the U.S. it sure feels like it!). To follow up on the “non-dating” story the other day with Shakira and Rafael Nadal, I give you a sneak peak preview of the upcoming video the two were shooting in Barcelona.

The song entitled “Gypsy” is off Shakira’s latest album She Wolf. Personally, Shakira looks nothing like a “she wolf” in the video. She looks amazing. I’ll let you ladies comment on Rafa’s appearance. I will add Nadal appeared to be flexing his troubled knees just fine.

I am not a pop music nor Shakira fan but just the 30 second song bite is somewhat catchy in a strange way.

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16 Comments for Shakira Video with Rafael Nadal

jane Says:

Nadal looks pretty good to me!

Von Says:

oohlala for the Mediteranean men!! Mucho sexy, and they age very well also.

jane Says:

They do age well, that’s true – lots of salt and pepper hair, less bald spots. LOL.

Mindy Says:

Oh my! I have to say thanks to this site for providing this clip of Shakira and Rafa! Well, well, well! What can I say? Rafa is a gifted, brilliant tennis player and as an added bonus – the man is HOT!!!

Hi Von! Just a shout out to you. I have been reading and see that you have been engaged in some unfortunate back and forth with the usual suspects. Don’t let the meanies get you down! You hang in there.

mem Says:

tall, tan, & dazzling rafa!

sexycool video!

Von Says:

Mindy, hi, to you too. glad to see you around.

Yeah, Rafa is hottttt!! Give me the tall, dark and handsome any day, and at any time. Ooohh wweeeee.

What can I say about the back and forth; I gave up and didn’t answer after the name calling started because I didn’t care to refute anything, as the source of the insults and twisted statements, taken out of context, was not worth dignifying with an answer — Can’t talk sense to nonsense. You and I both know what goes on. As the saying goes: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”, n’est ce pas? LOL

Catch ya later, Mindy.

Chi Chi Says:

Wow!! I love it. Rafa looks good. Come back healthy Rafa. We love you . We miss you.

Anna Says:

Just to cute! Both of them. She looks like he could pick her up and put her in his pocket.

Ben Pronin Says:

Shakira is so hot but this song sounds dumb.

Rafa: Will you marry me? Says:


I am speechless! I am utterly speechless!

WHAT A HOTTIE! Oh my goodness! When I first saw the clip I could not stop blushing!

Rafa is oh-so-handsome! He is just beautiful! WOW!
I think the song is catchy in it’s own way.

*skips of in a Rafa-induced happy daze humming the song*

Absolutely AMAZING! What a cutie-pie! :D :D :D

fae coleman Says:

Rafa is hot hot hot! here, loving the t-shirt jean combo, shows off his gorgeous physique, love watching him play the most but he is doing a mighty fine job here too. *swoons*

O-Kerr Says:

The guy is toadally bonable, regardless of your gender. The teaser-clip only makes you want his body more.
Plus, the music has Timbaland-nesque charm, eclectic mix of tri-continents, Arabic, Latino, and Anglo-Catalan. This mixture markets both globally. Well done !

Rafael Nadal Kissing Shakira in Full Gypsy Video Says:

[…] the teaser there was no kissing, just some light petting. In full version, there’s a whole lot going on. […]

Leslie Says:

I agree with Ben! what the hell happened to all the beautiful spanish music she made?

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