Lung Infection Forces Federer Out of Dubai

by Sean Randall | February 21st, 2010, 9:07 am

The list of walking wounded now includes Roger Federer. The Australian Open champ withdrew from the Dubai tennis tournament earlier today due to a lung infection. ADHEREL

The Dubai website stated that Federer picked up the infection “last week”.

“He has got a lung infection,” said ATP official Stephen Duckett. “He saw a doctor and he was advised not to play for a fortnight.”

Federer follows the withdrawal of Andy Roddick who has been dealing with a bad shoulder. Rafael Nadal (knee) and Juan Martin Del Potro (wrist) are just a few of the other top name players already hit by injury this season.

Who’ll be the next to fall? It’s amazing to see this rash of injuries.

Federer will be replaced in the draw by Jan Hernych. His next appearance is scheduled for Indian Wells next month.

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125 Comments for Lung Infection Forces Federer Out of Dubai

Jackuar Says:

Is lung infection a serious issue? Like mono or a physical injury? Is it just a ailment or it might recur?

Sean Randall Says:

Let’s hope this isn’t a mono-type of problem.

Emma Says:

Noooooo :( I’ve missed seeing him play, and now this.. he says he’s not sure he’ll be back for Indian Wells :(

Kimmi Says:

hmmmm sad, hope he gets better soon.

Kimmi Says:

More comments from federer:

“I’m hoping to be back for Indian Wells,” said Federer on Sunday. “But of course there are no promises. This is something that with proper treatment will be finished.

“I’ve been taking it easy, relaxing as much as possible. My breathing is a bit difficult and everything feels a bit slow. I can’t take any chances until I’m fit again. It could be better, it could be worse.”

claire Says:

Why don’t you google “lung infection” just like I’m going to do!


He most likely caught something while visiting Ethiopia.

Fely Santos Says:

Very disappointing he dont play…But it’s ok for he will be treated…Hope he be ok and can play again in the following tournament…!ust relax and get well soon….We love you..all of us as a family…

Duro Says:

Kimmi, maybe the day of truth will come afterall… But I predicted Novak-Čilić final. What do you think?

Kimmi Says:

Duro, “day of truth will come afterall…” the only thing I can say lets wait and see

Kimmi Says:

Also Duro, you have some big fish there that will give you a little problem. The way your guy have been playing this year, i wouldn’t be too confident to give those bold predictions. Again lets wait and see…Goooo Murray!

Duro Says:

Kimmi, Andy’s got a pretty good draw. Only Čilić as a threat. Not a player in site till the semis. If Nole makes it past Tsonga and Davy, then we’ll have a dessert for the finals. They only met 7 times. It’s about time that their generation take a primacy and Nole and Andy establish the rivalry to be talked of.

madmax Says:

duro! I think you may have been right you know with federer using his right arm at the water pump in Ethiopia! Bugs in the water!

Duro! I am so disappointed for Federer! Why couldnt he have waited to go to Ethiopia in the off season, now we have to wait to see him until March? Oh No. I cannot wait that long!

Duro Says:

What’s with Fed ex? He had back problems last year, as I remember, and didn’t play, too. I have a feeling that we’re gonna see more of this throughout the year. Slams excluded. Every insinuation is – deliberate. I’m calling out Maxi for me to be forgiven.

madmax Says:


can you help me out with some stats please? I posted some stats on rafa (relating to masters series), I think I might be right, but I want someone who is better than me to tell me for sure.

Skorocel’s been really helpful in terms of determining points to defend for fed in slams this year, which is all fine, but i thought that rafa also had some serious points to defend in the masters series? (3,500 or 4,000 if my reckoning is right?). Please have a look on the other fed thread, if you have a moment – thank you.

madmax Says:

duro, i think it was a mite, on that bloody waterpump do you remember, you and I talked about it? and it then burrowed into his skin, (yuk), caused infection and now this! A good doctor is needed but am sure he will recover in good time duro.

You are always forgiven, you know that. I wish novak well duro in defending his title!

Am stil going to watch the tournament. It will be strange without both rafa and roger, but still quality players to watch –

Duro Says:

Maxi, please don’t even think about the possibility that he caught it in Ethiopia. If so, you have a serious problem! I don’t think Fed would go there unprotected by vaccines and serums, which are obligatory even for ordinary passenger coming to Africa, not to mention a top-level athlete such is Federer. Don’t worry, it has to be ordinary lung infection.

Duro Says:

That water pump could only cause him a little imbalance in his precise legendary forehand, and nothing else. Relax! He’s fine. Nole won’t defend his title, as usual. If I could borrow him my head for a day… Just for the finals. Uh!

jane Says:

Fed could have developed pneumonia or bronchitis from a flu or cold bug. It happens, especially if run down in any way. If that’s the case, the advice is rest, rest, rest.

All the best to him to get well; and the same goes for Roddick, Nadal and Delpo. I’d like to see all these guys back at it soon!!

madmax Says:

duro! am so pleased to see you. just been reading some comments on the RF homepage, many fans believing it to be from his visit to Ethiopia. (half joking about the water pump duro :) ).in all honesty, I was having a conversation with Jane earlier, and i/we really cannot believe all the travelling these athletes do, and how they dont get sick more often.

I know sometimes when I travel to France or to Spain (not a particularly long flight, a couple of hours most (with transfers)), and then get back to UK, I feel like I have flu like symptoms, my sinuses get blocked and I dont have to play tennis!

I know they are used to flying all over the world, but the air con on planes are filled with bacteria – and other yuckiness in the extreme.

You dont know how Nole is going to be Duro, you should believe in him a bit more. Why dont you?

madmax Says:

Jane, yes. what an awful thought. federer made right decision, but really, the wait is too long for a federer fan Jane (am being selfish, I know).

and for Roddick I know he withdraw but is it a reoccurence of shoulder injury (not sure?). and then delpo/rafa/nalbandian – this isnt good and so early in the season!

I still think its Ethiopia duro.

Kimmi Says:

Madmax @ 12:24pm..Sorry but one can get chest infection anywhere as what jane says, pneumonia or bronchitis..I hope you were joking.

Kimmi Says:

Madmax, I tried some numbers on the other thread. Hope it helps.

Kimmi Says:

Duro. I agree Cilic is the main threat for Murray now federer is out. Youzhny can also be dangerous but Murray dealt with him easely in Valencia last year. Yeah..hope they meet. I will be calling out for you.

Kimmi Says:

“All the best to him to get well; and the same goes for Roddick, Nadal and Delpo.”

jane, what is wrong with Roddick, is he also injured or ill?

jane Says:

I hope it’s a Murray vs. Djoko final! I will be torn, but it will also be crucial for Djoko to defend a title for the first time ever, something I believe Murray has already done. Davydenko and Cilic loom as big threats though. Tsonga and Youz are there too. Should they meet, Murray cannot start slow against Cilic like he did at the AO for the first set and a half or it’ll be over. Cilic has two titles this year and his best result in a slam yet. He is dangerous.

jane Says:

Kimmi, actually that’s a good question as I am not sure if Andy R has come out publicly with a reason, but like Sean says above in the article, I am assuming it is still the shoulder/nerve that was bugging him at the AO.

madmax Says:

i also read that youzhny injured with a thigh strain? but guess he still feels fit enough to play dubai?

Kimmi, thanks will hop over to other thread. am sure you are right and I am wrong. :)

Kimmi Says:

madmax, I did not do all the calcs for Novak and Murray just federer and Nadal..and you were right about his MS wins and Barcelona.

Youzhny injured ? Is this the same injury he sustained in Rotterdam..he pulled out of Marseille so maybe it is the same one.

Duro Says:

Jane, do not be torn for once. If that final happens, you should decide for whom to root for. Otherwise you’ll for sure be sorry for the beaten one. It’s better to be happy, don’t you think? Do you know of a story from psychology books about a donkey and two hay maws? Don’t end like that donkey, tennis-wise of course.

madmax Says:

kimmi, yes.

It’s the same injury he had to retire from in rotterdam against soderling. Says the “twinge” is still there, but he still playing anyway. (so i guess it cannot be serious?).

duro, please tell the story. you sound like my dad. he used to tell me stories like this when i was a it something to do with balance in life?

Duro Says:

Maxi, I believe in him to the NUMBER 1 limit! Don’t worry. He just can’t defend a title :-). But everyone has his curse… Look at Andy’s one ha ha ha…! I don’t recall of your fav curse, though…

jane Says:

Duro, my friend, I will cheer for Djoko if that final happens, as I said above, because he NEEDS to defend his first title ever, which Murray has (I believe?) already done. But I still like Murray and so if he wins I will not be wailing and tearing out my hair. Capice?

Actually, I find that if I spread the love around, I am a happier camper. I don’t know about that donkey, but I am a fire horse, so I like to travel. : )

Duro Says:

No no, Maxi. I won’t tell it till Jane ask me to. But she’s familiar with that one I’m sure. And it’s not a story, actually. More like a syndrome.

madmax Says:

she just said she doesnt know about the donkey duro, and i am a curious soul, so please do tell before my bedtime!

Duro Says:

Kimmi, you can call out for me all you want. If that final happens I won’t be able to post here. Partly because of the fact that I’m not using a lap top. But only partly. Other reasons are more relevant. After the final I’ll be available to share some thoughts. 4:3 for my guy, but last 3 for yours. Statistically, it’s my turn! Allez alleeeez…

Kimmi Says:

lol you guys are funny :). Duro I am with Madmax, tell the story.

Jane: I cannot recall what title murray has defended, must be a 250 then, not a big one. *scratching head* Go Murray!

Duro Says:

Maxi, don’t try to fool me with your bed time. I know what’s the time in your island, remember? OK, then. Shortly, it’s about a donkey which was very hungry. He stood in the middle of two hay maws and couldn’t decide which maw he prefers more. Eventually he died of a hunger ha ha ha!

jane Says:

Duro – tell us the donkey syndrome story (even though I don’t have it. : ))

Kimmi – St Petersburg?

Kimmi Says:

Duro, If they meet, you have to hope with all your power your guy wins because a loss will give Murray 2 titles (1) Dubai title ofcourse and (2)”Novak’s Number” title

jane Says:

Murray won San Jose in 2006 & 2007; just checking on St. Petersburg.

Kimmi Says:

Yes on, I now remember he defended that.

jane Says:

Murray won St. Petersburg in 2007 & 2008, and he won Doha in 2008 & 2009.

So that’s 3 titles he’s defended definitely. I think Novak needs this one more.

Kimmi Says:

jane thanks. I remember st.petersburg but doha and san jose no idea. He did a great job there, especially the year where Nadal and federer was playing in Doha was a big one.

Well, he has done on 250 level tourneys, now he needs a big one like MS title or GS (needs to win one first ofcourse)

jane Says:

Yes Kimmi: Murray needs to win a slam; Djoko needs to defend a title and it would be nice if he could win another Master series title before the FO, ideally over a big competitor, imo.

Duro Says:

well, Kimmi, it would sure look like that, but it would only be 4:4. Fed-Roddick, though, is another story. But, yes. I’ll go with you on that one.

Kimmi Says:

” But, yes. I’ll go with you on that one.”

Duro, only we can do is wait, predictions are no good for the stress. I like your poor donkey story btw.

jane Says:

Duro – yes, thanks for sharing your story; it is funny. LOL. But when push comes to shove, trust me, I’ll eat. : )

I just like a lot of different food, but I don’t like variety so much that I’d sacrifice survival. In the end, one must survive first and foremost! Let’s hope Nole brings that survival instinct to the Dubai court.

I hope you have sun today.

Duro Says:

Well, Kimmi, you should ask Jane if she likes it. She has to live with it! :-)

jane Says:

Duro, Kimmi lives with it too. When Fed and Murray play, for example. ; – )

Kimmi Says:

looooolz, jane, I do. I was torn at the AO..even my celebration for federer was very subdued. But anyways, right now in dubai no donkey problem..go Murray.

Duro Says:

Ha ha ha! What’s wrong with you, people! How did you choose your spouses then? Even i am it has a bit of that syndrome. A big greeting for that brilliant fellow which works night and day to achieve his goal. Respect.

Duro Says:

Jane, it’s raining and will continue to, till Wednesday! And where’s Maxi? She was telling the truth re her bed time apparently…

jane Says:

Yes Duro I hope “i am it” is doing well!

LOL!!! Choosing spouses is a little different than cheering on tennis players or deciding which food to eat. I make clear cut decisions when it really matters, and chemistry plays a role too, yes?

Duro Says:

It certainly should play a role, Jane! It certainly should. But, if there’s no such a chemistry when cheering for players, how come you fancy Marat so much? Ha!

jane Says:

“how come you fancy Marat so much?” Touche Duro, Touche! You got me.

Duro Says:

Ha ha ha! Nice of you to admit, Jane. Gotta go now.
Cheers, people! See you tomorrow. Novak plays 10 am your time, Jane. No excuses this time!

madmax Says:


i had some work to do and read your donkey story just now. with my mouth the shape of an ‘O’. Duro, poor donkey. dead donkey not being able to make a decision. sad donkey. sad story. wrong decision!

Jane will support both! and she will have nothing to lose by supporting and liking both players so win/win situation!

Now its your bedtime duro?! Good night and sleep well. see you tomorrow.

I watched the benneteau and Llodra match. good match. some great points. both really good players.Very sweet moment when Llodra’s children came on court and he hugged them. son ran on court yesterday (only 2 years old), so sweet.

Good night everyone!

madmax Says:

last post for tonight, for federer fans, fed has said a bit more about lung infection – god I hope NOT 6 weeks!

and doesn’t look like Ethiopia?

Federer is hoping to have recovered in time to play at the ATP World Masters at Indian Wells which starts on March 11, or if that came too soon then at the following tournament in Miami.

“He has got a lung infection,” announced ATP circuit official Stephen Duckett said. “He saw a doctor and he was advised not to play for a fortnight.”

Australian Open winner said: “There are no guarantees that I will play at Inidan Wells – this could be a maximum of six weeks, but if it’s treated properly everything should be fine and I should be back fairly quickly.”

Federer, a four-time Dubai champion, was due to appear here for his first tournament since beating Andy Murray to win his fourth Australian Open at the start of the month.

That was the Swiss ace’s 16th Grand Slam and it secured him the top ranking for a 268th week.

Explaining how he had come down with the infection he added: “Ever since I I came back from Australia I’ve been practising really hard but Tuesday was the last time I could practise.

“On Wednesday I couldn’t get up anymore – and the next day I just wasn’t in shape at all. I survived all the travelling from Australia to Dubai and into the practise routine again – but as you’ve heard now I can’t play.

“It’s a lung infection – it’s the first time I’ve had it – breathing is difficult – I feel I am not fine, I’m still very tired and slow.

“The doctors say it’s too serious for me to try – and that I should rest for at least two weeks – obviously I can’t take any more chances.”

Kimmi Says:

madmax. thanks for this. I also hope he is back in IW. Go Roger!

cha cha Says:

madmax and voicemale: I wrote to you on the other thread.,

Kimo Says:

Sharpie won her first title in a long time in Memphis. YAY!!!

jane Says:

Thanks for the update on Sharapova Kimo; glad to hear she came through.

Fot Says:

I was looking so forward to seeing Roger in Dubai but now I just hope he gets well. I saw the video and he sounds nasal so hopefully he’ll get better. It’s no wonder many more players don’t get sick because of all the sweat and sharing of handshakes with other players, etc.

Anyway, I guess I can watch Dubai with no pressure whatsoever! Roger said he was going to hang around Dubai until at least Tuesday so maybe I’ll get able to see some additional pictures of him there.

Good luck to all the players left in the tournament. Also, old man JCF won another tournament today. It’s good to see the ‘old’ men (Roger’s era) keep winning!

skeezerweezer Says:

I have been telling Rog to quit touching is nose, like I told Rafa to quit pickin his butt, when will these guys listen to THE blog voice of authority?

Michael Says:

With the pulling out of Federer, the Dubai tourney has lost its lustre. I just hope that all is fine with Federer and it is a minor problem. Has the Ethiopian visit got anything to do with this ?

Fot Says:

Michael, I hope that visit has nothing to do with it – but everytime you go to Africa and that part of the world – it’s a risk. He said he was feeling good practicing in Dubai after the AO and trip but last week was when he started feeling the affects of it and it got worse as the week went by.

Seems like Rafa, Roddick, and some of the other guys have problems with “injuries” where as Roger, Ancic and some other have problems with “illnesses”! I just want everyone healthy!!!!

skeezerweezer Says:


Doesn’t sound good for the winter. Sounds like everyone did a “shankapotmus” by injury and/or illness. Let’s hope for the fans sake there are all good to go for FO in May…..

Michael Says:

Fot and Skeezerweezer,

My feeling was that Federer could have deputed somebody instead of him going directly to inspect the Charity works. He just cannot afford to take risks at this time in his career when it is sailing so high. Now he has lost the opportunity to add to his points table to solidify his Number one slot in case of reverses in France. All said and done, this is not proving to be good for Tennis as you rightly say and it is time that players like Nadal, Roddick and Del Potro get back to business as the Sport needs them. I just hope that Federer is in the pink of health in Indian Wells to compete forcefully.

madmax Says:

cha cha,

thanks for the comment – checked out the thread.

Michael, i read fed’s presser and he didnt mention anything about the trip to Ethiopia. He talked about feeling well between Oz and Dubai, but of course when he finished AO, he went to Ethiopia, and then back to Dubai – this has to be something to do with his visit there. He said prior to Oz, he was in the shape of his life, felt great, it has got to be going to Africa – like you said, just risky, he could perhaps have left until the off season? But obviously, let’s hope that this is something that can be cleared up in 2 weeks rather than 6 weeks.

I think of this time last year when Davydenko was off for 3 months at the start of the season with foot injury, he came back and 2009 has been his best year, plus topping it off with finishing the best player at WTF, and he had 3 months off at the beginning of 2009. I would have been more concerned about fed having a foot injury, because you never know how you are going to play, and perhaps would always have a weakness there, and yet Davy is still continuing to impress, plus they are the same age.

With fed, also, now have young babies, they pick up everything and anything, don’t they? so perhaps something from the kids? when he cuddled them close after he won the AO? (cute), but oh Michael, am so disappointed he not playing.

Though have recorded the tournament, I think murray is playing first – on UK time at 10am., so will watch when i get home later.

c’moon Fed!!!!
Get well soons!!!!

madmax Says:

federer fans, someone may very well have already posted this video link, havent had time to check -but here it is on the BBC sports website also a link to what murray says and novak (novak cheeky!).

(sorry if someone already posted link) BBC sports site have a lot of other interesting pics of dubai and players –

Am no doctor, BUT i still think it’s Ethiopia. You can pick up any kind of lurgy over there, beautiful country though it is.

MMT Says:

Madmax – what was cheeky about what Djokovic said?

madmax Says:

i’ll find the link MMT and post here in a bit.

madmax Says:

just watched the recorded first 3 minutes of SKYSPORT1 LIVE interview with Roger Federer. For the FIRST time he talks about his trip BACK FROM ETHIOPIA, doctors said he caught lung infection. It has to be something he caught whilst there. I am not having it any other way!

This is what he said I keep playing it back to get his exact words:

“I fell sick a few days ago after i was practising in dubai already for almost a week, after I come back from my trip in Ethiopia for the RF foundation and couldnt recuperate really. There was no chance to play here, doctors said I have to take 2 weeks off away from the sport….hope to be back for Indian Wells.

So this is the FIRST TIME he talks about Ethiopia.

He is gutted that he is not playing. His words “it’s a bummer!”.

jane Says:

I am not sure what MMT was implying, but I don’t see anything “cheeky” in Djoko’s statement madmax:

“”I can’t really judge, so I can’t say what’s going on. But even without him (Federer) it’s a great tournament,” he emphasised.”

He’s merely trying to promote the event even though Fed’s withdrawn – nothing wrong with that! There are still a number of good players with Djoko, Murray, Tsonga, Davy, Cilic, etc. And Djoko doesn’t comment on the illness because he doesn’t know much. Nothing wrong with that. Better to say nothing when you don’t know anything. Personally, it sounded to me like his main focus is achieving his goal of defending a title, so his mind’s in the right place.

Alas, not so sure about his game. -: /

Duro Says:

No, no, no. MMT just asked. Maxi said it (Novak cheeky!) Fed has a swine flu. Latest diagnosis.

Ben Pronin Says:

Where did you see this diagnosis?

jane Says:

Yes, that’s what I meant Duro – MMT, through his question, seemed to imply that nothing Djoko said was cheeky, and if that is indeed what MMT was implying, then I agree with him.

If Fed has swine flu, he should be okay soon. Most people seem to get over it fairly quickly. However, I am not sure, but I think that viruses can trigger mono can’t they? I mean, if someone has had mono in the past, can it be re-triggered by another virus? I thought that’s sort of what Ancic went through. On the other hand, Isner seems to have bounced back after a couple of months off last year.

Duro Says:

Just kidding, people. To make Maxi mad, so she could really be Madmax! It’s for calling Novak cheeky, when he wasn’t cheeky at all. Devastating, how are you these days? Like your new preoccupation? You are more exposed now…

Ben Pronin Says:

Jane, Ancic is an anomaly. Most people don’t get mono more than once. It’s like the chicken pox… Ancic has the shingles of mono.

Fot Says:

Just think…Roger is still “lucky”. I mean, he could have had this ‘lung infection’ during the AO which would have stopped the streak (not only the SF streak but the consecutive playing in grand slam streak he has going on). It’s like me. From the 6th to the 12th grade, I never missed a day in school. Everytime I got sick, it was during the summer which was a bummer for me! Roger seems to get sick after grand slam events. lol! Guess if you have to get sick – his body knows when to do it.

jane Says:

Fot – I think that it’s common to get sick precisely when your body experiences a let-down of adrenalin: for you, when you were younger, that was in the summers; for Roger, that’s after a Grand Slam; for me, it’s after a term’s over. But you’re right that it’s “lucky” and/or, as you put it above, “Guess if you have to get sick – his body knows when to do it.”

Michael Says:

Thank you for all the inputs Madmax. Yeah, it is terribly disappointing that he is not playing and Tennis without Federer is tasting an icecream without sugar. Yet, we need to bear with it. One only hopes that he gets well soon and the infection is not serious. Some like Duro are spreading disinformation that he is suffering from Swine Flu and things like that. I do not know why they have so much aversion towards Federer, a fine Sportsman that he is and he means much to Tennis and its glory. Yet in a way as Fot rightly said, we must make good things out of the bad and Federer is extremely lucky to have got this infection at this time when there are no major tournaments on the anvil. That in a way is soothing and comforting me. As regards the Dubai tourney, it is anybody’s game, but I tip Murray to win it. Let us see how it goes.

madmax Says:

Jane, hi! Michael Hi! MMT, morning to you too!

Duro – you are naughty, but my heart was in my mouth when you said that, so job done! And then I smiled at your next comment, so really, no harm done.

I read the article about NOVAK AGAIN. And can now explain myself – i adore novak by the way, always loved his cheeky humour, says some things in English (being his second language) and I misread something, this was it:

“”I can’t really judge, so I can’t say what’s going on. But even without him (Federer) it’s a great tournament,” he emphasised.”

“”I can’t really judge, so I can’t say what’s going on. But without him (Federer) it’s a great tournament,” he emphasised.”

that’s why I thought he was being “cheeky”. because I missed reading the word “even”. I just laughed when I read it first time round, as I thought it was one of Novak’s jokes!

I took it in good heart and hope no offence caused to jane and duro.

Michael, duro just wanted to make me mad, that was all. it’s all fine!

jane Says:

madmax – no worries!! I can see how, without the “even,” it takes on a different tone. Amazing how language does that.

Anyhow, I am sure yor fave Fed is doing the best thing for himself and his tennis by following doctor’s orders, and he will be back to his best soon.

(Duro, on the other hand, is often “cheeky.” LOL. :))

contador Says:

actually EBV virus/mono/glandular fever can recur if an individual is rendered weakened, left vulnerable and thus, immunosupressed, enough, by a fairly serious subsequent illness.

it’s not any new news that about 90% of adults carry the EBV virus, since one way it’s spread is by the highly communicable droplet manner as well as by “kissing,” ya know and the other body fluids, i rather not mention. all right.

true, it is like herpes 3 – chicken pox and shingles fall into the same viral group like ‘cousins.’ and shingles of course recurs at will, but actually a small percentage ( exact percentage yet not known) of people do get chickenpox twice, or more. incidence of repeat chickenpox is on the rise, and i am way off topic, but …both shingles and chicken pox are linked to some, i say only some, migraines. i see a lot of migraine suferers and thus am always looking for an effective preventative treatment. the newer anti-viral class of meds are proving effective- in a small group, that is, with histories of shingles, and the not-so-rare anymore cases of repeated chickenpox. all of which is irrelevant to the topic of federer’s lung infection…unless your’e a migraine sufferer who has had chicken pox 2x’s or more….which is unlikey anyone still reading my post is one, so, if you are still reading, you have to be bored witless… apologies.

it’s a true story. EBV, has it’s own herpes virus group….the 4th.

my fellow “Lost” fan , *skeezerweezer* on 2/21/10 @ 10:22 pm has the absolute solution! LOL……been thinking the same thing skeezer about Rog, rafa, and delpo blowing the heck out of his shnozzz into towels and tossing the snot rags back at the unfortunate ball people. eeegads.

back to federer, after all that said, i am believing roger is not suffering the “lung infection” from a dip in his immune system and re-up of EBV. though, it’s not impossible, conracting something droplet spread and highly communicable in ethiopia?

nah, don’t even imagine it.

tho, the fact he said he has a hard time breathing, can’t practice and has been advised not to practice , is worrisome.

madmax, he’ll be fine. you know it is my job to worry….take it easy. Roger is Tough as Nails!

Jane is right. fed has the best team of doctors, and choosing the best for himself by not attempting to play until he’s fully recuperated, whatever the source of the lung infection is. however being realistic, if he can’t get back at it by indian wells? arrrgh!

please get well soon, roger federer!!!

we better get that trip planned when RF is better! this summer, if not miami and i am serious people!

adje, adje noleh! time to win in dubai

and ernie will be matched against tommy haas in del ray. this is, if both of them get past the 1st round, lol…

contador Says:

ball people and towel handlers all have EBV.

and that’s it for me, was only watching olympic reruns at 2:30 am my time..

congrats to kimmi, jane and all canadians…you got the pairs ice dancing medal…..and it was a such a perfectly, classy, elegant performace, too

and yet….i never can get “blades of glory” the will farrell movie, out of my head now…i am ruined forever.

madmax Says:

wow! contador! I suspect you a nurse/doctor? thanks for the input! I can tell you that I watched Skylive1 yesterday, posted above exactly what fed said. I cannot get out of my head that Ethiopia visit was pivotal. asked a colleague of mine who is v. experienced in terms of travelling/teaching in Africa.He knows I am a nutcase about fed and I asked him his thoughts.

He said, more likely he picked something up there waterbourne, and that it’s so easy to do that, these little critters are everywhere. So Contador, I respect what you say, but juries out I guess until we have the next bulletin.

Jane, am so pleased am forgiven! Am glad you can see (being a brilliant English expert that you are!), that one simple word can make all the difference and add humour/sarcasm and other linguistic techniques!

As for Duro! If he were here in front of me right now, I would do one of two things:

Hug him tightly, or kick him elegantly in a sensitive place (with either ballet shoes or steel capped workboots – his choice!) Yes. I agree. Naughty Duro, but I can see your deranged sense of humour!!!!
Is it a novak thing? (the warped sense of humour!!!).

madmax Says:

the deranged sense of humour in terms of duro, Jane. NOT YOU. you seem completely sane to me!

madmax Says:

michael, update on swiss info:

Ill Federer hopes to make Indian Wells
Roger Federer has said recovery from a lung infection may keep him out of action for up to six weeks, but will not affect his game for the rest of the year.
The world’s number one tennis player picked up the infection last week and withdrew from the Dubai Championships, which began on Monday. It is the second straight year Federer has missed the tournament, and the Swiss said “it hurt” to pull out.

In an interview with the Blick tabloid, he said the infection was “very serious”. In training last week he had started to feel chills, fever, extreme rib pain and had trouble breathing.

“The fatigue is still there although it is slowly getting better. I hope that I can get rid of it quickly. A restart is only possible if the entire body gets the green light. The worst case prognosis is a six-week break. I have to accept that,” he said.

Federer said the current illness was not like the glandular fever he suffered in 2008. He intends to start preparing for the Indian Wells masters tournament in California, which starts on March 11, once he gets the all-clear from doctors.

jane Says:

madmax, thanks for the vote of confidence; it’s always nice to be considered relatively sane! : D

Duro Says:

So, I’m insane and Jane is sane? Well, Maxi, let me tell you this: You are right, ha ha ha!

tennisfan#1 Says:


Roger does have some sort of lung or chest infection, but it is not serious like you think. He gave interviews and is attending a party tonight in Dubai. More than likely he is over the worst part of it and is waiting for his energy to return to one-hundred percent. I for one do not think he will play Indian Wells or Miami. This is not because of the chest problem, but it is because he has a plan and that includes defending his title at Rolland Garros which I for one believe he is going to do. I think he will take the next two or three weeks to rest, and will than spend a good two and a half to three weeks training on the red clay. He will probably take wild card into Monte Carlo and will skip Estoril. He will than play Rome and Madrid before heading to Rolland Garros. I expect Roger to make the semis in most of the clay court tournaments and will not push for that extra gear until Madrid where I believe he will defend his title which will be a repeat of last year. This will catapolt him to win Rolland Garros and break the Sampras record for all time weeks ranked number one. This is my belief on how Roger wil spend his next three months. Cheers.

Duro Says:

As for hug or a kick, I’ll take a kick! I like the place ha ha ha! I already got two sons, so no worries, even if it means “steel capped workboots”. But hug afterwards! That’s my condition.

Now seriously, after all that fuss about swine flu, it turned to be not as dangerous illness as we all thought, so for a well prepared athlete such is Fed, it might be even better for him than that mysterious Ethiopia lung infection from a well and a waterpump. Damn waterpump… Like as I new…
Maxi, stop worrying cause you might get sick yourself! You now how I predict things, so you better listen to me. Fed will be fine and perfectly available for IW. Relax. Nole will take care of him :-)!

madmax Says:

i love you duro.xxxx


a lovely, positive post. lovely to read.and i hope you are right. i worry a bit, it’s in my nature.

If anyone watched the Youzhny v Lacko match – please comment, I watched it. Do you think Lacko is one to watch for? Also, I cannot believe that Llodra WALKED OFF THE COURT! Tsonga took a toilet break, came back to find Llodra was about to walk off the court, NO INJURY, JUST DIDNT WANT TO PLAY. Now that’s unsportsmanlike behaviour!

Duro, are you a fan of Youzhny too by the way?

madmax Says:

federer fans, link to fed, but click on the vid link as opposed to reading written report, as written report differs.

Fed mentions rafa in vidlink – this isnt report in the reported written version.

Duro Says:

Maxi, am I fan of Youzhny, too? Who else is? I am not, will be not, and solemnly declare not to be a fan of anyone but Novak Djokovic, so help me God! I thought you knew me by now. I expect you to, too. To be a fan of Roger Federer, of course. In Novak I trust!

madmax Says:

okay duro. i understand. good night. not feeling myself will be more afresh tomorrow.

take care duro.

Kimo Says:

I’m a big Youzhny fan. His backhand is a thing of beauty. I also love his post-match military salute.

Kimo Says:

This is an answer Federer gave in the interview madmax just linked. I think it pretty much answers those who say Djoko can develop a great serve, or Murray can miraulously become an offensive player, or Rafa can tweak his game so that he doesn’t overkill his already mushy knees:

“Q. To be at the top and still winning: What do you really do to take your game to the next level. Can there be any major overhaul in your repertoire right now?

A. The thing with tennis is that it’s quite difficult to completely change everything unless you think of taking six months to a year off, work on your game and then come back. You can then be a different player. But the problem in our sport is that it isn’t really possible. You come through as a teenager and the way you come through is the way you are going to finish your career with the pluses and the minuses. But you need to make sure that your strengths get even better and the weaknesses don’t get worse, or you improve those as well. Then again tactically and mentally you need to survive the pressure as well through the years and through the matches…that is the interesting part of our game.”

Kimmi Says:

madmax @ 2:22pm

I read Llodra retired because he was feeling ill. Apparently Tsonga is feeling sick too, he said he also wanted to retire today but Llodra beat him to it. lol

Both players were battling illness, and Tsonga said he was close to withdrawing before Llodra pulled out.

“It was difficult because I was a bit sick as well,” he said. “With the travel from Marseille, it’s really tough today. But I won. He stopped before me, so I will continue and I hope I will feel better tomorrow.”

Davydenko is also not well. Apparently he injured his wrist in Rotterdam during his semi match with Soderling

“I thought I broke it,” he said. “I had swelling for three days. I could not touch anything with my left wrist. I did not know if I would play here, which is the reason I requested a Tuesday start.

“It still hurts, but I hope it’s not a big problem and I can play here and the Davis Cup.”
Looks like everyone is walking wounded. Lets see if Tsonga can play full match tomorrow!

skeezerweezer Says:


“my fellow “Lost” fan , *skeezerweezer* on 2/21/10 @ 10:22 pm has the absolute solution! LOL……been thinking the same thing skeezer about Rog, rafa, and delpo blowing the heck out of his shnozzz into towels and tossing the snot rags back at the unfortunate ball people. eeegads”

LOL..Don’t think don’t I read your posts! I caught that, you didn’t slip by me on that one, ha!

You’re right! I mean, I would love to be on the same court with these guys, BUT………..hey ump….uh my turn to serve? NEW BALLS PLEASE….!!

I’m out..

PS: Hard to catch up on LOST, Dang. Olympics and all….

skeezerweezer Says:

tennisfan#1 post at February 23rd, 2010 at 1:23 pm,

Hey, are you sure your not Rog’s coach? You should be! Great plan, I like it, and hope he gets well and continues to focus on what matters: Health, Kids, Wife, and GS titles before Father time catches up on the FED eration….

On another note, shouldn’t that be everyone’s priority( uh…minus GS titles )? mmmmmm…….OUT!

skeezerweezer Says:


Curling, the most watched and popular sport in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, came to a thrilling tense moment for USA when they were ousted by the Chinese.

In a last minute spectacular display of athleticism, the Chines team “pushed” the “stony thing” in a “dart Board thingy on ice” while their team “pushed brooms violently around the stony thing, uh…while it was moving” to beat the Americans in a thrilling smack-down event. Unfortunately, it will not be replayed for the Billions who missed the event.

Skeezerweezer, reporting for WGAFN ( Who gives a …. network ) and “Golf sucks, Tennis is a real sport” network.

Until next time,

I’m out….

Kimmi Says:

Skeezer. lol. I enjoyed your *new flash*. Nice to know..coz I missed it. Seriously though, the chinese team are the force in vancouver. They beat canadinas the other day.

jane Says:

Kimo, overall I think Fed’s comments make sense. However, judging by your comments before you quoted Fed @7:45, I think that you’ve misinterpreted what he says to a degree.

For instance, Fed says, “it’s quite difficult to completely change everything” The operative words that Fed uses here are **completely** and **everything**.

OF COURSE a player can’t “completely change everything”!!!

BUT, that is not to say that Djoko can’t dramatically improve his serve or that Murray can’t regularly play more aggressively.

You are fooling only yourself if you think otherwise.

There is reams of evidence to PROVE that it is quite possible to radically improve shots and tactics. For example, look at how F-Lo’s backhand has evolved or Roddick’s. In both cases, their backhands were basically liabilities, and now, in both cases, they can use their backhands as a weapon! Or look at how Rafa has modified his game on a regular basis. Or look at the recent and radical shift in Davydenko’s serve, which has suddenly allowed him the possibility of beating top guys, where before he could break them but he couldn’t hold his own serve.

And those are just a few examples off the top of my head.

Players can, as Fed says, improve their strengths AND their weaknesses; they just cannot “completely change everything”.

So what he says doesn’t, in fact, prove what you say, at least not the way I understood Roger’s comments.

jane Says:

skeezerweezer – curling, um, ROCKS! : ) To quote andrea yet again: “God Bless the curlers” – woot!

skeezerweezer Says:

Thanks Y’all ( Kimmi & Jane, Hey don’t think I don’t read your valuable and entertaining posts either! :) ).

Ya know it was just in fun. Nothin against curlin or the rockin Chinese just tryin to throw u folks some laughs up here, you all know I mostly stick to tennis….

“You may kick my A$$ in Curling but I’ll run your butt all over the tennis court till you throw up”

Shamooon…Hee heeee

jane Says:

skeezerweezer, yeah, I got and enjoyed the humour. And hey, it’s not like I know anything about curling, but if we can get another 2 medals out of it, then … woot! : )

madmax Says:

skeezer, you made me laugh this morning.

tuned into the curling comp yest. and the yellow stone (!) being used instead of the red stone. wouldnt that ordinarily be a disqualification? then the umps said they believed it was a genuine mistake, and so allowed the team to continue?

Presenters re: Llodra yesterday said nothing about Llodra being ill – so if he was sick, well, that should have been reported as it looked as if when Tsonga went to toilet break, and came back on court, Llodra was talking to ump,then walked off court after quick word with tsonga.

Skeezerweezer Says:


All in good fun :). WTF the yellow stone and red? I saw that…wait… are we watching tooooooo much Olympics? Now I know the guys can Ice skate and I respect it, hey USA won a gold, but how about those outfits? Ever seen that movie with Will Ferrel? LOL

Ok, ok I better start talking tennis here or I will get kicked off,

New Poll:

Who wears the cutest outfit in tennis for the guys? And what score would you give them in degree of difficulty, variety, movement, tactical, and overall style ( including blowing kisses to the crowd, picking up red roses and teddy bears of the ice)?

Wait, didn’t Nadal already win the Gold?

contador Says:

madmax and skeezer, hello. “Blades of Glory.” will farrell masterpiece…lol… in which he “pairs” with star of “Napoleon Dynomite.” ja, ja, then they go on to make history being the first male/male combo in “pairs” ….not the ice dancing event but the other. kinda scary one, where they can toss each other around more. LOL. well, impossible for me to watch any kind of pairs skating without thinking farrell and napoleon dynomite…hahaaaaaa, i’m ruined. no disrespect intended. just saying.

the candadian pair in ice dancing were in super elegant outfits and absolutetely deserved the gold. the pair from the usa who won 2nd, with my untrained eyes i watch and appear to move around and skate just as well a the canadians, but definitely lost boo-koo points for ‘charlies’ blouse. must admit i own one like it. It had a huge ruffle that went across one shoulder angling down his chest. completely awful. but the poor russian pair are the ones who went beyond “Blades of Glory,” skating on in the “controversial aboriginal” outfits. (had to have been forced at gun point ). i can only imagine farrell watching, busting up, and taking notes for “blades of glory 2″…..was laughing hard…sorry ice dancing fans, but the ropes said russian pair wore to help with their moves in the final competition ? beg, plead, being SPOOFED!

up at 4 am to watch dvr recording(s) of olympics. have to record everything. and hey, thanks for ruining the suspense, skeezerweezer. it’ll be payback to you, once i get caught up on the new season of Lost.

and if i am way off course again, it’s not my fault.

skeezer as usual, has blown me off course and laughing; and mr. duro too, at the “steel boots” hahahhaaaa!

i love tennis-x!

tennis- moving on to federer’s ” lung infection.” okay i truly don’t want to think about the water pump theory –> something vile –> fever, chills, all systems down, yada ya-daaaa –> ebv activated –> “lung infection.”

i like tennisfan#1′ idea better. what i’d add is: instead of being fed terribly, terribly ill, he’s gonna surprise us. i heard the rumor, um, somewhere; the fed is secretly working on a two-handed backhand in time for clay court season; not getting rid of the one-hander, no, no, no but, he’s all done and bored with murray and all of them attacking his beautiful one-hander. we’ll see. he’ll be in one of those hypnotic backhand to backhand long cross court rallies with a fellow rightie, then blast a two-hander down the line! LOL…shocking! no more nadal killing him with the high bouncing leftie forehand! it’s, a… thought?

and with a thought in mind, Jane, i agree there is plenty of, as you say, “evidence to PROVE that it is quite possible to radically improve shots and tactics.” i love you examples.

and maybe fed is tactically planning to miss indian wells and miami. not doubting he’s sick if he says so, but hey, wouldn’t it be almost enough time, as he says one would need, for the federer himself to come up with a radical new weapon or two? whilst recuperating that is?

as for the present: adje, adje noleh! but have not watched any dubai, acapulco….what a party place tho!just read abt action in del ray – poor haas went out 1st round. not good. but gulbis is into round two…woooot! thank god for small favors, and ernie moved up 27 points, i see, to a more respectable world #72! yay, omega 3, duro.

okay, as skeezer says, “i’m out!” and still giggling at your 2/23 10:25 and 10:51 pm posts. teeheeheeeeee! thanks

Duro Says:

Kimo, two things. Firstly, you are not a fan of Youzhny. Liking two things won’t make you a fan of someone, especially if one of it is a salute. You like him , all right, but you’re not a fan in any possible sense of that word. Secondly, if you knew Novak well enough and were his fan, you would have known that Novak once had a big serve, first and second. He lost it by the way, somehow. That’s a fact. But if you had something once, you could have it again. There’s a big difference if someone had once something and someone never did. Murray have never played aggressive tennis, he simply doesn’t have a weapon to. A forehand! Adios.

Duro Says:

Contador! It’s ajde! Not adje. Correctly it’s hajde, but the common usage of it is “ajde”, same as “come on” which becomes c’mon in English.

Duro Says:

Maxi, what’s that: “Not feeling myself tonight”? I’m not familiar with that expression.

contador Says:

apologies Duro. and is the ‘j’ in ajde pronounced like ‘yah’ not the ‘J’ as in, ‘jaw’ . actually, i have noticed how it’s supposed to be spelled and misspelled it above, my bad.

pronunciation in my north american accented english? like: a? as in, ah-YAH-deh? now don’t get impatient with me. i am sincere here. i have been saying it to self as, ahYAHdeh, like a 3 syllable word, emphasis on the middle syllable.

just got back online before work to check dubai results and see when a certain latvian plays again in florida. (florida = a different country and culture than that of idaho. not saying one state or the other is preferable.) both very nice, duro.

i’ll check back later.

madmax Says:


had stomach pains last night – not good, but much better today. So by that expression,(“not feeling myself”), means I wasn’t feeling as buoyant and enthusiastic as I am now. Much better.

and you are also teaching contador about adje! well done Duro!

contador and skeezer, you make me laugh AGAIN today! just what I needed. and Yes. Blades of Glory is hilarious. I keep thinking of that mop of blond, unruly hair and those big brown eyes of will farrell, i was laughing all the way through the film!!!

jane Says:

skeekerweezer @2:20 a.m. – don’t forget the twizzles! Who does the best twizzles in tennis?

I’ll give Novak the award, hands down, for dramatic expression. LOL.

Skeezerweezer Says:

“steel boots”,“ajde”

“but definitely lost boo-koo points for ‘charlies’ blouse”


Blades of Glory 2, yes!

You all got me laughing too, thanks! Great way to start off the day, with a smile :)

madmax Says:

skeezer, every one should have a bottle of you in their pocket to make them laugh when feeling a little down! you are very funny!

Duro Says:

Maxi, you seem impossible to be taught! Again, it’s “ajde” not “adje”! Gee… D-

Contador, lets try like this: I’ll try to find the exact example in English for the each letter from “ajde”. “a” like “u” in run! “j” like “y” in yummy! “d” like “d” in dust, or David, or door. “e” like “e” in Emily. Now try. a-j-d-e! Emphasis on the first syllable!

contador Says:

madmax, lol…

at least you got a D-

i didn’t even get a grade. an ‘incomplete’ is all.

but, thanks Duro, i wrote a shout out to nole on the lung infection/dubai video thread.

hope he wins today.

contador Says:

oops, no, no…meant the “davydenko deserts dubai” thread, Duro.

anyway, ajde, ajde Nole!!

win! fight! beat ljubicic, ajde already, nole!

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