Roger Federer: “I Just Really Got Into Drinking Coffee” [Video]

by Tom Gainey | April 14th, 2010, 7:42 pm

Here’s a new video out of Switzerland featuring a stately-looking Roger Federer promoting the JURA coffee machine brand.

Federer is the new ambassador for the JURA and he looked rather relaxed about it.

“Roger Federer stands for the same qualities as JURA,” says JURA General Manager, Emanuel Probst. “We share authentic Swissness and we look forward to a long-term partnership. Obviously, Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but what is equally impressive is his relaxed and genuine personality.”

Roger reveals in the morning he drinks a cappuccino and an espresso in the afternoon.

More salient, how do you like Roger’s outfit?

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13 Comments for Roger Federer: “I Just Really Got Into Drinking Coffee” [Video]

Emma Says:

I laughed when Roger was drinking out of that teeny cup of Espresso! I like Roger’s smart-casual dress most of the time, he’s better at dressing himself these days than most other ATP folks, I think he could do without the tie but never mind, the rest of the feature is so elitist-coffee-machine-y that the director could have ordered him to smarten up and keep with it, who knows!

Texas Longhorn Says:

I don’t even like coffee..but Fed looks handsome.

Sean Randall Says:

Why is Fed dressed like Mr. Rogers (Federer)?

tennismonger Says:

That outfit looks like something I would have worn circa 1980 (except w/a skinnier tie) – LOL!

Cynthia Lo Says:

I thought the outfit looked really classy in keeping with the location/background. Kudos to Rog for drinking espresso. Could never manage coffee without milk. ;-) He could do a charity event with Jura by serving up different types of coffee from the machines to a paying public. Jura could have specially designed cups (limited edition of course) with Rog’s autograph and auction them off.

ThyGodisTennis Says:

Roger has no difficulty in buying the $3K Jura coffee/espresso machine.

I will use hot water and a coffee grinder.

RFFan Says:

FYI Fed has been the Jura ambassador for years.
They always dress him in preppy clothes for their print ads, tho’ I don’t remember a tie before.

He looks cute.

MMT Says:

I like the tie – the world is getting way too casual for my tastes. Nothing worse than seeing an athlete dressed like a 13-year old at a slumber party, answering (semi) serious questions from interested parties. Anyway, because of their general physical fitness and dimensions, nobody looks better in men’s clothing than a professional tennis player.

As for the ad – is this a coffee maker or a fine automobile?

fuzzed Says:

not exactly your typical Bud commercial. now what would rogi wear for that? designer jeans personally hand-ripped by anna wintour, with gold-plated flip-flops?
rogi once said in an interview, the more money you have the better looking you are. seriously. but he looks actually comfy and pretty all dressed up. he likes it. can’t say that about many atp guys. they mostly look like slobs off the court. can’t imagine roddick in that rogi getup.

pernfors Says:

Crisp. Preppy yes, but it´s business and image. And I´m sure the coffee is great. Drink it away Roger.

dane Says:

i dont drink coffee never in my life,but im a big fan of roger federer,hehehe i like the commercial as well as his clothes,it fits well

Gordo Says:

1’30” into the commercial Roger says “Jura asked me if there was any possibility you would ever consider being an ambassador for their coffee machine and I said ‘Well of Course.’ You know it would be a dream come true.”

Roger! Roger! Hello???

Winning Wimbledon can be a dream come true.

Winning more slams than anyone? Oh, yeah – that would really be a dream come true.

Being the number one player in the world longer than anyone? That sure qualifies as a dream come true.

Being a spokesperson for an espresso machine???

Hello! Roger – did you really have a dream where you were an ambassador for Jura?

Is this really a dream coming true?


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