Hingis-Kournikova Pair-some; WTA Dragging: Tennis-X Notes
by Staff | May 20th, 2010, 2:52 pm


THE MOST ACTIVE RETIRED PLAYER EVER — So Martina Hingis is the only designated World TeamTennis “marquee” player who will play all 14 matches for a team this summer, and at Wimbledon is playing “senior” doubles with Anna Kournikov? Just come out of retirement for the third time already and play some Grand Slam singles, and doubles with Kournikova. You can’t deny the “Spice Girls”! then do a double-spread for Playboy. Do it while you’re still hot.

THE PARAKEET IS DEAD! PUT ON THE GAS MASKS! — Here is a strange note from Richard Evans at FOX Sports reporting from Madrid: “Footnote: After their supper, Isner and Querrey went out to Court Six and, on a miserably dank and chilly evening, lost to the expert doubles team of Lukasz Kubot and Oliver Marach 6-0, 3-6, and 10-4 in the doubles tie break. At least they won’t be able to blame the food. Every day, a professional food taster munches his way through every dish. “We want to make absolutely sure the players don’t get sick,” said tournament director Manolo Santana who played on the tour in the days when everything was a little less scientific.

‘IF FANS JUST CARED MORE I WOULD WIN’ — Peter Bodo writing for ESPN.com on the sorry state of no player taking the reigns at the top in women’s tennis: “The WTA is lucky that the French Open is coming up, because people care about Grand Slam events. But we’ve seen this spring how little most fans on the Continent care about women’s tennis in general, even when a few of the stars show up to play — and lose. I’m convinced one of the reasons they lose is because it’s obvious that even the few-dozen people who turn out to watch their matches hardly care.” — So let us get this straight, the top players lose because…they think no one cares? That’s probably news to them. Best line from the story’s comment section: “The WTA motto: Where beautiful women play ugly tennis.”

MISC: How odd that when Serena and Venus Williams move to No. 1 and 2 in the world respectively (for the first time in seven years), it is at a time when they are both taking weeks in a row of bad losses — Serena blowing match points and losing in early rounds, Venus getting bageled by opponents — not a great descriptor of how strong the WTA Tour is right now…After getting married to a marque cricket (corrected) player who had previously agreed to marry someone else over the phone, India’s Sania Mirza says she will return to WTA Tour competition during the grasscourt season…Kim Clijsters is out of the French Open due to her ankle injury sustained a couple weeks ago; also missing the French are Juan Martin del Potro, Nikolay Davydenko, James Blake, David Nalbandian, Gilles Simon, Urszula Radwanska, Sania Mirza, Anna-Lena Groenefeld, Sabine Lisicki, Tommy Haas and Igor Andreev…Rafael Nadal wearing a half-million dollar watch while he plays is like — we can’t even think of a bad analogy. Rafa you need to re-take your personality, change that BAD Nike outfit and go back to the sleeveless, and generally be Rafa again instead of whatever marketing machine they’re trying to mold you into…Wimbledon named an “official poet” and we didn’t even know it…or care…World Tennis Magazine reports that Tennis Magazine and Tennis.com editor James Martin has left his position to become a soccer writer for ESPN.com? World Cup fever, catch it!

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17 Comments for Hingis-Kournikova Pair-some; WTA Dragging: Tennis-X Notes

its all abt da game Says:

sania mirza did not marry a soccer player.
it was a cricket player.
but clijster’s and delpo’s absence will make the path easier for many players..
as for the official poet, i think he has started posting his poems..
and about rafa’s watch, well fed has a rolex. its time rafa got a better one. :)

Fot Says:

Roger only wears his watch for exhibitions – and to ‘lift up trophies’! lol! But I don’t see anything wrong with players getting money and wearing things. Let them get as much as they can while they can! They all deserve it!

Kimo Says:

OK, so maybe Rafa wearing a watch thing is weird, but to be honest after years of seeing how Rafa behaves and lives his life, he clearly doesn’t fit the “sleeveless pirate” stereotype, so in that sense Nike is actually getting closer to Rafa’s true identity.

Kimo Says:

OH, SNAP!!!! Bodo is plagiarizing from Tennis Vagabond!!!!!

“As is the case in many similar comparisons having nothing to do with tennis, these contemplations lead you back to that brilliant essay of Friedrich Nietzsche (not to go all pretentious on you, but . . . ), The Birth of Tragedy. It’s an essay anyone given to reflection ought to be familiar with, because if it doesn’t exactly qualify as universal truth, it helps explain something like a universally found duality. Nietzsche’s famous essay (ostensibly, it’s about how the Greek dramatists found their show-biz mojo) focuses on the clash of two different modes of being or ways of apprehending and engaging the world, represented by Greek gods – the Dionysian (named for Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and grapes) and Apollo (the god of light and sun, truth and prophecy). The conflict is between the explosive and calm, the hot and the cold, the bacchanalian and the contemplative, between abandon and revelry and moderation and restraint.

Nadal, in these terms, is a Dionysian character, while Federer is Apollonian. That we can see them in this juxtaposition helps explain, among other things, why I’m girding up for yet another round of a few hundred comments, many by those who lack a sufficient appreciation for the existence, value and implications of this duality. When you’re talking about Federer and Nadal, you’re not just talking about two different styles and two different personalities. You’re talking about two different poles of attraction, with most of us drawn more powerfully to one or the other. And since this attraction is deep and atavistic, it’s easy to assume that it’s the only or at least most valid one.”


Richard Says:

I can’t even begin to imagine how Hingis and Kournikova managed to get into the “legends” doubles for Wimbledon, what a joke.

TGiT Says:

I vote for the double spread in Playboy.

Perhaps they can demonstrate a proper ball toss.

skeezerweezer Says:

Hingis, a legend at 30. Like….wow…..

Voicemale1 Says:

Hingis in an interview said something about coming back to the tour playing Doubles with Davenport. Maybe in the summer when all the action moves to the states. Not sure if it’s official or not, but Hingis said something about it in an interview recently.

jane Says:

Kimo, Unless Bodo wrote about this idea before Tennis Vagabond did, or cited him, then it seems like he’s taken an interesting idea and used it in his column. I posted the link to TV’s article after Bodo’s column, just to set the record straight. ; )

puckbandit Says:

Bodo is a Bozo

Wade Says:

Wow just heard off atp Del Potro out for season. Dam!!! Now time for Rafa to prevail at US Open!!!

Huh Says:

I get a feeling that this year would be Rafa’s best ever year. Indication of that’s DP wouldn’t defend his USO title. Rafa’s probably not gonna get a better chance than this year to win the USO.

Polo Says:

At around this time last year, people were saying the same things about Nadal, that he would win everything and achieve a calendar year Grand Slam and that Federer would fade off into the sunset.

mmm Says:

If you’re going to make sexual comments about tennis players can we include some of the men????? Otherwise that’s just sexist.

skeezerweezer Says:


Re: Rafa USO

It’s interesting you brought that up, Was thinking the same thing. However, I still can’t get over his knee problem he got. I for one find the most interesting thing stopping Rafa is his knees, and this physical pounding his body takes with his style of play. He has to play to his old level to maintain his greatness. Will his body hold up? The hard court season will have the answers about how he is going to do this year, and long term….IMO.

Huh Says:


Only time will tell what would Nadal be able to do, but indications certainly are towards a favourable time for Rafa in 2010. For example, if Nadal wins FO (which is one of the safest bets in the world), it’s to be already held good for Nadal. I don’t care much what he’d do at Wimby, but Rafa at Wim can never be counted out and that’s it for WIM. Add to that the absence of JMDP in USO, Rafa’s chances of winning it only increases, especially if he avoids Muzza (not that he needs it, Rafa can beat Muzza/DP at USO as well). Of course there are guys like Cilic and Djoko who can beat Rafa fair and square at USO, but consistency is not a word that I’d really associate with either of them. Rafa’s always consistent as Roger, even at USO. So if Nadal’s somehow able to reach the final and faces Fed there, he’s a good chance of doing it because in a Roger-Rafa meeting, lady luck seemingly sides with Rafa! And if Nadal goes to USO final and faces someone other than Fed, then it’d be easier even to bet on a Nadal triumph at the Flushing Meadows. That’s why I think Rafa’s star may shine brightly this time, not that I’m absolutely craving for it.

Huh Says:

Hi Skeezer! :)

I somehow don’t buy that Rafa’s knees play that much decisive role in his USO performance. Knees or no knees, Rafa has been beaten convincingly at USO by good players. If Rafa plays the best, he’d win. If he can’t, he’d not and he shouldn’t. For me, it’s not like a 100% Rafa is too good for the rest and none can beat him (except RG). There’s a lot more to a Rafa match than just his knees! Of course his knees are one of the factors, but their importance is being overemphasised and overrated by most IMO. Enough of the ‘Rafa is beaten mostly coz of his knees’ theory already.

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