Andy Murray Performs Tennis Street Magic [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 15th, 2010, 3:04 pm

Yesterday, Roger Federer and Wilson came out with an entertaining new video/commercial. Today, it’s Andy Murray’s turn. In this latest video from his sponsor HEAD racquets, Murray makes his way through the streets of London using his racquet to bounce balls off the wall, hit cans and perform other “magical” type feats.

It’s a good, light-hearted video and some of the tricks Murray performs will make you double-take (I have to believe they are camera tricks!).

With Wimbledon around the corner at least it looks like Murray’s having some fun.

Check it out here on Youtube:

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19 Comments for Andy Murray Performs Tennis Street Magic [Video]

Kimmi Says:

Thanks Tom. love it.

Sean Randall Says:

This one is better than Roger’s video.

Kimmi Says:

yap, they have done it really well, very creative.

TGiT Says:

Fun and absurd but Roger’s is better and works on more levels.

Dan Martin Says:

David Blane better watch out

Dari Says:

If I say I like it better than Rog’s… and Roger don’t wimbledon, I’ll hate myself. HAHA.
Fantastic commercial, please tell me the plates part is real!

margot Says:

Thanks Tom, it’s brilliant and also gr8 to see Andy laughing, having fun and not tarted up in any way!. Camera tricks?? What camera tracks??

zola Says:

Wow! a nice one!
It reminds me a lot of another one where JMAC was shooting tennis balls to windows ( I think in NY).

Colin Says:

Margot, perhaps not camera tricks, but there might be tricks. For instance, the hits on the tin cans might not have been filmed consecutively. Maybe they filmed lots of attempts and then strung together the successful ones. If only he first serve were as accurate!
By the way, this Thursday, he’s playing an exhibition match against Lleyton Hewitt. I’d like to see that. If he manages to play well, there will be some REALLY long rallies with those two guys!

margot Says:

Colin-he’s a magician, end of. I don’t know wherethey’re playing, but should be a nice warm up for Wimbles.

RZ Says:

I like the relaxed vibe to this commercial.

Kimmi Says:

RZ – yes I agree, very relaxed. I have watched it 10 time already lol

Dari Says:

Cant get enough. Murray is my number two after AO this year. Once fed’s gone, he’ll be my guy. SO FUN!

stu Says:

This is pretty cool! Didn’t expect Muzza to be such a natural!

John Says:

What a great ad! If only we saw more of the smile from Andy… at least after he wins matches!!

Colin Says:

As I think I mentioned, today (Thursday) Murray is playing Hewitt at the Hurlingham Club exhibition tournament. I’ve been trying to find out what’s happening, but to no avail. The Hurlingham Club is frightfully exclusive, and their website won’t even let you see the order of play if you aren’t a member. Still, I expect the radio news will mention the match this evening (if they can fit it in amongst the bloody football!).

Steve Says:

Much of it is fake, easily seen when he hits the ball to two guys on a roof, the ball drops into a guy’s hands so fast like never seen before!!

What’s the point in making fake stuff anyway?

Steve Says:

Much of it is fake, easily seen when he hits the ball to two guys on a roof, the ball drops into a guy’s hands so fast like never seen before!!

What’s the point if it’s fake?

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