Serena v Lefty, Crying Game v Slicy in Wimbledon Women’s Semis

by Staff | June 30th, 2010, 11:04 pm

Thursday Wimbledon semifinal previews:

(1) Serena Williams vs. Petra Kvitova
The world No. 1 pounded the lanky, free-swinging lefty this year at the Australian Open, possibly leaving Kvitova with a game plan. And this time she’s got confidence. Serena has been serving lights-out this year at the All England Club, so the Czech will need for her opponent to have an off day. Watch Kvitova’s aggressiveness, because if she can hit big and take her opportunities to come to net, win or lose, that’s how she needs to play. No one thought Venus would lose…

(21) Vera Zvonareva vs. Tsvetana Pironkova

Is the No. 21-seeded Russian through with cracking under the pressure and breaking into tears during and after matches? Pironkova doesn’t have an excess of power, but can she match the pinpoint shotmaking she exhibited against Venus Williams? Can The Crying Game join Olga Morozova (1974) and Maria Sharapova (2004) as Russians to reach the Wimbledon final? Will Zvonareva pummel that weird Pironkova slice forehand? Does anyone care who wins this and loses to Serena?

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20 Comments for Serena v Lefty, Crying Game v Slicy in Wimbledon Women’s Semis

Eric Says:

While your point about no one thinking Venus would lose is well taken, Serena is not Venus. For all their similarities, Serena is clearly a better player and competitor. Early in her career, Vee was lauded for her steely focus but lately you can tell she has major problems focusing a competing in big matches. Serena doesn’t have that problem. If this were a tour event I’d give Kvitova a much better chance but not in the semis of Wimbledon.

Kimmi Says:

Impressed with vesnina/zvonareva..hope they go to win the doubles title. The williams sisters have dominated the doubled in GS..they have won what..was it 4 or 5 consecutive GS titles. incredible record.

great perfomance by vesnina/zvonareva to take the sisters down. Well done.

Colin Says:

While Alison Riske is till in the “Who’s got the funk” column, I must ask:
If a press photographer were taking some pictures, and told her how he wanted her to stand, would he be posing a Riske?

mmm Says:

Maybe Riske will be the next big thing. I’m assuming her ranking will go up next week.

Kimmi Says:

love pironkova style but too much power from zvonareva. 1st gs final..good on her. now go win it all..

Huh Says:

pathetic women’s tennis

BT Says:

Is anyone watching the Serena / Kvitova match?

Every time Kvitova wins a point she does a little dog barking sound. It’s hilarious… and also a bit annoying.

She is taking it to Serena though but I don’t think she’s going to win. Her bark is worse than her bite ;)

Kimmi Says:

BT – it was a nice match, but she crumbled under pressure on set 2.

funny on the barking sound :)

Huh Says:

no matter what, serena’ll win wimbledon unless zvonareva exercises voodoo magic on serena!

blank Says:

WTA should start threatening to gag the shrieking players before allowing them on court.

margot Says:

Colin, whilr we’re on the subject of funk and trunk, have you heard of the “dumb-ass British slang” “wash out your knackers” cos I surely haven’t. Staff, I’m afraid my ripostes would be too rude for the genteel columns of tennisx, thus I merely bite my thumb at you.

jane Says:

Congrats to the two ladies’ finalists: Serena W. and Zvonareva.

sar Says:

It would be nice if Zvonareva could finally win one before she retires and becomes a UN sports ambassador for Russia.

Kimmi Says:

apparently after williams sisters lost their doubles match they refused pressed conference. i heard this morning that they have been charged..

Colin Says:

Margot, no I haven’t heard of that expression, which is another example of the crude and frequently ignorant style of whoever writes the Funk and Trunk column. He (surely it’s he) doesn’t seem to know the word “knackers”, which is coarser than he thinks. It means “balls”.
The American idiom that puzzles me is the (to my ears) very ugly “get-go”. I know what it means, but what the hell is its origin? Why not say “outset” or “start”?
On a more serious note, how well the two outsiders played today, for at least part of their matches. As so often, the difference is the top players’ consistency. It’s consistency Andy Murray will need against Rafa – in spades! I’m cautiously hopeful.

Kimo Says:

The article about the men’s quarterfinals goes over 500 posts.

This is the 16th post on this article about the women semis.

Nuff said.

margot Says:

Colin: I love zvonoreva, she wears her heart on her sleeve and I love kvitova how gutsy is she, a future champ I think.
As for our Andy, if his serve is clicking he has a chance, if it’s not Rafa will eat him alive.

sar Says:

Let’s hope Vera Z can win doubs because I don’t think she can take down Serena.

Colin Says:

Margot, I found an online slang dictionary and learned that “get-go” was simply a contraction of “get going”. It dates back to the 1960s and, surprise surprise, was African American. Yet another example of stealing from black Americans in order to feel cool. High fives, anyone?
The scary thing about the prospect of the Rafa-Andy match is this: Murray’s style and attributes – indeed his very strengths – mean that if he does lose it will be the death of a thousand cuts, long rallies ending with Nadal winning the point. At least Tim Henman didn’t keep us in suspense for about 20 strokes!
What’s needed is the kind of serving Andy produced to close out the Tsonga match, three aces and an unreturnable.
Kimo, your stats are concerned with POSTINGS, so they provide information not about the matches, but about the people writing the comments.

kimberly Says:

To answer the question, nobody cares who will lose to serena

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