Rafael Nadal ATP Wimbledon Uncovered [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 7th, 2010, 9:17 am

The ATP has released a new video on Rafael Nadal’s second Wimbledon title. Nadal beat Tomas Berdych in the Sunday final 6-3, 7-5 ,6-4.

Nadal now has eight career Grand Slam titles including one Australian Open, five French Open and two Wimbledons, which makes him the only Spaniard to win twice at SW19.

Nadal is still missing the US Open, which he says in the video he will now focus on.

“What’s sure for me is if I hae the chance to win the US Open, ” Nadal said. “It’s going to be amazing for me to complete the four. But it’s probably the more difficult tournament for me because this part of the season is a little more difficult.

“Surely the U.S. Open is going be a ball,” he added. “It’s going to be a goal for the rest of my career. I’m going to try to prepare well, to arrive well in New York but every tournament is very difficult to win and I know that. But I’m going to try my best to play well there. I already have two semifinals the last two years so I’m not very far.”

The US Open begins on August 30. Nadal’s next event is schedule to be at the Canadian Open in Toronto on August 9.

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24 Comments for Rafael Nadal ATP Wimbledon Uncovered [Video]

guy Says:

some reasons for nadal struggling at usopen

05, 06 losses to blake and youzhny.
nadal playing quite short,defensively, beaten by aggressive hitting.

07, struggled with leg injury. beaten by ferrer
08, exhaustion from french,wimby,olympics schedule. interestingly two finalists murray and fed lost early at olympics.
09, abdominal tear and delpotro playing extremely well
10…best chance he may have

sheila Says:

nadal will win uso because hes playing more aggressively now. hes flattened his shots out more & hes a machine, not a beast, a machine. this will not bode well for federer if nadal starts winning uso because he will, for sure, break federers 16 slam record. nadal is so focused on winning everything & there isnt anyone who can challenge him mentally, anyway. players like berdych, soderling, gulbis should be beating him because they have huge games but they are weak mentally & imo, dont have the belief or heart to win nadal. looks like nadal will be #1 for years.

aleish17 Says:

Can’t wait for USO. I’d like to see how Rafa will do in Flushing Meadows. I can only hope he can win this very elusive title.

Vamos Rafa!

Thangs Says:

Yes, US Open belongs to Nadal this year for sure..Vamos Rafa!

Sazzy Falak Says:

“For sure the US Open (is going) be one of my goals for the rest of my career,” … “But right now is (the time to) enjoy the beach, fishing, golf, friends, party and Mallorca.” – Rafa Nadal

sonic Says:

never gonna happen, as long as US Open keeps the conditions of play as they were so far…fast in these times of general slwing of the game. 2 fast for Nadal, 2 easy for players like Del Potro to take advantage of a true bounce, plant themselves on the baseline and smash Rafa to pieces.

You can name at least 10 players that can take him out fairly easily on a good day. While excuses can be made on his failure to reach the final of the US Open so far, no excuse can be made he only reached the final of AO once, when faced with favorable draw and then Verdasco and Fed in the sf/final. On chances, should have lost both of those as well.

So US Open…like i’ve been saying for years, never gonna happen as i doubt they’ll oblige Nadal and slow down the courts or make them bouncier.

US Open definately the most awaited slam in while now.

Anna Says:

Sonic – I’m sure you could have named at least 10 people who could have taken him out at Wimbledon too, but it didn’t happen. That’s what’s great about Rafa. There are all these players with big serves or big forhands but he keeps finding a way to win. Rafa will dial in this surface and make it happen just like he did at Wimbly and FO. Remember, last year Sod kind of had his number. This year not so. Why? Because Rafa is always reworking his game. Adapting. Those who adapt best thrive. If it doesn’t happen this year, he will eventually get the prize.

Sheila – Rafa is not a beast or a machine. We saw that he is only to human last year. Even Rafa can have a bad day. That’s what makes these last three months so incredible. That he can ride the crest of his genius (yes, I think he’s a tennis genius) through so many tourneys. Eventually he will lose, but then he’ll pick up the mantle again and win like crazy.

Hartmut Hesse Says:

Nadal on top of the World


Nadal wins his 8th Grand Slam final and captures his second Wimbledon title to secure a big lead in the ATP world rankings.
He is now almost 4000 points ahead of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, who is only ranked at No. 3 for the first time since 2003. And Federer is almost chanceless to take back the top spot from Rafa by the end of this season, which was one of his big goals for 2010 (having the No. 1 spot at the end of the year and breaking Sampras record of 286 weeks at the top of the ATP-Rankings).
What a great turnaround for Rafa Nadal who had to watch how Federer was taking everything away from him last year, while he was in pain about his knee injury and his parents divorce. When Nadal lost to Soderling last year at Roland Garrros due to his bad knees, Roger took this opportunity and captured his first French Open title. And when Nadal had to withdraw from Wimbledon as well and was not able to defend his title from 2008, Federer also took this title from him. But Rafa not only lost these two titles to Roger, he also lost his No. 1 world ranking to Federer without being able to fight for it. What a hard time for Rafa this must have been, especially if you consider that his knee problems could be career threatening.
So, he had to watch how Federer took everything away from him he had worked so hard for. Much harder than Federer ever worked, even though he is always telling everybody how hard he does. But I have seen both practice and I can assure you that Roger does not even come close to Rafas work ethic… He is all about talent.
But all this makes Nadals victories even sweeter and he will enjoy his place on top of the tennis world for the rest of the year. Even if Roger wins all 3 ATP 1000 events, the US-Open and the World Tour Finlas he will probably not be No.1 at the end of the year, because Nadal will play a much better hard court season than before and will also gain more points. And I don’t see him losing to Roger Federer by the end of this year and maby not so soon again at all, unless his knees hold him off again.
Maybe Roger will never be No. 1 again at all and it is time for a new generation of players like Berdych, Soderling and hopefully a soon recovered Del Potro. But if Nadals body is not breaking down, he might sit on top of the world for a long time. Maybe even longer than Pete Sampras…

High Performance Training and Coaching for Top Juniors and Professionals

magritte Says:

He might win, but it’s the hardest slam for him. I think part of his success at Wimbledon is psychological. He always comes in off a dominating clay-court season which makes it easier for him to adopt the aggressive mindset he needs on faster surfaces.

Polo Says:

I truly believe that there is no player out there who can honestly and confidently say that he can beat an injury-free Nadal. He has reached the same level that Federer reached a few years ago when whoever plays him must feel that only by the biggest amount of luck can he win against Federer (and now Nadal).

nadline Says:

A lot of people try to suggest that Rafa is the only one who is at a disadvantage on the courts at Flushing Meadows, forgetting that only two people have won it in the past 6 years, Federer 5 times and Delpo once; so who are all these people who are better on fast hardcourts than Rafa, why have they not won the title, how many of them have made it to the SF twice in a row.

I simply do not buy all this talk of Rafa being unable to play on fast hardcourts, OK, his game suits clay best, so he excells on that surface, but it doesn’t mean that he is useless on hardcourts. People used to say he would never win Wimbledon, OZ or the USO, now that only the USO remains the only one he hasn’t won, they now say it’s because it fast.

I just think Rafa has as much chances of winning the USO as anyone else.

dzulkafley Says:

Notice that no one talking about federer’s chances of the USO :) Seems like those fedex worshippers are going round like duhhhh… what do we do now?

Polo Says:

duhhhh… what do we do now?

Kimmi Says:

duhhhh… what do we do now?

skeezerweezer Says:

duhhhh… what do we do now?

skeezerweezer Says:

Nadline says,

“I just think Rafa has as much chances of winning the USO as anyone else.”

Agreed, based on his performance this year. Who has said otherwise that you respect on this board? Don’t mention the Trollers, they don’t count :)

Fot Says:

Let me add “duh, what do we do now?”

Hartmut Hesse, let me correct one thing you said in your earlier post. You said Roger doesn’t work hard (like Nadal does) and that it’s all about talent for him. Let me correct you on that. I have read from practice partners that said Roger likes to put his intensive work in at the beginning of the year (in Dubai) and after his 2-week vacation after Wimbledon.

Those who have worked with him said he works a lot of 2-on-one drills, in the heat. When one of the practice partners gets too tired to continue, he sits down and the next one takes over, all the while Roger is still on the other side of the net. Many folks don’t see this side of Roger, but I can guarantee you that you don’t win 16 grand slams on ‘talent alone’. I have never seen Roger get physically tired during a match. You don’t get in that kind of shape without working hard. So just wanted to clarify that point. You can find these stories all over his web page and the internet about how hard he does work. He said when he gets to a tournament, that is just ‘practice’ and he doesn’t do intensive workout then because all the hard work has already been done.

skeezerweezer Says:


Nice info. Have never got into his posts as it always seem self promotional. Why is that?

Huh Says:

“dzulkafley Says:

Notice that no one talking about federer’s chances of the USO :) Seems like those fedex worshippers are going round like duhhhh… what do we do now?”

Seems like anti-Fed dzulkafley is not happy despite Fed winning just one GS in 2010 and nothing else, so far this year! ;)
Keep whining anti-Fed dude, keep lamenting, makes you look funnier! ;)

Huh Says:

Hardy Hesse is obviously a fool, no doubt about it!

skeezerweezer Says:

@huh & Fot,

Know where Hesse plays his tennis?

Jake Willens Says:

I don’t think there is a better competitor in ALL of sports right now than Rafa!

skeezerweezer Says:

Hi Jake,

I have to agree with you.

I went over to your blog and enjoyed it very much. Honest, shared with everyone what your about, etc. Thanks for creating something different and thought provoking such as the “top 10” or “top 4” or whatever. That was awesome!
It was a fun read agreeing or not, created some thought.

Words of advice from a fan, take it or leave it. Leave the “Men’s” thing out as there are A LOT of women tennis fans who love tennis, both men and womens, and might be a turnoff.

Also, if you can get your blog set up so people can post anonymously like here I am sure you’ll get some comments. Just tryin to help…

Best of luck I’ll be reading ya…

Add in :)

Dory Says:

Interesting to see Nadal finds US Open a hard tournament and French Open easy when it’s the other way round for most players.

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