Roger Federer and Mirka Vacationing in the Mediterranean

by Tom Gainey | July 10th, 2010, 3:19 pm

If you were wondering what Roger Federer has been up to since his stunning loss to Tomas Berdych at Wimbledon just 10 days ago, wonder no more.

Pictures from the Mediterranean have surfaced showing Federer and bikini-clad wife Mirka (be nice, remember she gave birth to twins a year ago!) vacationing on a yacht – a very, very big yacht with a what looks like a British/Canadian Flag – and then on the beach getting some sun, or in some photos avoiding the sun.

I won’t copy the photos here, but click here for the full pictorial. A few of the photos are a hoot.

Federer is not schedule to play again until early August in Canada, so he may be playing in sun for a while longer. Let’s hope he and Mirka packed enough sun tan lotion.

“He (Federer took the opportunity to go on holiday, away from the media, family, Corsica. Roger Federer has rented a luxury yacht (the “JEMS”) to go around Corsican coast, via Calvi, Saint Florent Girolata. All his family was with him, her adorable twins, his wife, his mother and step-mother!

First bathing for Charlene Riva & Myla Rose, who will celebrate just their first birthday July 23. Miroslava (Mirka) & Roger have the joys of swimming in small toddlers! twins have discovered and Corsica waters blue lagoons where they were dipping!

At the southern end of the reserve of Scandola, Girolata is emblematic places of Corsica, whose picture is found on the cover of many books on the island. With eucalyptus, its Genoese fortress, its bay with turquoise waters, its houses and its jagged mountains surrounding this village is a perfect retreat … except in summer when tourists jostle.

In the absence of any road, the easiest solution is to access the boat.”

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106 Comments for Roger Federer and Mirka Vacationing in the Mediterranean

Huh Says:

Well enjoy dearest Fed! :)

Now that you have so much money, why you wouldn’t/shouldn’t? ;)

Emma Says:

Roaming around on boats seems to be a trend among tennis couples these days… Roger and Mirka, Feli and Nando…

Fot Says:

I saw the pictures earlier on another site. I’m glad he’s relaxing and they need some “me time” together – all couples do! Win or lose – after Wimbledon, Roger has always scheduled vacation time. Glad to see he’s still doing it.

And yes, Mirka still has some of her ‘baby fat’ but hey, even Kimmy does (and she actually plays tennis and only had 1 baby!) lol! So I’m not mad at Mirka! More power to her!

jeanius Says:

Mirka may not look her best, but Roger doesn’t look like he’s in such good shape either. He looks so slender and fit on the court. But in these photos he has the body of someone in his 40s, don’t you think? Regardless, they should get away from work and enjoy life.

leigh Says:

Exactly. He’s flabby, skinny and potbellied, looking like some random unfit old dude.

This just shows how crafty his game is/was, when he doesn’t even need to be fit and still win matches. Seems that finally it became an issue and he’s not winning that much anymore.

He NEEDS to get fit again, and pronto.

skeezerweezer Says:

Slow down ladies :) Roger never had the Rafa or Roddick look. He won 16 GS titles with the same body type. A BIG HOWEVER…..

I totally agree he needs to work the upper body to compete now with the young gunners. If you notice in the pics, his legs are fine, and for decades this is how a tennis player looked. One arm weak, the other like popeye, muscular legs of a basketball player and a somewhat flat stomach but not a six pack ab. IMO FED does need to beef up his training on the upper body and maybe, just maybe, as an example, he’ll be able to handle Rafa’s heavy top to his BH, cause in the end, that is what there duels have come down too. If Rafa needed a clutch point, he could hit through Fed on the BH side, and you need a lot of physical strength to hit a one handed BH…….just sayin…no?

leigh Says:

A particular problem point is his back: way too flabby. He needs some muscle there, to support his chronic wonky back.

When you have weak cartilage or ligaments, it causes pain. To compansate that, you need more muscle. Not the Incredible Hulk type muscle, but A LITTLE MORE.

His back looks simply sad and that was always the case: folds of skin on both sides of his spine just hanging there. Maybe that’s why his back pain is always recurring.

Ben Pronin Says:

I find it hilarious that Federer’s physique is suddenly being criticized because he failed to make 2 slam semis. Had these same pictures been released at this time last year after he won both, no one would’ve said a thing. People probably would’ve been saying Nadal should cut down his own muscle to be more like Fed. But not in this case. No, 2 quarterfinals and he’s too flabby. Hah.

skeezerweezer Says:

@ Ben

What did he do since AO, for Feds standards? I told him to cut down on the Guiness, but he wouldn’t listen…..

Stefan Says:

Federer looked similar whenever he changed shirts on court. Didn’t anybody notice? But there’s no harm for him to train more physically and strategically to counter these so called strong players…

Parker Says:

the flag looks like it might be a New Zealand flag, not Canadian.

yeh, Federer’s back looks totally flabby with very poor posture and a bit of a pot. no wonder he has back issues. wow. strange.

dari Says:

Haha! This whole thing was quite a bit less glamorous than I expected. Besides the behemoth yacht, “things” did not look as good as I would have liked. Like someone said, we all know he’s got no body like fernando verdasco, but he does not look like a professional athlete here,
I’ve talked for the past few months about some major training and physique changes, but kick myself when I think about questioning a 16-time major champ’s fitness plan. But buddy has got to hit the gym and HARD. I think he looked in better shape at the French open last year as evidenced by some shirt changes, a bit heavier but more solid. I so wonder if anyone is suggesting some physical changes for the guy.
Glad to see him rest, but these photos do not look like someone who is tryna win a slam in a couple months.
Best to the federer fam!

Ben Pronin Says:

I hope Federer changes his shirt during the change over right before he serves out the match for his 6th US Open. I bet he’ll still look flabby.

Anna Says:

Question Ben – Why, whenever anything negative is said about Roger, do you have to drag Rafa into the dialogue as if it’s Rafa’s fault. Just something to think about.

margot Says:

Wovever you are, aren’t you entitled to some privacy when on holiday?

annie-east-coast Says:

I’m so impressed to see Mirka in a bikini. Good for her. I have two little kids, (not twins), but I’m too embarrassed to wear a bikini because of my jelly belly. :) I’m a lot skinnier than her, so my belly looks worse on me, than hers looks on her. Seeing her in these photos gives me confidence to maybe try a two-piece bathing suit. Way to go, Mirka.

annie-east-coast Says:

@Margot — Unfortunately, with fame, out goes privacy. That’s why I never want to be famous, and I’ve told my husband also to never get too famous, or we lose our privacy. I guess with $50+ million, Federer can afford to vacation anywhere he wants to, something, we common folk, cannot do. He just has to make sure he and Mirka are always clothed because the reporters’ mega zoom lenses can capture a lot.

Or Says:

LOL. Roger has always looked the same. He hasn’t become ‘unfit’ – he looked exactly the same in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Suddenly he lost so he’s not fit?

That’s the way he’s built, and it worked for him so far.

Duro Says:

Novak-Čilić 6:3 first set.

Duro Says:

Novak-Čilić 6:3 second.

Purcell Says:

jeanius, leigh and Parker
Since when has this site turned into Bodybuilders Inc?
Please show some respect for ‘random, unfit, old dudes’. This comment presents you as a callow youth/youthess. You’ll be there one day even if you spend the rest of your life in the gym.
Thank you so much for your advice for Roger. I’m sure a man of his accomplishments will be eager to follow all your helpful recommendations.
How can a man be “potbellied, skinny and flabby’ all at the same time? I came close to Roger at Wimbs and actually he is slender and fit but perhaps not as fit as he would like, taking into account his health issues since AO. If you examine picture no. 3 (and I, of course, have examined all the pictures closely) you will note the immense build of Fed’s upper body and it’s fantastic proportions. Indeed, the body is what first converted me to a drooling fan girl.
Dari: I’ve got to laugh re the Verdasco comment. That type of body is all very well for posing in your kegs but it hasn’t really got him anywhere much on the tennis court.
Thanks Ben. Grown up comments as usual.
Right, time to play tennis.This potbellied, flabby old dude is going to beat the **** out of all comers. Enjoy your hols Federers.

dari Says:

Ben P – can’t wait to see things play out exactly as you say!
Purely- glad you find humor in that extreme example!

dari Says:

“Purely”should say “Purcell”

Kimberly Says:

much rather look at Rafa and Xisca bathing suit shots

dari Says:

I can say mirka’s butt looks good in those laying down pictures!

Jake Willens Says:

Roger is going to need a vacation before he has what I think will be a rough end to 2010!

grendel Says:

Federer looking – philosophical, shall we say, in these piccies. Wondering, perhaps, if money and fame are all they’re cracked up to be.

Purcell Says:

I wouldn’t.

Gordo Says:

Gee, if only Arnold Schwarzenegger had picked up a racquet after winning his bodybuilding titles, what do you think he would have – 23 Grand Slams?

Two things out of this blog and early comments.

1) Tom Gainey posted – “…and bikini-clad wife Mirka (be nice, remember she gave birth to twins a year ago!)”

I thought at first maybe Tom was exhibiting that sexist standard that all women should be babes, but I think he put up that caution so the Fed bashers would think twice before applying immature insults to Mirka. So far it has worked.

2) All these photos tell me is that Roger Federer is not on the juice. There is nothing wrong with some body fat. Ripped abs do not help your athleticism one iota. Don’t confuse fit with appearance. Too many non-athletes don’t have a clue about this.

3) As to the flag – that is probably Bermuda, which is the only country who’s flag has the Union Jack in the upper left corner of a red flag. However…

The only way it is Canada is if someone is flying the “Red Ensign,” Canada’s official flag prior to the “Maple Leaf” flag being adopted in 1965. This flag looked a lot like Bermuda’s, as does the current provincial flag of the Canadian province of Ontario. However, my guess is that the Federer family is probably vacationing in Bermuda as opposed to Lake Huron, Erie or Ontario.

3) I really believe for some people in here it is not enough that Roger Federer is no longer number 1; they will not be happy until he is dead.

dari Says:

No one wants roger super beefy, just strengthen up the back a little to avoid injury and keep the serve up. Maybe add a tap to the arms to make the forehead more devastating again. No need for an 8 pack, just get the core as fit as possible for every aspect of the game. This is not FAR from his most fit state, but adapting is always a part of continuing to win majors.
This is coming from a supportive fan of feds!
Roger is more hairy than Greek Pete Sampras.

Ben Pronin Says:

Dari, perhaps more muscle on the back would put more strain on it.

Anna, I’m not saying it’s Nadal’s fault. I’m not even saying anything negative about him. I said, since Federer failed to win the last 2 slams, suddenly he is unfit and needs to get bigger. If these pictures were seen last year, people would say he has the perfect build and that maybe Nadal is too big and should aim to look more like Fed (I say Nadal because the two had a reverse of fortunes in the last 2 years). The point is, obviously these guys know what they have to do to win. Both Nadal and Federer have won 3 slams in the last 2 years with two very different builds. To each his own.

skeezerweezer Says:


Exactly. We are just fans and it’s not like we don’t appreciate Roger enough already. It’s not a bad thing to appreciate what you have, but want more. I think the fan who has taken the time to watch most of Fed’s matches have agreed he is getting overpowered now and then, which never happened earlier in his career. He could do whatever he wants and we all may be wrong in saying he needs a stronger upper body, NOT a body builders. And he doesn’t need a 12 pack, although contrary to what someone said earlier, besides good legs, your core is extremely important. A lot of un seen power and agility comes from there.

Let’s put it this way, get all the top ten players take off their shirts and line them up. Who has the weakest looking frame up top? The weakest looking guy has 16 GS. right? So, in theory, wouldn’t he even stay ahead of the pack or in fact elongate his career by building up “a little?”

I know the naysayers will say he got those 16’s with that body type. That is a given. But I don’t believe the other guys have more talent than Fed, they are bigger stronger. That at times has take Fed down, no?

There have been other players who have improved there game. Borg, from a just get it in the court serve to a dominant one. A improved serve much need during his Wimby run. Many Rafa fans have said Rafa’s game has improved. I mean is it unfair to want Fed to improve? Just sayin…..

skeezerweezer Says:


Taken from personal experience, building up “the right” back muscles and “abs” significantly helped my back problems and increased the speed of my serve from 25 MPH to 35 MPH.

Ben Pronin Says:

Skeezer, from the pictures, Federer clearly has back muscles. And I guarantee he has a strong core. You don’t have to look like a monster to be strong. Federer works with professional trainers, he was number 1 for years. He knows how much back muscle he needs or doesn’t need to ensure he deals with the minimal amount of problems. The back may have been bothering him but he still made it to the quarters of Wimbledon and took a set off Berdych before losing.

Anna Says:

Here’s the thing Ben. Their builds are not all that different at all. Same height and a pound or two difference. How does that happen if one is beefy and the other slim. I saw Rafa in person at IW in March. When he walked onto the court I thought they’d sent in a body double because Nadal wasn’t close to being “the bull” or “the horse” so popularly pronounced by certain tennis folk. The astounding thing is he is perfectly proportionate. As close to 0% body fat as I’ve ever seen, very fit, toned but not at all muscle bound. He looks more like a runner than a wrestler. So if you want to get it right (and I know you do) check it out.

Anna Says:

I’m so glad Roger and Mirka are vacationing, but they don’t look very happy. Maybe the sandy beach thing isn’t for them.

Ben Pronin Says:

If Federer has fat flabs and Nadal has 0% body fat, then that sounds like 2 fairly different builds. I know Nadal is more slim in person and I know Federer is more buff in person. Either way, the point is, Federer’s build is perfectly fine.

C. Says:

Mirka looks just fine :) Just like any other normal girl…Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Federer are having a nice time on vakay..good for them! Love you Roger!

skeezerweezer Says:


Yes with that upper body he has won all the time. Until this year. He is 29, not 22. IMO by his standards it’s not happening. Qtrs at Wimby? Losing this year to players he hardly ever loses too?

Yes the season is not over its real close. IF ( a big if ) he loses out early at USO trust me people will be talkin even more. IMO he seems to be relying on his talents and skills and he may need more than that now.

As far as his trainers go, in the the end he pays them so he is going to tell him what he wants, not possibly what he needs. We’ll see I guess…..

The shape of the tennis pro, like the golfer, is changing…..that is a fact. And no, it’s not a body builder.

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer gets trainers to assess his body and tell him what is best for him to stay in shape. Federer isn’t stupid. He obviously knows how to take care of his body better than a lot of athletes out there.

Agreed, by his standards his results suck. Perhaps he should get bigger. But I don’t think that’s the problem. His issue hasn’t been physical (for the most part) it’s mental. He had 8 break point chances against Berdych. He failed to convert any of them. I don’t think it’s because his back was hurting or because Berdych’s chest is bigger.

USOpen2010 Says:

Anybody who thinks Federer is going to win the US Open as Ben hinted at earlier has lost their minds. Nadal will be the champion in New York as he was in Paris and London. In doing hat he will be on his way to passing Federer as the “GOAT”. I look for Nadal to win around 14-16 slams in his career and Roger will be stuck at 16 for the rest of his career. The h2h will be the tie-breaker when Nadal gets to within 3 or 4 slams of Roger. Anybody who thinks Federer will win another slam has lost it. Vamos Rafa!

Fot Says:

Remember, Roger doesn’t play again until the Toronto event. As he has done for the past 5-6 years – He said he takes 2 weeks vacation after Wimbledon (either when he wins or loses) – (which will be ending soon), then he goes on to ‘train’ for the upcoming hard court season. So his 2nd half ‘training’ hasn’t really started yet. You’d be amazed how fast these athletes can really get into shape in a short amount of time. I bet we see him really in shape for his next tournament.

grendel Says:

“he is getting overpowered now and then, which never happened earlier in his career.” (Skeezerweezer).

Well, Kuerten very definitely overpowered Federer at the French. I watched that match with some amazement – Federer was just never in it for an instant. You could argue that ultimately, Safin overpowered Federer (then at the height of his powers) at the AO. Gonzalez certainly overpowered Federer at the Masters’ final. And then, there were other straws in the wind. For instance, Roddick was overpowering Federer at Wimbledon, all those years ago, until the rain intervened.

The point is, Federer was always vulnerable, at least in principle, to the powerful player. It is a tribute to his exceptional skill and timing that he made it look as though it was easy to take down the hard hitters, and presented us with the illusion that it was all somehow automatic.

Now, of course, he is getting caught much more often. No need to look too far for the reason. Time is no man’s friend.

Fot Says:

Here are some additional pictures of their vacation (including some with the twins):

Gordo Says:

USOpen2010 Says:

“Anybody who thinks Federer is going to win the US Open as Ben hinted at earlier has lost their minds. Nadal will be the champion in New York as he was in Paris and London. In doing hat he will be on his way to passing Federer as the “GOAT”. I look for Nadal to win around 14-16 slams in his career and Roger will be stuck at 16 for the rest of his career. The h2h will be the tie-breaker when Nadal gets to within 3 or 4 slams of Roger. Anybody who thinks Federer will win another slam has lost it. Vamos Rafa!”

Good Lord, what arrogance!

It is so easy to be bold and brazen in here when a) you are anonymous and b) no one will remember what you wrote in 2 days. So people type things on their keypad that they would never say if they were in person with someone. Easy to be brave when you are in boxers alone in your room. :)

That being said, brave or not – you are still an idiot.

It is one thing to be a fan of a player – Rafa, Roger, whomever. But to say such negative things about another player – how sad.

If my memory serves me well, Sampras was long written off before he raised the trophy above his head a final time at the US Open where he retired.

It is going to be another long time before you can completely count Federer out from winning another slam.

Tom Gainey Says:

Thanks for the link FOT. I’ve updated the post with added details.

Please click FoT’s link above for even more photos!

Fot Says:

No problem Tom! I’m just glad to read some ‘positive’ information on Roger for a change! (if you can delete all the negative – flabby, back, arms, out-of-shape, etc. talk here) lol! I’m just glad he and the family seem to be having a good time. He deserves it!

Ben Pronin Says:

A power player can overpower anyone on his day. The thing with Federer is that 1) he’s more a power player than he gets credit for. He’s not a counter puncher, he likes to be aggressive. But he doesn’t have as much raw power as guys like Roddick and Safin. That’s just nature. 2) When he’s playing his game, aka his timing is perfect, he can half volley the power shots back with ease. The 07 USO QF comes to mind. Roddick just hit the crap out of every ball and he did pretty well, but Federer blocked back a few too many shots in the tiebreakers. In tennis, there are lots of ways to beat anyone, Federer (and Nadal) included. But when you’re as smart and varied as Federer (and Nadal), you’ll find the countless ways to win more often than everyone else.

USOpen2010 Says:

Ben- Keep dreaming bcause Federer is done. He won’t be beating any of those players at the US Open this year. Nadal versus Murray is the final with Nadal cleaning it up baby! Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya Roger.

Fot Says:

USOpen2010 – you said it’ll be Nadal vs Murray in the final. Whagt if they are both on the same side of the draw? lol!

Anna Says:

Aai yi yi. Instead of simply provoking Fed fans why don’t you say something worth while by telling us just how it is you’ve determined Rafa will win the USO. For instance, why this year and not the last 4-5 years. Show us what kind of a Rafa fan you really are.

Ben Pronin Says:

Anna, there are no Olympics. Nadal will play a MAX of two tournaments between now and the USO. He dominated in such fashion during the clay court season that he never had to expend a huge chunk of energy (lost 2 sets in 22 matches). He lost early in Queens, which could very well be the greatest blessing of all. And his road to the Wimbledon title wasn’t all that taxing. His 2 5-setters were pretty fast in regards to most 5-setters. His knees did bother him but now he’s getting PRT treatment. He’s won a hard court slam, he’s easily the best player in the world, his confidence is sky high. The list goes on and on. Nadal is in prime position to win the Open.

skeezerweezer Says:

“Perhaps he should get bigger.”.

I am not suggesting Fed should get bigger. Just turn more what he has got “into” muscle. Look at his legs. Now those are tennis legs! Skinny, muscular, and made for tennis.

And yes Ben his BP average has been pathetic, so there is the mental side has well, been sayin that the whole spring/summer. Focus, concentration?? Maybe needs a vacation? Hey he is on one! :)

As I see those new pics posted I think again and think WTF? He doesn’t look that bad, he’s on vacation, and I have been shown a lot of “so called” hot celebrity and athletes photos by paparazzi and he looks great compared to most of the others.

Maybe we are diggin too much and just let than man be and enjoy a vacation, and pictures that we weren’t suppose to see.

skeezerweezer Says:


Your on fire! You go girl! A true Rafa fan you are :)

Gordo Says:

USOpen2010 Says:

“Ben- Keep dreaming bcause Federer is done. He won’t be beating any of those players at the US Open this year. Nadal versus Murray is the final with Nadal cleaning it up baby! Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya Roger.”

Care to make a wager on this? Once the draw comes out, that is, because until it does it is impossible to predict that Nadal and Murray will be on opposite sides of the draw. [ once again proving you really don’t have a clue about the sport, do you? ]

But – nevertheless – once the draw is out, let’s see if Rafa’s newest lover has any money he is willing to put where his mouth is. I’ll challenge you to a friendly wager in here.

Fot Says:

Ben, I agree with you – however, that’s why they play the game and that’s why there is a word called “upset”. Anything can happen. Anyone can get hot on any given day; anyone can have an off day on any given day. Just because someone is favored doesn’t mean it’s a lock. Let’s just see how the US open plays out. Otherwise, the rest of the players should just stay at home and have them mail the US Open trophy to Nadal right now! lol!

Ben Pronin Says:

No arguments there, Fot. I was just giving several reasons as to why Nadal could win this year’s US Open. I was rooting for a Murray-Djokovic final at Wimbledon and I’ll continue to root for that at the US Open. But obviously there’s no way of knowing what’ll happen for sure.

USOpen2010 Says:

Gordo- Who’s gonna win it than genuis? If you say Federer than I will take you up on that wager because you can stick a fork in that guy. You’re probably one of those people that thinks he’s just gonna turn it on and win the US Open which in my opinion is the toughest slam to win. Sorry, it’s not happening. I do not care if it’s Nadal vs Murray, Nadal vs Djokovic, Nadal vs Soderling, or Nadal vs Federer as long as Nadal wins the tournament. Actually if it’s Nadal and Federer in the finals which it won’t be because Federer can’t get there it would be easy pickin’s for the “Bull from Mallorca”. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Says:

Ben – I know that, but I was thinking 2010 probably didn’t. Just a fly by nighter touching down to exasperate Fed fans. Of course I’d love to see Rafa win the USO, but it certainly isn’t in the bag and Fed will be right there as eager as the next guy.

skeezerweezer Says:


Just so you know I have saved your prediction. “Stick a fork in Fed”? Coulda stuck a fork in Rafa with chronic knee issues in 2009 at a very young age. Guess what? It ain’t over….

I stuck a fork in Fed after his 2009 AO crying session when Rafa won. But he won 3 GS titles after that.

As much flack as I have been givin my fav as of late it has been out of love and not hate.

I would be careful in predictin either of these guys in the near future. IMO Rafa’s true test on how his body and performance will be the HC season and USO.

You can save my prediction. 2010 USO?

IT will be Fed or someone else…NOT Rafa…….

contador Says:

this is why i love federer:

and, he looks great just the way he is. very happy, i’d say.

Anna Says:


Very sweet.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Ok, Ladies, I gotta admit, with the babe in his arms he does look happy & perfect : ) :)

Skeezerweezer Says:

Love the KFC advertisement on a tennis site. LOL….Can’t get like Sobe?

Writerfan Says:

This is quite hilarious. Roger is totally not out of shape. Anyone can look bad when one doesn’t stand up straight, posed for camera. He hardly has any fat on him actually. The angle of camera is vitally important, and he and Mirka are just being natural and not self-conscious. It’s great to see. They are a completely normal family. Re: his tennis, it’s not that he’s out of shape, it’s that he’s now getting over-powered, and mentally vulnerable, which is understandable after dominating for so long. I believe he has some magic left in him, but perhaps we won’t see it in 2010…

grendel Says:

Sensibly put, Writerfan. Look for the unexpected in 2011!
Fot, the irony is that what you are saying now re Nadal (not a lock, could be an upset) is exactly what might have been said about Federer 3 or so years ago. When Fed was heavily favoured to win, he generally did. The thing about upsets is, they don’t often happen. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be truly upsets.
Some of us have been saying for some time now that this year is by far Nadal’s best chance to win the US Open, and Ben Pronin puts the case pretty well unanswerably. I would add to his list that del Potro is not playing (this assumes that when he is back in 2011 he is as good as ever, or better – not a given, unfortunately).

One thing occurs to me: Kraijchek beating Sampras was a genuine upset (Federer beating an old lion was not), and you could sense that Sampras was completely baffled. It is possible that he had been just a touch complacent. Nadal will not be in the least complacent, he never is actually – every match is always “very difficult”, a meaningless mantra but useful for him – and he particularly won’t be for the US.

Nadal will be at his absolute peak, ready and firing to go. That is about as certain as anything in this uncertain world. If anyone can beat him in such conditions, if anyone can play Arthur Ashe to Nadal’s Jimmy Connors, the best of luck to them!

Dory Says:

FedEx’s body is mostly the same but to counter the effects of age, he needs to tighten his body by doing more weight training.

jane Says:

The picture of Fed with one of the twins is very sweet. Those girls are over a year old now? It must be a lot of fun having the two of them.


grendel – “every match is always “very difficult”’ – I can’t remember when the article came out – maybe it was after Rafa’s AO victory – but anyhow, it was a Sports Illustrated piece I think, and it was quite revealing. In it, the author, via an interview with uncle Tony, suggested that Rafa is never content or secure. That he is always “fearful” (I believe that was the word used). So maybe when he says his matches will be “very difficult” there is a grain of truth to it, or he believes that there is anyhow.

If he’s the least bit neurotic, and many perfectionists are, then it’s possible that deep down he always fears the possibility of an upset. Some people function at super high levels with fear to motivate them.

Of course Rafa must also have a healthy sense of confidence too, coming off the FO-Wimbledon double, and being at the top of the game for years. But I am not sure I think of Rafa as one who ever plays “relaxed” – except maybe in some clay matches. Not sure if this makes sense, but Rafa seems to play with a balance of both fear and confidence. Maybe they all do, to degrees.

That’s why when grendel says “Nadal will not be in the least complacent” it makes perfect sense to me. He just doesn’t strike me as the complacent type.

grendel Says:

sounds good to me, jane. Just enough fear to keep the adrenalin flowing – without which a peak performance is not possible – but not so much as to impair the huge underlying confidence.

madmax Says:

With a subpar performance from Federer at some of the bigger tournaments this season, he will be in prime position to make a run back at No. 1 during the latter end of next year’s calendar year or in 2012. His back and leg issues seem minor. Yes, he is getting a bit older, but Federer’s game is dependent on solid, consistent play. He does not depend on a 135-mph serve or blazing speed. He has a little bit of everything in his arsenal and is good enough at making it work to win matches. He will continue to win on craftiness and ball placement. He is a 16-time Grand Slam champion at 28-years-old. He ran into a few harder hitting opponents this year in Soderling and Berdych, but he lost similar matches in 2009 to Tsonga and Murray.

Nadal has winning ways and his own special qualities but he is not a consummate tennis player who embodies the elegance of the game — he does not have the mastery, the wizardry, the superiority, the style, the beauty, the grace, the magic of Federer.

Duro Says:

Hey Maxi! That’s the spirit! Same old Maxi, ha ha ha. Your maestro is the aristocracy of tennis. Not many are…

Anna Says:

If USO 2010 is yen then Maxi is yang. Equal yet opposite. Where would the world be without them.

grendel Says:

“He does not depend on a 135-mph serve or blazing speed.” – wouldn’t do him any harm, though, I am thinking…

dari Says:

Ha! Grendel, well said. Watching the AO final from THIS YEAR. Was only 6 months ago federer with this CRAZY forehand in the second set 1 all, to get a break point. Murray gets a good serve in, fed just gets the ball on his racket, a high short ball which Murray takes out of the air. Fed is in the right place at the right time and SMACKS a forehand crosscourt 97 miles per hour!
It’s just nice to see among all the thoughts/posts about being too old and too weak!
Roger walks funny! Actually I’m pretty sure most top tennis players do, what gives? Murray is pigeon toed, don’t even get me started on rafa, nole is normal. Delpo is too long to ever walk “normally”, Andy R- not bad. My hypothesis is falling apart after the top 4, and I’m sure on court walk is different from walking down the street but its fun to think about these things when I dont have live tennis to watch!

dari Says:

MAJOR PRIVACY BREACH, enjoying it though, cause it happens so rarely.

Kimmi Says:

dari – love the photos. Poor federer, he can never run away from the cameras.

dari Says:

I think/hope this will be a RARITY.
its enjoyable to see the babies grow and rog having fun with fam, but I don’t wish for him to feel invaded all the time.
So actual tennis in a few weeks can’t wait!

madmax Says:

grendel, I just think you are a naturally negative person, that’s all. I am not. Why should federer all of a sudden start serving 135mph consistently? He never has in the pass, his serve has always been about variety and placement. It’s not broken, so why fix it?

grendel Says:

Agassi had the funniest walk. Seriously, though, certainly Federer can drive the ball as hard as anyone. But in the twilight of his career, I can’t help suspecting an ability to draw on a 135mph serve would be of great benefit to him. The fastest I’ve ever seen him serve is 130, and that’s very rare. Think of all the free points Sampras was able to get towards the end of his career – fast serving plus placement. If you’ve only got placement, you’ve got to serve top notch all the time, more pressure there I’d have thought.

madmax Says:

Well, 16 slams later, I dont think that Federer has done all that badly with his serve, so I’ll say it again. Speed is not the issue, otherwise, Andy Roddick would be winning every single tournament out there, still having the fastest serve recorded at 155mph.

And Grendel, fed’s fastest recorded serve is 131mph, and that was at wimbledon this year – so he has actually improved!

Federer, Davydenko, Roddick, Llodra, lubjcik, Hewitt, are NOT in the twilight of their career. At least all of these players have won tournaments this year, with davy being the exception, though winning in November 2009, he beat all of those “younger” players, and was the best player in the world at the WTF, so you could say, the complete opposite! The oldies “rock” Grendel. Age is doing them all the world of good.

There is no point in saying that Federer should develop a faster serve. He serves with his own natural ability and speed which can still fox and bewilder his opponents, his strength is not speed, (though he can serve really fast).

Someone recently suggested that a whole bunch of stat sheets should be given to fed’s coach the day before any tournament so he can work out the stats and strategy and aim at his oponent’s weaker side – FH OR BH, am sure he does that anyway, but when he completes his vacation, I have no doubt in my mind that he will know the pressure is on.

I just want to see him back healthy and enjoying his game. Pagnini will easily work on those strengthening exercises which require Fed’s back to be stronger than ever, may be he’ll get cortisone shots (like agassi, with doctor’s consent?), but I dont think (from his interview), that his back is as bad as people are making out -he needs to manage it, that’s all.

I really hope he makes a shot at the USO a worthwhile one, anyone would think that Federer has no chance right now, reading some of the crap that there is out there. Some people enjoy bringing a man down. It’s not the thing to do.

Will be great to see him play again and I hope he shuts the critics up.

Oh to be a fly on the wall. Personally, I think that provided Federer maintains the hunger and motivation, this is going to be the key for him. There must be times when he says, “oh, do I have go this training again today?”, and it is his will to succeed still, that can be the only motivating factor.

As has been said so many times, he has nothing left to prove.

grendel Says:

“There is no point in saying that Federer should develop a faster serve. He serves with his own natural ability and speed “. I have no experience in this area, but I’m sure that’s right, Madmax. It seems inconceivable that Federer hasn’t discussed with his team the possibility of upping his service speed. Presumably, this option has been rejected on the grounds that the resultant change in technique might have an adverse affect on the rest of his game. Even so, Federer wouldn’t be human if he didn’t look with a certain degree of longing at someone like Murray, who so far as I can tell doesn’t hit the ball quite as hard as him but can easily pull out a 135 mph serve when he wants to.

No, I was just indulging in idle speculation. “What-iffs” may be useless, but they’re sort of irresistible.

About the “twilight of career” thing. Yes, it’s very strange. You provide some telling counter evidence. But I suspect you can’t just go on age, players do vary widely. Certainly Davydenko has come to his peak late in his career, whilst almost the direct opposite has been true of his fellow Russian Safin. (I wonder how much physical size has to do with this; Davydenko is exactly the kind of thin, wiry type you can imagine improving with age – up to a certain point).

With Federer, there seems to have been a kind of drip-drip deterioration over a number of years now, with bright little oases of excellence puncturing the gradual decline. That’s how I read it. This suggests there may be some more surprises to come. But don’t expect consistency.

madmax Says:

There you go again Grendel, “dont expect consistency”. you are definitely cup half empty, girl!

I would imagine Federer himself will have high expectations of himself and what he can still go on to achieve. If the guy wants to still keep on playing and achieving, then consistency is what is needed. I think you forget the meaning of the word consistency Grendel.

Greatness is about consistency as well as winning the big titles, and Federer’s record in that department is frightening. 25 straight Grand Slams . I love how two quarterfinal exits and Federer will now supposedly never win another Slam. Despite what the uninformed anti federer fans state, hear this. Federer is THE most accomplished, best player tennis has ever seen. No one has ever (and might not ever again) achieved: 237 Consecutive Weeks at Number 1; 23 Consecutive Major Semi Finals; 25 consecutive QF’s, three years when he collected 3 of the 4 Major Championships (2004, 2006 and 2007); three years of reaching all 4 Major Finals (2006, 2007 and 2009). We will never see it’s like again, at least not in any of our lifetimes. And it’s only as recent as January, 2010 that he won Australia. I simply cannot believe that Federer’s game has deteriorated so rapidly, nor that he will never win another slam again.

Agassi pretty much disappeared from tennis from 97-98, came back in 99 at age 29 to make 4 consecutive Slam Finals, winning 3.

That is the consistency I am talking about Grendel. Federer is way out there in terms of consistency.

You talk about drip-drip deterioration, you forget the consistency he has enjoyed for 8 years now, if you are talking about him winning every slam there is to win, NOW, then No, that is not going to happen.

This is about Federer managing himself in order to become more consistent, at fewer tournaments, being able to train harder but in shorter spurts, being aware that his dominating years are over, but that does not mean that he is over. Consistency is a word which means different things – to you and me.

madmax Says:

There was also this guy called Boris Becker who went 4 years without winning a Slam, getting the Aussie at age 29.

Not to mention Sampras winning that last U.S. Open after making the final the year before when people said he was done. People just have short memories.

Polo Says:

Just saw the pictures of Federer with Mirka and the twins. Those twins are worth more than any trophy, not even 16 majors trophies.

madmax Says:

Polo, yes. but remember tennis is Federer’s day job, and he isn’t ready to give that up yet. he has said he wants his adorable twins to watch him play. so he is able to separate his family life from his professional life, don’t you think?

Polo Says:

Madmax, I am sure Federer derives satisfaction from different areas, namely family and tennis. When I said that his twins are worth more than 16 major trophies, I should have added:

Lucky for him (Federer) he does not have to choose because he has both…and he certainly has the capability to add more to both.

madmax Says:

way to go Polo!

grendel Says:

madmax – not that it matters in these androgynous times, but just for the record it’s ” boy”, or “old wreck” perhaps, not “girl”.
I don’t think we really disagree. Different emphasis, perhaps.

madmax Says:

why is it that “boys” use girls names? I don’t get it?

old wreck?

Grendel, you make me laugh, old boy! – (you write like a female – (in a nice way Grendel :)

I’ll go along with the different emphasis.

grendel Says:

madmax – possibly you’re thinking of Gretel, from the fairy story of Hansel and Gretel? She a girl. But Grendel – he a boy (of a kind).

jane Says:

“Grendel”, madmax, is a character from Beowulf!! You remember Grendel? If you haven’t read Beowulf, you really should imo (no, I haven’t read The Book Thief yet, but nor have I forgotten to do so. Am currently caught up in Virginia Woolf’s biography of Elizabeth Barret Browning’s dog, LOL); also very good, in an existential kind of way, is the 1989 re-working of Beowulf as told from Grendel’s- rather that the hero’s or omniscient narrator’s- perspective; it’s by John Gardner.

(hope you don’t mind my elaboration on your handle grendel; i am merely assuming …)

simba Says:

Going to RF’s forum, you will get a sense that most of his fans are horny, ugly, jilted owerweight women who fancy being friends of his. Now they are complaining about their man being out of the limelight and all of the positive press is on Nadal. How unfair the press has been treating Federer. Here is the kicker: they write their own record book, pretending Wimbledon 2010, 2008 does not happen. Pathetic.

skeezerweezer Says:


“they write their own record book, pretending Wimbledon 2010, 2008 does not happen. Pathetic.”

No, Federer wrote his own, to quote another poster on the facts ( TX Madmax )

“25 straight Grand Slams . I love how two quarterfinal exits and Federer will now supposedly never win another Slam. Despite what the uninformed anti federer fans state, hear this. Federer is THE most accomplished, best player tennis has ever seen. No one has ever (and might not ever again) achieved: 237 Consecutive Weeks at Number 1; 23 Consecutive Major Semi Finals; 25 consecutive QF’s, three years when he collected 3 of the 4 Major Championships (2004, 2006 and 2007); three years of reaching all 4 Major Finals (2006, 2007 and 2009). We will never see it’s like again, at least not in any of our lifetimes. And it’s only as recent as January, 2010 that he won Australia.”

BTW I am not horny at Fed but the right woman, well,,,, ), quite handsome, size 13 shoes that fit snug, 6’2″ 184 proud lbs at 55 and have never been jolted….well…was struck by lightning once..


Purcell Says:

Well then, go back to RN’s forum where adjectivally challenged, plank-shaped Essex girls like yourself are causing world-wide astonishment. No wonder Nadal scuttled by his embarrassing ‘fans’ at Aorangi. Pathetic.

Anna Says:

Is that a big angry roar from little Simba? Did the RN fangirls refuse to pull out that thorn? You might try being a little nicer next time or expect more of the same.

simba Says:

@skeezerweezer, don’t be so sure. Nadal just turned 24. He could easily win RG for the next 5 years. He is going to be strong favorite to win for Wimbledon. Before you know it, Nadal’s teeth will be on GS trophies 16 times or more.

If you want records, here are ones Federer will never achieve:

Davis Cup 3 times, Olympics single gold.
Golden Slam.
Most Master Series titles.
Double Double: Wimbledon + RG same year. Nadal can still get Triple Double, Quadruple Double as long as he is healthy.

Here is the one you will hate the most but will hold for sure: Federer H2H against Nadal will be 31% or worst. Currently, it is 7-15. That means if he plays Nadal 10 times, he will end up crying 7 times. He can the GOAT, but Nadal will be remembered as the GOAT BEATER.

skeezerweezer Says:


Your post doesn’t mean anything. Read it again.

And if it still doesn’t make sense to you, Call up all the past and tennis greats of all time and ask them what they think Fed is: GOAT :)

My post stands. Denied.


Purcell Says:

Well Simba. I can see from your name that you are of an animalistic persuasion Surely then you should be reporting Nadal to the International Society for the Protection of Goats. It’s not nice to beat up goats or any other of God’s creatures is it?

madmax Says:


i havent read your post, so will have to go back during my break to see what the fuss is all about.

but i can call you out on one fact you have written incorrectly, and i can only assume in your state of excitement to dis the fed even further, you forgot the unforgettable! YES! that is that federer DID win the double – wimbledon and then the French open! way to go federer!

I thought simba was a friendly lion, purring like a puddycat?

Thanks Jane, grendel sounds cool so am sure he won’t mind your correction and no, I havent read the book, so I will this summer, I have a whole list for you too, will post them next time. lovely.

Polo Says:

What is that saying, “counting chickens before the eggs are hatched”? Will somebody explain that to me, please. If you can provide an analogy in tennis terms, I would much appreciate it.

Von Says:

Polo: Counting your chickens bfore they are hatched, usually means don’t plan on anything happening as a certainty, until it actually happens.

In relation to tennis, it’s similar to some people stating prior to a match that a player has the match in the bag, even before the players take the court and actually play the match. And, that’s why sometimes, we have what’s called *upsets*.

ATP Summer Tennis Schedule Says:

[…] it’s pretty clear tennis is in a pseudo dead season at the moment. Roger Federer is off on some boat tour with his family. Andy Roddick is going head-to-head with wife Brooklyn in IQ tests, and losing. Rafael Nadal is […]

Polo Says:

Hi Von. We have not exchanged blogs here in a while. I must say that I am happier now with my communications with you, albeit rare, unlike our initial encounters. I have come to respect you and your ideas. I look at Roddick differently now. Not solely because of what you say about him but rather because I looked into him more deeply and discovered an admirable man.

Von Says:

Hi Polo: Thanks for the kind sentiments you expressed in your post to me. I, too, enjoy our present communications a lot more nowadays, and hopefully, we can keep them as amicble as possible, now, and in the future. Unfortunately, I’ve cut down a lot on posting, but whenever I do post, and you’re around, I’ll make a mental note to give a shout out to you. I still remember the fun times we had during the USO night matches last year with Mary, Veno, yourself, myself, and a few other posters. Our discussions on some matches became matutinal, but the fun was great. I suppose quite a few of us woke up very tired the next day for work. LOL.

Also, I’m very happy to know that you see Roddick in a different light, as opposed to the past, and I’m even more elated that you came to the realization that he’s an admirable man, of your own accord and not from my silly promptings.

Take care Polo, and I’ll catch ya later. BTW, stop reading the gossip rags at the supermarket check-out counter — I still do cheat by taking a peek. LOOL

seashell Says:

Roger looks fab ! Roddick is kinda flabby on and off. I guess the best is Nadal. As far as Mirka goes, at least she is cerebral and doe NOT need extreme photoshopping, fake eyelashes, 5 in of makeup, and fake hair extensions like Roddick’s wife who has wrinkles at 24 and no brain.
Agassi has a cerebral wife too. Brains and looks can happen. Mandy Moore had a brain and looks but Roddick could not handle her. Dunces are easier.

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