Rafael Nadal Celebrates After Spain Wins World Cup [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 11th, 2010, 7:48 pm

Rafael Nadal’s trip to South Africa proved memorable for all the right reasons. Just hours ago Spain captured its first-ever World Cup title defeating The Netherlands 1-0 in a thrilling final.

Nadal was in attendance at Soccer City for Spain’s greatest football moment and the happy Wimbledon champion was interviewed followed the big win:

If anyone can translate please add in the comments.

Congratulations to all the Spanish fans on their much-deserved World Cup victory.

Click here for a photo of Nadal with the World Cup trophy

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20 Comments for Rafael Nadal Celebrates After Spain Wins World Cup [Video]

USOpen2010 Says:

Awesome! Nadal was the inspiration for the World Cup victory. When those players saw him win Wimbeldon and the French Open they were inspired and wanted to follow in the most popular sports figure in Spain shoes. New York isn’t ready for Rafa and neither is that one guy who is #3 in the world now and never has a prayer of getting back to #1. Rafa will win the US Open and prove that Spain is the dominant sports country as far as tennis and soccer goes. See ya Roger and hello Rafa! Vamos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fadingis Says:

VAMOS LA CELESTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and….. the guy asked rafa what was hapening in the locker room and he said it was great, then rafa was asked if the party was better than at Wimbledon´s locker room and he said that here (world cup) it´s much better because it´s a team the have more fun and that wining the world cup is incredible

topspin Says:

man, Rafa is 1000 times better when interviewed in spanish, congrats spain!!

nadline Says:

Couldn’t understand a word Rafa said, but it was nice to see him.

Well, I remember when Switzerland beat Spain in the 1st round, and Fedfans thought this was an omen for Federer to beat Nadal at Wimbledon, seems like that turned out to be a bad omen for Switzerland all round.

Lenny Says:

Awwww! He looks more delighted here that he was winning his OWN trophies.

dzulkafley Says:

Great to see Spain winning the world cup…it just shows it pays to remain true to the spirit of sportsmanship despite roughshod treatment from the witless opponent. Nadal is lucky to be able to see his country winning the world and Spain winning again is not remote, not like that loser of an island off the coast of france.

Would like to see nadal win the USopen2010 and once for all wipe from the surface of earth them freaky and rather nerdy fedex worshippers cult.Vamos Rafa!!!

skeezerweezer Says:

“We are the World, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start livin’…….”

grendel Says:

“not like that loser of an island off the coast of france.”

I take it you mean Britain, where I come from. Loser of an island, eh? It’s true, we invented just about all the main sports, and are now among the worst at most of them. Personally, I feel quite relaxed about that. I don’t know why, but I’ve always found loudly trumpeted chants of “England! England!”, usually emanating from the mouths of obese red faced drunken yobs, pretty stomach churning. Perhaps it is our discreditable colonial history, I don’t know.

Spanish patriotism, on the other hand, seems rather sweet….

Polo Says:

I love dzulkafley. I wish a had a friend like him. He would be great to discuss anything with. He seems to have a really profound intellect coupled with an inffalible grasp of humanity. Nadal will be very proud of him.

Fot Says:

dzulkafley Says:
Would like to see nadal win the USopen2010 and once for all wipe from the surface of earth them freaky and rather nerdy fedex worshippers cult.

Surely you’re not talking about any of the Federer fans on this site, right? Because why would you like to ‘whip from the surface of earth’? We are talking about tennis, right – not World War III or something like that, right? *confused*

skeezerweezer Says:

BTW, Didn’t Spain just lose in the Davis Cup? This is a Tennis site, no? Not a Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Squash, Bocce ball, Foos ball, Bowling, Horse Shoe, Ping Pong, Racket Ball, Flipping Quarters, Bull fighting, Cock fighting, Dog fighting, X games, Oylmpics, or Freezbie Sport site? Hey, maybe someone should start a AllSPORT-X

margot Says:

dzulkafley: Ben Ainslie to you.
grendel: most countries in europe, who were once major powers,including Spain, have terrible colonial/religious persecution history, wouldn’t you agree?

jojostruys Says:

skeezerweezer, maybe we should call this site ALLACTIVITIESINTHEWORLD-X site too! Do you aware Tom Gainey’s post re Fed’s vacation in other thread? This is a Tennis site, no? :)

grendel Says:

yes, margot, Spain’s record is quite as bad as England’s. We tend to understand the shit on our own doorstep more clearly, however – or more pesonally, perhaps.

Polo Says:

I think the War Of The Worlds has started.

WTF Says:

He looks happier about this World Cup win than he did winning Wimbledon a few weeks ago. He didn’t even bother watching the Davis Cup or playing it. He went to SA instead. Guess it shows how much bigger WC is than anything in Tennis, and how much it means to him.

It also shows how dependent Spain is on him in davis cup. 5-0 white wash to the defending champs. Ouch.

Kimmi Says:

“It also shows how dependent Spain is on him in davis cup..5-0 white wash to the defending champs. Ouch.”

spain have won few davis cup ties without rafa before, including 2008 when verdasco won a very important match to win the championship. so give the other guys some credit. france came up and played very well last weekend. they deserve all the credit also.

Adolf Says:

Wow i think spain had been the best in the sports since past two years and they had been succeding in all the major events whether its an team game or it is an solo event whether to talk about the wimbledon they are ruling the spots world for surely.

fae Says:

Spain have won few davis cup ties without Rafa before”

Not quite correct, the 2008 semi-finals in the bull ring v. Usa, Rafa beat Querry (in madrid altitude) in four sets then demolished Roddick in the next rubber, he Got them to the Finals, he definately played his part, I remember Feli,fernando and Ferrer hoisting him up like a god that day in the bull ring, it was a great atmosphere and last year at his worst he again won both his rubbers against the check republic to clinch before Ferrer beat Stepanek (Rafa had to give him a good talking too), in a five set thriller, Rafa won his in straight sets! He plays so special for his country and to listen that he cried for spains victory in the World cup just goes to show what a special man he is… he is a credit to his sport and his country.!

Charlotte Says:

Spain won the 2008 final in Argentina without Rafa and on a hard court.

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