Andy Roddick Takes IQ Test, Finishes Below Wife Brooklyn Decker [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 13th, 2010, 11:04 am

During the Bobby Bones morning radio show earlier this month, frequent guests Andy Roddick and wife Brooklyn Decker took part in an on-air impromptu IQ test challenge.

As announced on the show, when the results were tabulated Roddick scored a 133 on an “abbreviated” IQ test. But swimsuit model Brooklyn scored even higher at 136.

Regardless of classification (there are several), IQ scores over 130 are indicative of individuals with above average or superior intelligence. That gives the Roddick family brains to go along with looks. Neither went to college (and no, life isn’t fair).

The Bobby Bones morning show airs on KISS 96.7 FM out of Austin where Roddick and Brooklyn call home.

Roddick returns to tennis action on Wednesday. The former No. 1 will play two World Team Tennis matches against John McEnroe and the New York Sportimes on July 14 at Randall’s Island. He then plays at home for the Philadelphia Freedoms at the Pavilion at Villanova against the Boston Lobsters on July 15.

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24 Comments for Andy Roddick Takes IQ Test, Finishes Below Wife Brooklyn Decker [Video]

Jake Willens Says:

Ouch-Andy, that has to be a blow to your ego. I still like your chances to get to the finals of the Open this year!

guy Says:

iq tests are handicapped for women, weighting language more than problem solving. which means you can’t trust their scores.

fadingis Says:

can you explain better i´m not a native speaker and your post kind of confused me

andrea Says:

ok, it’s another lull before we can all get amped up again. how about people listing their fave player quotes? mine is from marat safin who famously said at Wimbledon:

“Grass is for cows, I’m never coming back.”

Anna Says:

Not all IQ tests are weighted toward language. Some are strictly problem solving (for non English speaking or deaf population). A global test includes problem solving and language equally. I have a feeling this “test” has probably not been standardized in any real way.

SG Says:

We’re really reaching for tennis news now. Anyway, Andy’s no dummy relatively or otherwise. The guy is quick-witted and insightful during his interviews. Clear signs of a highly intelligent individual. If had to put my life on Roddick’s racket vs. Fed’s racket, it’d be Fed everyday and twice on Sunday. But, if I had to put my life on the line when it comes to brains, I really think Andy comes out on top. I know English isn’t Fed’s first language. I get that. I just get this impression that Fed’s more simple, Roddick more complex and introspective. And if his wife did better than him on an IQ test, kudos to her. Who cares? Good for Andy. So they’ll have really smart good looking kids. Nothing wrong with that right?

SG Says:

andrea Says:
ok, it’s another lull before we can all get amped up again. how about people listing their fave player quotes?


“Nobody beat Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row.”

“You cannot be serious!”

“I can cry like Roger. It’s too bad I can’t play like him.”

Pretty much every Roddick press conference has a good quotable:

“I threw the kitchen sink at him so Roger brought his bathtub”.

SG Says:

“This is what they want. This is what they pay for”.

Kimmi Says:

SG – ‘“I can cry like Roger. It’s too bad I can’t play like him.”

made me teary-eyed when i heard that

dari Says:

I’ve got a couple:

“as long as I got my pants back”

“People like me all over the world. The stadiums are full when I play and kids want my autograph and scream my name.” Mr. Modesty

These aren’t terribly difficult to guess!

blah Says:

i think gimbelstomb asked roddick what he could’ve done better at wimby this year after he won miami.

he said something like “I don’t know, win?.”

Short silence from gimelstomb.

I cracked up.

margot Says:

“I am trying, damnit!”

grendel Says:

From memory, so not exact – but more or less:

Kevin Kim:”Playing Nadal is like wading through the Sahara desert in thick boots”

Djokovic after beating someone in this year’s RG:”I come out on top again”.

Sharapova being asked how she would conduct herself on the screaming front if she had her time again: “I wouldn’t change a thing”.

Roddick on being asked if he was concerned about having only won one grand slam: “Why, how many have you won?”

Gasquet after losing early in a slam:”Q: What are you going to do in the coming hours and days? R.Gasquet: Well, I’ll get back home alone and I don’t want to see anybody. I don’t want to see anybody, because, well, I don’t feel well. So, you know, when you don’t feel well, you want to be on your own”. [that one is exact]

Serena Williams (during her long lay off);”sometimes I am doing stuff in practice which is so amazing I can hardly believe it myself”.

Federer on being asked what the Queen said to him:”she said I should do more backhands down the line”

Pat Cash, after he had done a good smash (think it was at Queens) and there was only muted applause:”well, come on, that wasn’t bad!”

Boris Becker, responding to an English journalist gushing about how, after a long drought for the British, Henman and Rusedski were looking good:”And now you are taking the tennis world by storm!” (big smile).

Safin:”nobody likes to work” (wink)

Nadal, upon hearing he is to face grendel in a charity tennis do:”it will be a very difficult match”.

jane Says:


Djoko: On sex vs. slams …

Q. So what was better, winning a grand-slam tournament or sex? “

A. Nothing, nothing, nothing is better than sex, it is what God created us to do.”

Q. But what if he were to win Wimbledon? “

A. Ask me the question again on that day.”

NADAL: – On the long season …

“And the body, when you put the body all the time at the limit, so is difficult, no? Anyway, if you work hard on your physical with your physio, it’s the same like Formula 1. (laughter.) Yeah, that’s true, the best cars of the world, but at the same time the cars brokes more than your car. That’s the reason, because the car is always at the limit. So we are the same.”

Huh? : )

MONFILS: On playing Fed …

He’s got experience, okay. But I’ve been playing against him twice now more or less the same level, and I think the difference is based on the fact that his game is really a pain in the ass, you know, more than anything else, more than any other player.

SAFIN: On being himself …

” You know, the story of the hippo? The hippo comes to the monkey and said, listen, I’m not a hippo. So, he paint himself like a zebra. He said but he’s still a hippo. He said but look at you, you’re painted like a zebra but you are a hippo. So then he goes, you know, like I want be a little parrot. So, he put the colours on him and he comes to the monkey and said but, sorry, you are a hippo. So, in the end, you know, he comes and said I’m happy to be a hippo. This is who I am. So, I have to be who I am and he’s happy being a hippo.” “

SG Says:

Sampras at his HOF induciton:

“I’m a tennis player. Nothing more, nothing less. And that’s always been good enough for me.”

grendel Says:

SG says:”. I get that. I just get this impression that Fed’s more simple, Roddick more complex and introspective”

I do think this is right. To me, Federer was born to play tennis. He is, as he has said himself, at home on the tennis court. I’m not so sure that’s true of Roddick, though certainly he would always have been a sportsman of some sort.

But I think it is this very simplicity of Federer’s – the guy who likes to play childish practical jokes – which can also lead him to say stuff which makes him sound swollen headed. If he was a more careful person, he would have somebody to vet his off the cuff comments – he seems to have no sense of PR whatsoever except in a naive sort of way. You think of some of these Hollywood stars who come across all modest in interviews whilst you know in fact that they are monsters of vanity and selfishness. There will be tennis stars, football stars and so on like that too – Federer is very definitely not among them.

Nor is Roddick. He is very sharp and comes across to me as highly nervy, too, on the tennis court. At this Wimbledon in the match against Lu, I saw him gesture irritably at a ball boy to get a move on and to give him his towel. This was a mild case of bullying which I can imagine him regretting afterwards – for he is not thoughtless, it seems to me but impulsive. In the quote I give from him above (“how many g/slams have you won?”), I believe he apologised almost immediately, recognizing that the riposte was not quite appropriate (although definitely funny – at the expense of the hapless journalist). Not many players would have been so prompt to appreciate that. Roddick thinks quickly.

Federer strikes me as one of these people who are thrust into the limelight and, not surprisingly, in the course of simply countless interviews,says some daft things off the cuff which are then isolated from context, picked upon, analysed, endlessly repeated, and taken to sum the man up. A less simple man, but not a more honest man, than him would never get caught in these embarrassing moments.

grendel Says:

“I am trying, damnit!” Margot, who said that? It’s on the tip of my something or other – like someone in the crowd urges this player to pull his finger out, and he plaintively responds…

margot Says:

grendel: Connors in THAT match.

grendel Says:


Von Says:

SG: Very good summation of Roddick’s acuity of mind. But, then again, you’ve always been one who’s fair in his compliments and criticisms. Kudos to you.

However, it is rather unfortunate that your compliment evoked a gross overstatement and/or interpretation of Andy’s request to the ball-boy to bring his towel a tad faster, as *bullying*. sheesh.

grendel Says:

Sorry, computer. It wasn’t a request, it was a highly irritable and snappy gesture – by any standards, mild bullying. I have no problem with this, Roddick was in a nervy state, he is human and has faults – one of which is a tendency, sometimes, to bully. He also owns up. He’s a good guy. And I see what I see and report it, don’t censure it.

grendel Says:

oh, dear. freudian slip? I don’t know. Reporting can entail censure, I suppose. But the word I meant, of course, was “censor”.

ATP Summer Tennis Schedule Says:

[…] is off on some boat tour with his family. Andy Roddick is going head-to-head with wife Brooklyn in IQ tests, and losing. Rafael Nadal is partying after Spain’s World Cup win. And Serena Williams I read is having ESPY […]

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