ATP Summer Tennis Schedule

by Sean Randall | July 14th, 2010, 2:33 pm

By reading some of the stories and comments on this site, it’s pretty clear tennis is in a pseudo dead season at the moment. Roger Federer is off on some boat tour with his family. Andy Roddick is going head-to-head with wife Brooklyn in IQ tests, and losing. Rafael Nadal is partying after Spain’s World Cup win. And Serena Williams I read is having ESPY house parties. ADHERER

But this post-French Open/Wimbledon break is nearing an end, and for fans actual tennis is right just the corner.

Next week the debut Atlanta hardcourts begins the US Open summer circuit which continues through L.A., Washington, Toronto, Cincinnati, New Haven before finishing at the US Open.

So to get you properly prepped here’s an early look at where the top players will and will not be playing for the month that awaits.

Atlanta – July 19
Andy Roddick (NEW)
John Isner
Lleyton Hewitt
Mardy Fish
James Blake

Los Angeles – July 26
Novak Djokovic (Wow!)
Marcos Bagdhatis
Ernests Gulbis
Sam Querrey
Mardy Fish
James Blake

Washington – August 1
Andy Roddick
David Nalbandian (Wow)
Sam Querrey
Tomas Berdych (Wow)
Marin Cilic
Robin Soderling
Fernando Verdasco
Llyeton Hewitt
John Isner
Ernests Gulbis

Toronto – August 9
Top 40 Men

Cincinnati – August 16
Top 40 Men

New Haven – August 22
Marcos Baghdatis
David Ferrer
Ivan Ljubicic
Sam Querrey
Fernando Verdasco

(Note that because of wildcards and injuries these lists could change – and they will!)

A few comments. Federer, Nadal and Andy Murray at the moment are only scheduled to play in Toronto and Cincinnati. Djokovic and Roddick added an additional events at LA and Washington, respectively.

And will Federer and Nadal play both Masters? Nadal is still undergoing knee treatments while Federer’s motivation and interest level has be a question mark after his Slam-less spring.

Sam Querrey, who admitted he was burnt out at the French Open, is back playing a full summer swing. He played Newport last week and based on what I see he’s scheduled for five straight tournament weeks leading up to the US Open. If he plays well might that be cause for concern again? (Fernando Verdasco is also playing the last four weeks.)

And I have to say I’m surprised to see Djokovic playing in L.A. I don’t think he’s ever played there before. But credit to him for making the trip. I will also add the Washington event looks great!

I’ll have a more detailed summer preview in the next week.

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66 Comments for ATP Summer Tennis Schedule

blank Says:

Why is Djokovic playing Los Angeles? He is # 2 in the world and he better start acting like one. Given his health issues, this is absolutely unnecessary considering how busy the season is going to be starting in Toronto.

dari Says:

Yessssss. Brief enough not to get me worked up. Broad enough to pique my interest on several fronts. Thanks, Sean.

Mg Mg Says:

NOvak wants to keep ahead of Roger in the ranking. There is not much difference in between the two.

Mg Mg Says:

I am going to make pasta for my dinner tonight.Thanks Rafa.

Kimmi Says:

hahaha. enjoyed those commercials tom. for me the best ones are murray and roddick/serena.

jane Says:

Djoko committed to playing L.A. last year in November. I am not sure of his motivation, but maybe he wants a little more prep for the USO?

jane Says:

Murray – stop injuring folks! LOL.

Kimmi Says:

just checked the ATP calender. i was not sure if LA is a 250 or 500 event.

ATP site says LA 250. washington 500.

So djoko opted to play a 250 event during north american series.. hmmm, he already has two 250 from serbia and Queens but did not perform well on both so he has room for few points if he does well there.

I am with you there jane, it looks like he is playing more for the prep..

Hope we get some competative matches in the next few weeks. bring it on.

Jake Willens Says:

I am so pumped for this summer hard court season. Watch out for Murray and Cilic to have big, big summers!

leigh Says:

This Pasta Y Gambas recipe by Rafa has been abbreviated due to the shortness of the vid. The complete version from his Wimbledon blog includes onions and champignons: Sautee onions in olive oil, add chopped mushrooms, cook until water evaporates, add finely chopped red pepper, cleaned shrimp, cook until almost done, add cooked pasta, more olive oil as needed, salt & pepper, stir and finish cooking the shrimp.

He’s been cooking this most often during the fortnight.

Hypnos Says:

This dead season shows that Wimbledon should be pushed back and there should be a grass Masters preceding it.

I can dream …

Fot Says:

I know this should go in the other thread, but if anyone wants to see what the Yacht looks like inside (the one Roger had for vacation) – here is a slide show.

Kimmi Says:

Fot – thanks for the link.

aah, the life of luxury!

Fot Says:

Yea Kimmi – I can only dream! lol!

Andrew Miller Says:

Wow. Incredible draws for the U.S. hardcourt season! guess the players must sense a chance to scramble the top ten. This seems like a summer not to be missed.

I went to the DC tournament 2001,2002,2003,2004 (Legg Mason) and it was great, you got to put your feet on the court. That’s where I saw Marcelo Rios, Kafelnikov, Blake, Agassi, Hewitt, Spadea, Soderling (the young, before most people knew he existed! 2001, match against Dancevic), Haas, F. Gonzalez, Chang, Kiefer, Fish, Roddick etc.

Of all of them: Marcelo Rios easily the best ball striker I’ve ever seen.

Still: what a draw for DC and the rest of the road map. Super impressed.

Andrew Miller Says:

Wait, I think I see why DC has a significantly superior draw than in the past: the cash. It’s offering 1.4 million in prize $. For a small tournament…that’s going to get some players.

Kimmi Says:

andrew – legg mason is an ATP500 now, so it should have a great field.

i would have loved to see djoko play there, but i can see what he is doing..its difficult to play three weeks back to back to back as there is no break between washington, toronto and cincy.

while europe still has clay going on. i cannot understand why so many clay tournaments now.

i am with hypnos, move wimbledon ahead and have more grass tournaments..including MS 1000

Kimmi Says:

Good to also see gulbis back. Lets go gulbis

skeezerweezer Says:

No Fed or Rafa till Aug 9? Ok….let’s see see who gets hot till then! Bring it! :)

I hope just from a pure philosophical view Rafa’s PRP treatments do not include stem cells….otherwise we will be stepping into the territory of enhancing performance which then should be available and legal in any country to any athlete leveling the playing field, aka steroids, as an example, which increases recovery, healing, muscle building AND performance. This does not include the controversial use of stem cells, which IMO am opposed, but respect others opinions on it. Not trying to start something with Rafa, and new technologies in medicine are sometimes miraculous, just sayin…..only IF his treatment includes stem cells…..

mem Says:


very amusing and sneaky! how about that, you are not trying to start something. very clever, well, what are you trying to do? what’s rafa done wrong now? i’m sure you have already investigated everything; if anybody should know what rafa’s treatment involves, it would be you! you wouldnt rest until you knew, especially if it has anything to do with discrediting rafa.

what happened to rafa should do what it takes to prolong his career? so, what’s the problem? you are a master at seizing the opportunity to throw something out for the pack of wolves to feast on! i have to remind myself that you’re not happy until you dig up something with a slanderous undertone to get others insinuating and making false accusations! you know exactly what you are doing. it’s what you do! it’s your character!

don’t bother about telling me how i misjudged your motives. i don’t think so!

rifi Says:

Rafa will be focusing on the US Open. His campaign for the grand slam record is getting really interesting.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Yawn. Post stands. This therapy was already discussed. YOU weren’t there when you had an opportunity to throw your insults. Sorry, guess you missed out again. :(

Hope you have a better day.

Skeezerweezer Says:


“You’re like a tornado of BS, We’ll talk when your BS dies out over someone else’s house.”

mem Says:



Von Says:

Congrats to Isner and Mahut on their ESPY awards!!

Blank: The double Decker was at the Espy awards, all decked out and looking like a million bucks. Our guy was not there. I suppose he’s playing WTT with John McEnroe.

dari Says:

Brook looked like a BILLION bucks. B for you know what’s!

Fot Says:

Honesly, I was not that impressed with the way Decker looked last night. maybe it’s just me….

jane Says:

I didn’t particularly like the dress either Fot; the colour was okay, but I don’t generally like the Hervé Léger bandaid style dresses and skirts on anyone. So it’s just a personal taste thing for me. She usually looks lovely in the stands when she’s watching Andy. I’ll be interested to see if she can act; I know she’s got a small part in that Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler film coming up. Pete’s wife seems like an okay actress – saw her in “Shop Girl” anyhow, and she played that comedic role well enough.

dari Says:

UH, hello, Pete sampras, aka the husband of the girl who played billie Madison’s teacher, is a fine actress! I know ppl didn’t always like her but I was cool with her cause she was from billie Madison!

Sean Randall Says:

I’ve updated the post to reflect Andy Roddick’s intention to play in Atlanta.

Kimmi Says:

re: broklyn dress..had to google this dress everyone is talking about. and my verdict..not too bad. it was an ok dress. wha i loved the most is her shoes…

anyway, tennis talk. davydenko upset in stuttgart by world # 88. Tough coming back from injury. things will get tougher as he has a title to defend next week in hamburg i think..

verdasco had great start today, tomorrow could be a tough one though.

soda pop had a tough one too but survived.

Von Says:

dari: Pete’s my all time fave, in front of Roddick, and his wife, Bridgette, IMO, is a pretty good actress. I love Bridgettte’s and Brooklyn’s all-American girl wholesome/Georgia peach/ look. I liked bridget in the “Wedding Planner” with JLo and Matthew McConaughey, Mr. sex appeal. LOL. She was also good in the Gold Digger. That’s the movie Pete saw her in when he was taking a sabbatical with his bad back and asked her manager for her number. Theirs and the Roddicks first date seem to paralell each other.

I think Decker’s dress was soft, simple, and fresh looking for a young woman of her age, as opposed to Lindsay Vonn’s dress, which was way too matronly. That said, I think Mrs. Roddick is doing just AOK. Whether Brooklyn can act or not, isn’t of utmost importance. I’m just happy for her that she’s making the most of her window(s) of opportunity, as they arise. Go Roddicks!!

Also, am very excited to see Roddick playing at Atlanta, which is a sort of deja vu for him. I hope that he wouldn’t be too tired from playing WTT this week. Andy needs to gain some points like yesterday, or else he’ll be free-falling out of the top 10 very soon, deja vu, 2006.

I think Murray should be a bit concerned re his No. 4 spot, as Soderling seems to biting on his heels to get that coveted spot in the rankings.
Dan: I think Indy and Legg Mason are sauna baths for the players, and maybe a good way to lose weight. LOL.

I’m a bit concerned that both Querrey and Isner are over-playing and will be burnt out by the time the USO rolls around. I hope that’s not the case though as we ned more Americans in the draw for our GS, and better still for one of them to win the darn thing — it’s about time!

Fot Says:

Von – I agree with your last paragraph. Seems like the American players try to play this US Open series (heck, if they don’t play, it won’t be a series! lol). Bur the problem is that they do overplay and by the time the US Open gets here they are all played out! I’m talking about the Isners, the Querreys, etc. I mean, didn’t one of them actually win the US Open series last year? And…who cares and remembers because they didn’t win the main US Open! lol! I guess the series needs these types of players because the Federers and the Nadals don’t want to come over and spent that much time in the US and ‘over-play’. With 2 master’s events before the US Open – it still gives these guys the time they need to get ready (or it has in the past).

Anyway – good luck to all the players in the first tournament. I can sit back and ‘relax’ until the Master’s event when my favorite (hopefully) will play.

Kimmi Says:

this is the stretch where delpo is defending a lot of points. by the time us open ends, if not playing he should drop to 35 or somewhere near there.

washington – 500
toronto – 600
cincy – did not play
us open – 2000

total = 3100

positive thing is, he will start from zero when he comes back, but will be tough. get well soon delpo

Von Says:

Fot: I believe it was Querrey who won the US Open Series. I feel that Isner sould be relaxing instead of playing to conserve his energy. He probably does not feel it now, but will very soon start to feel the after-effects of his match vs. Mahut, and will realize that the saying :”All things in moderation” was uttered by someone who’s very wise. These youngsters want everything like yesterday and therein lies the prblem.

You mentioned that the top players don’t want to come to the US for such a lengthy period of time, e.g., the US Open series, which is somewhat similar to how the Americans feel about the clay season, yet there is forgiveness and compassion shown towards the others, but the Americans are severely criticized. I suppose that’s how te cookie crumbles, isn’t it. OY and no fair!
Kimmi: This is an off-tennis topic. I know you are from Tanzania, the country that yields that beutiful stone, Tanzanite, which has become very scarce and extremely expensive. Do you know why the embargo on Tanzanite is in effect by the Tanzanikan government? I’m a collector of precious gems and also study them, but I think Tanzanite is going to make me bankrupt very soon. What gives …..?

Von Says:

@ 12:19 am, OY VEY, too many typos. Sorry. I can spell, I really can. LOOL

jane Says:

Kimmi, ” he should drop to 35 or somewhere near there.”

Wow – that’s quite the drop for Delpo. Isn’t there something called “injury protection” for player’s rankings? I thought so, but maybe it doesn’t apply in this instance, or only for so long?

Von – “Murray should be a bit concerned re his No. 4 spot, as Soderling seems to biting on his heels to get that coveted spot”

Another shocker: I had no idea that Soda was getting so close to Murray, and I think Murray has to defend the title in Canada, semis at Cincy and not as much at the USO as he lost earlier than expected there. In fact both Andys did, so they could both pick up points at the Open this year.

Hmmm…looks like the top ten shuffle will continue.

Thomas Says:

the problem for murray is that soderling doesnt have much points to defend. Last year, Söderling played at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic but had to pull out in the quarterfinals due to an elbow injury which forced Söderling to withdraw from the Canada Masters. He also lost in the first round of cincinnati. he then made the quarters of the USO. I think Murray has more points to defend.

jane Says:

Thomas, thanks – I was wondering what Soda has to defend, as I know Murray’s (as posted @1:32); I follow him pretty closely. Well, the good new is that even if he were to lose the #4 spot, he can pick up points at the USO, as well as afterwards, as I don’t think he played the Asian swing (Bejing/Shanghai) last year due to his wrist, and I know Soda did. I believe Murray won Valencia in the fall but that’s it, other than Masters Cup semis. Can’t remember how deep he went in Paris but I don’t think it was too far. It’s possible he and Soda could switch places a couple times. Unless one of them wins the USO…

jane Says:

Nole has a ton to defend this summer/fall: Canada QF; Cincy F; USO, SF; Bejing, W; Shanghai, SF; Basel, W; Paris, W.

Plus, Serbia will have the semis in Davis Cup in September.

That L.A. tournament could be a help (points-wise) or a hinderance (energy-wise). But it is what it is.

Fed has a fair bit to defend up to the USO (Canada QF; Cincy W; USO F) but he can gain a lot on fall indoor/outdoor hard courts.

Rafa has no titles to defend, but he went deep at most of the events: Canada, QF; Cincy, SF; USO, SF; Bejing SF; Shanghai, F; Paris, SF. He’s sitting so far above at #1 right now that he’d have to really blow it not to end the year there, I’d think. All he has to do to cement it, likely, is win one of the Masters left, and/or the USO.

guy Says:

nadal has already cemented year end no.1
fed has to defend a masters and make the usopen final and still won’t be near him. best fed can hope for is to try and get no.2 back[then hope nadal dies next year].

although i can’t see that happening[or nadal dying, he’s no doubt very hard to kill] since djoko didn’t exactly have a stellar end of season last year and is starting to hit some form.

guy Says:

ok maybe djoko had an okay summer, but by his standards, i don’t think that great. qf, sf at masters isn’t amazing when you’re top 3, and frankly, either is grandslam SF, considering you only play a couple of great players to get that far with top 3 draws. a single masters win from four events can certainly be improved upon.

grendel Says:

guy, I honestly don’t believe that Federer is seriously in the chase for #1 any more. New eras always take a bit of getting used to, we don’t quite believe it at first, but imo the Fed/Nadal condominium is over (with apologies to madmax!). Nadal is now the undisputed #1 with no rival claimants. That will change, of course, at some point, but at the moment, with delPotro being injured and question marks hanging over Murray and Djokovic, it is quite impossible to say who will emerge as the crown prince – though it’s fun to speculate. I’m not ruling Federer out of winning another slam,b.t.w., of course he remains a strong contender – just not for the top notch any more.

guy Says:

guess murray might have a chance to get 3 back. he did well in the first two masters, but looks like he missed shanghai, did poorly in paris and r16 at usopen. i think fed has his work cut out to stay at no.3 actually.
murray is about 1700 behind
murray is quite capable of making the usopen final which would give him +1000 on his 180 last year. so if he can find around 700 points somewhere else, eg picking up a another masters, he could snatch it.

guy Says:

yes it will be tough for fed mentally now too, because he’s suddenly in a position where he’s under a lot of pressure to defend points. for years he had such a huge lead he wouldn’t have felt this. now he’ll be 2,3,4 at the turn of the year and still have the aus open to defend just to stay there.

the only positive for him is that he managed to get the mental edge back over murray and djoko after they were beginning to get on top of him.

meanwhile, i’m interested to see how nalbandian does after his impressive davis cup performance. his time is starting to run out.

grendel Says:

I’ve given up hoping for Nalbandian on the basis of good performances. One good run never seems to be followed by another. On the other hand, just when you’ve ruled him out, he suddenly comes up and surprises you.

What I’d really like to see is Nalbandian get a slam. Although he is often the author of his own woes, you could argue that he has been slightly unfortunate. He got to the final in Wimbledon when he wasn’t really ready for it. In the year Roddick won the US Open, Nalbandian (in the semi against Roddick) won the first 2 sets and had a match point in tie break, furthermore there was a bit of controversy over a spectator calling out and confusing the Argentine. Clearly that match could have gone either way. Then Nalbandian was leading another mercurial player, Baghdatis, two sets to love – rain intervened, and it wasn’t the same Nalbandian who resumed. The guy can change within a match, never mind a couple of tourneys. Baggy took a set off Federer in the final – but Nalbandian would certainly have been a much more formidable opponent for Fed.

So here’s hoping Nalbandia can get it together once more in an actual Grand Slam – at this stage in his career, nothing else will do to justify the popping of champagne.

jane Says:

grendel, do you remember the Nalbandian v. Ferrer match at the USO in 2007? It was early on in the tournament, but I’ve always wondered what Nalby could’ve done had he got through that match (it ended at 7-5 in the 5th set). It was, after all, the summer leading into that superb indoor season he had, winning Madrid and Paris and beating Fed and Nadal in the finals. Anyhow, Ferrer ended up getting to the semis of the USO, as he had a hobbled Nadal the next round, then Chela, and then only Djoko stopped him in the semis. I am sure Nalby could’ve made the semis anyhow. And had he beaten Djoko there, he would’ve met Fed in the finals. He’d’ve had a shot at the title, I think. I know this a lot of speculation. But I’ve often seen that as a missed opportunity for him – in hindsight especially. He never flinches when he meets Fed or Rafa so I don’t think the occasion would’ve gotten to him. And Fed was looking just a little bit more vulnerable throughout spring-summer 2007 than he was, certainly, in his monster run from 04-06.

Mg Mg Says:


Your post cracks me up.
“best fed can hope for is to try and get no.2 back[then hope nadal dies next year].”

margot Says:

jane, kimmi: there’s a twerp on tv called James Corben, during the world cup he had a chat show and Andy was on. Look it up on Youtube, if you’ve got time. He’s just so sweet! Does singing(!!) and dancing(!!)
grendel: here’s another favourite, not exact but near enough – “How do you beat him? Well, you could try tieing his shoe laces together.” Not about TMF either.

jane Says:

margot, that’s about Rafa right? Murray on Rafa? I know Djoko once said he needs two racquets to beat Rafa on clay.

Thanks for the heads up on the youtube video; Murray is a great guy. (The same can’t be said for the host, lol). Here’s a quick link for others interested:

grendel Says:

jane – yes, I agree, another whatif scenario. You get a lot of them, don’t you, with Nalbandian – which tells you something about him. The chap just ain’t achieving as he oughter.

margot Says:

jane: glad u liked it! No, host is a —- (please fill in word of your choice!)
way off with quote….

Kimmi Says:

Hi Von – nice to know you are one of the tanzanite followers. It is a very beautiful gemstone..i love it too. Unfortunetely I haven’t been following close on what is happening at the moment..

But I do remember there always been talks that the govt should stop the export of raw tanzanite and find ways to process the germ in tanzania. the raw tanzanite export was causing significant loses to the govt.

I think this is what is happening. But they should still be able to sell it after it is processed (?). I don’t know what effect this will have on the whole tanzanite business.

I read one of the articles that said a lot of overseas buyers have stopped coming to the country…hmmmmm, crazy stuff.

Kimmi Says:

margot/jane – i watched the linked few days ago on tennis planet. loved it. Good to see andy enjoying himself.

I love his Usopen series commecial. I think he should do some acting later on in his career..he was very good on that.


Verdasco lost to robredo 6-4 6-3, i mean..where is the fight? i am fraid he is back to old verdasco again.

I watched the first set and he completely beat error after the other. Robredo had to just put the ball back. Forehand was always on the net or long. was sad to see :(

Some tough matches for both soda and monfils. That is where you can see the fight. they lost the first set but kept fighting to the end and eventually won the match.

Von Says:

Kimmi: I believe Verdasco has played himself into a situation of burn out. In essence, he’s played too much tennis and is all tapped out, and at a very bad time too. Unfortunately, his desire to remain in the top ten was the chief motivator, and now it’s backfiring on him. all things in moderation guys…

Thanks for your input on the Tanzanite situation. Unfortunately, for the US gem sellers/collectors, the Tanzanian Government is not permitting any more mining from foreign sources, especially the US, and the government is selling the stones to China. China is buying up everything. What a pity you didn’t collect some stones, as they will be worth a fortune in a couple of years.

Von Says:

From Jon Wertheim, Nadal talks about wimbledon, History, and spirituality.

guy Says:

i know what you mean grendel, i’ve essentially given up on nalbandian, but i still think there’s a chance he might pull something out at the us or oz open. it is hard to build momentum with constant injuries. even with nadal last year it took him quite a while to get match confidence back. but it’s hard to know with bandian how much is injury related and how much is being slack. there’s no excuse for a pro tennis player to be fat for example.

yeah nalbandian’s best chance came after he won the end of year masters and got to no.3. but during the oz open semi final match with baghdatis he injured an abdominal, i remember he was rubbing it with ice. after couldn’t serve 1st serve speed and so it’s almost impossible to win an atp match like that.

he also pulled out of a french open semi with injury.

those are legit excuses, but then he’ll lose 3rd round to ferrero or first round to Lu atthe oz open. he’ll lose to baghdatis at wimbledon getting bagelled etc. and his fans throw their hands up. then he’ll turn around and beat nadal and federer back to back in back to back tournaments. and his fans throw their hands up again.

Mg Mg, if fed isn’t planning it, i guarantee mirka is. she’s got the money and slavic connections…

Skeezerweezer Says:


“best fed can hope for is to try and get no.2 back[then hope nadal dies next year].”

I forwarded this to Fed. Hope you didn’t mind. I know “mem” girly boy doesn’t. Nothing like putting stuff like this on the locker room wall for motivation. 2011. Fed. We’ll see what happens. Like I said , I think Fed should write off the remaining year and have fun with the fam, get some training in, and shoot for 2011. But he has given no signs of taking off so, oh well, hope for the best.

In all seriousness I saw your earlier post about Rafa on the point ranking system and totally makes sense. Thanks for putting that in order. It seems Rafa this spring and summer has put a strangle hold ( a well deserved one ) on the # 1 ranking and he is a shoo in for year end, the USO title, and remain #1 for the better part of next year as a result. Time to give Rafa some props for his spectacular AMAZING comeback from chronic knee tendinitis, and should get most improved player of the year, a sportsmanship of the year award coming? Bring it! And….. long live the Lion :)


jane Says:

margot – that quote is driving me nuts! I remember someone saying that about tieing shoelaces together. My immediate reaction was that it must’ve been Roddick re: Fed. But you said it doesn’t refer to Fed. At least give us a wee hint. ; )

margot Says:

jane: Ok! nobody else is playing so….it’s many, many moons ago… favourite yankee…

grendel Says:

In the link posted by Von, Nadal makes a statement about the existence of God which is very perceptive, particularly since one assumes he’s made it off his own bat, and isn’t just parroting. It actually contains, implicitly, a devestating critique of the idea of God. I sense this is a thoughtful young man.

Less persuasive, however, is this:”For Roger, I think … maybe it’s easier than for me because I am especially [good] on clay and we have only one [clay-court Slam]. I can play very well on grass, too. But hard court players, they have more chances than the clay-court specialists. They have three. We have one. For sure I can play well on grass … but the chances are less.”

This is confused, since Nadal can’t seem to quite make up his mind whether he is a claycourt specialist or not (need to read the rest of interview), whether his qualities on grass count or don’t count as contributive to his chances of winning a slam. Why, for instance, bracket grass in with hard court as opposed to clay? That might have been reasonable in the old days of fast grass; now it’s a rather provocative claim. It would be just as reasonable to say that Nadal has 2 slams which favour his style of play (clay and modern grass), and the slow hardcourt at the AO is at least as helpful to him as the fast hard court at the US is for players like del Potro and Federer. It’s quite an open question, upon which Nadal has taken a definite stance to claim, in effect, that he has to work harder than Federer to get his slams. And this suggests his achievement is the more impressive (or will be once the numbers add up). I’m not saying Nadal is right or wrong – hard to know how you could prove such a thing – I am drawing attention to Nadal’s stake in the matter, which sometimes can be obscure – Nadal, unlike Federer, never puts his foot in his mouth, but is usually quite careful in his responses.

Another thing. Everyone knows Federer has been keen on winning the greatest number of slams. That is hardly surprising. If you or I, dear poster, were capable of winning more slams than anyone else, I daresay we’d be pretty keen to go for the record and, if possible, to increase it – if only to put it out of reach. But there has been this notion that Nadal is somehow immune from these sorts of ambition.

No, he isn’t. He is, absolutely legitimately, very keen indeed to eventually overhaul Federer. And I think the comments above make this perfectly clear to anyone who had any doubts.

Jake Willens Says:

Summer season on the hard stuff is awesome– watch out for Roddick and Murray this summer!

jane Says:

margot – Agassi re: Sampras?? Or better, cause I know you love him and so do I – Johnny Mac!! Re … Borg? : )

margot Says:

jane: u win the bottle of virtual champagne! It is indeed Johnny Mac on Borg. A rivalry every bit as enticing as Rog v Raf IMnotsoHO!

jane Says:

margot – Third times a charm. Or something. I finally got it. Love the bubbly, I so rarely have it. Thanks & Cheers.

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