Andy Roddick Returns to Nebraska for Special Olympics [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 19th, 2010, 12:17 am

Here’s a heartwarming story out of the America’s Heartland. Andy Roddick returned to his Nebraska roots today to make an appearance at the Special Olympics. Roddick gave a clinic and and hit tennis balls with the Special Olympic athletes at the Abbot Sports Complex in the state capital of Lincoln.

“It was almost the perfect storm with my wife emceeing at the the Special Olympics and then they asked if I wanted to get involved, and that’s an easy question to answer,” said Roddick who was born in Omaha, Nebraska. “My aunt-in-law is special needs and I’ve done some stuff in Charlotte with her and with her tennis team and I enjoyed it. I probably enjoyed it more than they did and I look forward to getting involved on a bigger scale.”

Roddick’s wife, Brooklyn Decker, served as masters of ceremonies for the opening of the Special Olympics which kicked off Sunday.

Roddick is the top seed at the Atlanta Tennis Championships where he has a bye in the first round.

A picture of Andy with two of the participants:

@andyroddick Best day ever on Twitpic

Here’s closely coiffed Andy in an interview after practice today in Lincoln:

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59 Comments for Andy Roddick Returns to Nebraska for Special Olympics [Video]

Jake Willens Says:

I think Roddick is so classy, funny, charming and professional. I HATE when sports fans who know next to nothing about tennis rip on him for not living up to his potential. Do they know how hard it is to be in the top 10 7 straight years?

Von Says:

jake: “I HATE when sports fans who know next to nothing about tennis rip on him for not living up to his potential.”

Same here. Some of them write dissertations as to how much of a *bully* he is, if he only gestures to a ball kid to bring his towel quickly. I suppose it’s immaterial that there’s only 25 seconds between points. It’s the same old story, some players can do anything they want and some have to walk a straight line. sheesh

grendel Says:

Here we go again. Jack Willens was referring to people who downplay Roddick’s record. I have done little but praise his tennis on different blogs over the last year or so. Rather unusually for someone of his age, he actually seems to be improving, although I have my doubts that he can win Wimbledon now. But then, I have my doubts that Federer can win Wimbledon again.

The question of behaviour is a different matter. I report what I see, without fear or favour. Once I reported Federer giving Murray the most perfunctory of handshakes after being beaten by him, his face a thundercloud. This is not so unusual, of course, is quite natural in a way, and I have seen Roddick react like that too. But on this occasion, Von enthusiatically endorsed my post. The “some players can do anything they want line” is not readily applicable to me. It is to some, however.

The expression on Roddick’s face when he demanded his towel from the ball boy was, to say the least of it, peremptory – lord of the manor to the serf type of thing. I have already indicated that this is hardly a terrible sin given the extremely tense situation Roddick was in. Nevertheless, it says something about Roddick. There are plenty of good things to say about him, and they are frequently said on this site – his humour, his wit, his intelligence, his fighting spirit, his willingness to put in the hard work to improve his game and so on. But he is not a paragon of virtue, who is, and the fact that he is inclined to bully sometimes is amply documented. It really does him no service to pretend otherwise because apart form being ludicrous, it doesn’t take account of the fact that, for whatever reasons, he indulges in this bullying far less these days.

People who simply want to report what they see, regardless as to whether this involves a favourite of theirs or not, invariably invite contempt and disgust and naturally misunderstanding from some quarters. It is a disagreeable price to pay, but to avoid it one must indulge in self-censorship, which is surely cowardly (if convenient).

Von Says:

Roddick is playing both singles and doubles in Atlanta. I’m hoping this detour does not cause him to be too rushed, considering he played WTT last week and has been on the move non-stop.

Jake Willens Says:

Nobody more classy and funny than A-Rod!

Anna Says:

Andy’s classy, funny, philanthropic and a bully on the court when it suits him. Sometimes I think it’s part of his overall strategy.

Von Says:

Well, If Roddick is a *bully* on the court, I wonder what we call those who curse at the ball boys in their language, throw their empty water botles, as though the kids are their personal garbage collectors, swear at them if they don’t holdup their umbrellas, and snort their snat in their towels, then thow it bck to the kids, and toss their towels, wherever it lands? If we call one player a *bully* then we can call them all bullies. There shouldn’t be selective weeding out of our faves nasty behaviour, should there?

BTW, do some of us really know the true definition of the word *bully*? I’d like to know, because those who become irritated for every iota, should then be considered a humoungous bully.

Roddick, does not use strategy when he’s angry, it’s just his personality — he let’s it out. There are many who engage in gamesmanship, to throw off their opponents, but I don’t think Roddick’s irritation is something he plans in advance. There are players who shake their heads and become angry at every shot they make, to throw off their opponents

This whole nonsense of Roddick’s alleged bullying has been ongoing/perpetuated for years on this site, by some who are picky and maybe fool themselves that they are so prim and proper. It’s a pity those who condemn him don’t take a closer look at their own faves. I wish there were more Roddick fans on this site then this nonsense would not be still ongoing.
Anna, have you ever read the criticisms leveled at Nadal’s on-court b ehaviour by the same posters who condemn Roddick? I think you should read more.
Jake: “Nobody more classy and funny than A-Rod!”


Von Says:

HUH: Where have you been? I saw you posted that it was your birthday and then I stopped posting for a few days. When I returned you were gone. durng my absense i was planning a big birthday bash for you. anyway, here it is, and enjoy. A happy belated birthday to you, dear Huh!

Von Says:

OY, typos: “durng my absense i” s/b during my absence I …

grendel Says:

I agree with Von rather than Anna when she says:”Roddick, does not use strategy when he’s angry, it’s just his personality — he let’s it out.” I think that’s true. And often it amounts to bullying. Roddick displaced the anger he was feeling onto a youngster who was not in a position to answer back. That is bullying. It is certainly mild, as I said right from the word go, but I believe it is worth reporting. The business of how other players behave has nothing whatever to do with it. That is a spurious kind of objectivity which is being called for here. What about so and so? What indeed. Let’s leave that for another occasion.

The idea that there has been a persistent anti-Roddick bias on this site is simply wrong. By and large, he is held here in respect and affection – whilst on other sites, I have seen far more trenchantly worded criticisms.

There is this peculiar idea that if you report a piece of unworthy behaviour, you are thereby dismissing that character once and for all. This all or nothing approach – which amounts to uncritical adulation – is not what I call support, though I recognize I am probably in a minority here. The kind of touchiness that doesn’t allow you to say anything about a given player unless it is totally of a praising nature is common to many fans, whether of Roddick, Nadal, Federer, whoever. Some can be quite charming about their adoration, and I feel an odd kind of protectiveness to people like that – it doesn’t matter who their hero is. But some people take the mildest criticism as a vicious personal affront. That is a delusion whih should be nailed. I am aware, b.t.w., that there is a certain humour in all this – in the eyes of the poster to whom I am responding, I am so beyond the pale as not to really exist. Alas, forgive me, but I do exist – for better or for worse.

Von Says:

This is my last writing on this topic, because it will turn into a name calling, e.g., the last bing *the troll* and other lather and rinsing of who and what I’m perceived to be. Then there will be others who’ll be adding their two venemous cents = one big brouhaha.

My position on all of this drip, drip, alleged reporting, which is very infantile IMO and gets old and tiresome (where’s the paid reporter?) is simple. If we want to *report* what we see, then we should do so when the topic calls for the reporting of a specific incident. In this case, the topic centered on the comparison of two players *intelligence* not on their respective *on-court behaviours*, but who’s perceived to be more *intelligent*, as it was the topic of the thread on which the posts were written.

I believe that there’s a time and place for everything. The following was written by SG, and it’s what started this nonsense, which I feel, was taken out of context, but was exploited because there was is a bit of underlying jealousy, whether conscious or sub-conscious.

Why was Roddick labeled as the more intelligent one, rather than Federer, in terms of commonsense? It should have been Federer, because he excels at everything in tennis, yes? And, Roddick is his whipping post. However, this topic did not concern their tennis prowess, but the difference between two tennis players’ intelligence, as perceived by the writer of the post. I submit the following as was written by SG on the thread pertaining Roddick vs. his wife’s IQ:

SG says: “Andy’s no dummy relatively or otherwise. The guy is quick-witted and insightful during his interviews. Clear signs of a highly intelligent individual. If {I} had to put my life on Roddick’s racket vs. Fed’s racket, it’d be Fed everyday and twice on Sunday. But, if I had to put my life on the line when it comes to brains, I really think Andy comes out on top. I know English isn’t Fed’s first language. I get that. I just get this impression that Fed’s more simple, Roddick more complex and introspective.”

Then followed a threnody, and reference to Roddick’s behaviour toward a ball kid, which earned andy the designation of a *bully*. I’m befuddled, how did a reference to Roddick’s intelligence as opposed to Federer’s simplicity, turn into a reprimand and *reporting* of his behaviour toward a ball kid? Nothing, and I mean nothing, in what SG said, pertained to Roddick’s bullying of a ball kid. This was just added because, as I have stated above, whether grendel is aware of his underlying thoughts, there’s subconscious jealousy involved, as in his mind, Federer is the King and the best there is, so why is Roddick upstaging the TMF in the intelligence department? I mean how dare Roddick be so intelligent and why is he beng praised. Let’s do something to remedy this situation forthwith = let’s write about his angry gesture toward a ball kid to bring the towel pronto. Yeah, tha’ll take roddick down a peg or two, and then he won’t appear to be so intelligent, but a *bully*.

I won’t get into the semantics of all that’s being said, because I’ve been there and done that, at least 5 times prior, where I’ve been blamed for things I didn’t say and/or did, but that’s in the past and it’s best left there.

Skeezerweezer Says:


A troll u are not!


Von Says:

Thanks skeezer — It’s most apprecited.

Well, I was most emphatically called that among other names. I believe you read that post and exclaimed “drama, drama”. Even though was angry at the time, I was wondering if you’d exclaim the walls are tumbling down and Rome is burning. Where’s Nero with his phial? LOOL

Anna Says:

I’m not the only person who thinks Andy’s anger is sometimes over the top. In Andy’s AO promo the question was asked “Andy, why are you so angry?”.
I’ve watched Andy for many years and I don’t remember him ever coming undone the way he has the last few years. I’ve watched 2-3 matches in the last year where his on court behavior toward the umpire was brutal and uncalled for. At one point I thought I would rather confront a bear than Andy R. at that moment. It was then that I realized that with the right ump, in the right place, that anger could be particularly effective. Yes, umpires are still human and there are those who will decide in favor of the troublemaker just to keep the peace. Do I think Andy would use that sort of strategy? Yes I do.
I don’t think that makes me unamerican as you’ve insinuated before Von. It’s just my opinion. As I’ve stated before, there is much more to admire about Andy than not.

Von Says:

Anna, I don’t recall statig you’re un-american, but if I did, please let me know where and when, and if I was wrong, then I will apologize.

I’ve seen roddick get a lot of bad calls and, yes umpires are human, and a lot of them are un-american. They rule in favour of their pisan. it’s as simple as that. Did you watch ’08 in Bercy?

As for Roddick coming undone in the last few years, i think you’ve got iT backwards. He used to become undone a lot more when he was younger, just like others, but now that he’s gotten older, he still does the one-off, but not like before.

BTW, do you ever see Rafa becOming undone? I’m sure you do. Guess why, they’re all human. That’s my point. Some do it more than others, but in the final analysis, THEY ALL DO IT. In sports there aren’t any saints; different MO, but the ultimate goal is to win and how they win, be it gamesmanship, time wasting, toilet breaks, griping at the umpire, and hurling insults at themselves , et al. — they all do it. It’s not a wake, it’s sports.

grendel Says:

o.k.Von, I sense you are trying to be ameliorative, so I will address you personally. Whilst I don’t claim to know everything about myself – actually, at the end of the day, this whole life business is a complete mystery to me, but that’s another matter – there are quite a number of misunderstandings in your post which, because they are not malicious,I think are worth clearing up.

It is correct that I was responding to SG, but not in the manner you imagine. I will ask you to have the generosity of spirit to at least give me a hearing. I actually agreed with SG, on the whole, but such qualifications as I held are not at all of the sort you project upon me – I do have genuine difficulties with what constitutes “intelligence”. It seems to me to have so many facets, so many differing ways of displaying itself, that I am very wary indeed of pronouncing on who is and who is not intelligent – so often, one is simply appealing to one’s own prejudices. I used to be a horrible intellectual, or perhaps pseudo-intellectual, snob. I have been forced to learn the hard way that an illiterate person can be much, much smarter than me.

Nevertheless, that said, we all instinctively can think of some people as being brighter than others, and certainly I would say Roddick is brighter than Federer. The more I think about Federer, the more I genuinely find him a puzzle. I understand the accusations – by SG among others – that he is swollenheaded in a vulgar sort of way, and whilst I resisted this at first, I have partly come round to agreeing about it. But I also think there is a very real and genuine modesty to him. There is one player, I am not going to say who he is (other than that I very much like him) who was reportedly extremely arrogant and offhand with a fan who just wanted to say hello – apparently implying that he was too important for such frivolity. Now I just can’t imagine Federer (or Roddick) behaving like that. Outside of tennis, for a very famous person Federer seems to be unusually modest. However, if someone can provide convincing evidence that this is all a sham, I will be obliged to sadly accept it. The point is, my attachment to Federer is nothing like yours to Roddick. I’m not saying that in a superior sort of way, maybe it’s a deficiency in me (you once called me masochistic – I am not sure if that is justified), but it’s the way I am. I am somewhat sceptical by nature – and this can be both a blessing and a curse.

You are right in one way – I did, illegitimately, I concede, since it was not on topic – smuggle in the business about Roddick and the ballboy, but not for the reason you suppose. When it happened, I reacted instinctively to it, and with dislike – it seemed to me totally unfair to the boy, but at the same time I was well aware of the great pressure Roddick was under and this could certainly explain, and to a degree excuse, a mild breach of etiquette. But I did want to report it, that is true. Perhaps in the circumstances, I was remiss. Perhaps I should have done so on a seperate occasion.

But the greater misunderstanding is this. You think that any critique of Roddick must be vindictively based. That is not true. I try to understand people, perhaps not very well, but I try because I am interested, I am curious about what makes these people tick – and I see many good things, including about Roddick, and I see a great deal of folly – including about Roddick and Federer etc. And largely I see this because I have become intimately acquainted with my own folly. I don’t, by the way, deny that I am sometimes vindictive – I am, and I am not proud of it. But it’s not a principled sort of vindictiveness if you see what I mean – it’s mixed up with all the rest of the stuff in me, some of which is just plain curiosity about our funny fellow humanbeings. I ask you to accept this.

As for the insults which I directed against you several months ago, in my opinion we had both got caught in a spiral which began in misunderstanding, perhaps because of a certain mutual incompatibility, and just got out of hand. I wasn’t innocent, but nor were you. We each had our methods of trying to stick pins in each other, largely, I think, out of a kind of maddened exasperation. I hope that will no longer be necessary. And I hope you can appreciate that I genuinely think your man Roddick is a good guy – because I know that hitherto, you have assumed I have been devious or hypocritical. Well, perhaps just a bit – but I do admire him, you know.

Von Says:

Anna: “As I’ve stated before, there is much more to admire about Andy than not.”

Then let’s focus on the good things about him than on the bad, as is done for other players, where their bad is swept under the rug, as in shhhhh.

BTW, this seems to be turning into a discussion more focused on Roddick’s bad behaviour, e.g., bully. How did that happen? I believe Jake said Roddick was a classy and funny guy. He didn’t say that Andy was a bully, but som ewhere that was added in, for what reason?

Anna Says:


On this thread, you were the first to bring it up.

Von Says:

Alright grendel, I have given you the courtesy of hearing you out, so to speak, and I will succumb, this time, that you are genuinely remorseful. Now, now, don’t get carried away, I said just this one time. That’s meant as a joke.

Yes, in the past, we’ve both stuck pins in each other. don’t you know that you were my favourite voodoo doll. (Joke here) I suppose you can call it a chain reaction. I don’t know if you’ve figured it out as yet, but I’m a reactor, not an initiator. If you push me one too many times, I’ll react, and the the walls will come tumbling down. Anyway, Sean Randall keeps me from doing that, as he’s my Mother Superior. LOL

BTW, I know who that player is, and he was rude to a flight attendant also. He was being a terrible P in the A, and expected her to pay homage to him. I happen to like him also.

You are way off with respect to my attachment of Roddick, you know. Yes, I do champion his cause, but have you not figured out why? How many Roddick fans are here on this site? Wery few. And, how many speak up, only moi. This is what you perceive to be my attachment, but it isn’t. Belieive me, if there were more active Roddick fans here, i’d sit back and let the defend him, as I don’t care very much for arguing — it’s tiresome. Yes, I like him very much, as I’ve followed him from the Juniors. I genuinely support all of the Americans, so maybe this is what you see as my attachment. In Andy’s case, I happen to love his personality, as he mirrors me, but not in the cursing and swearing publicly. I love his forthrightness and his philanthropic side. I’m told by my family that I’ll take their food and give it away to others. I see Roddick as that generous guy, and I love that generosity of spirit = my absolute devotion to his defense.

Alright, grendel, I believe you that you do like Roddick. If you will notice, I’ve become extremly soft towards Federer, whereby I even defended his behaviour at the USO. Summation, we have both improved and are still improving = a work in progress.

Anyway, grendel, now that we’ve both cleared the air, I hope you’ll also accept my apologies for whatever has gone before, and hopefully the slate will be wiped clean. Let’s forge ahead enjoying our players’ tennis, (both of whom, seem to be on their last breath though) and leave the past where it belongs — buried.

(Sorry I can’t write more my hands are getting tired. I’m going to get that bionic PRP treatment for my fingers so that they can move like Nadal’s legs. LOL.)

Von Says:

Anna: I did that in response to Jake. Never mind, it’s now immaterial. BTW, I asked about your claim that I labeled you un-American. Please show me where I did that? Thanks.

Anna Says:

It was a few months back and honestly I don’t need an apology. Aside from his tennis, Andy R. is one of my favorite people but I do not have a blind eye to what I see as poor behavior. I’m sure there are many obnoxious players on tour, but I usually concern myself with those players that I care about. Alot of people enjoy talking about Rafa’s on court antics but honestly I just don’t see it. Not because he’s my favorite, but because personally as far as I’m concerned he’s never crossed the line. For 24 he reasons extremely well, he has loads of good will and patience with fans, the media, and everyone else that wants a piece of him and in the end he’s absolutely confident with who he is with or without tennis.

Ben Pronin Says:

Roddick plays my favorite player tomorrow, Rajeev Ram! Rather unlucky for Ram having to play Roddick so early in a tournament again, but maybe he’ll have more luck on hard courts.

Ben Pronin Says:

Can someone please tell me who this player was? I heard about this story a long time ago but I never found out the name.

Huh Says:

To be really honest, Federer and Nadal are the two biggest bullies (behaviour-wise on court). To me, when I look at the facial expression of Rod, when he is demanding towel or stuff from ball boys, his demeanour occurs as VERY calm and both respectful and affectionate towards the ball boys/girls. But if you see Federer and Nadal, they seem to be in much more hurry than Rod for the towel being handed to them. Throwing the bottles directionlessly even though it might have been safely handed over to the ball-boys, giving ventful, contemptuous and angry look on being warned for time violations, telling the referees that they don’t give a sh** to what he is telling them, not giving a handshake to the referee after loss and doing so many other avoidable things as is typical of Federer and Nadal (but NOT Roddick). Roddick never behaves as a lord on/off court nor does he ever expect royal treatment from fans/officials, but the same cannot be said of Fed/Nadal. Each time some referee does something to which they don’t agree, they BULLY the referee using four letter slang words or threaten to complain against them verbally/in writing to the tournament officials. This is the reason why warning for time violations/ other misdemeanours are hardly, if ever, given to Fed/Nadal (our revdered tennis lordships). The referees, we very much know, hesitate to give warnings to Fed/Nadal, even if they have violated the code of conduct/game rules. While Nadal/Fed is at the court, one senses that the referees are acting with either fear/favour, thanks to the success of Fed/Nadal which has made them so big and famous, not to mention irksomely arrogant whiners. The referees are competing with each other for kissing the arse of Nadal/Fed by ignoring their on court misdemeanour, rule violation or bullying. But any keen observer of the game of tennis must have readily noted that when officiating at a Roddick match, the referees act without any fear or favour and are eager to bully Roddick by giving wrong decisions or unwarranted warnings to him. The referees don’t hesitate even slightly to give wrong decisions against Roddick as they know guys like Rod are much less likely to threaten them to complain their name to officials/throw slang/stare derisively or angrily in case they give a wrong decision. Rod would occasionally protest politely or express his disappointment angrily even though still quite respectfully in comparison to ELITE Fed/Nadal. Thank God, Rod doesn’t cast bullying looks or make outbursts or use slangs as often as the LORDS of the courts. And one more thing is Rod doesn’t appear bullying or irritating his rivals on courts with different famous on-court pre/post match antics/histrionics/disgusting celebrations like jumping or fist-pumping like smashing the other guy’s head during match on as little a thing as winning a mere point.

Thus the lesson:

Roddick is NOT a bigger bully in comparison to Fed/Nadal, he’s much lesser than them in bullying or disrespecting any official/ball boy/player.

Huh Says:


You have every right to your opinion here. But I do think I also have a right to my opinion here and that’s, Roddick is NOT a bully, not at least in comparison to Federer/Nadal. For each example you give of Rod bullying anyone(in your opinion), you must be knowing that people can give more than one examples of Fed bullying others(in their opinion). Actually it was not necessary to bring up the isolated incident with re: Rod as it has nothing to prove to anyone here. We all know that Roddick is NOT a paragon of virtue, but who else is, certainly not our own Federer. And I can’t think that Fed is so simple, if he were, he wpoulda been living as a monk or priest.


After all is said and done, in terms of virtue, sensibleness and sagacity:

Roddick > Federer


Huh Says:

“Von Says:
Well, If Roddick is a *bully* on the court, I wonder what we call those who curse at the ball boys in their language, throw their empty water botles, as though the kids are their personal garbage collectors, swear at them if they don’t holdup their umbrellas, and snort their snat in their towels, then thow it bck to the kids, and toss their towels, wherever it lands? If we call one player a *bully* then we can call them all bullies.”

Though I can’t write enlish as naturally as the americans or british, I have no difficulty in understanding that what Mrs. Von wrote here is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Kudos to Mrs.Von! :)

Mindy Says:

I feel the need to finally speak out about this whole business about Roddick not being a bully, whereas Rafa and Fed are being lumped together and accused of all sorts of unfortunate behavior.

I honestly do not understand why some feel it necessary to defend their favorite player by tarnishing the reputations of other players. I don’t think going tit for tat makes for a particularly compelling argument.

I can certainly understand someone wanting to stand up for their guy if they feel he has been unfairly attacked, however, all too often the discussion degenerates into a finger pointing content as to who is worse than everyone else. I don’t think anything is accomplishd by using this tactic, other than offending fans of the players being used as a so-called example of bad behavior.

I do not wish to answer some of the petty comments that have been hurled in the direction of Rafa. Then I would be doing the exact same thing. Therefore, I am choosing to let that go and will just state that bringing up other players and picking them apart, does not do any service to your favorite player.

margot Says:

Anna: it seems to me that the really angry people in the tennis world are the players’ close realatives. Dokic’s father is close to certifiable and there was a French father who tried to drug his kid’s opponent. There are more examples than I’ve time to give. Most of the players seem like angels compared to them.
Anyway, IMHO all female players should sack their relatives and employ Zvonareva’s “coach.” I’m sure their games would improve no end….

Von Says:

Mindy: First off, I believe you are referring to me, and I’d like to ask why the generalizations? I think we’ve exchanged enough posts in the past, for you to feel comfortable enough to confront me by name, instead of the medium you’re using, which is one of speaking in terms of generalizations, and using statements viz: “I honestly do not understand why some feel it necessary to defend their favorite player by tarnishing the reputations of other players.”

May I ask you who’s *some* and why do you feel Fed’s and/or Nadal’s reputations are being tarnished? What’s been said that’s so damaging to these two players’reputations? It’s not like they’ve never been criticized before, and believe me, perhaps in a few hours, someone will be criticizing them again, in a worse manner. Please be mindful, they are public figures, and top players, and along with the prestige will come criticisms. If there was anything detrimental stated about their characters then that would be termed as *defamation*, and they could sue the poster for libel. However, nothing defamatory or libelous has been said pertaining to these two players.

I’m a bit confused here though, Mindy. Could you please tell me, or show me, where in my discussions have I mentioned anything with respect to Federer and Nadal per se, in my post to grendel. I don’t believe I used their names, or if I did my reference to them was very minute. I spoke in general terms concerning all of the players’ behaviours, and it was done to make a point that none of them is a saint and/or perfect. They all engage in some form of untoward behaviour. Please note, I DID NOT SINGLE OUT NADAL OR FEDERER AT ANY TIME.

I’m also wondering why you feel it necessary to defend Federer, as Nadal is your fave, and I’ve seen many instances on this site, (I WON’T BRING IN OTHER SITES) especially, when you initially began posting here, where you have ridiculed Federer for his behaviour, and many of his fans took umbrage to your remarks. On those occasions some very hot arguments ensued from your remarks. I remember on one occasion you became so very angry at the Fed fans’ rebuttals, that you stated you wouldn’t be posting here anymore, and even though I wasn’t very much acquainted with you at that time, I took the time to console you and ask you to reconsider your decision, to continue posting on this site.

Furthermore, there have been several instances where I’ve seen you agreeing with others who have ridiculed Roddick, if an incident arose in which he was involved. However, out of respect for you as a poster I liked, I ignored your remarks. Moreover, on those occasions when you joined in the attacks, you didn’t seem to care about sparing my feelings, you just said what you felt you needed to say and too bad for me, if I felt unhappy. I’m also positive that you were aware that I’d see your posts, but despite it all, you just went ahead full steam/throttle.

You stated: “All too often the discussion degenerates into a finger pointing content as to who is worse than everyone else.I don’t think anything is accomplished by using this tactic, other than offending fans of the players being used as a so-called example of bad behavior.”

Again, I’m a bit baffled here Mindy, as I’ve seen many instances in which you have been very tough on other players, e.g., Roddick, Fed, Soderling and other players, therefore, aren’t you also guilty of pointing fingers? And, are you genuinely concerned about anything unfavourable that’s said about Fed or his good name? I suppose you feel that by lumping Fed with Nadal, more people will join in the fight, even though in really it’s Nadal who’s the focal point of your anger and in reality the person you’re defending. You’re probably correct if that’s how you feel, because by adding Fed more support for your argument would be forthcoming, as there are many who will agree with you because of their dislike for Roddick.

You further stated: “I do not wish to answer some of the petty comments that have been hurled in the direction of Rafa. Then I would be doing the exact same thing. Therefore, I am choosing to let that go and will just state that bringing up other players and picking them apart, does not do any service to your favorite player.”

Well, I don’t think the discussion involved you at all; it was between grendel and myself. That said, why would there be any need for you to answer anything. However, I don’t think you’ve let anything go at all, you’ve had your say, and I’m sure everyone is aware of your stance on the matter that was discussed. I do hope in the future though, that you will remember to heed your own words viz: “bringing up other players and picking them apart.” I also hope you’ll bear in mind that forums are for discussions, that are for and against.

Take care Mindy and don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when you’re not involved.

grendel Says:


I first became really aware of the way players point to the ball boy for the towel when watching Rusedski playing Lendl (hard to believe that they overlapped – but they did). Rusedski, I noticed, did it particularly after he had just won a point. It seemed to be a way of expressing his excitement. He has since remarked, in his role as commentator, that sometimes he would go for the towel simply as a way of slowing proceedings down. Rusedski had an intense way of doing it which always got on my nerves. It even seemed pretentious in a strange sort of way.

But that’s me. Don’t get me started on mannerisms. It can be interesting watching how players go through the motions of requesting the towel. (About Roddick – I’ve never particularly noticed except this one occasion, which clearly was not typical). You have the lordly demand, or there is the languid “there’s a good fellow” type. Then you have the brisk, business like gesture, the hurried mop of the face and quick relinquishment of towel. Sometimes the request is absent-minded – yes, I suppose I might as well have a wipe – whilst occasionally, it is dramatic. Something of great importance has occured, and the towel (in lieu of anything more appropriate) will be required to mark the event.

One might go on. A treatise beckons. But perhaps not.

Von Says:

huh and grendel: I remember Tsonga, about six months ago, becoming extremely agitated because he had to walk to retrieve his towel. He claimed it delayed him and added on about two kilos distance and to his walking time on court which tired him. That’s one for the Guinness Book of Records. LOOL.

grendel Says:

Von – I appreciate your post.

Von Says:

grendel: You’re welcome.
huh: did you see my post to you on July 20th, 2010 at 4:22 pm. sorry I missed your birthday.
@ Mindy: A footnote to my post @ 6:49 am. I’m sure you’ve seen many of my posts defending Nadal, and praising him.

Huh Says:

Hi Mrs.Von!

Thanks for your birthday clips! :P

And don’t worry, I always knew that you’re gonna throw a birthday bash for me, but couldn’t as I went away! So keeping that in view, I ordered quite a few parcels of mushroom and cheese pizzas and ice-creams and gave your address so that you can pay my bill to your utmost satisfaction and real affection towards me. Don’t worry though, bills have not exceeded $ 500! :D :P :)

I promise that we jointly would cut the cake in my next birthday, pocket/purse/locker permitting. :) ;)

Huh Says:

And Mrs.Von:

I forgot to say that cakes, chocolates, fruits/fruit juices and coke etc. were also in the menu. :D

If you however like wine, then you would be disappointed to know that we did not have wine. :/ :(

asif Says:

With respect to players’ demeanors when interacting with ballboys and girls; the scowls on their faces are caused by the mindset of aggression that they need to play at their highest levels. There is not enough time to turn it off and then back on in the 25 or so seconds in between points, or even the minute in between games. It’s inaccurate to use their behavior in this context as reflections on their overall characters. While all players need the aggression mindset, Nadal is particularly driven by it, and so his attitude towards the kids on the court may seem that much more exaggerated. I’d imagine if the ballboys or girls are competitive tennis players themselves, they recognize this behavior as such and take no disrespect.

Huh Says:

I did not intend to upset anyone here but I had to bring in the names of FED/Rafa as when even slightest aspersion is cast on their character, even stating a harsh truth about them leads to a flood of counter-arguments defending them, but when Roddick is criticised, few seem bothered to defend him. I don’t like this. Being defended from accusations/insults is not the right just of Fed/Rafa, but also of Rod.

asif Says:

I should have included that my arguments above extend to all players, including Roddick. I’m a big Roddick fan, BTW.

Anna Says:


I’m sure there are at least as many dysfunctional families in sport (maybe more) as there are in the general populace, which is why you have to admire those folks who manage to do it well. Andy Murray’s mom does alot of “tweeting”. She always seems good natured and realistic regarding her boy. She’s also quite funny. The Nadal family seem to have their support down to a science. Roger’s family appears quite lovely. Like most everything else family can be a force for good or evil.

Daniel Says:

Wow!! One week since I didn’t read anything here and now grendel and Von are in peace with excelent posts on top of their forms. Way to go!!!!

Oui Says:

Mindy, Von accuses you of not addressing her by name. You should know in the real world it is Naziran.

Speaking of bullying, here is a classic Roddick tirade.

Huh Says:

Come on Oui, don’t fool yourself thinking that none knows your true stance towards Roddick. You just detest Roddick with a burning passion, most unreasonably. You hate Roddick for no apparently justifid reason, just coz of your whims. So what’s new in you trying to attack Rod-lovers!

Huh Says:

It’s not so much a ,matter of Rod bullying as it is of him being singled out for character-assasination even though the proclaimed CLASSY ones like Fed or Nadal bully/disrespect the referees with disdain and without slightest care or hesitation.

Huh Says:


Don’t think that I am accusing of character-assasination though, it was directed at some obvious haters like Oui.

Huh Says:

BTW Oui:

Every player now and then behaves like a spoiled and pampered brat, hence your labour trying to show Rod in bad taste is WASTE. Rod alone doesn’t show frustrations/apparent bullying behaviours, others do it too, BIG TIME, way more than Roddick. That’s the point.

Mindy Says:


I think you know me well enough not to assume that my comment was directed at you. It actually was directed more at what huh wrote. So before you go into a rather lengthy defense, it’s better to ask the question. I have no problem with directly addressing you if I have an issue with anything you write. However, I do not appreciate someone jumping to conclusions without first at least posing the question.

You wrote a very long and unnecessary post saying things towards me and basically lecturing me in a way that I find unnecessary. It’s unfortunate. I guess in the future if I decide to post any comments at all, I will have to make sure that I address them to a specific person.

I am extremely disappointed that you accused me of something that I did not do and even felt it necessary to give me a scolding for daring to get involved in something which did not concern me. The last time I checked, anyone is free to come here and post what they think without getting permission.

Now that you know to whom the comments were addressed, maybe we can put this to rest.

Oui Says:

Mindy, that’s Naziran for you.

Huh Says:


I like you more than Rafa, so I would like you to address to me directly in the future whenever you are disappointed with something unwarranted, I did, in your opinion. I consider you as a friend at personal level(even though most likely we wouldn’t meet each other) and thus hope that this Rafa or Fed thing won’t come in between us and you would at least address and talk to me directly, whenever you feel necessary. It’s something I have never liked if people, who I consider as friends, refer to me as ‘some’. And I think we all are first human beings, then children of our parents, members of our family/society, friends of our friends and only after this are we fans of any particular player. If you and I are friends and I stated things which you did not like, then we can sort it out by talking with each other DIRECTLY and not by referring to each other as ‘some’. One player should not be the sole reason of breaking a nice friendship, which at least I think I have with you. I am free to state certain things about Fed/Rafa as much as you are to state with re: any player. It may sometimes appear that I don’t respect Fed or particularly Rafa, but that is simply not true. I myself am a student who knows what respect who deserves. Rafa deserves respect, I know that, so does Fed and also Rod. LIFE GOES ON…

Huh Says:

“I can certainly understand someone wanting to stand up for their guy if they feel he has been unfairly attacked, however, all too often the discussion degenerates into a finger pointing content as to who is worse than everyone else. I don’t think anything is accomplishd by using this tactic, other than offending fans of the players being used as a so-called example of bad behavior.”


These are great and true words from you, I like it. I feel that what you stated is very true. But this has been one of my characteristic flaws, I get carried away by passion at times just as happened today. However, I am always trying to change that though.

Mindy Says:


You make a very good point and a fair one. I consider you a wonderful poster on this site, passionate and very respectful of others. You are one of the good guys, for sure! I am extremely fond of you.

Believe me, I wish that I had addressed my post directly to you, because then I would not have had to endure an entirely inappropriate attack on myself and my motives. I think it’s important to make a few clarifications for the record. My intentions have been called into question, so here goes.

I have no agenda whatsoever to try in some convoluted and circuitous manner to influence or manipulate Fed fans to somehow be on my side or join in with me in some bizarre conspiracy. I have been accused of so many things all at once, that I hardly know where to begin. My concern is pretty straightforward. I think if you want to stand up for someone who you think has been somehow unfairly attacked, then the best way to do it is to extoll the virtues and strengths of that player. Let Roddick stand on his own merits. I don’t think it serves any purpose to bring in either Fed or Rafa or anyone else. What they have or have not done, whether their conduct should be considered gamesmanship or something more serious, is not at issue.

I also am not sure how I have become someone who is critical of Roddick. He was one of my favorites in the past. Rafa came along and won me over. That’s about it. Nothing too sinister there. I still have a fondness for Roddick and always will. I don’t anything about this incident with him being rude to a ball boy about getting him a towel. I didn’t see it, didn’t know anything about it until grendel mentioned it.

I think that grendel has gone out of his way to pretty much defuse any malicious intent when he brought up this incident. He has been more than gracious in his efforts to effect an amicable resolution to any hard feelings this may have caused. This is all to the good. I think this has been blown way out of proportion. No one is perfect, not Roddick, not Fed, not Rafa nor anyone else. So we can agree on that at least.

Huh, you have never been unkind or unfair to me in any way. You did deserve to be addressed directly. All I was trying to say was that the best case one can make is to just talk about the good things in a player and not bring in other players. If other players do things that are unseemly, rude, unsportsmanlike or whatever, that in no way is any excuse for supposed poor conduct on the part of one of your favorites. That was all I was trying to say.

I honestly have no idea why what I said or did not say a year ago on this site about Fed or anyone else, should even be brought up. Sometimes it’s best to just take what someone says at face value and not try to read more into it than was originally intended.

huh, you will always have my respect and affection. I know that you have no malice in you and would not want to deliberately cast aspersions on either Fed or Rafa or anyone else for that matter. It’s nice to see that we can speak reasonably to each other and not let things escalate. I also have a newfound respect for grendel, who defused what could have become a really unpleasant situation.

It’s nice to see that we can disagree and then manage to find common ground.

Anna Says:


Get a grip. No one was attacking Andy R. on this site, only speaking the truth (an observation or point of view)as they see it. The intent is not to malign, but your friend Mrs. Von is ridiculously hyper sensitive when it comes to Andy R. She has said this is because no one on this sight supports Andy. Well, I’ve seen several positive posts for Andy here. I’ve even posted positively for Andy here myself. When you say things like Roger & Rafa are far angrier on the court than Andy, you really lose all credibility. At that point I believe nothing of what you say because I know you are willing to lie and distort to have your way. Your operating style is to attack and then apologize. I’ve seen you do this over and over again, always with the promise of changing, or growing. Well I haven’t seen any change or growth yet. As long as your willing to be Mrs. Von’s good little soldier you may never actually figure out what YOU want, or who YOU are. You shouldn’t have to go through life apologizing. It’s time to grow up HUH!!

skeezerweezer Says:

Hi everybody! :) Whats up? Back to the written article;

“Andy Roddick Returns to Nebraska for Special Olympics”

Wow, that was cool of him to do, no? It’s nice to see the top pros of the game give there time to causes like these. They don’t have too. Giving money sometimes for people who have it is an easy out. Time for these guys is precious. Thanks Andy!

Now you can go play some golf! :)

We need to warpdrive to the USO as I read these posts :)

Huh Says:


First of all, there was no need on your part to unnecessarily aggravate the situation by calling Rod a bully or over-highlighting the so-called bullying attitude of Rod. If someone sayus a thing or two about Rafa, you get fired up with seething anger, but you are the one most eager to give judgments about Rod or anyone else. Why, if I may ask. And so far as my operating style is concerned, I have positive as well as negative sides to it. I’m satisfied about positive sight, but not so much about my own negativity. As so far as lying is concerned, I never do it deliberately, I state only what I believe to be true. One cannot know everything, what is possible however is stating things in as much good faith as possible, so far as I am stating in good faith what I believe is true, I can’t change anything just because hearing otherwise would please you. Sorry, I can’t do that. And the next time you up the tempo charging Roddick or anyone else of being a bully, I hope you know that there might be a counteract from the supporters of that other player. There’s no need to state negative things provokingly about any player, I don’t do it for sure. But I would hand you back whatever you hand me with re: my fave. If you/other Fed fans hadn’t made value judgments about Rod, I would not have resorted to laying down judgmental statements about your/their faves. If you can be the moral police, why don’t you think others have the right too to be just that! You judged Rod, I judged Rafa, we both have that right, if at all this is to be considered a free forum.

And by the way, I am MOST happy to be a friend/soldier/whatever you say, I am, of dearest Mrs.Von. Once I had differences with her, but after realising that she indeed is fair to most posters and players, I am her happy friend. I’m a work in progress. :) :D

Huh Says:


Thanks for your nice response. I again state, I respect Rafa, he has earned it and he fully deserves it. Nobody can take away what he has done. Cheers! :)

Huh Says:

Hi Skeeze!!! :) :)

I can’t say how much I missed your

Huh Says:

Hi Skeeze!!! :) :)

I can’t say how much I missed your WTF reporting! :/
But now that I’m thankfully back, looking ahead to your posts! :D

Huh Says:


One point of yours is taken however, my improvement is still VERY slow. I would be better as I mature more. After all is said and done, I’m still only 20! :)

And 20-22 yr olds have that cockiness with them. :/

Huh Says:


But one thing that I suddenly felt the need to tell you is that don’t be so naive as to think that I don’t know who I am! It’s another thing that I don’t really know who you are and what lies within you. I state even critical things straight forward, I hide nothing, I never pretend fairness/anger/love/any other emotion, actually I don’t need to! If I like someone, I tell it, if I don’t, even then I tell it. This is one of the reason I sometimes get into trouble as those who pretend everything survive well in this world, but I couldn’t care less about it!

And so far as being hyper-sensitive about one’s fave is concerned, more or less everyone is pretty sensitive to some degree within himself, it’s a normal human thing though!

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