Ailing Roddick Shocked by Simon at Now American-Less Washington

by Sean Randall | August 6th, 2010, 10:05 am

During an interview yesterday on PTI, Andy Roddick virtually confirmed that should his ranking ever slip to No. 15 or lower he would retire. Well, after losing last night in straight sets 6-3, 6-3 to Gilles Simon in Washington, Roddick has moved within striking distance of that ranking and of retirement. ADHEREL

The loss by the three-time D.C. champ will push Roddick outside the Top 10 in the rankings on Monday for the first time in four years. And it puts some serious doubt in his US Open hopes and adds concerns about his health.

“It was just a bad night. I really don’t have much of a defence for it,” Roddick told the media afterward. “I really don’t feel you can defend it.

“I didn’t feel right physically, I didn’t feel right mentally. It was just a pretty bad effort.

“I’m a little concerned about that. Feeling lethargic and not all there energy-wise, that’s not fun for me. I don’t enjoy nights like tonight.

“It could be something simple, maybe a vitamin deficiency. I promise you I’m going to figure this out before I do that again. That’s not what I built my reputation around.

“There is a reason that I haven’t been playing a lot. It’s because I’ve been playing like crap. I felt I didn’t do one thing right tonight. I honestly don’t think it would have mattered who I played.”

No energy? A vitamin deficiency? You would have lost to anyone tonight? Those aren’t confident statements just a few weeks before the US Open, and on the eve of consecutive Masters tennis events in Toronto and Cincinnati.

Let’s hope it is just a purple patch for Andy and not some internal, physical ailment (yes, the “M” word came to mind). Whatever the issue is with Roddick – health, strategy, married to an SI swimsuit model, etc. – he needs to address it promptly.

Since his Miami title Roddick is just 9-5 with those losses all coming to players outside the Top 45.

For Simon, who had never won a set in two previous meetings with Roddick, it sounded like an easy night.

“I managed to return his serve today,” said Simon who out-aced Roddick seven to three. “When he decided to wait (and play from the baseline), I was more consistent than him.

“And when he decided to attack and be more aggressive, he made some mistakes.”

Roddick wasn’t the only American casualty on a tumultuous Thursday. John Isner lost his second straight third set tiebreaker to Xavier Malisse. Mardy Fish was trumped by Marin Cilic 6-4, 4-6, 6-2 and Fernando Verdasco ended the Cinderella run of Ryan Sweeting, 6-4, 7-5.

The American exodus leaves no Yanks in today’s Washington quarterfinals for the first time in tournament histry, and with Roddick’s impeding ranking slide there will likely be zero US men in the ATP Top 10 come Monday in the first time in forever.

And the international players are eating it up.

David Nalbandian is looking like a world beater after a 6-1, 6-0 win over Marco Chiudinelli. The Argentine has lost just nine games in three matches this week. Scary.

Top seed Tomas Berdych fought through Andre Golubev 7-5 in the third set and Janko Tipsarevic and Marcos Baghdatis were also winners.

That leaves today’s American-less quarterfinals as Berdych v. Malisse, Verdasco v. Baghdatis, Nalbandian v. Simon and Tipsarevic v. Cilic.

Matches are scheduled to be televised live on ESPN2 at noon and 7pm. I believe the Tennis Channel will air the other two quarterfinals plus matches from WTA San Diego.


STADIUM start 12:00 noon
[1] T Berdych (CZE) vs X Malisse (BEL)
Not Before 2:15 PM
[3] [WC] F Verdasco (ESP) vs [8] M Baghdatis (CYP)
R Bopanna (IND) / A Qureshi (PAK) vs [2] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA)
Not Before 7:00 PM
[WC] D Nalbandian (ARG) vs [13] G Simon (FRA)
Not Before 9:15 PM
J Tipsarevic (SRB) vs [4] M Cilic (CRO)

GRANDSTAND not before 4:30 PM
[4] J Knowle (AUT) / A Ram (ISR) vs M Baghdatis (CYP) / S Wawrinka (SUI) – After Suitable Rest
M Fish (USA) / M Knowles (BAH) vs S Aspelin (SWE) / P Hanley (AUS)

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48 Comments for Ailing Roddick Shocked by Simon at Now American-Less Washington

mmm Says:

Hope he retires promptly. :)

Huh Says:

Hopefully Roddick would continue playing, it’d be a really bad day for me and tennis when he retires. Wishin him all the luck in the world.

Huh Says:

I can’t take one more disappointment in the form of Rodddick retirement.
C’mon Rod!

grendel Says:

To me, Roddick sounded like someone who is going through a bad time made worse by the fact that he can’t pinpoint the cause, but who is determined, nevertheless, to address his troubles. Meanwhile, he had time to consider the future of another struggling player, Federer. This shows generosity of spirit. He’ll be back, no way is he ready to retire.

Fascinating to see Nalbandian doing so well. But however he does in the next two tourneys, for this maestro without a slam, it is the Open that counts. So if he gets injured over the next 2 or 3 weeks, you know, the way he always seems to, I’ll write to the Guiness Book of Records, proposing a candidate for the world champion of self-destruct. Nalbandian as a fighting contender for the US Open – now that’s something to get excited about.

jane Says:

“Andy Roddick virtually confirmed that should his ranking ever slip to No. 15 or lower he would retire.”

Sean, from the Tom Gainey article I got a different impression; here’s what it said:

” Roddick said the statement was made in private and off the record to promoter/agent Donald Dell. He then added, “I don’t think I’m the kind of guy that’s gonna stay on the tour just to be on tour. Just to exist. As long as I feel like I can keep winning tennis tournaments – I’ve won two this year – as long as I feel like I can enter a tournament to win a tournament then I love playing. I feel pretty lucky to play. But I don’t think I’ll stay and do the retirement tour, so to speak.””

To me, he’s saying that comment he made (about slipping lower than #15) was made privately and off the cuff. He seems to believe that he can still win tournaments, as he points out he’s won two this year. He is still a contender, whether he’s in a slump now or not. I do NOT see Roddick retiring soon. He’s not that old; generally he still has fun playing. He still wants a Wimbledon title so he has goals too.

“with Roddick’s impeding ranking slide there will likely be zero US men in the ATP Top 10 come Monday”

Does this mean Roddick is falling outside the top ten on Monday? That’s a bummer, but I still don’t think it’s time to bring up his potential retirement even though journalists asked about his “quip”.

Ben Pronin Says:

Roddick has a good amount of points to defend in Canada with a semifinal showing last year but he has a good amount to improve upon in Cincy after falling early last year. Seeing Roddick outside the top 10 is just as weird as seeing Federer outside the top 2. It’s simply not right. I hope Roddick gets back up soon. He does have a good opportunity to climb up at the US Open.

jane Says:

He also didn’t play a lot post-USO last year, so he can potentially gain points then as well. He didn’t play the WTF either, so.

Jake Willens Says:

I am confused. I thought Rodd would have a huge summer, and now I am in serious doubt.

margot Says:

At 5.50 UK time -hooray-I’m watching Malisse taking care of Big Bird whose serve isn’t working in the wind. Malisse doesn’t seem bothered by that big forehand either. Also, unless BB improves at the net, can’t see him winning a slam.

margot Says:

First set Malisse but I feel Big Bird will Bite Back.
Did you guys see Serena and John will play Hopman, according to Beeb? :)

skeezerweezer Says:

I’m confused with Jake on this one also. His run at Wimby was amazing, and the final almost won against the great Fed in an amazing match that was just a little over a year ago. I will never forget that sitter volley he had coming in on Fed in the TB….that close. His run at AO wasn’t too shabby, and he beat a coming back Rafa on HC in the spring to win a title, with a great filed of players in it. WTF?

Whatever is going on, I just hope he is happy, hate to see him not be in the mix also. C’mon A’rod!

jane Says:

hi margot, hoping for another Malisse upset hey? Well he surprised me last night by handling big John; maybe he’ll do it again and take out big Berdy. They both played long matches yesterday so I could see either one of them fading.

sar Says:

Lethargic Roddick to undergo tests August 06, 2010
Andy Roddick says he will undergo some medical tests after feeling drained of energy during his loss against Gilles Simon in Washington.

“Something doesn’t feel quite right,” said Roddick. “I haven’t been feeling well for some weeks… Maybe it could be a vitamin deficiency. We will have to take a look at that.

“I feel pretty lethargic and not quite as excitable as I normally am.”

It is not clear whether Roddick will be playing the Masters event in Toronto next week.

“First and foremost I’m going to test for something,” said Roddick. “I’m going to get that off my plate first.”

grendel Says:

” Also, unless BB improves at the net, can’t see him winning a slam.” – Margot, did you see , towards the end of the second set, Malisse hit a very good short ball, and Berdych ran up, and took it so delicately, popping it just over the net. This guy’s hands aren’t bad, you know! But it’s good to see Malisse not only playing well – we know he can do that – but fighting.

History Made: Roddick Drops Leaving No American Men in ATP Top 10 for First Time Says:

[…] Recent News… Ailing Roddick Shocked by Simon at Now American-Less Washington […]

jane Says:

Oh-oh, sounds almost like a test for mono sar, since lethargy is a key symptom. Anyhow, have to wait and see.

sar Says:

Hoping for Nalby and Tipsy final. Tipsy never won a title.

jane Says:

margot it’s looking good for Malisse.

sar, that’d be a surprising and interesting final. Lots of good players still left though.

sar Says:


@Clijsterskim Had a good first practice and workout in gym! The new site is amazing here in Cinci… Great playerslounge, beautiful gym and lockerroom.

@RSoderling Finally arrived in Toronto. Hotel room is so big I need a map to find my way around in here :-)

grendel Says:

Margot, you are completely vindicated! Berdych serves to stay in the match and plays 3 – 3! – horrible volleys to donate game, set and match to Malisse. How good Malisse looked, though. Could we have in the final a repeat of the Wimbledon semi-final – the year Hewitt won?

margot Says:

jane, grendel: Yay! Very impressed with Malisse, his backhand was sure handling BB’s mighty forehand! Am also rooting for Nalbandian, perhaps the op. has sorted him out after all.
ps has that man EVER been a teenager?? Looks about 50 now, perhaps it’s the unseemly bun…

Kimmi Says:

XAVIER!! congrats. always see talent in this guy. wish him all the best in dc.

How many seeds are left in this tourny?

OK..Cilic, Simon and baggy are seeds.

C’mon nalby, I still have faith in you.

I like tennis bullies Says:

Arod will be back
he wont allow his critics the satisfaction of retiring

Kimmi Says:

Just tune in to the match. Simon took the first set.

nalby wake up

Von Says:

I don’t know if Roddick’s game is sliding due to his inability to keep up with the competition, or it’s psychological and/or physical – only Roddick’s doctors will know for sure what’s happening to his body. And, as such, I’ll take his word for it that he’s not feeling up to par, and not making excuses for his losses, since he’s not one for using sickness as a shield as some players like to do.

Roddick returned to the tour after being away for 7 weeks, then he came down with a stomach virus in Madrid. However, he still kept on playing, instead of resting, and I think that his lack of rest, coupled with the lingering after-effects of the virus, which could still be active in his system, is now being manifested in the results we’re seeing when he competes.

I think Andy is doing the right thing. He needs to take care of his health first, and then return to competition. It would be ridiculous and counter-productive for Roddick to keep on playing, which could probably worsen his condition and lead to more major problems down the road.

I doubt that Roddick’s career is over – not by long shot. However, I would rather see him hang up his racquets than become a journey-man, just for the sake of being on the tour, but not really being part of the tour, in an effort to make up to make up numbers. He’s never been an also-ran, and I doubt that this is the time to start being one. I only hope that whatever ails Andy is not serious, and he’ll be back to his ebullient self soon. God’s speed Andy, and hopefuly your recovery will be a quick one.

Kimmi Says:

BREAK…yes. Kepp it up nalby

Kimmi Says:

If nalby keep this up. he will win this match. Great attacking tennis. Go nalby

Kimmi Says:

BREAAK! nalbandian. control aggression.

Kimmi Says:

these guys are hitting the ball soooo hard. simon breaks back.

jane Says:

Simon is a dogged competitor isn’t he? Nalby will have to fight to win this one. Unless Simon falls apart – looks like Nalby may break back and serve for it here.

jane Says:

Wow Nalbandian looks great.

Kimmi Says:

YAY! nalbandian won jane. He is playing very well. Attack attack attack. i hope he wins the tourny.

Contador – my pick is in the semi. go nalbandian

jane Says:

Kimmi, I’d be totally happy for Nalby if he won. : )

Nalby, Baggy and Malisse are all through again; it does seem a little like a throwback. Wonder who’ll prevail between Tipsy and Cilic; I think Marin will, but Janko is persistent too.

Kimmi Says:

if it was the cilic of earlier this year i would say janko to win. But cilic played well against fish. he could be starting to find his game again.

The commentator said tipsy is playing well but can get very frustrated if things don’t go his way..hence making too many errors. i agree.

i hope Cilic wins. i like Cilic. Go Cilic.

Kimmi Says:

maybe somebody said this above already Commentator just said Roddick will be out of top 10 on monday

grendel Says:

Well, that was a helluva match. Just when you thought Nalbandian had the match in his hands, Simon would break back. Yesterday, I suggested that Murray was a better retriever than even Simon, but on the strength of today’s performance, I’m not so sure. Simon was consistently getting back scorchers from Nalby, who was quite often thereby tricked, goaded or frustrated into going for too much. That’s the intention, isn’t it, of Murray/Simon type players. Is it enough to win a slam though?

Simon, despite being outplayed, was a threat right to the end, (“dogged” he sure is, jane) and could have pinched the match if Nalbandian hadn’t held firm. I mean, he doesn’t always, does he?

Nalby was looking eager, he was back to his “eeeinh!” type noises which occasionally metamorphosed into growling “Yeahrs”! An advance? And has he dyed his hair? He looks younger somehow.

But he is wonderful to watch when he’s enjoying himself. And just as I had been admiring his deep, crisp ground strokes, I suddenly realised that his volleying was simply superb. Nalbandian is not known as a great volleyer, but his volleying today was deft and assured, an absolute joy to watch. Can anyone in the game combine both groundstrokes and volleying to such a high standard? I don’t think so personally, though I stand to be corrected.

The down side is: he doesn’t do it very often. Like Kimmi, I hope he wins the tourney (though I am happy for Malisse), but the real crunch question is: can Nalbandian get through the next two weeks without injury, and present to the people of New York the REAL Nalbandian? I still want Federer to win the Open – I am programed to want that and can no other – but I’d be pretty happy if Nalbandian won. I don’t think he will though.(you see, madmax, I’m not just glass half empty with Fed…)

It’s 2.50 a.m in England. That match was worth staying up for. Not sure about the next one, bed time I think.

margot Says:

grendel @2.50am: can’t even stay up till then for Mr. Murray! But does explain how you are able to engage with our American chums. Tennis and morality, now that’s a fatal attraction.
Nalby or Mallisse, either please for this one. And I’d like someone not called Fedal to win USOpen.

Huh Says:

Only Nalbandian can be Nalbandian, he’s a La Fed/Safin, talent-wise. Fortunate and privileged to see a tennis player like David Nalbandian in my life time.

Huh Says:


Can’t agree more when you use the WONDERFUL w.r.t. Nalbandian, he really is!
What a shame that he has not notched up multiple slams! :/

Huh Says:

BTW, I m very hapy to see that fans here like Grendel, Jane, Ben, Von etc. are optimistic about Rod. Godspeed to Rod indeed. :)

Huh Says:

Maxi, Skeeze etc. are optimistic about Rod n respectful too. :)

Even tennis bullies is respectful, that was one big surprise though! ;)

Von Says:

Huh: Bullies has always liked ARod. I think Bullies is very funny and speaks his mind regardless of the opposition. LOL.

Jake Willens Says:

A Rod had better make a quick and drastic turn right now.

Von Says:

grendel: I saw your response to my post on the moral issues, but the thread seems to have disappeared. I did understand you meant yourself as being *one*. my question was a facetious one, and it’s the reason for the *LOL* at the end.

Von Says:

“The American exodus leaves no Yanks in today’s Washington quarterfinals for the first time in tournament histry, and with Roddick’s impeding ranking slide there will likely be zero US men in the ATP Top 10 come Monday in the first time in forever.”

Isn’t the designation *Yanks* reserved for the Northerners of the US?

With respect to zero US men in the top 10, it just goes to show who’s been the player that has kept the US flag flying in tennis since Agassi’s departure. Blake has been a member of the top ten for approx. two years, but it’s always been Roddick. However, very little in the way of appreciation from the American media is shown towards Roddick. They’ve been lavish on critism and stingy on praise.

grendel Says:

Well, Von, I rather thought the “lol” was sarcastic. Just shows how easy it is to misunderstand when you only have the written word to go by, with no help from facial expression, tone of voice etc.

Dan Martin Says:

I heard Roddick on the radio (Dan Patrick) after Miami. Roddick mentioned he had won the most points of any player in 2010 to that point. The no-clay court season, early loss in London and now in DC has him on the ropes, but I think as Ben said he has some chances to add points in Cincy and NY.

Huh Says:

Hi Mrs.Von! :)

I did not know that bullies likes Roddick, but unfortunately the fellow bitterly hates Federer, that’s what is wrong. He even called Fed to FOAD! That was what really turned me off.

Speaking on the good or bad about the game/personality of Fed is one thing. Many fans do that including Nadal fans like Mem, I really used to think Mem dislikes Fed, but after reading his comments thoroughly and with depth and with care, I found that he actually appreciates Fed, it’s not that he says Fed is a super bad player or stuff. His comments on Fed often look critical, but it is not true. I have realised that being a huge Nadal fan DOESN’T make him ABSOLUTELY blind to Federer’s true worth. Mem likes Rafa more, that’s his prerpogative, not too bad IMO, but at least he doesn’t hate Fed. But the same cannot be said of Bullies. The guy absolutely detests Fed. That I have a problem with, admittedly, however.

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