Wozniacki Wins New Haven, But at the Cost of US Open?

by Jeremy Davis | August 29th, 2010, 8:52 pm

Caroline Wozniacki, the top seed at the US Open starting Monday, beat Nadia Petrova 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 in the New Haven final for her third title in her last four events. It’s nice to pad your win-loss with Copenhagen titles and wins over non-champions such as Nadia Petrova and Elena Dementieva, but is it worth it at the cost of overplaying going into a Grand Slam?
Prior to the win over Petrova the Dane beat Dementieva in another three-setter. Lots of little wins for the player who doesn’t face a lot of top players during the year, and doesn’t beat a lot of them.

“I feel good. I’m in good shape,” Wozniacki says. “Definitely I feel like I’m playing better and better. The last four weeks have been great for me. It’s a positive problem to me if I have so many matches. It means I’m winning.”

The Woz won a see-saw victory over the spray gun and chronic bad mover Petrova in the New Haven final after leading 6-3, 2-0, but then letting it go to a third set against an opponent whose deep lack of confidence showed with glances up to her coach’s box after virtually every point, and lots of on-court coaching visits. Why can’t these women just play a match with a man having to come on court and fix things during a match? Can you imagine Billie Jean King using an on-court coaching call? She would be embarrassed.

Wozniacki is a perfect 13-0 career in New Haven, which won’t be a lot of consolation after losing prior to the quarterfinals at the US Open. Her first match will be Tuesday.

“I’ve had two victories in two weeks and three victories in four weeks. I feel I’m in great shape and playing well. Hopefully I can continue the next few weeks.”

“Hopefully” is the key word there and she’ll shut up the naysayers such as me if she can reach the latter rounds without visibly running out of gas. It’s nice to be young and have all that gas in the tank. Otherwise it will be a time to realize she’s now a top player and, like Rafael Nadal earlier in his career, needs to plan her calendar a little smarter.

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19 Comments for Wozniacki Wins New Haven, But at the Cost of US Open?

sar Says:

Caroline might be peaking too soon. IMO she should not play one week before the USO. I hope that Lena can win this one or someone else with no grand slam.

funches Says:

This column is ridiculously harsh.

Woz played poorly at Roland Garros and Wimbledon because she had a bad ankle. She made the final of the U.S. Open last year after winning New Haven. She gets the absolute most out of her game. If all the headcases in the women’s game played as hard as she does every time out, the sport wouldn’t be in such a shambles.

I see her making the final again this year, but there would be no shame in losing to Sharapova in the fourth round. If she loses before then, you could brag about being right.

kimberly Says:

I don’t know if sharapova can take wozniaki. Sharapova hasn’t exactly been a model of consistency since her return a year an a half ago.

Kimmi Says:

she played very well last year but this year she is been struggling. I thought maybe players have found out her game, but its great to see her playing well again.

I think she is a player that need momentum and she got it perfect this time. she should be OK at the USO, its not like men who have to play 5 sets matches.

women early round matches are normarly easy. she gets a day of rest in between..perfect.

sharapova will be a tough match regardless if she is tired or not. I hope it happens, i would like to see that match.

guy Says:

really needs to improve her serve. 5’10, no excuses.

meanwhile laura robson has a bigger serve than most of the top ten and she’s still a junior. i have high hopes for her. british tennis might have two top tenners in a couple of years.

thark Says:

jeremy all of your articles are exceedingly negative. stop hating please…

Kimmi Says:

kimberly – sharapova played very well in cincy. she nearly beat Kim, the rain delay and kim fight back put her off. she also had some kind of injury in that cincy final.

if she has recovered, she is one of the contenders imo.

funches Says:

There’s nothing wrong with hating.

Jeremy’s just chose the wrong player to hate, with ridiculous arguments to support his thesis. Last time I checked, wins in one week over Kuznetsova and Dementieva are pretty good. Those two are absolutely contenders to win the U.S. Open with Serena and Henin out of the picture. If you’re gong to call those mediocre wins, who exactly would you say is a good win?

jane Says:

Don’t Oudin and Wozniaki have similar games/playing styles, kind of grinders? And Oudin took out Sharapova last year; mind you I think Maria is playing better this year.

Kimmi Says:

oudin has more variety imo. she has a beautiful slice and the FH is a little bigger. she sets up her attack with that slice…

woz is a really grinder. i have not seen her hit a slice though..has she ever? but she is one of the biggest fighter in wta for sure

kimberly Says:

The thing about sharapova is she just hasn’t seemed to be closing the matches she should:

Clijsters in cincy
Azarenka in another final

She had unlucky draws at roland garros (henin third round) and wwimby (serena fourth round) and she palyed well in both matches.

She’s a contender. But I would say like fifth on the list. And I like wozniaki in that match, she’s been very consistent.

The contenders for the womens I would say are:

In that order. Very hard to call.

Wozniaki/sharapova. Edge to wozniaki.

Azarenla/venus (if venus gets there). Hmmmmmm. Well we know if venus plays her a game she can beat anybody. But which venus williams will show up?

What about the two serbs? JJ and ivanovic. Never know what you’ll get from them either.

jane Says:

I don’t know what kind of form JJ is in Kimberly, but she has been to the USO finals before, so I’d throw her in there either as a contender or certainly a dark horse. And what about that long-named Russian girl, “P” something? I believe she was in the semis at Cincy, and is possibly a teen? I wonder how she will do?

kimberly Says:

Pavlenchenkova I think

JJ I think would be more a dark horse. And ivanovic as well. Remeber ivanovic has won a slam and played two other slam finals.

contador Says:


hey, wta bracket people:

join my pool! you can laugh at my bracket tomorrow when it’s open.

i am so excited!

sar Says:

I think Pavs is injured.

grendel Says:

Kimmi, I agree. Wozniaki and Sharapova should be a cracker. meanwhile. don’t underestimate the skills required to be a good “grinder”. In their own way, they can be exquisite, even if not spectacular.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

She’s playing too much indeed (like Nadal before RG2009) but it’s not a reason to write such a harsh column…

Curious Jorge Says:

Just curious what exactly your suggestions are for Caroline to avoid “playing too much” or being “worn out” before going into the US Open? How might one un-plan the kind of success to she is having this summer, this year?

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Jeremy, will you apologize for this article taking into account the current performance of Caroline at USO?

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