Tennis-X Funk/Trunk: Fed Sits, McEnroe Kicks Ass

by Staff | October 6th, 2010, 12:16 am

Who’s got the funk…

No. 2 in the world behind Rafa, and has led Serbia into the Davis Cup final — pretty good resume. 
2. Guillermo GARCIA-LOPEZ
G-Lo beats world No. 1 Rafa in the Bangkok semis then takes the title. Niiiice. 

3. Mikhail YOUZHNY
Wins Kuala Lumpur, outlasting four opponents in three sets. Russian Iron Man award. 

51 years old and kicking ass, beating Ivan Lendl and Guy Forget for the seniors Paris title. Can Pete and Andre make some senior tour appearances and put this guy in his place? 

5. Thomas MUSTER
42 years old and playing the Challenger tour — and sucking. But we like the effort. 

…Who’s in the trunk

5. Robby GINEPRI, New Haven, TENNIS magazine
Three way tie for the guy who broke his arm biking while trying to avoid a squirrel, the tour event that is about to disappear, and the magazine that no one reads that is circling the drain. 

4. Juan Martin DEL POTRO
Comebacks are not easy — ask Muster.
3. Caroline WOZNIACKI
We’re waiting until the year-end championships when you play a Williams sister. Then the rubber will meet the road. 

2. China Open
Looked like you bought a good event — until three of your Top 5 players dropped out. Injury problem on the WTA Tour? No! 

1. Roger FEDERER
Just about everyone is playing this week in Asia — except Fed who has time to sit around and ponder letting Switzerland drop out of the Davis Cup World Group.

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9 Comments for Tennis-X Funk/Trunk: Fed Sits, McEnroe Kicks Ass

Rick Says:

I can’t believe the double standard you guys have on Nadal and Del Potro. Nadal usually made it to the semi in his comeback last year. But you jealous Nadal haters gave so much for Del Potro for beating Nadal at the US Open last year. But Del Potro is just horrible when he is back on the tour. He was being treated like rubbish in his match with Lopez. And Nadal should be really proud. He was doing better than everyone when returning from injuries. You know Tsonga, Davydenko and Del Potro are useless.
Seriosuly, I would like to have Nadal meeting Del Potro in the first and second round. So that, he could humilate himself and those Nadal haters. Also Davydenko, seriously he just doesn’t has the game to beat the top guys. He was just cashing in when Nadal was hurt last year. As for Soderling, he is just hopeless, he was losing to guys like Roddick, Nalbandian and everyone.

Rick Says:

Told ya guys that, Del Potr0 would sucks when he returns. And you Nadal haters thought that he could gives him a threat! lol

Rick Says:

And as for Federer, you guys are pathetics. He is an old man now, he needs to rest extra.

madmax Says:

Oh Rick. Old? who is the old man here, complaining and whinging. Isn’t that what old men do?

Fed can do what he wants. If he wants to rest, then so be it. Will be happy to see him back fit, well and rested.

RZ Says:

Can’t you guys go one week without putting Roger Federer on the list (on either end)? As for him not playing, the guy has one-year old twin daughters. If anyone deserves a chance to rest and enjoy family life for a few weeks, it’s him. Give him a break!

Michael Says:

there is a reason why Nadal done better when he came back – because the little whiny excuse maker was never so badly injured as he made out to be.

thark Says:

umm, rick?

tsonga is useless? soderling is hopeless?

do you watch tennis?

Fot Says:

I’m with RZ… you guys need to give Roger a break. He has practically carried the ATP tour since 2004. When others were injured, he practically single handedly carried that year-end in China (that year when everyone pulled out). Year after year he had been playing in a lot of tournaments; he had played the most matches, etc. So now that he’s almost 30 years old, married with family – give the guy a break! So many of you have already said it’s time for the ‘youngesters’ to show something. Other than Nadal, I’m still waiting on them to show that special ‘something’.

Roger has paid his dues (even in Davis Cup). So if he wants to rest out another week – so be it.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Caroline Wozniacki in the trunk??? You are drunk or what?

This blog develops an anti-Wozniacki spirit such as or even worse (all wrong BTW).

And tomorrow, we will get another article about her non deserved ranking because she didn’t get a slam… yet.

Frankly, give her a break because when you take a look at the competition, there is a lot to laugh:

A) William sisters are over.

A-1) Serena with her fake injury just doesn’t want to play anymore. Have you ever cut your foot with a glass and can’t walk for six months? She should really think that WTA is stupid. Anyway, good news that she is not playing anymore, especially for the line judges.

A-2) Venus is too old and won’t ever win a slam any more.

B) Henin still thinks that she will win Wimbledon in 2025.

C) Clijsters has lost her passport so she can’t leave New York state. See you in August 2011.

D) Dementieva, always something wrong when she has an opportunity to win a slam (last French Open for instance). That’s so bad for her.

E) Diva, err, I mean Jankovic, is wondering if she should add Ana as friend on her Facebook profile to get advice how to win a slam.

F) Ivanovic, pffff, no comment. Sooo sad…

Bottom-line, give Caro a break! She is young, fresh, and she plays well. Go Caroline, you are the one!!!

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