Foot Pain Forces Serena Williams Out of Linz
by Tom Gainey | October 10th, 2010, 11:06 am

It’s easy come, easy go for the Linz tournament. Organizers on Friday were in celebration upon learning of the news that Serena Williams had confirmed her arrival for the Austrian event this weekend.

But how quickly things have changed. According to the tournament website, during a practice session Saturday in Miami Serena still felt pain in her right foot, which she first mysteriously injured in a freak accident after Wimbledon.

With the injury not fully healed, Serena withdrew from Linz. She is reported to undergo an MRI and further tests today.

Serena’s wildcard slot has been awarded to Ana Ivanovic.

Serena will lose her No. 1 position to Caroline Wozniacki when the new rankings are released tomorrow. Sister Venus is also nursing a knee injury that has ended her 2010 tennis season.

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11 Comments for Foot Pain Forces Serena Williams Out of Linz

Kimberly Says:

i wonder if the williams intend to play non-grand slam events ever again.

dari Says:

It’s odd, for sure. But if she wasn’t actually hurt, I think it would be LESS of a hassle to play than to go through all of this.

sar Says:

Kimberly,can they do that?

John Says:

Does anyone actually believe this rubbish about her stepping on broken glass and injuring her foot?! come on. She probably just didnt fancy playing the US Open because of all the furore with the line judge last year. And since she missed that she might as well have the rest of the year off too so she can go and watch fashion shows and get photographed on beaches.

Kimberly Says:

Sar-techinically no, they can’t but they seem to be doing it. Venus didn’t play one single match between Wimby and USO and has not played one since nor will she for the rest of the year. But I bet she’ll make it to Austrailia.

Serena did not play between Austrailian Open and ROme, then played Rome Madrid and Wimby. How many tounrnmants has she played this year? 5 or 6?

Kimberly Says:

Serena Williams Year Summary From WTA Sony Ericsson Site:

In DetailJANUARY – Runner-up at Sydney (as top seed, l. to No.5 seed Dementieva in final); won 12th Grand Slam title at Australian Open (as top seed, d. WC Henin in final; was fifth Australian Open singles title, first in Open Era to win that many); won 11th Grand Slam doubles title at Australian Open (w/V.Williams).

FEBRUARY – Withdrew from Paris [Indoors] and Dubai w/left knee injury.

MARCH – Withdrew from Miami w/left knee injury.

APRIL – Withdrew from Marbella and Charleston w/left knee injury.

MAY – Reached SF at Rome (as top seed, l. to No.7 seed Jankovic 46 63 76(5); held mp at 5-4 third set); reached 3r at Madrid (as top seed, l. to No.16 seed Petrova in 3s); won 19th Tour doubles title at Madrid (w/V.Williams); reached QF at Roland Garros (as top seed, l. to No.7 seed Stosur 62 67(2) 86; held mp at 5-4 third set); won 12th Grand Slam doubles title at Roland Garros (w/V.Williams; now 12-0 in Grand Slam doubles finals w/V.Williams); rose to No.1 in doubles on June 7 (co-No.1s w/V.Williams; third pair ever to occupy Top 2 spots in both singles and doubles, after Hingis/Novotna and Hingis/Davenport).

JUNE – Won 13th Grand Slam title at Wimbledon (as top seed, d. No.21 seed Zvonareva in final; now No.6 all-time for Grand Slam singles titles won).

JULY – Withdrew from Istanbul w/right foot injury.

AUGUST – Withdrew from Cincinnati, MontrĂ©al and US Open w/right foot injury.

SEPTEMBER – Withdrew from Tokyo w/right foot injury.

OCTOBER – Withdrew from Beijing w/right foot injury.


Unless I am missing something I am counting 6 tournaments. Wozniaki has played over 20.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for the info and research on Serena! Interesting stuff.

grendel Says:

If I might stick my oar in: it occurs to me that Serena Williams is so overwhelmingly better than anybody else that at some level, she can’t be bothered to compete. For a while, Henin was challenging her, and this brought out the competitive spirit in Serena. I think she played more then?

If this is true, the way to see more of Serena on the tennis courts is for a new genius to emerge, sweeping all before her. I bet that’d drag Serena from her lair.

Anna Says:

Like Roger, Serena and Venus are getting to be a little long in the tooth. While I think the injuries are real, I also think they’re picking and choosing there tournaments carefully. If they played like they did (every tournament) when they were 24-25 I don’t think they’d have the oomph to challenge at the slams. Take some time off, rehab and refresh and then go get yourself a slam. That’s Serena’s motto and I think as much as he can, that’s Fed’s motto too.

kimberly Says:

Grendel—agreed. Serena does not seem that interested.

A lot of commentators have said however part of the reason the williams have lasted so long is because their lives are not completely about tennis so they have avoided mental burnout.

joan Says:

Why is everybody always down on the Williams sister? I guess its OK to be injuried as long as you are white like Kim, Sharapova and Justine who have all played few tournaments this year.

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