Roger Federer Mercedes-Benz Commercial [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 17th, 2010, 2:06 pm

Luxury auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has a new commercial out featuring Roger Federer.

Federer partnered with Mercedes-Benz back in May as part of a multi-year agreement to become the carmaker’s Brand Ambassador.

The lengthy 1:30 commercial which was shot in Queensland is below. Check out Roger’s poofy hair at the end.

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9 Comments for Roger Federer Mercedes-Benz Commercial [Video]

TGiT Says:

He is really rich.

Kimmi Says:

ha-ha, i thought he is going to say something…

nice car!

jane Says:

Good but too long. His hair is very “Elvis” at the end there.

Fot Says:

I’m just glad he’s making as much money as they can. Why not!? Good for Roger and good for tennis!

Skeezerweezer Says:

uh Rog…can I borrow your Benz?

“Master of all surfaces”. Nice :)

dari Says:

yes, jane, a bit long, but great tag line at the end!

RZ Says:

Agree with the others that it’s good but too long. But it’s a little disturbing to see Roger with his eyes closed while driving!

The drum music sounds familiar. Did anyone recognize it?

RZ Says:

Oh, I think the drum music is similar to Battle Star Galactica’s opening credits theme.

contador Says:

agree with RZ! i thought he looked like he was falling asleep. i was waiting for a mercedes “safety feature” bit at the end.

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