Nadal, Federer, Murray Lead London 8 Visit to 10 Downing St. [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 19th, 2010, 9:55 am

Days before their ATP World Tour Finals clash, the “London 8” were in town early for a special visit to 10 Downing St to meet British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Robin Soderling, Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, David Ferrer and Andy Roddick showed up in their Sunday best – Ferrer clearly didn’t get the memo to wear a dark suit – PM’s residence.

Said Britain’s very own Murray, “It’s the second time I’ve been here. It was nice. He [the PM] likes tennis, which we knew beforehand. We spoke about tennis and some of the past players. It was good fun, I really enjoyed it.”

Here’s Spanish video of them posing with the PM. Ferrer is not only out of wardrobe but out of place!

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19 Comments for Nadal, Federer, Murray Lead London 8 Visit to 10 Downing St. [Video]

contador Says:

thanks tom.

ahh, i like federer acting like a big bro to the bird…

ferrer walks over to take his place on the end next to djoko and they move him more in the middle next to federer.

my eye follows the grey suit!

Eercel Says:

Did no one tell Ferrer the suits should be dark?
Either way they all looked dapper…separately.

queen Says:

Andy M great haircut! Looks hot. Andy R loooking not too shabby as well after cleaning up that ugly blond beard. All of them look nice and fresh. Hopefully they will play as good as they look :)

queen Says:

It is really nice to see Andy M happy and smiling for a change:) and Daviiid is making a fashion statement that’s for sure. Nevertheless he looks good.

jane Says:

queen, If you want to see Andy M smiling and happy you should seek out his recent web chat with Jonathan Ross; it’s available at Murray’s World and it’s a good discussion where Andy seems totally at ease.

Agree with you – they all look nice and relaxed.

Ferrer in light grey is interesting; is it an omen, as leo v. suggested on the other thread?? Hmm… : )

Vulcan Says:

Sometimes the dark horse wears a light suite! Poor Ferrer…LOL!

Sean Randall Says:

Well, Ferrer sure sticks out. It brings to mind the old saying, the nail that sticks out gets hammered!

Vulcan Says:

Also, it looks like Federer was the one who first caught on to (and corrected) the fact that he would look like an Umpire or something standing out on the periphery.

Vulcan Says:

Then again he could be a thorn in Federer’s side

dari Says:

Vulcan- yes. now that Roger is a dad, he’s really looking out! who ACTUALLY speaks spanish? im ok, and i swear the lady said something like “federer asked our david ferrer blank so that he wouldn’t be so on the corner of the photo”!
corrections welcome

Vulcan Says:

dari, I’m at about the conversational level and I’m pretty sure that that is exactly what she said…in a nutshell the Spanish media liked the fact that Federer showed Ferrer a kind hand there.

queen Says:

Yea, the shortest and off-colour Daviid at the end would be a weird picture, although funny too:)I wished he talked to someone before he picked the suit.

contador Says:

ferrer is definitely going to win a match. payback time.

i mean, no one else was rushing over to stand with fed between the giants, soda and berdy, lol…

reminds me of that scene in bridget jones diary where she dresses as playboy bunny for a party and well …she’s sabotaged.

bibi Says:

According to another Spanish TV news bit, where Ferrer is shown practicing with Rafa and then both give short interviews, Ferrer was asked about the suit and he said it was ATP who gave him the light grey one, so he was embarrassed to find out everybody else came in dark suits.

You can see that for the media day and trophy photoshoot which was today Ferrer came in dark jacket and slightly lighter trousers, but some of the doubles players in the background were in that same light grey suit as Ferrer yesterday.

Naderer Says:

It’s a good thing that it was David F that wore the grey suit. Had it been Federer or Nadal, i bet my left nut there’d be nasty comments

Dory Says:

Have to watch the video 8 times to see all 8 of them from start to the end. Berdych looks the best IMHO in the suit. Poor Ferrer is made the odd one out by the ATP.

Von Says:

I suppose David read the book: “The man in the Gray Flannel Suit”, and who knows most probably will model his life ala the main character, when he hangs up his racquets.

Colin Says:

Naderer – ouch! You want to be careful, making bets like that!

dari Says:

Dory, berdych does look niiiiicccceee. He also looks HUGE. geeze

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