Novak Djokovic Uncovered: “My Motivation is a Win” [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 19th, 2010, 10:21 am

The ATP has released a new uncovered feature on Novak Djokovic. After a slow start to the 2010 tennis season, the Serb, who qualified for his fourth straight ATP World Tour Finals, has enjoyed an impressive strong second-half of the season and now is among the favorites in London next week.

“This year has been a year of ups and downs, and first six months I wasn’t managing to play my best tennis,” said Djokovic.

“Health-wise I wasn’t fit and I wasn’t 100% so I was dealing with that more than with my tennis.”

Djokovic said his year turned around at Wimbledon, and it’s been “uphill” ever since.

The video is stockpiled with footage of Djokovic wearing underwear on the runway, dawning the mask in Paris, with girlfriend Jelena Ristic sprinkled with some additional on-court antics.

If you are Djokovic fan don’t miss this video.

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12 Comments for Novak Djokovic Uncovered: “My Motivation is a Win” [Video]

Duro Says:

“You’ll never walk alone”.

In Novak we trust!

jane Says:

Thanks Tom. I generally like Nole’s passion, but I don’t like it when he gets over-negative. He’s been better in that regard. And I find he gets his best wins when he maintains focus/calm in general. Letting out some emotion is all well and good, just not letting it take him off his focus on the next point, etc. He’s a little bit like Safin that way in my opinion; when Safin got overly negative he usually didn’t win, but when he stayed focused and calm that’s when he played his best tennis and won. Also I found Nole’s celebration when he won Paris Masters last year over the top. I think he was letting off steam as he’d been on quite a roll, winning Bejing, Basel, then Paris. But still. Cool out Nole! : ) He’s a unique personality, and I like that about him. Seems like a lot of fun.

Duro Says:

Masters counts, Jane, masters… That’s why he “let off” steam. He won only 500 and 250 points tournament until then (Dubai, Belgrade, Beijing, Basel). Previous year he won two, the year before as well. Not to mention the brink he was on in the match with persistent Monfills. When you want it something badly you act like that. He said that title was one of his favorite.

Now WTF… Novak 1300 points in the end! In Novak we trust!

jane Says:

Hi Duro! : ) Yes, it was a Masters so a bigger title. He is lacking one of those this year, with only Bejing and Dubai titles, but he did get to a slam final for the first time in two years, which was a step in the right direction. Last year he was in all those clay matches with Nadal too – and in so many finals at Miami, Monte Carlo, Rome, Halle, Cincy – so by the time he won Paris he was probably a little tired of being a finalist but never a winner. As you say, Monfils kept coming back and inspiring the crowd as well, so all things considered, I can see why he kind of blew his top when he finally won. This year has been a letdown in many ways, but he did better his results at all the slams except AO, where he reached an equal result. So he is prioritizing, or trying to I think. Anyhow, I would hope he can reach the semis here anyhow, though it might be difficult, and especially win DC to cap off his year.

Duro Says:

As I said, 1300 points. Which means – one loss in the group and the title in the end! In Novak we trust! Allez alleeeez…

About DC… Don’t waist your energy. Nole’s head will be shaved in the end!

Nina Says:

Just so he doesn’t have to shave his head I wish for Serbia to lose.

Really, what was he thinking when he made that bet? He wasn’t thinking about his girlfriend or his girl fans for sure.

Now, seriously, I love the video, thanks for posting.

Duro Says:

Nina, a promise is a promise. Not only his, but the whole’s team. And hey, he’ll look just fine! You and many won’t see him till AO, so the hair will grow up again. I asked once: “Who’s gonna be a guy with a very very short hair to win the AO 2011”, so let it be!

Nina Says:

I remember that Duro, lol.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Just saw this. Great stuff :)Thanks for finding this!

Dory Says:

Nole is my THE favorite player but Masters 1000s, Slams and WTFs have become very rare in his life. For far too long, he’s been winning only 500s and coming runner up in Slams and 1000s at best. I get very upset when he goes very far and then loses the most important match so I hope wins all the way. He or The Master a.k.a. RF.

contador Says:

dory, my sentiments exactly – he came close to getting a us open title…that was frustrating. and as i said on another thread, i hope nole gets his goal in 2011 to be #1.

love his game and personality. and he obviously rocks a speed-o!

hi Duro!!

Duro Says:

Hi Countess! Baltic rocks!

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