Nadal Tops the One-Eyed Joker, Roddick Bounced; Murray Under Ferrer Pressure

by Sean Randall | November 24th, 2010, 11:03 pm

Wednesday we witnessed a couple minor surprises with Tomas Berdych rockin’ Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal hammering an impaired Novak Djokovic. Nadal’s the No. 1 player in the world so it should never be a shock when he wins, but for me Berdych’s victory was the stunner of day. ADHEREL

Tomas had dropped four straight to Roddick and six of eight overall. And the guy’s really gone off the radar since July. That is until today. After listlessly losing his opening round robin to Djokovic, Berdych rose to the occasion today handing Roddick a very comprehensive 7-5, 6-3 defeat.

“It feels great,” said Berdych. “None of these matches are easy. I still [have a] chance to have it in my hands in the last match.”

And that he does. If Berdych beats Nadal in straight sets on Friday he’ll be playing Saturday, possibly as a Group A winner!

For Roddick, who’s lost four straight sets, he’s got work to do if he wants to win this title. He’ll have to beat Djokovic in straights and hope Nadal does the same to Berdych.

“I don’t think he came into the match with a lot of confidence,” said Roddick.

Roddick, who I felt played pretty well against Nadal in his opener, was far too passive today. I joked a few years ago that Roddick had become an American version of David Ferrer. Today, at times, not only was he playing like him he even started grunting like Ferrer!

In the marquee match, Nadal and Djokovic hooked up for a 23rd time. Nadal led going 15-7 and coming out, he now leads 16-7! That’s 16 wins already for Nadal over Djokovic, and this was one of the more peculiar victories. A true “WTF” match!

The two began the match as advertised with heavy, grinding,draining baseline exchanges. Nadal broke early, Djokovic came back. Then in at 4-3 the match turned. Djokovic began having serious issues with his right eye. First it was a routine trainer visit, then later in the set he left the court for what seemed to be 5-6 minutes to fix a contact issue.

If this wasn’t enough eye drama, a perturbed Nadal had to watch Novak receive a second round of treatment after the first set.

“I really feel sick talking about it,” said Djokovic. “It never happened to me in my life. I’m just really annoyed that something like this can really affect the match. My right eye got irritated, and from 5-all I could not play. I could not see a ball, especially the return. It was just terrible. I will try to see a doctor and see if there is something more serious going on and in two days hopefully I can be ready.

“I know I’m in the tournament. It’s not that I think everything is lost. It’s far away from that. I know I’m still in the tournament. I have big chances to qualify. It’s just that these things make me very angry.”

Playing with one eye? Well, if nothing else that’s a new one! And it sure didn’t help the Serb. From 5-5 in the first, Nadal won six straight games to salt away the match which had began with so much promise.

“For me [it] was a very important victory because my level was high another time; [I was] playing very well in the first set especially,” Rafa said. “For sure [it] is a very important victory for the group because I am in a good position.”

Now Nadal, who was winless in this event a year ago, will qualify for the Final Four by winning a set on Friday against Berdych.

As for Group B…

After an 0-2 pick day today, I’ll try to do better for Thursday’s Group B final round robin pairings.

First on is Roger Federer and Robin Soderling. Federer holds a monster edge 15-1, but the only loss was a crusher this year in the French Open wind and rain. Indoors there won’t be any such weather elements to deal with and even though Soderling excels under the roof and can hit through a slow court, the head-to-head is just to great for the Swede to overcome. I think Robin will keep it close but Federer in three.

If that result does come correct – Fed over Robin in three – then Murray will qualify by winning a set against Ferrer. And I think the Scot will get the job done. The pressure’s on and this time Murray will come through. He really has no choice! In London he HAS to beat Ferrer!

Head-to-head however, Ferrer leads Murray 3-1 (3-0 on clay) with two wins this season – in Rome and Madrid. To add, the court is slow in London and despite two straight set losses to Federer and Soderling, Ferrer’s been banging the ball well. And he returns well – Murray’s been serving poorly – and he can attack a passive-playing Murray. So the door is open for an upset in this match that will have meaning regardless of the Fed-Soderling outcome. But a loss for Andy would be a devastating way to end the season. For his sake I hope he doesn’t go out that way. I’ll pick Murray in straights.

For those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There’s a lot to be thankful for in the world of tennis!


CENTRE COURT start 12:15 pm
[1] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA) vs [3] L Dlouhy (CZE) / L Paes (IND)
Not Before 2:00 PM
[2] R Federer (SUI) vs [4] R Soderling (SWE)
Not Before 6:15 PM
[6] M Fyrstenberg (POL) / M Matkowski (POL) vs [8] J Melzer (AUT) / P Petzschner (GER)
Not Before 8:00 PM
[5] A Murray (GBR) vs [7] D Ferrer (ESP)

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90 Comments for Nadal Tops the One-Eyed Joker, Roddick Bounced; Murray Under Ferrer Pressure

van orten Says:

one eyed joker hahaha already a classic

Skeezerweezer Says:

yeah that was a good one Sean. Thanks for keeping the article light, with some humor, and if posters don’t get it..well….whatever.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Tennis X also, and for sure this is one poster who is thankful for the hard work you put in. Although sometimes controversial, the effort to keep writing the latest tennis stuff is well appreciated from this dysfunctional poster. It’s clear it works well what you try to produce, as the hits and posts keep on a comin,,,,,,

Parting Thanksgiving dig…

Oh wait..don’t forget you’ll get knocked 2 demerit points from Nadal fans for saying

” ….a perturbed Nadal “. lol….

But 5 bonus points for saying ” one eyed joker ”


andrea Says:

hmmm….is the stage being set for a final of epic proportions?

madmax Says:

one match at a time for federer. never look beyond that. Soderling is a great player and will be in angry mode today.

C’mon Federer!

jane Says:

Lol, Sean: “one-eyed Joker” is a good, er, one.

jane Says:

Happy Thanksgiving to you’s down south eh? We already had it up here. Thankfully.

jane Says:

I will say though, the 16 wins of Rafa over Nole isn’t an anomaly or anything. At least he has 7 wins, right? Nadal has 14 wins over Fed, 11 over Verdasco, etc. Fed has 15 over Soda, 20 over Arod, 17 over Hewitt, etc. I guess my point is that the guys on the losing end of these H2Hs at least keep putting themselves in the position to play Fed and Nadal (Nadal on clay too – I mean what are the odds? 99.999999 – 1? :)) Just sayin.

someone Says:


Why didn’t you mention about nadal complaining like a little kid about the umpire telling Nadal to hurry up between points?

margot Says:

hi tennisx fans, greetings from your roving reporter at the laregest indoor arena in the world- the O2. Wish u were here!
The stadium is dark..u hear boom, boom, boom of VERY loud music, suddenly into the spotlight, to The Clash’s “London Calling” steps the first my heart is pumpimg! Lord knows how the players feel! The astonishing electric atmosphere generated by 17 thousand people is undescribable- especially when rafa is playing ;)
Back to the tennis matches…well I wanted Big Bird to play better but not that much better!
Rafa’s match was so tense and level for the first few games…but then alas, alas…
Today Fed v. Sod….oh it’s such a hard life…;)
BFN hope to check in tomorrow. Is my cheque in the post, sean…?

mat4 Says:

Nole played very well till 4-4. He served well, and that’s the most encouraging fact for the next season. I believe that he won’t repeat previous mistakes, and that he will found the game he had two years ago. This time, though, he has a more powerfull FH, he plays with more spin, and, hopefully, he should be better than ever.

But, he still has to improve his timing for going to the net. I just hope that he didn’t completely waste his time with Todd Martin, and that, at least, he has learned a bit about net play from him.

Just hope that he will win tomorrow against ARod.

Rick Says:

Once again, I told you so! Why is it so difficult for you guys to pick the right winner for matches? Sean! You picked Djokovic over Nadal in your previous post! ROFL Told you that, Del Potro, Davydenko and Djokovic were having all these wins against Nadal last year. It was simply because Nadal was coming back from injury! Now that JMDP is rank 262 in the world(Serve him right for running away, instead of trying, when things get difficult). I think he might needs a wild card to play at the Australian Open. I can’t wait for Davydenko, JMDP and Nadal to meet again. Nadal will going to give them lessons on tennis. Btw, I pick Federina over Soderling for today’s match. And Roddick to get beeten by everyone.

Rick Says:

It is not a suprise to me for Nadal to be voted as Sportsman Of The Year. Especially for the stuffs he said this year at Wimbledon and US Open. Bercydh was furious about the stuffs Roger said. I meant the stuffs Roger said when his butt was being kicked by Bercydh. And saying Djokovic being 3 or 4 at the open. And then, Novak gave him a lesson for beating him in the semi. And you can’t blame him for doing the PR thingy for Nadal. Especially for the stuffs Roger said about him not being able to get it done the previous years. That is why I found it pretty funny! When Novak said stuffs like he is not going to cry when he was beaten by Nadal at the US Open. And how could Federina be the GOAT? He has so many nemesis, Murray, Nadal, Simon Gillies, Canas, Nalbandian!

Nina Says:

These are the missing parts of Nadal’s interview. I think Rafa has a legitimate point there.

“I’m very sorry for him,” said the world number one. “For me it was a very important victory because my level was high again and I played very well, in the first set especially. It is a very important victory for the group because I am in a good position.”
Nadal’s only irritation came from a conversation with the umpire, who asked the 24-year-old to speed up between serves. It was far from an unfamiliar situation for the Spaniard, but he felt aggrieved given the circumstances.
“We have a very good relationship with Novak,” said the Spaniard. “I think the (permitted) medical time-out is three minutes, not seven, like when he went to the toilet.
“If I wait seven minutes for him, and for me it isn’t a problem, it shouldn’t be a problem if I am five seconds late between points. That’s what I said to him because he put me under pressure that I had to go faster.”

Rick Says:

And I am so glad that, Nadal is taking good care of himeself these days. For having rest and not trying to play every tournaments to have himself injury again. Otherwise, Fed Allstop would had stolen his trophies and ranking. Even though he was just falling back to number 1 like he did last year. But all his fans would just gave him credits for not doing hardworks and crown him as the GOAT for nothing. Truly worthy! So glad, his fans no longer dare to call him Fedex these days!

Rick Says:

And for Federina, he is no good in 3 or 5 set matches. When other players step up with their games. He often felt the pressures, and he had choked quite alot of matches this year. Especially with the players who he once dominated. I don’t think he would had get beaten by these players in his old days. I’ll say, this is the damage that Nadal did to him over the years.

Rick Says:

And for those Federina’s fans. To you, it is a good thing for Nadal and Federer to play each others again. But for me it is as bore as anything. You guys just wish that, Federina would gets his chance to avenge all these humilation by Nadal in the grand slams final. Especially, at Roland Garros. I really don’t think that, Federina could wins at Roland Garros again if he has to runs into Nadal.

Rick Says:

And those Federer’s fans never complain, when Federer won everything. Instead they kissed his butt, and saying stuffs like how unbeaten he is and cheerings for the everything that he won. But when Nadal is being the best player in the world. They would just say stuffs like it is good for tennis, if other players step up with their games and winning their grand slam titles. Such double standard and hypocrite words from these people.

Btw, I never heard of the fans favourite award that was given to Federer until this year. The ATP just wanted to save him from embrassment for getting beaten by Nadal in everything. So they had to created an award to be given to him.

Rick Says:

When Nadal won his US Open. Instead of bragging on how good he is. He was telling everyone that, Federina is being better than he is and all that. Despite there are serious doubts about his statement on Federina. That showed the real class Nadal has for being the number one player in the world. I remember during the US Open. Roger was saying that, if you haven’t won all four slams. You could hardly be consider as the GOAT. Roger only has himself to blame for the stuffs he said about Berdych, Djokovic and all these other players. So it is not a suprise me for that, they gave their votes to Nadal instead.

I really hope that, players like Murray and Djokovic would step up with their games and win some slams soon! Tennis is alot fun to watch these days. Instead of having Federer dominating Roddick, Blake and all these players over and over in the slams.

Rick Says:

The reason why Federer fans hate FedEnd, it is because FedEnd is there to destory Federer’s legacy. To be honest, I don’t agree with the way that how he was doing it. But maybe he is just sick of those bullies from Federer’s fans. FedEnd is just like Neo in The Matrix. He is there to saves the world. And there to bring down Federer’s overated legacy! In other word, FedEnd is the world police and is there to creating new world order! lol

Nina Says:

Wow, Rick, you’re having quite a monologue there. Lol.

Rick Says:

And back on the YEC, I think Federer would probably has an easy win against Soderling. But I am not sure about he could beats Djokovic, Nadal or possibly Murray again in the final.

Rick Says:

Thanks, Nina! lol

Dory Says:

As a fan, I am slightly annoyed too. For some reason or the other, poor Nole always has SOME health related issue in the most important of matches. Exhaustion, stomach problems, breathing problem, some injury and now eye problems.

Not that it’s his fault. Yesterday could have happened to anyone but still it’s very annoying for fans expecting a great match.

MalaMo Says:

Rick, a bad day today?!

Nina Says:

What I really hate is for people to think that Nole fakes all these health problems. I know it may look suspicious since it happens to him so often, but I believe all these incidents are legitimate. It’s really bad luck. But he should be tougher I think. Really, what has he done to anger God so much? lol.

But you know what would be really awesome? That Novak and Rafa meet again in the final and Nole can take his sweet revenge. A girl can only dream.

Skeezerweezer Says:


That’s a good dream :)

Gannu Says:

is anyone wathcing the fed match?

Daniel Says:

I was going to ask the same question?!

guy Says:

‘FedEnd is just like Neo in The Matrix’

this amuses me

Daniel Says:

Sod is serving better than Fed and finding his backhand more often. Let’s see in the tiebreak what happens.

Gannu Says:

wow wow outstanding play by the god.. hope he plays every match like this…well done feddt bear

guy Says:

brain fade from soderling he was right there

Skeezerweezer Says:

One set bagged for the Fed, but Soda is has got the big serve and FH working…..

Daniel Says:

Fed just qualified first in his group.

guy Says:

assuming federer wins this i suppose ferrer can still make semis if he beats murray

Tennis Vagabond Says:

As Fed and Sod fight over a break chance at 2-1 in the 2nd, Fed seems to be finding the rhythm that allows him to throttle Sod: moving him side to side and up and down with lots of slice and variety,

Colleen Says:

despite the issues Novak sometimes has in big matches, this was a weird, flukey thing. Nadal however, has gone over the time limit about 100 000 times in his career. Anyway a BB isn’t the same as a MTO. For someone who wants the benefit of the doubt accorded to himself, he should cut his opponents more slack.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Such a dagger to the heart to battle so hard on your own serve, finally hold it and feel like a champ, then lose to love in seconds on return. Feels like the break will come next.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Its not a weird flukey thing if it happens in every big match. Remember ARods comments about Nole suffering SARs, or Bird Flu? That was YEARS ago. How many times has Nole retired in a match, or acted out on “weird flukey” things since then. He got so much credit for fighting like a champion in the USO Final. I have to disagree. A champion doesn’t show weakness all the time.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

…or as I saw on a t-shirt at pro wrestling school:
“Champions expect pain, accept pain, and don’t complain!”

blank Says:

I like Djokovic. I don’t think he is faking all this stuff. But unless he figures out a way to keep these away from the tennis court, people will keep saying things and justifiably so. With all this health stuff, he is distracting himself first.

Skeezerweezer Says:

You went to pro wrestling school?

blank Says:

Soderling now –> ‘Screwderling’

Skeezerweezer Says:

Yes another Fed semi! How many is that? Way to Fed

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Not saying he’s faking, really, just that he gets carried away, exaggerates, makes himself sick with nerves, and worst of all, shows any illness on court as if he wants an excuse just in case.

Yeah, I went to pro wrestling school for an article. It was amazing. I’ve played rugby for years, and never felt as banged up from a rugby game as I did from pro wrestling training. It is a tough “sport”.

blank Says:

Now this is the only thing that can possibly make the SF qualifications interesting.

From ATP site: “Federer defeats Soderling in 2 sets + Ferrer defeats Murray in 2 sets – then Federer qualifies as Group Winner; Ferrer, Murray, Soderling tied with a 1-2 record and 2-4 in Sets. Final Spot determined by % of Games Won.”

blank Says:

I agree. That’s exactly my point as well.

jane Says:

Congrats to Fed. Looks like Soda kept it tight for a set there; didn’t get to see the match.

I feel mixed emotions, like Nina. I totally love the Djoko’s game and personality, think he’s very talented, and like Blank and Nina say, I personally don’t think he’s “faking” his health issues. That said, he is a frustrating player sometimes. He often brings his best in big matches (definitely versus Fed at the USO!), or he wouldn’t’ve been able to be in the top 4 for the last 3.5 years, but other times he doesn’t, and that’s a letdown for his fans, because we have our expectations up. He has retired only twice in the last two years from a match, and he has fought through some tough ones, especially at the beginning of the year when his serve was crap. Somehow he still managed to win Dubai and DC matches. His return may’ve gotten even better, actually, since he was so reliant on it for a while there. But, I do agree that he has to get “tougher” and stay more positive when he’s behind. I hope he will.

mat4, thanks for the positive post, but Nole’s first serve % was quite low; why are you optimistic about his serve?

Nina Says:

TV… My love for Nole doesn’t blind me. I can accept your logic. He’s hurting himself first and foremost. I’m sure he hasn’t yet found the way to fight thru it. Poor guy. I really pity him. If it weren’t for all these heath problems and nerves he would be a multislam winner by now. I’m saddened by the fact that he hasn’t developed his full potential and maybe he never will.

Nina Says:



Yep, Novak can be a frustrating player sometimes. It’s hard to be a fan of his but I never liked easy things. ;)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Nina- I’m down with you. I really like his game and enjoy his personality. Plus, I would love for a solid challenger to Nadal and Fed to arise. Maybe he’ll be a Lendl and develop a better stomach for the fight late in his career. But honestly, it seems like a broken record watching him.

jane Says:

Nina, I empathize, “saddened” too; I do think nerves are a problem for him. He did good at the slams this year, however; progressively better: QF, QF, SF, F. Some matches he could’ve (should’ve?) won were AO and FO, and possibly Wimbledon although Berdych was playing excellently and had taken out Fed. Even Melzer was playing awesome tennis, and has all year, but Nole had enough of a lead that he should have won, same with AO. I don’t know what to think, but he’d better figure it out soon. Sometimes I think he plays better with his DC coach than Vadja.

dari Says:

Happy Thanksgiving and Congrats to roger! Defeated in sets and matches in Group B!
Now I just hope he can carry through in the later rounds!
Go Roger!

Gannu Says:

Hope ur words come true dari!

madmax Says:

WOW, fed is just great isn’t he rick? I mean, the man is just awesome. Did you watch him play today? Does deadend have a rival in lurve now?

As for your comments on fed, brilliant laugh I had this afternoon! Thanks Rick. You’re a legend!
(just like fed!).

Federer, on fire!!!!!!

Go Federer!

contador Says:

morning jane-

just for fun and to see his reaction i read “snow” by ruefle to my friend…LOL.. at first read it’s a good laugh; at the same time, a bit strange. but it’s also quite beautiful and cold. found her candor, (if it’s meant as that and not purely satire) very amusing and brilliant. -20C here today = body parts freeze and fall off if not protected. :/

watched djoko’s match from work yesterday and i felt sorry for him. really. i wear contacts too and a branch hit me, or i hit it, while mtn biking downhill. it was actually a bad scratch – a corneal abrasion which took 3 days to heal. was taking eye drops to anesthetize the pain, a small pressure dressing to minimize eyeball movement and a pirate patch, lol. got out of a chemistry exam. but usually it’s not that severe. if nole scrapped his cornea as i did, he would have had to retire – i couldn’t see cos my eye was tearing up so much. but even a little scratch with contacts on can be bad. the opthamologist had to go in and find a tiny piece of the torn contact before i’d quit tearing.

it looked like he did it with (maybe) a fingernail – didn’t appear he whacked himself with the racquet. i dunno but he emerged with the cheek below the eye red. he certainly was not faking anything. terrible luck! he’ll be fine for the next match, i hope. he was hanging in and playing well up until injuring himself.

federer beat mr. dimples. i was actually cheering for soda this morning. but federer was too good.

congrats to all fedfans! and nadal fans for yesterday.

Duro- : ) i saw your message on another thread a couple days ago and left a shout out to you. ajde nole! he really has become my favorite of the top players ( along with fed ). i love watching his tennis and he’s got the best personality / a real gentleman too. that said, i like to see him get more aggressive on the court, in general. ajde da uradimo! been googling serbian in an attempt to understand some of what the serbian fans on livestream chat are saying. : )

Daniel Says:

If Fed keeps this form he wins this toruney.

Not even Nadal will stop him. Nadal is not playing agressive enough (like US Open). His serve is not the same, he is playing safe, very consistent but engaged in too many long rallies in both his matches being vulnerable a few times. Even his backhand which was comanding some points during this season, this tourney he is not missing from this wing, but that power is not there. I just feel like he is playing not to lose, and US Open and Wimby (quarters onward) showed us what kind of level he can achieve.

Plus, all years when Fed won AO, he also went on to win Year End Championship: 04′, 06′ and 07′. ”

It’s meant to be!:)

i am it Says:

Margot,you say “The stadium is dark..u hear boom, boom, boom …is indescribable.”
Do us a favor for a couple of days: Get out of your shorthand comfort zone and employ your descriptive ability, or, if you don’t have any, borrow some temporarily from Michel de Montaigne himself.

More descriptions, please.

Fed has officially qualified and earned 600 pts, more 200 than last year. Congrats. I may have wanted (10-20%) Sod to win this, but on the other I needed Murray to do Fed’s dirty work in the semi.
You can assume Rafa is unofficially qualified, too.
I think Murray will be the 3rd to advance and play Rafa in the semi, and Fed and his fans will be cheering for Murray.

Who’s the 4th man? Berdych or Djoko? It does not matter for Fed.

Unlike mainstream Fed fans, I will be cheering for Rafa in the semi, simply because I resist the idea of Rafa beating Fed in every final or the myth that Rafa is unbeatable in finals.

jane Says:

contador, loved your post. I read that poem to my husband too. LOL. I like the part where the teacher stands up, closes her book, and says “It’s snowing … I have to go …”. Speaking of which, we have a snowfall warning in Vancouver!! Can you believe it. It’s only minus 3, but big, huge, lovely lofty flakes are falling falling and covering our coast in whiteness, beautiful; I love it! Although the people here get so freaked out, no one knows how to drive or dress in the snow. I saw a kid at my son’s school in shorts today – duh! Even the local dogs and cats are dumbfounded. Ha ha. Well, drive safe.

Thanks for the words about Nole. It’s nice to see that some people still like him. I just hope he rises and realizes his potential. I hope his eye is A-okay too.

margot, thanks for your account; I missed it but when I saw i am it cajoling you to write more I scrolled up and saw it. Yes, alas. I hope Murray wins for you; I’ll bet the atmosphere will be madness for Murray!! He will. I know it.

Nina Says:


A lot of people *love* Novak, how could they not? Just look at his videos on youtube, he gets a lot of praise from a lot of people around the world. Sometimes you’re so pessimistic about him, lol.

Nina Says:

I forgot to say: congrats Roger, I take my hat off to you. First classified. Playing really good tennis. I still laugh when people say he’s not dangerous anymore. Look at Murray and Djoko struggling to beat him most of the times.

jane Says:

Nina, yeah, lol, admittedly I can get pessimistic. But really it’s more frustration than anything else.

Huh Says:

Rick advocating for Fedend as expected. So what’s new?! ;)

Huh Says:

Nina, Mrs.Jane:

Hopefully Nole would pick his game up against Rafa the next time they meet.

Huh Says:

Well, I have always believed that if there’s anyone guy to match Nadal in his competitive spirit it’s Federer. These two are the titans of tennis and be it a semi or final, a match between them is what I always keep waiting for. And right now that Nadal is undoubtedly the best player in the tour, it makes it even more warranted that a guy like Fed needs to clash with him so that there’s that sense of unpredictabilty for me. Otherwise with mentally weaker players like Murray n Djokovic on one side, Nadal winning tournament would be a foregone conclusion. If anybody can stop Nadal now or could stop him ever in a slam final, it was n still is Federer. Moreover as a most devoted Fed fan, I would like Fed to earn this title, beatin Nadal to win the title would be good gravy.

I badly want a Fed vs Rafa WTF title bout!!!


Dory Says:

Yes what better time for a RF vs Nadal when both are playing well!!!!!

FedEnd Says:

I hope Rafa loses his match against birdman and gets to second spot and have a good day of rest before the final.

i am it Says:

Thanks for the interview excerpt: “We have a very good relationship with Novak,” said the Spaniard. “I think the (permitted) medical time-out is three minutes, not seven, like when he went to the toilet.
“If I wait seven minutes for him, and for me it isn’t a problem, it shouldn’t be a problem if I am five seconds late between points. That’s what I said to him because he put me under pressure that I had to go faster.”

In the light of this, I may have overreacted last night. I was not questioning his legal rights. I was merely expressing my displeasure at his human side, which one could term extracurricular in that one can only gain PR points.

Your attitude in this instance is commendable.

Ben Pronin Says:

Why does the most fit player on tour need extra rest?

FedEnd Says:

Now people here are talking about Federer’s stunning form on hardcourt and Rafa rustiness, poor serving, lack of power and depth and the not so favorable surface for him.
But once the Fed vs Rafa match gets over the same people will be talking about mono, backache, leg issues, aging, tiredness, lefty serve, forehand CC topspin vs backhand, slow hardcourt, etc.

Rafa’s game on grass has prompted the FEDTARDS to call grass as “green clay”. I am waiting for this sunday when a new term “synthetic blue clay” will be introduced.

I love u FEDTARDS….muah !!!!

FedEnd Says:

“Why does the most fit player on tour need extra rest?”

Why not take it when it comes for free in the form of a virtual walkover ?

The other thing is he needs to give a break for those PEDs…..its not good for health to use it daily.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Finally some humor from you from the dark side, lol

FedEnd Says:

More humour for FEDTARDS:

Federer says…
“I won bunch of tournaments just now”

blank Says:

Fedend, I gotta give you this. You are the most lovable instigator on this site. Frankly, all your comments and what it does to some people here just cracks me up :-)

jane Says:

Yay Murray – just checked scores. I am happy to see he’s winning.

gypsy Says:

Fedend and Rick,you speak to me. Your words echo my thoughts. Just one small(or big) exception, just change the name from Roger to Rafa. So keep the vitriol going because it is like music to my ears.

Kimmi Says:

congrats to muzz and federer. did muzz crushed ferrer or what? OK, we get the message..he really wanted to qualify :)

So happy rog and muzz qualified..i was hoping they would and they did..yay!

Go get the trophy both of ya!

Kimmi Says:

nina -“A lot of people *love* Novak, how could they not?”

wasnt novak third (after nadal) in the fan favorite thing that people were voting on the atp site? i think i read somewhere that nole was third. hope i was not dreaming!

dunbar Says:

@guy 10:04 am “brain fade from soderling he was right there”

This must refer to the last shot of the first set. I disagree, having watched it a few times now. It was a peach of shot from Federer which deceived Soderling in the flight. That doesn’t seem to happen very often in tennis – except in a lesser sense, where changing the pace can play havoc with the opponent’s timing. But this was a ball drifting high – it rather reminded me of cricket, where you see this sort of thing a lot. I think Federer deserves the credit for it.

Another nice shot from Federer whichI’ve seen before from him, but can’t remember seeing from anyone else – he feinted a forehand drop shot, which had the effect of slightly drawing Soderling forward (so that he would be off balance if he wished to retreat)and then turned it into a slice careering towards the back of the court. Soderling stranded. Lovely stuff.

dunbar Says:

Referring to i am it’s Nadal quote (2:08 p.m.), I too was incorrect. So when Nadal was arguing forcefully with the referee, it really was about “something else” as he claimed to Peter Fleming. Pity he didn’t specify, because on the face of it, it didn’t look like it. Anyway, clearly Nadal was NOT, as I thought, being hypocritical at the handshake.

Incidentally, about Djokovic; it’s unfortunate that his reputation has coloured the bizarre incident of the contact lenses. Because this was plainly just very bad luck – the eye is an incredibly sensitive organ and no one, however tough, could play properly with something sharp irritating it. Juts a mote of dust can become unbearable.

dunbar Says:

guy again:

re Murray’s serve – 43% against Ferrer. That just won’t cut it, will it, against Nadal. Petchey (his former coach) thought the problem was the toss, which of course is surprising indoors. Fleming, when asked, did his usual who knows sort of thing (which comes across actually as rather wise)but thought possibly he swayed too much – it is a very noticeable sway isn’t it. But then he more or less advocated what you did – that he should take pace off the serve, go for placement, and just occasionally give it a good whack.

Asked by Petch who he wanted to meet, Murray gave one of his sly grins, and said “Rafa”. He really does mean it too. Most players, when asked this question, go into automatic mode and talk like politicians. They all say just about the same thing. In this respect, Murray is refreshing.

sar Says:

Margot- thanks for the WTF update. Lucky you.

Conty -if Novak has any possibility of an eye problem he should not even play tomorrow and let Roddick have it. I want him to win DC.

Nina -it’s not easy being a Nole fan but I am also a Cubs fan and they haven’t won a World Series in over 100 years. This is much easier for me.

Kimmi- I saw that Novak was third too, somplace. Do you have a link to that article from last week where they were interviewing the eight players about who they would avoid playing?

Fot Says:

I am so happy that Roger won his match and qualified. Here he is – the “old man” of the tournament. The man so many folks are just itching for him to ‘retire’ and leave it to the ‘young folks’. YET, he’s still the #2 ranked player in the world and still playing beautiful tennis.

Good job Roger! Keep up the good work.

Oh, and congrats to Murray and his fans too.

Skeezerweezer Says:

FedWins & rick, BFF.

Here is the link you requested about the Fed calendar you were looking for;

Go Fed!

Skeezerweezer Says:

“Yesterday, the six times Grand Slam winner, Becker told the media that Federer has dominated the tennis world in a brilliant way and no other player in the world can match his staggering talent and class.”

Let’s see…. Mmm….listen to the FedWins & BFF Rick rant or six time GS winner……me thinks I will take a chance with Boris, 6 GS. Sorry, boys, his tennis qualifications seem to me a tad better. You need to look in the mirror for delusional.

Nina Says:

Kimmi, Sar

Yep, I posted that. On the ATP website says that Nole was third in the Fan’s Favorite Award poll. :)

Some quotes from Novak’s conference that are relevant to the incident with the lens…

Q. Can you tell us if you lost it inside the eye?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Look, I mean, I don’t even know. Doctor told me that he didn’t see anything in my eye. You know, later on I had two lenses, then later on I had three lenses. Keep on going around and around. Yeah, it was just so bad.

Q. In any case, you still have that match, you can still qualify.
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I know I’m in the tournament. It’s not I’m angry about the match loss. I think everything is lost, whatever. It’s far away from that. I know I’m still in the tournament. I have big chances to qualify. It’s just that these things make me very angry, you know.
The fact was and the truth was that I was feeling great on the court. I had time to prepare for this tournament mentally, physically. I put all my effort into it, desire to win. Then you get on the court and this thing happen to your eye, the most important thing for your body, coordination, sight, everything you can think of. And I needed some time to make it right, but I didn’t have time. Everybody was hurrying me up. Three minutes, 30 seconds, come to the court, play your match, whatever. You know, I just don’t have time for that.
So, yeah.

Q. You’ve had a problem with allergies in the past. Might this be connected with that?
NOVAK DJOKOVIC: No, it’s not. It’s nothing connected to this. This is just the first time in my life that this happen. Never. I mean, it’s one in a million chance that this happens really. Okay, I had in the past sometimes I have a situation where I have little problems with the lens and the eye, but I fix it in 10 seconds. I move the lens and I know that everything is right.
But this was unbelievable. It didn’t go away. I still don’t see well in the right eye.

sar Says:

I still don’t see well in the right eye.


sar Says:

Nole don’t play Nole don’t play Nole don’t play

gypsy Says:

I do not wnat to beat a dead horse, but in this instance, I will. Why does Nadal get so mad when he is warned about the rules, and then he gets mad when he feels the ref is not following the rules. So, i must theorise, rules are not meant for Rafa, but for the rest of the tennis players. Anyway, we know the trphy will go t Rafa. He is undoubtedly the best player at this time.
I still can not understand why Roger’s legacy has to be destroyed because Rafa is the dominant player right now. Makes absolutly no sense. Rafa and Roger are two great players.

WHUT? Says:

“Btw, I never heard of the fans favourite award that was given to Federer until this year. The ATP just wanted to save him from embrassment for getting beaten by Nadal in everything. So they had to created an award to be given to him”

First time on this site. First comment I read is this one above from this Rick person. I had to check to make sure I was not on a soccer or cricket site. What kind of tennis fan has never heard of the ATP fan favourite? Rick, Federer won that award you’ve never heard of for a record number of EIGHT years in a row. Maybe you should stick to whatever sport you were watching before this week-end.

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