Serena Williams Withdraws from Australian Open; The Foot That’s Never Healed

by Staff | November 25th, 2010, 9:35 am

Serena Williams has officially withdrawn from the Australian Open today, according to the tournament website. ADHEREL

“As I continue to rehabilitate my foot after the second surgery last month, it is with the utmost regret that I am withdrawing from the Hopman Cup and the 2011 Australian Open Championships,” Serena Williams said in a statement to the organizers.

“As I recently learned, pushing myself back into my intense training too early only caused me further injury and damage.

“While I desperately want to be back on the court and competing in the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, it is imperative for my health that I continue to work with my doctors to ensure my foot heals properly.

“This decision, though heavy on my heart, is the right one. I am praying for a healthy recovery and I promise my Aussie fans and my fans around the world that I will be back better than ever as soon as I can be.”

The 29-year-old Williams suffered the mysterious cut to her foot in the days in between her 13th career Slam at Wimbledon and her appearance in Belgium for the lucrative Kim Clijsters exhibition.

She returned to the U.S. where she underwent foot surgery which prevented her return for summer tournaments and later the US Open.

Still, speculation existed that Serena was faking the injury and/or still recovering from a series of plastic surgery work.

Serena resumed training in early October and an appearance at the Linz WTA event looked promising, but another setback just before her arrival ended her season.

Williams has won five Australian Open titles including the last two and three of the last four. Currently ranked No. 4, by missing her Melbourne title defense, Serena will slide out of the Top 10 in the rankings.

Fans won’t be left Serena-less. The tennis star tweeted yesterday that she will appear on the Home Shopping Network on December 6 at 11am.

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22 Comments for Serena Williams Withdraws from Australian Open; The Foot That’s Never Healed

Tennis Vagabond Says:

These sniping comments at Serena without having the guts to actually say something are just weaselly.
“mysterious” cut, “speculation exists”

The idea that Serena would fake her way out of two Grand Slams, right after winning Wimbledon in dominant fashion, is so outrageous that giving credence to this BS is just offensive.

jane Says:

Is the AO Serena’s best event then? I.E. is that the slam at which she’s won most? I guess so? It’s kind of like Venus and Wimbledon.

Tennis Menace Says:

I think it would be funny if this turned out to be one of the few legitimate injuries she’s ever actually had. She’s the girl who cried wolf too many times no one believes her now. Has there ever been a list compiled since the start of her career of all of her injuries that caused her to miss tournaments and Fed Cup? I think it would put a lot of perspective on things. One way or the other.

fed is afraid Says:

very sad news.
i hope she can get her foot healed.
wta is not the same without her.

Dory Says:

The media just love to create controversies around the Williams. Hope she becomes back before at least Roland Garros. At least, now those who were saying she’s skipping smaller tournaments to only play in Slams will be proved wrong.

Vins Says:

Wow..Glad to hear the news..Henin or Kim..Make use of this!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

So Murray gets Rafa- should be a phenomenal match. Fed gets Nole/Roddick or Berdych. Anyone have the permutations yet?

dunbar Says:

Grrrr! I was looking forward to seeing Serena partner Isner against Laura Robson and Murray in the Hopman Cup.

Meanwhile, of course the injury is genuine. Some things just don’t clear up easily. We’ve most of us had experience of that, I’d have thought.

Kimmi Says:

this injury is really getting serious. missing 2 GS is a long time. isnt she going to be 30 next year? wishing her a speedy recovery.

maybe now wozniacki can win a slam…

killerc Says:

I agree with Kimmi, this injury seems to be getting worse or was really bad to begin with! I hope it’s not career ending. People knock her for being the best. I think she puts a lot of heart into the slams and really does care about winning those. The European poster child girls are straight up boring. Hot, yes but their defensive tennis makes me sick. Thus you will see probably Kim or hennin win… If they aren’t in it than looks like the pusher Woznaki will win her first slam.

sar Says:

I may not even watch the women this year. It’s not entertaining to watch a 45 minute match 6-1 6-2. They should be playing five sets.

blank Says:

If they play 5 sets, that’s an even greater torture ;-)

dunbar Says:

Killerc, are you suggesting Henin is “boring” and “defensive” or even “hot”? Surely not. She’s a wizard – and the one tennis player, I think, apart from her sister, whom Serena really respects and used to fear.

sar Says:

Blank, :-)

Gregoire Gentil Says:

In two months, when Caro will raise the trophy ;-), everybody will say that it’s because Serena is not there. Pffff…

Serena is the past and she won’t probably play any more. And that’s good for WTA. It’s time for change. In the top 50, there are 26 players who are less than 23 year old, but only two in the top 10. Let’s hope that more young women will break into the top 10.

Go Caro!!! Go Victoria!!!

RFFaN Says:

Is this forum moderated?

I hope the post above mine will soon be deleted.

dari Says:

If there is any moderation for the site, the time for it is now. Johns post needs to be removed, as clearly his brain already has been.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Yes, moderation is needed in this case. Just for you, John, I hope Serena comes back and wins Wimby without dropping a set! She has sometimes shown a lack of class, but her exceptional tennis and comments from nincompoops such as yourself cause me to overlook many of her foibles. If she has a chip on her shoulder at times, it is certainly understandable considering the racism and bile she and her family have faced.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Racist stuff. Please delete! That has no place here.

Kimberly Says:

So disappointing. Why would she fake it. She is so completely better then the rest of the tour why would she give up the opportunity tin rack up grand slams. Unless she just can’t be bothered because she would rather hang out on south beach because theres really no one who can compete with her. Maybe clijsters but her motivation is pretty questionable as well. Maybe when shenslips in her ranking the challenge of getting number one will come back.

Maybe Caroline wozniaki can earn her number one ranking next year. Maybe sharapova and ivanovic can take this opportunity and have a resurgence. The Wta was a massive disappointment in 2010 and I fear 2011 will be more of the same. At least the ATP continues to sizzle.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Thanks Tennis X

Marine Says:

I don’t believe she is really injured. I think what is really going on is that WTA banned her from the tour for a while.Well, with her there is always a reason, lol.
Nevermind her absence, she doesn’t play the tour as she should anyway. This is the time for young talents to have their moment and for the Belgians to spice it up along the way.

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