Rafael Nadal Speaks With Diego Maradona After London Final [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 30th, 2010, 10:29 am

Soccer legend Diego Maradona was a ubiquitous presence during the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. The Argentine was spotted in the crowd (in Novak Djokovic’s box no less) and hobnobbing with the elite of tennis throughout the event.

Following his match against Federer, here’s some footage of Nadal speaking to Maradona.

Among the other stars courtside for the Sunday match were Kevin Spacy, Thierry Henry, Ronnie Wood, Princess Beatrice and Federer’s good friend Gavin Rossadale.

Any translation would be appreciated.

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8 Comments for Rafael Nadal Speaks With Diego Maradona After London Final [Video]

van orten Says:

rafa said something like good to see you and maradona replied that he would go anywhere in the world to see him play and then uncle toni mentions that rafa is a huge football ( soccer ) fan and maradona invites him to come to argentina anytime and that if some charity football – tennis charity match etc is planned he would be there and join the party..then nadal thanks him for a jersey maradona gave him and maradona asks him if he can get his wristbands…and nadal enters the locker room ..

dari Says:

…and maradona pats him on the butt.
Cute. Congrats again to Rafa on an outstanding season.
Has anybody seen/have the video of the nadal family hugging/congratulating roger in the tunnel after the match?

mytennis Says:

Two legends meeting.I wish Rafa to rest well for next season to make next season even better for him.I also wish that he will be serving like at US open 2010 consistently in future.

Jonathan Says:

I am glad to see that all of these high-profile celebrities turn out to watch a tennis match. Many people are unaware of how much celebrities enjoy watching the game of tennis along with playing it. The ATP tour should start a campaign using various celebrities to help endorse the game.

Dale Says:

congratulations,Rafa for a fantastic season. Rest now then prepare for a better 2011!! Vamos!! you are adorable

dari Says:

Dale, a better 2011?!!!???!!! You’ve got to be kidding

anen Says:

RN: Very nice to meet you

DM: Same here, same here, I’ll watch you everywhere

Toni nadal: Teach him about football.

DM: Sure, whenever. Also if you do a charity event, just call me. We can do a football-tennis thing.

RN: Ok,thank you and thanks for the t-shirt

DM: No problem, I wanted your wristband or hairband.

(Rafa goes inside his dressing room)

Kimmi Says:

lol football-tennis thingy.

anen – is that the true translation? if it is, thanks for providing that.

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