‘Francisco’ Wins 2010 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest

by Staff | December 16th, 2010, 3:54 pm

You whine loud enough on the message boards, you get your wish! The editors got off their fat asses and crunched the numbers, soooo…announcing the winner of the 2010 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest!

Juan Martin Del Potro’s season-ending injury put a hurting on all entrants. Marin Cilic’s flop after a quick start hurt many. Few saw Tomas Berdych making a Top 10 charge this year. Fewer still (one?) picked Mikhail Youzhny in the Top 10. Nice one.

Thirteen (13) entrants tied with correct picks of seven of the Top 10 for this year. In 2009, 12 entrants tied with eight correct. If you didn’t follow directions and a) make your picks before the first ball of the season was hit, or b) you used crazy names we couldn’t figure out (The Elf?) instead of the player’s name, your entry ended up in the circular file.

Winning the 13-entrant tiebreaker was FRANCISCO, who not only had 7 of the Top 10 but correctly picked the Top 3 — Nadal, Federer, Djokovic — in order.

Tied for second were JUSTIN, MOI and PIGIRL1, who all picked 7 of the Top 10, but also had two players of the 10 picked in the exact order they finished. Honorable mention goes to the nine entrants who picked 7 of the Top 10, and had at least one player picked in their correct finishing position: TRIP, SHRADDHA, DENISE, ROBIN, GIMME, NOEEEEEEE, MARY, VINROD, and SAM.

Congrats FRANCISCO, please e-mail the webmaster with your contact info and we will mail you your fabulous prize package.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and after Christmas look for the announcement for the 2011 Top 10 Contest.

Happy Holidays,

Tennis-X Staff

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16 Comments for ‘Francisco’ Wins 2010 Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I love that none of these are the Usual Suspects on this board (and I include myself)! Shows that expertise is not correlated with verbosity, or as my dad always said, Those that speak most have the least to say.

Francisco Says:

Hi, Wow, i´m very happy, but i don´t know the email of the webmaster!

Kimmi Says:

Congrats to francisco! and all who got some correct. I didn’t:)

Nina – loved your nick names. who is the elf btw? lol

Djoko had a very good end of year last year, i thought he would carry that on to this year.. although he did not improve much, he is been very consistent in the top 3.

meanwhile nadal had a horrible year due to the injury ofcourse. federer is always federer. davydenko and delpo are nowhere to be seen, so is Tsonga. how has things change..amazing!

murray still consistent on no.4 place. soderling continued his amazing form and gets another top 10 finish and so is roddick.

berdych and ferrer are the surprise top 10 finish to many. I didnt think they would make it.

i wonder who will be a surprise top 10 finish next year! I am voting for La monf.

Congrats for a wonderful year to Nadal.

Cant wait to see what 2011 will bring.

funches Says:

Thanks for the quick response.

My dislike for Nadal killed any chance I had of doing well, although I really thought his injuries would be a factor. Never even considered Berdych or Youzhny for the top 10. Basically, it was just a bad year in the prediction department for me from start to finish.

allcourt Says:

Elf is del Potro so nicknamed because of his supposed resmblance to the Elf movie character played by that SNL comedian whose name I can’t remember now.

Congrats to Francisco.

pigirl1 Says:

Wow big gratz to Francisco =D u reli deserve the win

ahhh if only I reversed the positions for Fed and Nad, but my love for Fed blinded me and I put Fed for no.1 >.<

Gregoire Gentil Says:

And what about a 2011 top 10 W.O.M.A.N contest?

Huh Says:

Congrats Fransisco!

jane Says:

Congrats to Francisco and all the honorable mentions. Good job!

gazer Says:

Hear! Hear! Gregoire! A women’s contest too!

chieko Says:

Congratulations to the winners !! Good job Francisco san!!

Please someone let him and all of us know the email address of the webmaster for he need to receive his prize !!

Gregoire Gentil Says:

gazer: cool! I was afraid to be alone. Women earn now as much as men on the tour. There is no reason why Tennis-X should not do this contest for women too. It would be very interesting and I have already my top ten! I hope that Sean and others writers are reading…

funches Says:

Predicting a top 10 women’s list is the same thing as predicting which players will get injured and which won’t. It has nothing to do with tennis.

If this site had a top-10 women’s competition, you’d be guaranteed to finish in the top 10, though. There would not be more than 10 entries.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

funches, Thanks! You just wrote one more misogynous post on Tennis-X. BTW, in your 2010 prediction, can you tell me how well are your predictions #4 #7 and #9? Those men were definitely in good shape in 2010, weren’t they?

Mike Swanquis Says:

Hey, I was left off the honorable mention list despite also having 7 right and one (Roddick) in the correct spot! *sniff*

Or did my having a player in the Top Ten who finished the year ranked #45 earn me a penalty point?! ;)

RSP Says:

AAAAARGH! I was the only one who got the top 4 in the right order! Dont know what bout of insanity made me choose stepanek over verdasco…ended up with only 6 in the top 10 :| :| :|

And a women’s top 10 contest would definitely be nice. A lot less predictable so a lot more fun!

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