Rafael Nadal the Victim of a Prank Phone Call! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 1st, 2011, 12:44 am

It’s a rocky or early start to Davis Cup week for World No. 1 Rafael Nadal. The Spanish star was awakened Monday morning by a prank call from a Belgian radio morning show that got through the front desk to reach his hotel room.

Nadal is staying in Charleroi where he and team Spain will play Davis Cup later in the week against Belgium. Local media celebrity Maria del Rio is the offending party in this one. It sounds like she tells the hotel operator that she’s Rafa’s mother, and it worked!

Translations are more then welcome, but even I can tell something is afoul and it does sound like Nadal on the other end picking up the telephone. Funny!

Belgium might be overmatched in the upcoming tie but at least they are trying everything they can to disrupt the Spaniards. So far it’s Belgium 1, Spain 0.

Here’s video of the prank going down:

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20 Comments for Rafael Nadal the Victim of a Prank Phone Call! [Video]

Kathy Says:

I may be alone here but I found the prank to be bang out of order. It was irresponsible and intrusive. His reaction however was amazing, he handled a very annoying situation with calm and dignity, which goes someway to disproving the haters who say he is false and a fake. I personally would have been absolutely furious and I am afraid that I would have let the person calling know that.

bibi Says:

Radio pranksters called early in the morning, after Nadal arrived late last night and had an 11:00 a.m. practice scheduled.

They cut short his sleep and he appeared pale and with puffy eyes for his early practice slot.

He was remarkably polite with the woman, must say. Also, some seriously sloppy hotel management there.

Translation from Spanish of that convo:

“Yes, Rafael!!!”
“Hello, Maria del Rio on the phone.”
“…And who is it?”
“Sorry, I am so excited, actually we are from the Belgian Radio Uno and weren’t expecting to be able to get you on the telephone!”
“I am sleeping…”
“I am so sory, very sory, but we are very happy to have you on the phone this morning.”
“Yes, I was also very happy sleeping, but if you don’t mind…”
“I am sory, so sory, one thing – would you mind coming here one morning to speak with us?”
“I am very sory, but I am here to play tennis and to train and time doesn’t allow to go anywhere.”
“Not one morning?”
“No, no, no.”
“Just for half an hour?”
“You will have to call the Federation and ask them.. I am here on behalf of the Federation, you would have to speak to them.”
“Right, we’ll try through the Federation. Rest well. Bye – bye.”
“Thanks, bye.”

al Says:

“Yes, I was also very happy sleeping…”


scineram Says:

“His reaction however was amazing, he handled a very annoying situation with calm and dignity, which goes someway to disproving the haters who say he is false and a fake.”

No. It would prove precisely that.

scineram Says:

By the way I do not think he is fake at all, even if sometimes annoying.

Dory Says:

Bloody desperate loser woman.

fern Says:

If there was any doubt about Rafa’s good manners it has been dispelled by this incident. To be so polite, half asleep, to someone who had no business calling you at that time of day is amazing. Nadal is a star. His humility also comes through, referring them to the Federation, and not being the superstar by thinking he is above all that, and doesn’t need their permission to go on the radio.

Normally, a hotel receptionist will only connect calls to room numbers no to anyone by name.

stu Says:

wow, he’s so nice…even ends with a singsong gracias! awwww….

contador Says:

haha blame her devious co-host…evil man. : )

she’s so excited it’s adorable! love her accent with the operator “gracies” and rafa is so sweet. hope she gets to interview him. how could he turn her down?

hotel operator might be looking for another job.

score “Belgium 1, Spain, 0”

leo vixen Says:

What a sexy morning voice he has; wouldn’t mind waking up next to that for the rest of my life. Poor boobie, sounded very tired.

M Says:

Oh, that operator needs to lose his job.

But you’re right, leo vixen — Rafa does have a nice morning voice.

Kimmi Says:

thanks bibi for translation! hahaha

true, it is a sexy voice!

dari Says:

I understood Rafa better when he’s half asleep better than when he’s awake! Thanks bibi for the translating!

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Actually, the French part is hilarious!

Homme : Oui, maria, oui, voila, elle ne se sent plus, depuis qu’on sait que Rafael Nadal est ce matin chez nous a Charlesroi, tu te ne sens plus !!!

Maria : Mais il est où, il dort où, il dort où, qu’est-ce qu’il fait ? il crèche où le Nadal ?

Homme : Vous êtes dans la région, vous savez dans quel hotel est Rafael Nadal, dites-le nous, nous on appelle.
On va appeller le “Airport Charlesroi”

Maria : Allez on tente.

Homme : Tu te fais passer pour la maman de Rafael et tu dis qu’il te faut ton fils au téléphone.

Maria : OK. D’accord.

Opérateur : Hotel Airport Charleroi Bonjour.

Femme : Spanish… Rafael Nadal?

Opérateur : Excuse-me, you speak in English?

Maria : No, parle pas bien francais, la mamma de Rafael Nadal, et qu’elle voudrait le parler, vous pouvez me passer Rafa.

Opérateur : Ta maman ?

Maria : vous pouvez me le passer per favor? Gracias.

…Discussion en espagnol…

Maria : Non, je ne peux pas le croire. J’ai parlé à Rafael Nadael.
Homme : Tu peux traduire ?

Maria: Attends, que je vous explique. Il était en train de faire dodo. Oh, mais je dis, cela me fait super du bien de t’avoir au téléphone, et il me dit cela me faisait super du bien de dormir. Alors je lui ai demandé de venir le matin, ici, mais il dit qu’il a des horaires fort compliqués, qu’il est là pour le sport, mais qu’on pouvait essayer d’appeler la fédération pour voir, et discuter pour le libérer une demi-heure

Homme : ahhh !

Maria: On peut essayer der joindre la fédération ?

Homme : Et t’as demandé le numéro de la fédération ?

Maria : Non, je n’ai pas eu le temps !

================ Traduction ================

Man: Yes, Maria, yes, yes! You sound crazy, you feel totally crazy since we know that Rafael Nadal is among us this morning in Charlesroi. You feel crazy!!!

Maria: But where is sleeping? Where is he sleeping? What’s the hell is he doing? Where is he crashing? [G2: I don’t exaggerate]

Man: You are around, you know in which hotel Rafael Nadal is, you tell us ; we are calling him. We are calling the “Airport Charlesroi”

Maria: Let’s do it!

Man: So, you pretend to be the mother of Rafael and you say that you need your son on the phone.

Maria: OK. Okay.

Operator: Airport Hotel Charleroi Hello.

Maria: Spanish … Rafael Nadal?

Operator: Excuse me, you speak in Français?

Maria (with a strong Spanish accent in French): No, well no speaking French, Mamma’s Rafael Nadal, and she wants to talk with him, could you pass him to me through?

Operator: Your mother?

Women: Can you pass him to me through per favor? Gracias.

…Spanish discussion…

Maria: No, I ca’t believe it. I talked to Rafael Nadael.

Man: Can you translate?

Maria: Wait, let me explain. He was trying to sleep. So, I say, I am so happy to have you on the phone and he told me I’m so happy to be sleeping. So I asked him to come in the morning show here, but he says that he has a very busy schedule, he is here for tennis, but I could try calling the federation to see and discuss to get half an hour of his time.

Male: ahhh!

Maria: We can try to contact the federation?

Man: Did you ask the number of the federation?

Maria: No, I didn’t have time!

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Shame on me!!! Charleroi obviously, and not Charlesroi ;-) Apologize to my good Belgium friends.

someone Says:

lol to the nadal nutbags who think that the woman should lose her job. Awwww, did she hurt your feelings by waking poor Rafa up so early? Did she make you cry and wonder why on earth anyone could see this as a joke???

Nadal fans these days…such losers

dari Says:

someone- they are saying the HOTEL EMPLOYEE should lose their job- for putting her through to nadal without much hesitation. all she had to say is “i’m his mom” hotel guy had no further questions!
too easy!

Cherry Says:

Yes, Rafael’s morning voice is so sexy! I also agree that he handled it pretty well. At least he did not shout at her for distubing him so early. http://www.tennisround.com

contador Says:

mdr! Gregoire, merci…

what’s most appealing is the animated interactions between the hosts in the radio station. she’s excited; he’s so happy with himself. “ahhh”

give her the 30 minute interview with rafa, Spanish Federation!!
por favor, VAMOS Rafa!

KW Says:

Rafa said in presser that he was scared cos’ operator told him it was his mum. Anyone would think that something bad had happened. So yeah, well done, radio people in Belgium. Those brilliant DJs should get a promotion. Oh and judging from her reaction, you would think she won a gold medal.

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