Novak Djokovic Wants to Play Tennis on an Airplane Wing? [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 15th, 2011, 9:15 am

They don’t call Novak Djokovic the Joker for nothing. As part of the new Head tennis campaign, Djokovic is featured in several videos expressing interest in playing tennis on the wins of an airplane.

The ultimate payoff is scheduled for March 21 in Miami. Will Novak really go through with the planned stunt?

“Hey guys! I’m ready to do this!” Djokovic wrote on Facebook. “It’s going to be quite a stunt! I already played on all surfaces, almost all continents (playing in Colombia will complete the list) and now is time to go in the air! :) Make sure you watch out for more to come on this! And pray for me ;)”

Head racquets gave their own spin, “We have spoken to Novak Djokovic and he’s is actually going to do it! Look what he told us: “Guys, I gave a bit of thought … and I’ve decided … if you’re serious about this, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Hope you can live with the guilt, if there’s no more Novak after this stunt : )”

Djokovic plays today first up on Stadium court at the BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells against Ernests Gulbis.

Here are the videos from Head.

Novak talkis about the physics and aerodynamics of the stunt:

Novak prepping his flight crew for the task ahead:

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20 Comments for Novak Djokovic Wants to Play Tennis on an Airplane Wing? [Video]

stu Says:

Is it just me or does Novak really not have the personality needed for these commercials? I think the last flirting in the stands commercial was more his style…

queen Says:

Plain stupid. The kid got his five minutes of fame and going crazy. Just play tennis Novak.

dari Says:

It’s probably a set up for the William tell style Gillette fed video? No way he is actually going on the wings of a plane, RIGHT?!!

dari Says:

I think we might need to get used to tennis players not JUST being tennis players. Rafa shows off his bod in jeans and underwear, Rog drives Mercedes and hits water bottles off people’s heads, and nole “plays tennis on the wings of a plane” as long as they keep the tennis high quality, i dont care. :)

leo vixen Says:

Let me see if I got this right; does Novak want to play on the wing of an airplane while in FLIGHT or does he mean a stationary plane on the tarmac somewhere? You can’t really ever be sure with this guy. He is always trying very hard to be liked by everyone that he’s come up with his own “I’ll shock and you awe me campaign”.

Sean Randall Says:

Does Novak play tennis anymore? I’ll I read about is him in TMZ, hanging out with movie stars, getting busy on twitter/facebook and participating in viral videos.

I guess he’s enjoying it while he can.

stu Says:

leo, what makes you think it was his idea though?

i agree with dari, i don’t care if they do commercials as long as tennis doesn’t suffer. i was just commenting about Nole seeming a misfit for this ad, because i see him more as a goofball than a stuntman….

Trufan Says:

Ugh, what a bunch of Novak haters you all are! This is the same negativity I have read on this site since Novak had the termerity to beat your favs. Too bad, so sad, but there are the rest of us that enjoy a little personality with tennis skills. I hope he keeps playing at this level and you guys can continue crying in your beer.Sean Randall, he hangs out with stars because he can and Stu the only goofball I see is you.

Duro Says:

6:0, 6:1… He plays tennis, all right. He plays it like no one else at the moment most probably.

And he only started. He’ll enjoy it for a very very long time… (for those who worry).

trufan, stu is not a Nole hater. She loves Nole. Trust my word.

I stay by you this time, by the way.


stu Says:

i meant goofball in a good way, of course! i love that he is a goofball! sheesh.

thanks Duro!

leo vixen Says:

@Stu, what makes you think it wasn’t his idea? I don’t see anyone putting a gun to anyone’s head to do anything they don’t want to do or perhaps deem unsafe. Can u put a price on risking your career or life do something so stupid UNLESS THE WHOLE THING is a stunt.

leaf Says:

what is wrong with having a personality. with all the respect for Roger and what he has done for the game, can a human possibly be more sterile and boring than him. GO NOLE

Trufan Says:

Apologies to Stu, I just am so frustrated that some of the (mostly Fed fans) pick apart every nuance of Novak’s game and personality. I give him credit for enjoying himself as well as elevating his game. I gues he subscribes to the theory” play hard, work harder”.

stu Says:

No worries, I realized that my first comment could have been worded differently for people who aren’t already aware that i root for Nole. I think he’s fallen for the trap of partying “too” hard in the past, especially soon after big successes on court, but right now he has his priorities right.


scineram Says:

“with all the respect for Roger and what he has done for the game, can a human possibly be more sterile and boring than him.”


Polo Says:

leaf Says, “…with all the respect for Roger and what he has done for the game, can a human possibly be more sterile and boring than him.”

Yes, leaf. You.

jane Says:

Sean – Fed has hung out with Gaven & Gwen, not to mention Anna Wintour; Rafa did a video with some buxom singer; Roddick is married to a model/actress, as was Sampras. Murray and Roddick have been active on twitter for some time, as have the Bryan bros. And they did this all while they “played tennis”!

I know you don’t like Nole, but why the double standard? He has been playing tennis – he is the player with the best record on the year, remember?

dair is right – what’s wrong with the other stuff is the tennis doesn’t suffer. So far it is not. He is very focused when he is on the court.

jane Says:

Typos dari, and “is…” should be “if the tennis doesn’t”

jane Says:

Also, haven’t Fed and Rafa played tennis on a ship, in the middle of water, even on a tall building? I can remember all the different places. And was it Hewitt or Agassi who played in the street off trucks and stuff – actually that was a cool ad.

Anyhow, and this to rhe many other “stunts” players have done for promos and ads.

It is nothing new…

jane Says:

and s/b add – this touch typing is brutal!

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