Watch Ryan Harrison Attack Roger Federer’s Serve [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 17th, 2011, 9:28 am

If you didn’t stay up late last night to watch Roger Federer’s 76, 63 win over Ryan Harrison, you missed an excellent performance by the young American. I wouldn’t characterize the tennis between as the highest of levels, in fact it was quite sloppy, but Harrison’s tactics against Federer were quite unique.

Specifically, at the start of the video below you’ll see Harrison attacking and pressing Federer on the Swiss’s serve in the tenth game. Roger appeared to have the match in his pocket serving 5-4 for the first set but fearless Ryan went after Federer by coming in to the net on not one but two of Federer’s second serves in that 10th game.

On the first point of the game Harrison attacks off his backhand and follows to the net to force the error.

At 0-15, Harrison again goes after Federer’s second offering forcing yet another error.

At 0-30, some worry and uncertainty maybe creeps in as Federer double faults to give Harrison 0-40.

At 15-40, Harrison again charges the net off a second serve but this time after a mediocre first volley the teen is unsuccessful as he watches Federer connect on the pass. But the effort has to be applauded.

Harrison did break at the 30-40 point to even for 5-5 but the way he did it is what leaves an impression. How many players have you seen be this aggressive and willing to rush the net on Federer’s second serve? This kid is doing it at just 18 years of age! That’s why so many say he’s has such a bright future ahead of him.

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22 Comments for Watch Ryan Harrison Attack Roger Federer’s Serve [Video]

Dave B Says:

Not the greatest match but was happy to see Ryan Harrison do so well in the tournament.

jane Says:

Fantastic point by both but especially Harrison to earn Advantage at 6-5 near the end of the video. Harrison is very composed for a young man, and he is a risk-taker, exciting to watch. Wish I would’ve caught the match between him and Raonic,

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Certainly Nole has been attacking Fed’s second serve in their recent matches. I had assumed this was due to some extraordinary improvement on Nole’s part, but maybe Fed’s 2nd serve, one of the best of all time, is weakening?

sheila Says:

after watching this match, imho, federer of late has a hard time serving out sets & matches. of late when he breaks an opponet, federer then gets broken right back & then even gets broken a 2nd time. this seems 2b someone w/a lack of confidence which maybe is due 2his getting into latter stages of his career. i am a huge federer fan, but of late it is so difficult 2watch him because when he was younger, once he got that break or the 1st set unew he would win the match. now, it seems 2b a crap shoot. this 2me is the difference btwn nadal, djokovic & federer. nadal & djokovic rplaying w/so much confidence & it seems roger isnt. hope he can get something going because i41 would love 2c fed win another cple of majors.

jane Says:

TV “due to some extraordinary improvement on Nole’s part, but maybe Fed’s 2nd serve…is weakening”

Maybe it’s a little of both? Definitely Nole’s returning has been outstanding lately if you judge by the scorelines even at IW. So it’s not just with Fed’s second serve. But on the other hand, maybe Fed’s second serve is weakening a little bit. There is a third possibility too! Maybe Harrison is an excellent returner in his own right? He did beat raygun-server Raonic after all.

Sean Randall Says:

That’s some great play from Ryan.

Sean Randall Says:

Tennis Vagabond, good point. Maybe Fed’s second serve is in decline. Let’s see how Stan attacks it.

SRM Says:

I watched the whole match yesterday and I have to say Harrison is the real deal. What impressed me most was his composure. He was 2-5 0-40 down in the second set but won that game firing two aces and playing aggressively. I think we are going to see a lot of him very soon.

Jon KIng Says:

Lets not get ahead here. Many times a low ranked guy shows pretty good vs a high ranked guy. Harrison is a long, long way away from ever being top 20 material.

Janet Simpson Says:

Ryan will be 19 soon. Tennis is not a lateral move game, just because you do something at 19 does not mean you will be great at 23, he could peak now or get better, no one knows.

boojay Says:

Harrison definitely has talent and a bright future, but who are we kidding? Federer played one of his worst matches in the past 6 months. To blow closing out that set and match that many times is ludicrous.

skeezerweezer Says:

Let’s not forget the kids only “18” also. He has 6 years before he gets to Rafa’s age! So there is A LOT of room for growth before this kid hits his prime. Outstanding run in the tourney against the best and the best newcomer of late. Go Ryan!

skeezerweezer Says:

Yes, he “could” plateau early, but at only 18, I’m not taken bets on that….

Granted Fed brought back his “C” game from the first round one could say in this match, but he still has the knack to turn his game on when he has too. He’s through the next round, Ryan ain’t.

He hung around longer than he should have with Andreev also. after awhile watching it I thought Andreev was the equal or better player that match, but then Fed, at the right time to win the match, turned it up late in both sets and boom, match over. Me wishes he could keep the intensity of his game up the whole match like the “old” days but….C’est la vie?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I have to say, after watching Harrison against Another Game For (AGM), that it is not far reaching to say he’ll be in the top 30 soon. After all, AGM For is ranked in the 30s but has been clearly playing at a top 10 level, beating Verdasco twice, Youzhny, Fish twice, and barely losing to Roddick- that puts A squarely at top 10 in my books. So it isn’t just one match from Harrison, he was great against AGM first.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Meant AGF, not AGM…

skeezerweezer Says:

Yeah TV there is some promising youth out there, let’s add Milos who Ryan beat. Prior to his loss to Ryan, he has had a great run up to what..30’s ranking? I mentioned in an earlier post he was the biggest draw of the IW tourney besides the top 3…or maybe the tournament facility was filled with Canadians and I didn’t know it? Was weird, I saw a lot of people with Molsons and Labatts in there hands…..

jane Says:

If Fed’s second serve is weakening, I wonder why Chela (7th best in second serve returns; 6th best in return games won this year), an excellent returner, got only 2 games? Maybe saying this sort of discredits Djoko, Harrison, or others who are able to return well. Djoko and Fed have met so much lately in a short amount of time that maybe he just has a better read on Fed’s serve. And Harrison looked to be ripping those returns. Raonic is the best in two serving categories, and Harrison beat him – so it stands he is a solid returner.

jane Says:

^ Further, Fed is 4th best on the year in winning second serve points, which suggests he’s still at the very top in that category.

margot Says:

On fromsport they’re calling him “Justin Bieber” lol

jane Says:

^ ha! lol. There is a similarity, but he needs to update his hair to the skater swoosh bangs. :)

Dory Says:

WTF is wrong with RF sometimes? Something breaks down in his game like yesterday. Spraying balls all around! This is not how I expect him to win Slams. He’s playing too casually and sometimes too fast IMHO. He should hit his shots aggressively but at the same time more patiently. He always plays fast but he was hurrying things up last night too fast. Accuracy went head down yesterday.

killerc Says:

Harrison’s play is getting better and he will most likely be America’s next big tennis player – eventually. His serve and volleys will get better too with more experience. Overall knowledge of the game and patterns will improve too’ he’s gonna be wicked good.
Federer seemed a little rattled there for a moment from Harrison’s aggressive game play. Federer’s time at the top 2 looks to be coming to an end.
Djoko is playing great lately! Looking forward to seeing DELPO play NADAL. Nadal should win but maybe Delpo’s confidence will get burning again and wipe Nadal off the court like uso 09′ style lol.

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