Flying High: Watch Novak Djokovic Play Tennis on Airplane Wings [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 21st, 2011, 2:20 pm

What a fitting day for HEAD to release their final video in their latest Novak Djokovic viral campaign. A day after Djokovic win his third title of the season, the racquet maker’s latest viral video entitled “Wing Tennis” places the Novak in full flight playing tennis on the wings of an airborne Antonov II biplane. And the end result is pretty good.

Djokovic is effective as a wingman and I give top marks to the cinematography and camera “trick-a-ration”. I have to say the video is very well done.

“In our brand communication we want to link our product benefits and our athletes in an emotional way in order to appeal to our consumers using digital and social media,” says Johan Eliasch, CEO of HEAD N.V. “The SPEED WingTennis idea is the perfect example of this approach.”

Yesterday, Djokovic won his 20th straight match beating Rafael Nadal to win the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells.

Djokovic and Nadal are now on a different plane headed to Bogota where they will play a special exhibition today.

Enjoy it everyone.

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10 Comments for Flying High: Watch Novak Djokovic Play Tennis on Airplane Wings [Video]

Polo Says:

That is one long, slow, boring, and pointless commercial.

stu Says:

Yes, I agree. Anticlimax.

Mark Says:

This is FANTASTIC! How can you not like this? Very well executed commercial, funny, and damn f-ing cool!

gordon Says:

It is awersome!

Taste does not come itself you need to learn it.

milorad Says:

Success consists in being successful,
not in having potential for success, but we believe and especial with HEAD the Best rest the Best.

queen Says:

What a goofball. I agree that the video is wery well done althugh I prefer watching Nadal in Armani:) lol

queen Says:

I just watched Rafa and Novak dancing salsa in Colombia. No no no, not together lol. Novak such a good sport was busting moves left and right. Rafa not surprisingly little too shy but hilarious. These are posted on Rafa’s website.

milorad again Says:

This is unseen spectacle, simply fantastic and maxi-creative presention. Congratulations on your great success.

jane Says:

I thought it was fake, but by the sounds of the ATP website article it is real! Also, they will be reducing it to a 30 second TV spot; this is just the viral version. What is cutest here I thought is how Nole, in true self-deprecating fashion, pokes fun at his own ball bouncing habit. Go Nole!

stu Says:

oh i thought it was fake too! did he actually do it? that changes everything, i take my criticism back! crazy, Nole…

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