Djokovic Withdraws From Monte Carlo
by Staff | April 8th, 2011, 3:31 pm

Citing a knee injury, World No. 2 Novak Djokovic has withdrawn from the upcoming Monte Carlo Masters 1000 according to Reuters.

“It’s a tough blow and sad news not only for the tournament and my fans but also for myself,” Djokovic said in a statement.

Djokovic has been the hottest player in tennis winning all four tournaments entered this season (24-0) during his career-best 26-match win streak.

Six-time Monte Carlo champion Rafael Nadal is the top seed followed by Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, Fernando Verdasco and David Ferrer for the draw which will be released tomorrow. Murray and Berdych were given wildcards.

Djokovic’s next scheduled event is his home tournament is the Serbian Open in Belgrade on April 25.

Just Tuesday, Djokovic sounded excited to be playing Monte Carlo. “I am really happy to be back in Monaco. It feels strange not having racket in my hand after a while :-) Just came back from delicious Thai restaurant where my beautiful Jelena and i had romantic dinner. I am off to bed now. Talk to you tomorrow. P.S. Pierre is going to sleep on our heads ;-)” he posted on his Facebook page.

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39 Comments for Djokovic Withdraws From Monte Carlo

Skeezerweezer Says:

Disappointed, but not unexpected. His knee was taped since the beginning of IW.

blank Says:

Whatever it is, hope the withdrawal is just a precautionary measure. At the moment, looks like he is the only one that could potentially stop Rafa from a clean sweep of the clay season yet again.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

So Fed gets to avoid Rafa till the Finals. And no Soderling?

dari Says:

I didn’t see fed any where near the final when I thought novak was playing. And I’m not sure I want to see him in the final with Rafael after Miami. Maybe berdych, Andy or ferrer will take him out before final? Or else he better be bringing some good PED’s to an MC final with nadal.

jane Says:

On the one hand, I hope this is not too serious and/or that it doesn’t cause a slow in Nole’s overall momentum as these things sometimes do. On the other hand, this gives him a longer rest until the Serbian Open on the 25th,p. Then 2 masters and RG. Since he didn’t play Madrid last year, any points he loses here, he can make up later. Maybe this is just insightful schedule management (?) like opting not to play DC earlier, before IW. Clearly, that was a wise choice.

thark Says:

is it obligatory to have a specific excuse when withdrawing from a tournament? it seems like players always mention an injury, even when they are obviously just tinkering with their schedule to achieve a good performance at a subsequent tournament.

sar Says:

It is a sad day for me,guys. Had to pull out from Monte Carlo tournament.

Monaco is place where i live and spend most of my time practicing. Each year i am looking forward to this event,because it’s one of my favorites. This time i had to prioritize my health and rest of the season,for which i have high ambitions. I believe i will be recovered and ready for upcoming events on clay courts. I apologize to all my fans who bought tickets to come and watch me play here, hope this will not discourage you from following me in the future. I live here so you may see me around – a little hint for you – I spend most of my time at “La Spiaggia” restaurant (on the beach) during the lunch time ;) See you!!!

I think it’s a good move

Skeezerweezer Says:

Too funny your post @ 4:20, maybe he should :), if he gets there

RZ Says:

That’s disappointing. I wanted to see how he’d do on clay vs. Rafa.

Kimmi Says:

most top guys play about 4 tournaments on clay..there is other chances we will be able to see him vs. rafa.

good luck federer in monaco


I feel like the master will do something special in the clay tournaments , good luck Roger

Dory Says:

Wow good decision! I was somewhat expecting this. This is not a mandatory Masters 1000 and the next 4 tournaments are all in a row almost. 3 weeks, then 1 week rest then French Open!! Whoever put just 1 week before FO still needs to be fired from the ATP.

sar Says:

He sounds devastated doesn’t he? LOL

Now he just has to win his next two matches at the Serbia Open to beat Lendl’s record?

pablo cabrera Says:

I think he skip Monte Carlo,because he want to break the record.
If he wins the Djokovic Open(4 matches to win I think).Then Madrid,which it like a hard court,best chance to beat Rafa on clay(6 matches to win).
Then Rome,where Nole in the past had lots of success.If he win the Tournament,he will have the record,with 40 straight wins.
Sound crazy right?

Deborah Says:

Roger needs to stop Djokovic now. I hope that Djokovic is injured but I don’t believe he is. He wants you to believe it so you will feel sorry for him or when he comes back if he wins he wants you to go nuts over how well he is doing while injured. He has always pretended to be tired or hurt. He will never win 40 matches in a row. No way! I think Roger will win on clay this season more than other people do. I think he can win this year in Monte Carlo.

Colin Says:

If someone says the sort of thing Deborah says, but about one of the two gods, Federer or Nadal, they will be told they are being “nasty”.
Maybe Federer can win in Monte Carlo – who knows? If he does, it will be less a sign of his greatness than a demonstration of Nadal’s decline. Oops! I’m being nasty…

grendel Says:

I see Nishikori is quietly beavering on. This time, man of the moment Fish falls to his clever play.

Polo Says:

Deborah, is that your way of wanting Federer to beat Djokovic? To hope that he is injured? That speaks of your lack of belief that Federer can beat Djokovic on even grounds. I bet you also want Nadal and everybody else who can beat Federer (the line is getting longer) to be injured if you think that is the way for Federer to win nowadays.

Dory Says:

WTF no Soderling, no JMDP! Only 1% hope to stop Nadal is Federer.

Kimberly Says:

I have a Fedal final right now. Fed has the worst of the Armada all in his little section but I don’t think they have ever beat him so I will pick him to come through. I think.

Braca Says:

@ Deborah,
“Roger needs to stop Djokovic now” … What he needs and can do are two different things … Unfortunately for you, I think you are right … Novak is not hurt, he just wants more rest before the French Open. He needed to drop one tournament so he decided to play in Belgrade instead of Monte Carlo … Personally, I think this is a great decision and could help him get to the finals both in Madrid and Rome (win Belgrade, of course) and do well in Paris. Even if he loses three finals (Madrid, Rome and Paris) to Rafa (I believe he could win one), he would still be much closer in the ranking points since he doesn’t defend that many, while Rafa cannot add even one point all the way until after Wimbledon (he might get some in Queens, but that’s small since it’s a ATP 250 event).
Anyway, looking forward to the matches during the clay season and – unlike Deborah – I wish all the players to be healthy and in best shape, so we can watch some great tennis

Kimberly Says:

for montecarlo draw challenge.

join group tennisxfans

Ben Pronin Says:

Belluci vs Simon? Blockbuster first round! Anyone have a good idea who to pick on that one?

gonzalowski Says:

Trying to see Madrid masters 2010 draw, imposible for me in the official web, what a shame of webpage (said it as spaniard I am), oriented to silly spectacle…
less stress in MC for Nadal, good for his health!

No Djokovic in Monte Carlo Where Nadal, Federer Begin Clay Season Says:

[…] Djokovic announced yesterday that because of a bad knee he was going to skip the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters event. I’m no […]

jane Says:

Isn’t Queens a 500 point event? I had always thought of it as such. Too bad there is no grass masters…

Braca, I agree with you here: “Anyway, looking forward to the matches during the clay season and … I wish all the players to be healthy and in best shape, so we can watch some great tennis”

Braca Says:

@ jane
Nope, ATP 250 … I also thought that it was 500 for a while, but realised it wasn’t a few years ago, when Rafa and Novak played in the final … I agree with you that it would be great to have a Masters on grass … and prolong that part of the season … It’s too short, isn’t it?

jane Says:

Yes, I find the grass season too brief Braca. It would be nice to maybe shorten the indoor season after the USO, and add a grass Masters before Wimbeldon. But it’s probably doubtful that’ll happen.

dari Says:

To use a favorite word of roger’s it is quite a “pity” that the grass is so short season. A few 250’s and Wimbledon is not enough! They should promote one of these grass tournaments to masters. I imagine the stadiums/seating are quite small though.
Cheers to everyone’s good health this season.

grendel Says:

The Wimbledon authorities – who have to consider the social season of the toffs in England – will not budge where the date is concerned. That is the reality. The date is not negotiable. Where, then, could you slip in a Masters for the grass? Post Wimbledon would somehow seem odd.

Braca Says:

Why not after Wimbledon when IW and Miami come after Australia? Thez could maybe have it two weeks later and change the continent … How about Newport … it’s already on grass and it’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championships … I’d say it’s perfect.

Skeezerweezer Says:

^ or change IW & Miami to Grass surface, good weather both places for Grass

Ben Pronin Says:

Skeezer, waaaaay too much money. I think they should cut out some of the clay court tournaments. Or maybe some of the hard court events after the AO, push everything up a little, create some space between the French and Wimbledon. The clay court season is outrageous. It’s simply not fair to the players to jam pack everything like that.

DC Says:

Nole is the best one slam wonder – hes done it twice

jane Says:

^ that’s oxy-moronic, lol.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Larry Ellison( Oracle ) owns IW now, so anything is possible in the nice climate of the desert :), but other tournwys would have to chime in….we have our hard court season in summer/fall…

Also no Masters on Grass?? C’ mon man! :)

Rui Pessoa - Portugal Says:

Since Novak Djokovic won Estoril Open in 2007 wearing a BENFICA (biggest football club in Portugal) shirt and subsequently getting 6 million more supporters, it became clear that sooner or later he would be NUMBER ONE!

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