2011 Wimbledon TV Schedule – ESPN2, NBC

by Staff | June 19th, 2011, 6:03 pm

ESPN kicks off it’s 2011 Wimbledon television schedule Monday with a full day of live tennis from SW19. The network will provide the majority of the coverage this fortnight with NBC broadcasting on the weekends.

Behind the mic during the 100+ hours of coverage on ESPN2 will be the familiar faces of Patrick McEnroe, Chris Fowler, Brad Gilbert, Pam Shriver, Mary Jo Fernandez, Darren Cahill, Cliff Drysdale, Hannah Storm and Dick Enberg who will be broadcasting his final Wimbledon. ESPN2 also adds the 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert to the roster. Tom Rinaldi will also provide reporting.

ESPN3.com will also have live streaming from nine courts with over 650 hours of coverage. ESPN will also offer 3D coverage of the finals on ESPN3.

NBC, which will have live coverage of both men’s and women’s finals the last weekend, will be led by John McEnroe, Ted Robinson and Mary Carillo.

NBC will also offer a taped highlight show during the second week.

Tennis Channel will also have a nightly taped show offering daily recaps.

This year’s 125th Wimbledon marks the return of the Serena and Venus Williams and the continued rivalry, or “trivalry”, among Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

The tournament begins Monday at noon local time.

2011 Wimbledon TV Schedule – ESPN, NBC (All times Eastern)

Monday, June 20, 7 am – 5 pm, First Round, ESPN2
Tuesday, June 21, 7 am – 5 pm, First Round, ESPN2
Wednesday, June 22, 7 am – 5 pm, Second Round, ESPN2
Thursday, June 23, 7 am – 5 pm, Second Round, ESPN2
Friday, June 24, 7 am – 5pm, Third Round, ESPN2
Saturday, June 25, 7 am – 1 pm, Third Round, ESPN2
Saturday, June 25, 3 pm – 6 pm, Third Round, NBC
Monday, June 27, 7 – 10 am, Fourth Round, ESPN2
Monday, June 27, 10 am – 1 pm, Fourth Round, NBC
Monday, June 27, 1 pm – 6 pm, Fourth Round, ESPN2
Tuesday, June 28, 7 am – 10 am, Women’s Quarterfinals, ESPN2
Tuesday, June 28, 10 am – 1 pm, Women’s Quarterfinals, NBC
Tuesday, June 28, 1 pm – 5 pm, Women’s Quarterfinals, ESPN2
Wednesday, June 29, 7 am – 10 am, Men’s Quarterfinals, ESPN2
Wednesday, June 29, 10 am – 1 pm, Men’s Quarterfinals, NBC
Wednesday, June 29, 1 pm – 7 pm, Men’s Quarterfinals, ESPN2
Thursday, June 30, 7 am – 12 pm, Women’s Semifinals, ESPN2
Thursday, June 30, 12 pm – 5 pm, Women’s Semifinals, NBC
Thursday, June 30, 9 pm – 11 pm, Women’s Semifinals, ESPN2
Friday, July 1, 7 am – 12 pm, Men’s Semifinals, ESPN2
Friday, July 1, 12 pm – 5 pm, Men’s Semifinals, NBC
Friday, July 1, 8 pm – 11 pm, Men’s Semifinals, ESPN2
Saturday, July 2, 9 am – 2 pm, Women’s Final, NBC
Sunday, July 3, 9 am – 3 pm, Men’s Final, NBC

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32 Comments for 2011 Wimbledon TV Schedule – ESPN2, NBC

JUJU Says:

trivalry between “Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer”? hmmm

james howard Says:

all i hope is that the murry man from scotland get beat ,and i meen get beat well…..ha ha we are not his fans,as we are ENGLISH, and Murry can only be BRITISH,,,,,,

james howard Says:

NADAL TO WIN Wilbledon (mens) so put your money on him,,,lots of it ok……

judy anderson nulf Says:

I am going with NOVAC all the way. Honestly, I’m really a true,blue, die hard Roddick fan and would LOVE to see him do well at Wimbledon. Look,he deserves to go out with a Major under his belt, and to be able to look back with no regrets. He’s a true WINNER as far as I’m concerned!!! Good Luck Andy!!!!

john iannone Says:

who is the only person female/male to win the golden grand slam. give you to hints female and in the 80’s

tballlover Says:

guess roger plays with himself then. that would be about right. that leaves nadal in a class by himself outside of the ridiculous trivalry. so clever and you can’t even get the names right.

sara Says:

men go possibly 5 sets. women possibly 3 sets. gee lets watch the men and then switch to the women in their last game of the match. serena has been gone for 11 months but lets watch the men and when it gets to the last game of the match, switch over to the womens. relly pisses me off. why can’t a full match be shown when the it’s an important 2-3 sets. roddy will still be playing long after the williams match is over.

sara Says:

I’m listening to bbc radio on the eimbledon website along with watching the scoreboard. so far serena is ahead 3-1 3rd set. go serena. i wish i could watch the match.

sara Says:

5-1 but split screen. don’t want to miss the second set tye break. espn2 are you kidding me.

Cynthia Rush Says:

Brad Gilbert FYI

Your comments on Marty Fish seem to indicate he might be allergic to wheat and wheat gluten? As one who has this allergy one can still eat carbohydrates like pasta and pizza BUT made of rice,corn or other non wheat products!

Linda Says:

Chris Evert is going to need some chap stick after her kissing up of the Williams sisters. Venus, in particular, needs to stop that ridiculous screaming, like Sharapova and Azarenka. I just record, use the mute, and fast forward, and enjoy the view.

Bill Says:

Remember the good ole days when BBC covered Wimbledon for U.S. telecasts? You could actually enjoy the tennis and “tolerated” the occasional “Great Point” from the commentators. Now we have the usual non-stop blabbing that has been “enhanced” with Chris Evert who, in my opinion, gabs far more than the others. Borrrrringggg!!

Brooky Says:

Chris Evert is a very informative commentator. They all talk and explain. Sometimes good sometimes not….but I wouldn’t just blame Chris.. geeeeeeeez

doodlebug Says:

Two things: 1) Could John McEnroe Shut Up, he talks on and on during the match.

2) If CBS or NBC can follow the boring golf tournament/games. Why not cover a more fascinating sport with a lot of energy to it and more skill. More tennis please.

Sassyjypsy Says:

Mary Carillo is by far THE MOST ANNOYING commentator of all.

Debjoy Says:

NBC sucks. Just missed two hours of Wimbledon due to their stupid programming. If you aren’t going to show it live in all time zones at least ESPN continue with it. I hate how American TV treats tennis!

And now that goes on every day this week. Isn’t that lovely!!!!

Rebecca Gould Says:

I watch tennis faithfully and do not appreciate NBC coverage at all. Let ESPN or the BBC or Tennis Channel handle all the coverage and then the fans can see and enjoy what we tuned into watch! I don’t mind most of the commentators, but please keep the emphasis on the TENNIS!

Conchi Sun Says:

Not sure who the real Nadal is. He seemed really nice, but he plays this tricks on court which is unfair to his opponent (taking a questionable injury timeout. He did it to Roger Federer in the French and he did it again today with Del Potro. On both occasions, he continued to play a very physical match and ended up winning. Maybe this is the reason I don’t really like the guy. You might be a great player, but you don’t have class. No wonder Roger is a very respected sports icon. I like Juan too, he reminds me of Roger. Way to go Juan, you are a great player in my eyes. Stay clam and continue to be true, no matter what.

Meester Says:

Worse than split screen, which I hate. Here in Central Florida, NBC pre-empts W’don for the Casey Anthony trial. G’me a break!

Mg Mg Says:

Conchi Sun

Didn’t you see that Delpo took a MTO during the game Rafa was serving at 40:15? So why not Rafa? Every player is entitled to take a MTO if they have a serious injury. Roger intentionally took a bathroom break in AO 2010 QF match against Davydenko to turn things around and he said it worked.

Carolyn Says:

I had hopes that Chris Evert would be at the level of Mary Jo Fernandez, but she is a disappointment. She chats during play just as much as some of the others. Cliff Drysdale tries to keep that at a minimum, but Chris just waits for him to stop before play, and she begins just as the serve begins. Can’t someone at Espn2 make a rule and stop the chatter during points?

Joan Moore Mernitz Says:

When J. McEnroe starts to talk too much, I turn the sound down. But the worst are Fowler and Enberg who both are wordy and pretentious. Fowler also is often just plain wrong.

Rebecca Gould Says:

As I said in comment yesterday, just stop NBC from even trying to cover tennis. The network doesn’t really care about the sport other than having another “major event” in its lineup. Avid tennis fans want to see the matches and not have to put up with more talking heads and missing matches we care about. I do appreciate valid and knowledgeable comments from those who have walked the walk. Just don’t spend so much time gushing over one another.

Dong Ta Says:

i can’t stand any comments from McEnroe. His trash talks and his attitudes in the past did not give me any impression but trash. Oh well, he still on air though.

sara james Says:

I don’t mind the commentary and find it interesting. I don’t like Brad’s cutesy little nicknames and Bradspeak. What the heck is he talking about most of the time? Always been a fan of Chris, John, and Mary. The thing I wish would change is the screaming and porn sounds, I won’t watch the women’s final even though I respect Sharapova, I think she will be in the final. I hate the screaming. Azarenka is just plain ridiculous. Unfortunately one of them at least will be in the final. And what is with the towel wiping with the men? Roddick had to wipe his face after every point, even after he was aced! Poor ball boys/girls handling the sweaty snotty towels, yuck. What’s up with that baloney? It seems NBCya is only covering court 1 and ESPN is only covering centre court. Coverage gets worse and worse every year. NBCya stick with football or track or some other sport and stay out of tennis please

Gary Says:

Yup, NBC sucks. Like I’m going to watch coverage of the Sharapova match after it is over. And it would be nice to have commentators who actually have something to say. Repeating the score, which is clearly on the tv screen, and who is serving is dopy. Of course, getting that wrong, is sort of entertaining.

Eric Wilson Says:

will someone please keep NBC from televising tennis matches? They delayed today’s second semi finals match and are doing the same with tomorrow’s second match. They actually are arrogant and stupid enough to think that people will watch matches that are not live.

Bill Says:

Couldn’t understand a word of Boris Becker’s commentary…but the worst of the bunch was Tracy Austin…god awful…clearly having been a good player doesn’t mean anything when it comes to intelligent commentary

Mike Says:

I agree with the previous comment. There is too much golf, not enough tennis. Also, cycling should be featured more rather than a sleeper of a baseball game. If you can’t show me a team in contention (after all teams can be viewed once during season), then show me an alternative sport – women’s sports, international sports, or “classic” sports.

As for NASCAR, they can lose that in a hurry and show more Gran Prix. NASCAR = wrestling (with cars)

Rey C Says:

NBC taped delayed coverage sucks.

gordon Says:

Here in Canada there will not have live transmition of Wimbledon finals! Instead we are getting to watch ICE fishing on lake Simcoe recorder last winter! What an arrogant buch of thugs who know that can do whatever they want without any consequences. Canada is on a equal level with third world countries in telecomunication industry.

eva Says:

I just discovered this page and I am in agreement with about everything said about NBC. Also, I get irritated with Brad and his own shorthand of player names.’delpo’… It must be to save some time to keep his mouth uttering nonsense, betting, talking and talking. Send him to coaching and let other more eloquent commentators take the microphone. He has diarrhea of the mouth. Can we get rid of him???????????

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