Here’s An Emotional Serena Williams Crying After Her Wimbledon First Round Win [Video]

by Tom Gainey | June 21st, 2011, 7:14 pm

If you think tennis doesn’t mean anything to Serena Williams, think again. Serena has often been criticized for her attitude toward the game, but today after such a long fight with injury and a battle with a serious illness, the former No. 1 couldn’t keep the real emotions she had for tennis in check.

Speaking moments after a tough three-set first round win over Aravane Rezai, Serena broke down in tears during an interview with the BBC.

“It has been so hard. I never dreamt I’d be here right now. I just wanted to win at least one match here, seeing I’m not playing doubles,” she said. “It’s been a disaster year but I’ve been praying. I have my family and I love tennis and to be able to come back at Wimbledon is pretty awesome. I didn’t expect to play and I didn’t expect even to do anything. I’m just excited. I’ve never cried with joy for anything.”

Later in the press conference, she talked about the break down.

“It definitely hit me at the end of the match. I’m not a cryer, so I don’t know. I think it was something in my eyes at one point. It was so emotional for me because throughout the last 12 months I’ve been through a lot of things that aren’t normal, things you guys don’t even know about. It has just been a long, arduous road. To stand up still is pretty awesome.

“It was something I had to overcome. And I’m still overcoming every day. This isn’t the end of the road; it’s just the beginning.”

Serena has won four Wimbledon titles and she’s been victorious in 15 consecutive matches there. The defending champion will play Simona Halep on Thursday in the second round.

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9 Comments for Here’s An Emotional Serena Williams Crying After Her Wimbledon First Round Win [Video]

Kimberly Says:

OMG, i’m so touched, practically crying with her. Still want her to lose to Maria. That’s a nice comeback for her. Maria has been waiting over 2 years since her comeback!

dari Says:

Welcome back!
I really like serena and I’m not gonna lie, at times during this year I slightly doubted her commitment to coming back. It’s obvious how much tennis and Wimbledon mean to her :)
What’s that I heard somewhere, “serena Williams puts the SW in SW19”

Anna Says:

That win and that moment was really heartfelt. Honestly, I didn’t realize it meant that much to her. She’s won so much I thought she was easing herself out, but apparently that’s not the case. I hope she does well here. Even if she doesn’t win it should help her on the path to the USO.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

My personal problem with Serena has always been that there was something about her that seemed fake- the cheerfullness and playfullness. She has a winning persona, but I always wondered if it was an act. Not that I can explain why, it was just my impression, perhaps because we’d see the dark edge of anger and aggression break through from time to time. While Venus was surly when she was younger and then just quiet as she matured, she always seemed honest in her public persona.

To see this display of her heart, recognizing what a giant she is in the history of the game, and her story this year, it will become a part of her and Wimbledon’s myth. What made it especially beautiful was that it was about a first round match. This is an iconic moment of tennis in 2011.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

And the interview is not really the moment actually, the moment is her crying with the towel over her face in her chair immediately after shaking hands.

Kimmi Says:

I read Li Na is now partnered with Mercedes Benz. good for her.

win a grand slam, get more indocements.

she seem to be wearing a top with nike and mercedes benz logo. i think she is going to wear her own outfits now.

skeezerweezer Says:


Couldn’t agree more and well written. Serena has had this “I am on my way to being a famous person” persona, “Look at me”. This comeback of sorts went lightyears in making her real and likable. Sorry for her that she had to go through some real bad stuff, but life’s lessons have a way of showing you what matters. That said, she has always earned her status when she enters a tourney as “the one to beat”, and she usually is not the one who gets beat. Good luck Serena!

steve-o Says:

She’s often very enthusiastic, almost girlish, in interviews. A remarkable contrast with her fierce, glowering on-court persona.

She doesn’t hide what she feels.

vbbj Says:

i love serena williams (L)

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