Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Beats Roger Federer: “It Was Just Amazing, I Am So Happy”

by Tom Gainey | June 29th, 2011, 3:18 pm

What an afternoon for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The Frenchman pulled off the big win today upsetting six-time champion Roger Federer 36, 67, 64, 64, 64 in the Wimbledon quarterfinals.

“I felt so good on the court,” Tsonga said. “I was quick. I was just perfect today.”

Tsonga’s attendance in the semifinals looked doubtful when Federer moved ahead by two sets. But Tsonga saved his best for last overpowering the Swiss to win the final three sets in routine fashion.

“Even at two sets down,” Tsonga said. “The stadium was full. It was 6-3, 7-6. I was not (playing) ridiculous. I was in my match. I was feeling confident because I didn’t have to save break points.”

Federer has lost for the second straight year in the quarterfinals, and Tsonga becomes the first player to ever beat Federer in a Grand Slam after being down 2-0 in sets (178-0).

“I thought I played a good match myself,” Federer said. “I’m pretty pleased with my performance today. He played an amazing match, didn’t give me many chances. There were some close ones along the way, but he always was able to sneak out on me.”

Tsonga will play Novak Djokovic Friday in the semifinals in a rematch of their 2008 Australian Open final. Tsonga has won five of seven most recently beating the Serb at the Australian Open last year.

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21 Comments for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Beats Roger Federer: “It Was Just Amazing, I Am So Happy”

madmax Says:


print the full interview of federer if you can. Compliments abound for Jo wilfred, class act federer. Great champion waiting on court for the great Tsonga.


It’s fine. You are a great poster with a lot of class. Respect. Don’t apologise for the losers like mem. Only here to spout the bile. Pathetic.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

If Tsonga will just admit his thumb-at-the face thing is embarrassing and cut it from his act, I can get behind him. Until then, Jo Willy, its not going to happen. Stop calling me. We have nothing more to say to each other.

sheila Says:

i am devastated that roger lost from 2 sets up. obviously more ?s as 2 rogers decline will start being directed @him even more now. the guy is human & he has had an extraordinary career. i guess what bothers me when i go on tennis websites & the nadalites r being smarmy about federers decline & his gs record being overtaken by nadal. the way nadal is going he probably will overtake feds gs record, but the smugness & condascending manner in which many nadal fans comment about this really get on my nerves. wait till nadal is in decline c how they like when he starts losing & others start making smarmy remarks. i respect nadal as a tennis player & would never make the remarks i’ve read from some of his fans about roger. yes i am a loyal federer fan, but i have the utmost respect for the other players.

Colin Says:

Sheila, how can anyone be “smarmy” about Federer’s decline? Smarmy means “obsequiously flattering” according to my dictionary.

tennisfansince76 Says:

i didn’t see the fed match today. i looked up the stats on and actually from a stat pak ptt of view fed looked good. a little better than tsonga on most categories. and unlike a lot of matches he loses he did not leave a lot of break pts on the board as he did not have any other than the one he converted in the 1st game of the 1st set.

margot Says:

Wow! Andy, Tsonga, Nole and Rafa… Wheeeee!
Come on Andy, you’re time has come!

jane Says:

margot, I think you might be right. I don’t know why, but I have a gut feeling that Murray just might get the win over Rafa (he seems due, somehow ) and if he does, his chances to win the whole thing are excellent.

majurej Says:

I blame Roger’s loss on my husband. Everytime he walks into the bedroom, Roger’s game goes south which turns into another loss!!!

Eric Says:

I’ve had a feeling all along that Murray had a great chance to upset Rafa in the semis and I still stand by that pick. I just hope he doesn’t choke, because there’s not a reason in the world he couldn’t take it to Rafa – he has every weapon that’s been troubling Rafa this season and then some!

Kimmi Says:

poor roger. what happened?

congrats to tsonga. great win. maybe the time has come for him to shine finally.

skeezerweezer Says:


..what happened? Fed could not touch Tsonga’s service game. He only earned 1 BP chance the whole match. That’s right, 1 ( He converted that though ). Short story, Tsonga played steely and unwielding with great serve games. On the other side, its’ strange how they talk about Fed’s great serve but yet Tsonga earned 9 BP chances in the match. How did that happen? And Fed’s first serve % was over 70%.

Overall watching Fed over the years he had the ability to hit another gear, especially when leading a match (up to this match he was 178-0 when leading 2 sets ), but sure everyone has noticed that has been long gone. Confidence in your ability and resolve is paramount when competing, but this poster saw the “uh oh” moment in the 2nd set Even though Fed won it, it was mostly due to Tsonga’s UE’s in the TB. Regardless of what Fed says he does he really have “it” anymore?

Kimberly Says:

what i saw on the replay on tennis channel was fed played well, but was assuming tsonga level would drop instead of digging deep to find another gear as skeeze said.

But for sure, Tsonga played the match of his life and didn’t choke at all.

I wouldn’t read too much into Djokovic’s performance against Tomic. Tomic makes everyone play badly, thats just his game. With that said, I will have an appetizer of crowe Jane as he put up a much better show than I expected.

I would call Nadal Murray 50-50. It really could go either way and any way in that it could be 3-0 Murray, 3-0 Nadal, 3-2 Nadal or 3-2 Murray. Those two are so good it comes down to who is having a better day. Their matches are always awesome to watch. Djoko/Tsonga, ummm 65/35 in Nole’s favor. I would give Tsonga at least an outside shot.

Kimmi Says:

skeezer – thanks. it is a sad loss for fed but it says a lot about tsonga. to come back and beat fed after being 0-2 down is incredible. I hope this is not the end for tsonga.

he must have built a lot of confidence for this win. maybe beating rafa in queens was not a fluke. Hope he can capitalize this performance.

Now that fed is out. i am hoping for a new grand slam winner. Muzza and tsonga…djoko wont be bad either.

maybe it is time for somebody else not rafa to win here. federer going out might be a bad thing for rafa maybe…coz his whooping boy is out :)

I thought rafa was very lucky fed beat djoko at the french. very true..But this is wimbledon. This is grass not clay. can they do it? C’moooon guys!

jane Says:

Kimberly, lol, re: appetizer. :) and no need. Have something more tasty. Regarding your odds for men’s semis, keep in mind that Tsonga is 5-2 h2h over Nole, and this is Nole’s worst surface, while Tsonga’s game seems made for it. Meanwhile, Nadal is 11-4 h2h over Murray. But arguably Murray is at or near his best on grass (at least that is what I think) whereas Rafa is a clay man first, grass second. Would these h2hs and surface factors change your odds somewhat?

For me, regarding Murray, it is just a gut feeling that maybe he will get the win over Rafa this time. He is playing well and looks calm and focused on court. The situation reminds me a little bit of Nole versus Fed at last summer’s USO. Nole had lost to him at the semis stage three times in a row there, so last year, I kind of believed Nole was going to dig deep and do it. It feels a little like that for Murray versus Rafa. They have met here twice (or more?) at the semis stage, and they just played the FO semis. Most of the time, if a player has to face another player over and over, eventually, he will solve that puzzle. Murray must be getting close as he faces Rafa so often (would have faced him at USO and AO too, if both had reached semis both times). Could be bunk, and doesn’t always work out that way as match ups are a factor. For e.g., Roddick vs. Fed.

Anyhow, both semis seem pretty unpredictable to me!

andrea Says:

jane and margot – i agree with you. i think this will be andy’s time…finally. he’s playing really well and there seems to be less pressure on him this year for a change. nadal is looking sharp but murray’s game, when it’s on, is the type that causes trouble for nadal on grass – big serves, flat balls.

plus, this year, nadal seems a little more fragile.

the semi match ups are intriguing…but i’m not a betting person, so no money on the table.

Kimberly Says:

I’ll stay with my odds.

35% is giving Tsonga a decent shot, yet recognizing the amazing form Novak has been in.

50-50 on Nadal Murray, shows two top players, both great, both good on grass, both in decent form. One has had an easier draw than the other so not an easy read on whose game is in a better place. Murray has an advantage on the serve, Nadal has an advantage mentally. And if all else fails Rafa can always take a MTO! (kidding!!!, i shouldnt have made that joke)

marrisv Says:

Yes, i agree nadal – murray is 50-50.
On murray’s serve, he has got a great first serve but his second is probably the weakest of the top 4.

Djokovic – Tsonga may be close, if Tsonga doesn’t come out flat after today’s performance

Kimmi Says:

Murray has better down the line BH than rafa imo. ofcourse rafa has the big FH.

Now, if muzza can play this shot (down the line BH) well..this will be his money shot. Muzza go go go!

Rick Says:

Hate to say this! I told you that, Federer choked alot nowadays! Would he continues to choke in the Slams? His choking wasn’t that bad previously. He only choked against Hewitt in 2003 Davis Cup match, and his YEC 2005 final to Nalbandian. But nowadays, he just chokes and chokes!

Borg Says:

Beating Federer might be amazing for the guys like Tsonga, Berdych and Soderling but for Nadal it is just child’s play. Federer is just afraid of Nadal and the 17-8 H2H says it all. If there is one player who can give a fright to my Champion it is Djokovic. But even he will be consumed by Nadal in this Wimbledon finals.

Anna Says:

Kimberley – All joking aside, if Rafa needs a mto he’ll take it.

I guess we all try to rationalize our desired outcomes. When it gets down to the semis in a slam, it’s often a roll of the dice. Andy obviously is more than ready to crack the code, but Rafa’s experience may give him the edge. At least I hope so.

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