Fernando Verdasco Eats a Hamburger During Davis Cup 4th Set [Picture]

by Staff | July 11th, 2011, 12:52 am

Fernando Verdasco truly understands the meaning of the Davis Cup. Today, with the tie in balance and his countryman David Ferrer and American Mardy Fish locked in a tight, tension-filled fourth set, Verdasco did what any other teammate would have done when faced with a case of the grumbellies: He ate.

Late in the fourth set at 4-all the Tennis Channel camera’s cut to the Spanish bench where Verdasco was spotted eating what appeared to be a rather large and tasty hamburger (or maybe cheeseburger?).

Match commentators Ted Robinson and Justin Gimelstob even had a chuckle at the Verdasco openly devouring American concession grub at such a crucial time in the match.

“I said the guy that was helping us, the whole team, to bring one hamburger and some popcorn,” Verdasco explained afterward. “So I enjoy a lot eating all that American way.”

Popcorn? Who got the popcorn? (Was it “Deliciano”, as Verdasco – using Judy Murray’s nickname – called Feliciano Lopez today in the presser.)

Ferrer’s thrilling four-set win propolled Spain over the U.S. 3-1 and into the Davis Cup World Group semifinals where they will host France in the fall.

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11 Comments for Fernando Verdasco Eats a Hamburger During Davis Cup 4th Set [Picture]

scineram Says:

No way France can beat them on clay. Probable final in Belgrade.

Humble Rafa Says:

Honestly, my MTOs are better. I do in my matches, not someone else’s. Eating a hamburger while your best friend is fighting on the court is rude.

dari Says:

gotta love fat nando!
Actually, I didn’t use to love him, but he had a great USO match last year and then when I hear him in interviews he seems smarter than expected so I like him, now.

Kimberly Says:

He’s my least favorite of the armada probably. My Armada order goes
1. Goes without saying
2. Ferrer (admire hard work and tenacious)
3. Almagro (love his game when its on)
4. F-Lo (do I need to say why :O)
5. The rest
6. Verdasco, used to like him but I think he’s a real jerk from what ive read. Keeps fighting with tournament organizers and critisizing ITF on twitter etc. Pull your game together dude and get a better attitude and then maybe he will rise on my list. Looks alone will not carry him.

dari Says:

Oh, don’t worry, he is still last of the armada! I used to abhor him, but I’ve progressed to “like”. I’m not into his looks

Hari Says:

I LOVE how you talk about Fer without knowing him…what if he eats a burger? where is the problem? rude? eating is rude? he’s not playing…so what is he supposed to do? to pray? or what? try to separate tennis from their behavior off courts…if you don’t know him…you can’t say he’s rude…in fact he’s not…you just see what you can watch on tv…

tinica Says:

Considering the amount of beef cattle in the state of Texas, eating a burger seems perfectly appropriate to me. He was “going local”

Margaret Constance Says:

I’m surprised he didn’t want to wait til he could enjoy one of Austin”s great burger spots. Maybe he was worried that Ferrer wasn’t going to finish the match/tie off quickly enough? Just shows what you miss when you’re watching in person. I saw a great tennis match but no burger consumption.

tennisfansince76 Says:

spicoli would be proud.

killerc Says:

texas has great food! I’m sure all those spanish dudes hit up the spots after.. if not, was their loss! That was turning into a long boring match watching fish/ferrer on tv.. imagine in person lol. I would of had to have a beer and fries with that burger!! No hate on Verdasco! He at least showed up! (unlike Nadal)

Anna Says:

I wonder if going local is what’s killed Fers game this year. The UE’s were flying off his racquet during the doubles match. It doesn’t help to show up if you can’t be a force for the team on the court, which is why Rafa stayed home to R & R. Actually, all they needed was for Daveed to show up. Rafa will show up when they need him.

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