Rafael Nadal Resumes Training, Looks Ahead to Montreal

by Staff | July 20th, 2011, 12:16 pm


After spending some holiday time at the beach with girlfriend Francisca “Xisca” Perello, Rafael Nadal has resumed training in Mallorca for the upcoming ATP summer swing.

Nadal, who lost his No. 1 ranking to Novak Djokovic following Wimbledon, says he aims to work hard in preparation for the tough hard court season which culminates with his US Open title defense.

“I’m back to training having a physical training session with Joan Forcades . My physical trainer. The next tournament Montreal :)” Nadal posted on Facebook.

“After a long holiday I have to work hard to catch up and get fit,” he added.

During Wimbledon, Nadal injured his left foot leading to speculation that he could miss significant time this summer. But those reports were proved false.

Nadal’s schedule ahead includes the Rogers Cup in Montreal, the Cincinnati Masters, a week off and then the US Open. Montreal begins on August 8 and will feature the Top 10 players in the world all competing including Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

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61 Comments for Rafael Nadal Resumes Training, Looks Ahead to Montreal

Humble Rafa Says:

My favorite time of the year. I usually have no injuries in the off season. Once the season begins, one by one parts of my body start giving me problems. Thank God for MTOs.

My friend who is a cricket fan told me that they got rid of “runners” who help injured batsman score runs. I hope they don’t get rid of MTOs in tennis. After 2042, they can do anything want. I will be semi-retired by then.

Kimmi Says:

great!!! looking forward to montreal when all the big guns play again.

I think nole should send his training pics to his fans. he doesn’t want us to think he is partying too much, does he? :)

Susan Neff Says:

No matter what Djokovic or any othere tennis player does, you are and always will be numero uno in y book, I haave been closely following your brilliant career since you were 17 years old.
Vamos, Rafa and welcome back to the United States!!!

someone Says:


dari Says:

Nice little video even though i don’t know what they’re saying! I want that “fast” t shirt.
Rafa and toni always talking about golf during these training sessions, he really loves it, huh?

Seth Says:

Looking forward to seeing Djokovic school Nadal again, this time on the faster courts where the matchup will be even more in his favor.

Kimmi Says:

nole and rafa match-up is [probably going to be like Hewitt vs federer. hewitt dominated federer earlier in their career but fed manage to turn it around.

C’mon djokovic..only 4 more matches then you are even.

dari Says:

Got beat by an older, not in that good of shape dude today :(
Is never played him before, and when I looked at him at first I said ” I got this”
Then he started serving and I said uh-oh. Then he passed me a gazillion times deep sliced me a ton, and as soon as I got my footwork and positioning right for the deep slices he would just pound the ball down the line. Lost six and three.
Playing those kinda guys makes you wanna work on your own variety a bit more :/
All right, that’s all my boo hoo!
Once all the dudes get back in swing you won’t hear me complaining about my own game. Skeeze when you get back, can you give me a pointer or two?!

Kimmi Says:

ha-ha dari, funny!
I am actually impressed with you guys. I am trying to polish my game at the mo. It needs a lot of work, especially my forehand. Well, but i am having fun on the court. haven’t done matches yet.

dari Says:

Just heard Ryan Harrison had quite a match today against malisse! Congrats to him, and apparently some temper tantrums along the way… Will have to work on that.
Also just looked through Twitter pictures he put up.
He looks like the happiest man on earth and my does he love that Pierre!

Kimmi Says:

Its been raining in atlanta. fish vs mahut on court.

dari Says:

Haha, by “he” I meant Novak djokovic not Ryan Harrison. I don’t know if he has Twitter.
I guess novak is just so good this year, no name is necessary. Just “He”
Kimmi, that’s what I love about tennis, its fun no matter what, even while you are working.
I was super pissed today, I actually looked like a poor sport which is not really cool the first time you play someone imo, but he wad very frustrating. But now I’m settled down and I realise its only good for me to play these kind of people.
Go check out novak pics!

Kimberly Says:

thats ok dari, i lost to kaiser 2 and 1 which is actually a really good showing for me. And i was playing awesome and ripping the ball. And he only hits second serves at me, as his first is unreturnable at 120-130 mph.

Kimmi Says:

great noval pics dari. i guess holidays are over now, guys should be back on training

Kimberly Says:

dari—i prefer to play women, with men (assuming they are physically fit and decent athletes) it is very tough to overpower them, really you have to win by running a lot and playing strong but very consistently and waiting for their error. With women you can actually overpower them, outserve them, and play more aggressive, shorter points, rip winners on the return etc. At least for me.

Kimmi Says:

hewitt losing first set to ram. c’mon rusty fight.

Dan Martin Says:

Off topic, but the first question on the second page (I linked directly to the second page) of this week’s SI Tennis Mailbag is interesting


dari Says:

What? He has 120-130 serve?
Do you stand back at the fence?
Yeah, I play mostly with women, but I started a meet up city league and I wasn’t just going to avoid the guys.
I got “MADal” for a few games to even get myself to a tie break, but that was the only time I was able to over power him. And it didn’t last too long. Definitely agree with some of the younger guys you can play wozniacki style and get the job done. But this guy was kinda classic tennis style and was often at the net and put the balls in all the right places nirvana lot of errors.
Ah well, it’s fun to mix it up and I will get him next time now that I know how he plays. Try to give him a taste of his own medicine. Ps, found out today I’m not that good at drop shots! hehe

dari Says:

You’re famous Dan Martin!
Nice question.
Anybody else disappointed a little in courrier though on the Davis cup front a couple weeks ago.
He didn’t seem that into it as I was watching

Kimberly Says:

Generally he only hits his second serve when we play which is a high kicking topspin. But sometimes he hits the first if he gets down break point and for me and most others at our club is pretty much unreturnable unless you get lucky and block/float the return in at which point he will be at net and smash volley to end the point. But to have any chance of a nice game our rule is he only hits his second serve. Otherwise its just kind of pointless.

madmax Says:

As we are talking about statistics and serviing, I found this, this morning which is really, REALLY interesting.

Storace? No way.


jamie Says:

Nadal ain’t winning anymore titles this year. Clay season is over. Hope this helps.

Nole will win the USO and the WTF this year. Nole will also win 1 or 2 more masters series this year. Hope this helps.

Brando Says:

I think the USO series will be alot more competitive than most people expect it to be. I think the month off will greatly benefit nadal, Murray, federer and del potro in terms of fine tuning their game for the remainder of the year as they all need it for their own reasons. Djokovic, on the other hand, does not need to change anything just keep doing what he is already doing. He will go in as the favourite in any and every tournament he enters from this point onwards and shall be expected to win the major ones as he is no1 and player of the year. This is new territory for him, with a different kind of pressure- let’s see how it plays out.

dari Says:

lol jamie, helps with what?
I wish nadal was over for the year, but I doubt that will be the case !

Kimberly Says:

Nadal is clearly the second best player on tour right now. The results of the first half speak pretty loud and clear on that. Anyone who says otherwise is just delusional.

There is a big difference between 1 and 2, a big diffference between 2 and 3, a big difference between 3 and 4, and an even bigger difference between 4 and 5. After that they all kind of blend between 5-10 yes?

Brando Says:

@kimberly completely agree. Bar djokovic, nadal has looked comfortable and in control against everyone else this year, except of course on the occassions he has lost. Even then against ferrer, davydenko and tsonga he was competitive whilst obviously not being at his best. Had it not been for djokovic’s ridiculous season- the best in at least 25 years, so far- this has been an excellent year for nadal. Simply put, I think djokovic not the tour is an issue for nadal, and hopefully he’ll be able to deal with him too in the near future.

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Get Dan Martin writing again

madmax Says:


I’ve been loving your posts recently, but I have to respectfully disagree with your above comment ‘djokovic’s ridiculous season – the best in at least 25 years, so far….’

What do you class as ‘a ridiculous season?’ what about Federer’s 41 consecutive matches? That he is the only player in the top 5 who won two grand slam titles as well as the year-end championship during his streak (Vilas and Djokovic won one grand slam title during their streaks, while Borg, Lendl and McEnroe did not win any grand slam title).

The World Tour Finals is a much more significant title outside the slams (I think Novak has won one of them). This is much tougher (the ‘5th slam’) to the top players with much tougher fields and fed has won 5. Novak 1. Rafa 0.

This is what is riculous and this is not to take away from what Novak has achieved. He is just the best right now and played at an incredibly high level.

Brando Says:

@madmax, what I meant and should have made clear is that in terms of a season from it’s start until mid year, then djokovic has had the best clearly- just 1 LOSS! But I think for me he has to win the US open in order to cement this season as one of the greatest. Let’s face it, tennis is mainly about the GS and nadal won 3 in a row last year whilst federer in the past won 3 in a season plus YEC.

Lou Says:

Guys, If you want to check out the statistics for the top 4 players, here is the link.

The Top 4 (Djokovic/Nadal/Federer/Murray) In Tennis And The Story Of Statistics So Far: http://bit.ly/mZfnaq

Its very interesting to see why Djokovic is No.1 this year and how federer has been strong in service but very weak in return games against the top 3.

madmax Says:

Lou, I read that and it is really interesting. Thanks. Fed’s aces at 333? Is this true? Also, the matches that he has supposedly played say 49 where you posted but different elsewhere on other tennis sites so will check that one.

Brando, okay. See where you are coming from. Rafa won 3 GS in a row, yes which is incredible. Federer though won 3 in a row, AND reached the final in the fourth GS, for THREE years, he did this, Brando, NOT just for one year, but 3 years. That’s just crazy good.

dari Says:

I agree with Brando, nole’s season up until now is unmatched in the last 30 years, ask any of the former players, etc, they will say the same. If he pulls up and takes USO and world tour finals- forget it! It will be beat season in open era. And doing it while nadal is in his prime and fed is still playing ok at 29-30 is quite an accomplishment.
My dream would be for fed to have a say in all this, though, and take uso this year!

jamie Says:

dari Says:

My dream would be for fed to have a say in all this, though, and take uso this year!


I’m afraid you will be disappointed.

Nole will win the USO.

dari Says:

Logic says you are right, Jamie, but I can still hope! No need to crush dreams before they play, gosh damnit!

Brando Says:

If federer plays djokovic In US open, it most likely will be in the final, and he most would have beat nadal, if this is case then federer wins for me. With federer the only part of his game that he needs to prove according to stats is his return game, and personally speaking his concentration level needs to be maintained throughout the match- no snooze period. If can do that, and evidently this year he has at the slams, then I think he has as good a chance as any and certainly the best one against djokovic.

mem Says:


has anybody seen this? very interesting and so not funny! this is what happens when some people prosper, can’t handle a little attention and prosperity. any way you look at it, it’s gone too far! you don’t engage in this kind of behavior. it puts ideas in the minds of crazies.


madmax Says:


It is in bad taste, but I think the fact that it was taken down from Tipsy’s facebook page within minutes, shows that he realises it was a bad idea and it is best to be forgotten.

It doesn’t take away from Novak’s successes this year and shows that he still makes mistakes, like every human being on this planet. Look at all the great work Novak does for charities, like he did with what happened in Japan last year and the Tsunami. These are the things that should be focussed on, NOT the mistakes made.

Especially with what has happened in Oslo, I think Novak and Tipsy will regret this but best to be forgotten and move on and concentrate on the money that they give to the many charities, and the joy they bring to millions with their tennis.

Kimberly Says:

pretty bad taste. Djokovic has a lot of growing up to do.

mem Says:


i don’t know if you understand or even care to understand, but my aim is not to undermine novak’s success. any player who works hard, deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labor. that’s not my problem, it’s his arrogance that turns me off and before you misinterpret that statement, let me make myself clear. it has nothing to do with him beating nadal several times. doesn’t matter to me who the player is, if he’s winner, win with humility and respect. if you have beaten the opponent, everybody can see it, you don’t have go around trying to make jokes out of it. that’s disrespectful.

sure, there are people like you who think, oh, what the heck, that’s just a little thing. novak and tipsy are just joking around. well, i say, it’s not a joke, it’s poor taste and a player may be a winner on the court, but respect for others transcends winning titles and giving to charities in my book.

Kimberly Says:

i have more of an issue with how the #1 player, a supposed role model for children jokes around with guns for the world to see. Thats just downright wrong.

dari Says:

I saw when janko tweeted this and at first it didn’t have the joke attached to it. It was the pic alone and I said thumbs down in my mind because I hate guns and am very scared of them.
Then he added the joke and I thought it was the kinda thing mayne you can laugh about with friends alone, but you can’t disseminate that kind of picture and message internationally when you are a tennis player in the spot light.
He got some flak for tweeting it, so much so that he said on Twitter a few minutes after posting the joke something along the lines of “jeeze take a joke”
Bad move for a pro athlete, yes, but let’s make sure blame lies on janko who tweeted the picture. In all likelihood it was novak or someone from his side who said to take it down.

Kimmi Says:

Nole does not want to mess it up..he has been doing good things to his image these days. as for janko..who cares, everybody will be looking at novak.

As long as he continues to be a nadal slayer..he will be good in my book. :)

mem Says:


absolutely! wrong and disrespectful!

Mila Says:

The article mem provided link to has one line that I particularly liked:

“In other sports, that behavior would merit a suspension…”

Wow, what for? For taking a photo with your hands up playing fools with your buddy… Did Novak post that? No.
Suspension?!? You wish. And in what other sport, baseball (juiceball) perhaps…

For those folks who want Novak to be suspended and lose his No. 1 rank, let me give you 2 ways for that to happen:

1. You “suspend” him by beating him 5 times in a row.
2. if you cannot do the #1 from above, then you “suspend” him the way another tennis player from Serbia (Monica Seles) has been suspended before – knife in the back.

Suspension for making jokes won’t work, even though I think the joke by Tipsarevic was unfunny and in pretty poor taste. Not uncommon for 20-something year old guys.

dari Says:

Mila- yeah, they are 20-something year old guys, and its hard to always monitor you’re behavior just because you are in the spot-light.
this was a 20 something guy slip-up and i hadn’t really heard anyone talking about it until now.
i’ll shake my head at janko, and it sucks that he actually put another player’s name (nadal) in there explicitly, but you know play on!
i could see how nadal fans cared about this more as well.

dari Says:

excuse me, YOUR behavior. i hate when people make that mistake and i just did!
guns aren’t funny bottom line.
i am cheering for little harrison against fish. long shot

Kimberly Says:

Janko and Novak are under no obligation to kiss up to Rafa. It would be nice if they were respectful, but if they choose not to be thats their right.

Of course its more annoying that its the player that beat my fav five times, if it were say murray or anyone else would i be equally annoyed…the honest answer is no, I would not.

But Fed fans, take it this way. Imagine if Lopez took that photo with Rafa and tweeted the same about roger. Wouldn’t it be irritating? You would one say:
1. Who the F is Lopez with 0 GS to bag on someone who has uh, 16 more titles and how many more finals, semifnals, masters titles etc.
2. It would annoy you that Rafa had so little respect for Roger to allow it.
3. You would be shocked that a supposed role model plays with guns and posts it for the world, especially little children to see. And that annoyance would be magnified because of Rafas winning record v. Roger.

Just saying…..

dari Says:

GUNS ARE NOT FUNNY. that’s the main point.
it may seem like novak was in on the joke, but i don’t think he was.
i saw the picture that janko tweeted and then later, a few DAYS later, he reposted the picture with the joke attached. as if it suddenly occurred to him there was a joke there and he put it up, no consultation with novak im sure. and novak didn’t take the picture with the set up for the purpose of this joke because the joke wasn’t made until a few days later.
but i understand novak is the #1 and the best player of the year so he will have the responsibility placed on him, even if he wasn’t a part of posting the picture.
for what its worth, i don’t think rafa would EVER be a part of that type of joke, cause he’s really sweet and very conscious of image and as far as roger-is too old to be making jokes like that. lopez too for that matter!
i don’t blame anyone- whether driven by anti-violence, anti-novak, or whatever- for being a little ticked off.
these are the things that become so important in the middle of july…

Skeezerweezer Says:


Me thinks your post was a good summation of the event, I would just add that in sports it is not a good idea to generate fodder locker room stuff to your opponent unless you are super confident you can back it up. A smart coach, which Evil Unc Toni is, could and should post that in Rafa’s room for extra incentive to motivate Rafa. Not a good idea by the Serbian gang. I know the Serbian guys are good fun pranksters, this is not new, but I am sure there coaches are playing damage control on all sides…..sometimes you have to know where that line is….:(

Still traveling but I read your post about your bummer match….will respond with “lob short and rush the net” later…. ;)

madmax Says:

mem Says:

i don’t know if you understand or even care to understand, but my aim is not to undermine novak’s success. any player who works hard, deserves to enjoy the fruits of his labor. that’s not my problem, it’s his arrogance that turns me off and before you misinterpret that statement, let me make myself clear.

it has nothing to do with him beating nadal several times. doesn’t matter to me who the player is, if he’s winner, win with humility and respect. if you have beaten the opponent, everybody can see it, you don’t have go around trying to make jokes out of it. that’s disrespectful.

sure, there are people like you who think, oh, what the heck, that’s just a little thing. novak and tipsy are just joking around. well, i say, it’s not a joke, it’s poor taste and a player may be a winner on the court, but respect for others transcends winning titles and giving to charities in my book.

July 23rd, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Mem, don’t assume you know what I am thinking.I do not think this is ‘a little thing’. You are not my voice, so don’t speak for me. I said it was in very poor taste and I repeat that sentiment. It was NOT a good thing to do, when Novak IS more of a role model now than ever. I do ‘care to understand’, so don’t make this about my comment, which was harmless.

Kimberly, DONT bring Roger into this. It’s irrelevant.

This was a Tipsy stunt that was bad in the worst sense of the word. But, how to deal with something like this? Take it down from facebook, apologise and say directly it was wrong.

Also, mem, for how many years have little boys been brought up with guns and Wild West mentality? Cowboys -v- Indians. It’s only now with the understanding of what that was REALLY about, do people shy away from the truth and that is, boys will be boys. It doesn’t change.

And isn’t America the leader in carrying guns? (now we have got onto the issue). I don’t agree with guns, so why is it that the American government allow this to happen? How many people on this site have a gun in their home?

You didn’t have to post that facebook photo mem of novak, you chose to knowing that it would cause this type of discussion.

Novak made a mistake. I am sure he is very sorry and can’t believe he was involved. What more can you say? I don’t believe in guns, like Dari said, to even joke around with a gun shows an immaturity beyond belief.

M Says:

“Rafa and toni always talking about golf during these training sessions, he really loves it, huh?”

He loves it, dari. He plays on some of his off days when he comes here to New York.

mem Says:


you don’t instruct me on what to post. i don’t hear you instructing others here on what they should or should not post. had it been a joke concocted by nadal you would have been all over it like white on rice. so, drop the act! i’m fully aware of what a hypocrite you are.

anyway, how do you know how novak feels or whether this was his idea of not. did he tell you? aren’t you making an assumption?

you and i have a great understanding, i know you have a screw loose upstairs and i also know that you are always lying in wait to read something into everything i say because you can’t stand the fact that you can’t muzzle me and that i don’t fall in line with the majority. do yourself a favor and mind your business if you can’t handle what i say.

madmax Says:


I don’t even know you.

What’s your problem? because I stuck up for novak? Because he made a mistake? Lie in wait? for what? this is a forum where usually intelligent discussion takes place, until you post images of novak and tipsy which are irrelevant to the conversation. You don’t like my reply. Fine. Don’t respond.

madmax Says:

what makes you think I have anything against Nadal? I don’t.

Brando Says:

@madmax, from what I have seen on this forum you don’t have anything against nadal. Ur a federer fan, possibly the most passionate one on this website, so naturally with nadal being federer’s biggest rival ur not too keen on him as say as some of the others. But that’s fine I feel and completely normal

mem Says:


you might have posters like Brando fooled but i’m quite familiar with your history on this blog as it relates to your ill feelings toward nadal for interrupting roger’s domination. you are quite the actor!

here’s what i think! i think you have an ulterior motive for defending novak, i think your motive is self-serving, not that i care of course. you certainly have the right to support whomever you choose, but i think the real reason you are defending him is because he is doing the fedfans a great service by beating nadal and preventing him from continuing his reign at #1 and from winning more titles, particularly slams. that is why all of a sudden you have found a warm spot in your heart for novak. that is why you assume you know what he thinks and how he feels.

well, well my dear, i’m impressed!

in any case, take your own advice and everything will be just fine.

Polo Says:

I don’t know why Novak had to get involved in this sick joke with Tipsarevic. He has been doing so well. It was utterly unnecessary and pointless. I can sense bad karma coming up to get him.

Peter Says:

How did Novak got involved? Why, it’s simple: Tipsarevic has been a notorious brown-noser to Novak, particularly this year (just check his tweets). Basking in a reflected glory.

Novak likes adulation (otherwise he would back up a little from this “friendship”; How can you be real friends with a guy who constantly showers you with excessive flattery?).

He also likes spotlight as a class clown (see his immitations, dressed-up entrances, photoshoots, commercials – all on the verge of bad taste). He cannot resist another clownery, even in a locker room, with the audience of one or two. Any audience is fine for attention seekers.

His brown-noser brings up a gun to stage a “funny” photo, and presto – Novak is into it. Not a second to think things through, as a prominent public person should have. He’s not a kid, he’s 24. He’s not anonymous, he’s famous.

Standing there with his hands up staring down a gun barrel was a really, really stupid move. Even without his cronie publishing the photo, or adding the insulting caption. Publishing and captioning it just showed the stupidity to the world.

And no, this was not children playing with guns. They were not photographed running around and waving guns. This was a deliberate posing for a photo with your hands up, at gunpoint. Not funny in any shape or form.

The fact that Tipsarevic removed the photo after his Twitter got showered with disapproving messages shows they are both aware how wrong they were.

And no, Tipsarevic did not apologise; he insulted those who disapproved by calling them morons with no sense of humour. This means we could expect more “humour” of that kind from the pair in future.

madmax Says:

mem Says:

you might have posters like Brando fooled but i’m quite familiar with your history on this blog as it relates to your ill feelings toward nadal for interrupting roger’s domination. you are quite the actor!

No mem. I’m not. Considering this is the fourth pseudonym you are using here? You are so transparent.

FYI, way before Novak was doing well, he has always been my No.2. Always. Ask the serbian crew here and they will tell you.

Nadal – I don’t have to trash him because he doesn’t deserve to be trashed. Many times here I have posted how I love the rivalry, it is the best in the history of the game, no? That won’t change despite your repetition of h2h, *yawn*.

And if Novak is ‘interrupting’ that rivalry, well good on him and good for tennis. I don’t have a problem with the big three. I also hope that Murray can catch one (but not this year mem, hoping that roger will pull it together).

I don’t know why you have to be so nasty here because I read your conversations with skeezer recently and thought you were way out of order. You just don’t like it when people don’t suck up to your comments or agree with you.

I think I put a fairly balanced post forward. Novak did wrong and I am 100% certain he will be pulled up on it either by the media in the press room, by his team sooner or later. I think you have to look more so with the reasons why YOU posted it here mem, because you would know that it would generate discussion because you can’t stand the guy. So to come on and say I ‘lie in wait’ or that Brando is my friend, is rubbish.

And as for accusing me of trashing nadal. Never done it. Never will. That’s not to say I agree with his MTO’s but then neither does anyone here, so I am in safe numbers there.

Get over yourself mem. And what’s all this about ‘fooling posters?’ Try and come up with something new. Like proper tennis discussion.

The only person with a problem here is you. People disagree, it’s part of life, but there’s no need to be so nasty about it.

mem Says:


if you say so dear!

Michael Says:

In a nutshell all this success has gone to Djokstrap’s head. He can’t handle it. Will probably end up in a psychiatric ward!!

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