Rafael Nadal Book “Rafa” to be Released August 23
by Tom Gainey | July 25th, 2011, 10:27 am

The Rafael Nadal empire continues to grow. Next month just before his US Open title defense a new book will be released profiling to Spanish tennis star.

The Nadal book entitled “Rafa” will be out on August 23 in the USA at Amazon, and August 18 in the UK. The book, published by Hyperion (272 pages), is written by John Carlin, a former a senior international writer for Spanish newspaper El Pais who is best known for writing the book that became the film Invictus.

Here’s more on what we can expect from the book from the Amazon description: “This book takes us to the heart of Nadal’s childhood, his growth as a player and his incredible career. It includes many memorable highlights, from his victory in the 2008 Wimbledon final … It transports us from Nadal’s lifelong home on the island of Majorca to the locker room of Centre Court. … It offers a glimpse behind the racquet to learn what really makes this intensely private person who has never previously talked about his home life tick. And it provides us with a story that is personal, revealing and every bit as exciting as Nadal himself.”

On facebook last week, Nadal said, “Hi everyone, after a year working with the well-known writer John Carlin, I want you to be the first to know that the book is due in August and and I want to share with you the title page. What do you think about it? Also, very soon I’ll release the first chapter only for you ;). Rafa”.

Nadal is currently in Mallorca training for the August 8 Rogers Cup in Montreal.

You can pre-order “Rafa” (also known as “Rafa: My Story”) from Amazon by clicking the picture above.

And here’s a video on the release:

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43 Comments for Rafael Nadal Book “Rafa” to be Released August 23

Michael Says:

Can’t wait to read the book. Have ordered 2 copies.

stu Says:

I wish they had picked a nicer cover picture.

Kimberly Says:

i cant either! WHat heaven for his fans!

Humble Rafa Says:

I read it and I am surprised by how little I have achieved. My achievements are covered in clay and all my trophies have teeth marks. To signify my the effect my career has had on my body, the books comes with red bumps and dog ears.

Full Disclosure: Uncle Toni wrote the last chapter “Gamesmanship in the 21st century and beyond”

jane Says:

i didn’t even know Rafa was coming out with a book! I think I agree with stu on the cover picture, but that’s because I really love Rafa’s smile, so I would rather see him smiling.

Natcha Says:

Really look forward to reading the book.

Joyce S. Goodhart Says:

Looking forward to reading Rafa’s biography which should be a best seller! Rafa, great athlete, excellent roll model, humble and gracious in his demeanor, and a super champion in the wonderful world of tennis. Rafa, a gentleman and a gentle man. May God grant good health and blessings from above. He will be in my prayers for whatever the future holds.

mem Says:


i echo your thoughts!

your words are very moving and true. excellent tribute to a deserving champion.

Wheeler Says:

What! At this age?! Aren’t biographies usually published at a much later age?

Sade Says:

I can’t wait either!! Hope it’ll be on sale in Malaysia very soon!!!

JungeCat Says:

I will definitely read it, he’s a cool guy.

shirley anderson Says:

I enjoy Rafa so much because he is a great athelete, but moreover is a very nice young man with mature acting traits. He sets a very good example for his young peers. I am looking forward to reading his bio.

Humble Rafa Says:

Yes, I am a young man with mature acting traits. Just ask Uncle Toni.

Butt picking, running after coin toss to the baseline like I am chasing a rabbit, looking at Uncle Toni for coaching help, calling medical trainer when it is “match convenient”……all traits of a mature young man, indeed.

Michael Says:

Humble Rafa? How did u come up with a name like that? Rafael Nadal is more of a man than u will ever dream of becoming. I assume u r a man or something.


I think rafael nadal is an enigma.sharing his life story with his fans can only make us love him even more.I think he should go on to win the US Open and prove his critics wrong.Having said that i think this would be an instant best seller,looking forward to reading it!!

Panna Says:

Will definitely buy it. Can’t wait.

Humble Rafa Says:

Gentle Reminder: Rafa has never defended a non-clay court title successfully EVER.

Not once. Never defended a non-clay court title.

Michael Says:

Humble Rafa. You have a short memory. Have u forgotten Wimbledon 2010? He won in 2008, withdrew due to injury in 2009 so theoretically he defended his title successfully in 2010. Ok?

skeezerweezer Says:


Sorry, You have to be the current holder of it to defend it. Good try though.

someone Says:

haha Michael that was a dumb try

queen Says:

Bunch of retards commenting here as usual.
Humble Rafa, same song every time.

Rini6 Says:

“Humble Rafa”. You have to wonder why someone who dislikes Nadal so much takes the trouble to comment… several times. Either he’s obsessed. Or he’s an a$.

jamie Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
Gentle Reminder: Rafa has never defended a non-clay court title successfully EVER.

Not once. Never defended a non-clay court title.


Pretty much says Nadal is a clay court specialist. Clay is the only place he has dominated. I
don’t think Nadal will be winning the USO. Yet another non-clay title undefended. What else is new?

Susan Says:


Well said. Rafa deserves our admiration and prayers present and future.

May he be in A-1 condition when he defends his US open title. I keep my fingers crossed.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Deserves? Errrr…ok.

regina Says:

Bravo Rafa!

Humble Rafa Says:

Sorry Susan,

I followed your advice and I have been praying for Rafa for the last day. Can I stop?

Michael Says:

Humble Rafa. Your comments are pathetic. I really think u should start praying for yourself!!!!

someone Says:

michael haha what a butt-hurt nadal fan

Kimberly Says:

Pretty much says Nadal is a clay court specialist. Clay is the only place he has dominated. I
don’t think Nadal will be winning the USO. Yet another non-clay title undefended. What else is new?


Exactly how many titles other than Dubai (a measly 500 tourney) has your fav defended?

alison hodge Says:

rafa has done almost everything there is to do in terms of tennis,so it will be interesting to read about how he feels,the ups and downs of his career,and giving an insight into his personal live outside the tennis courts,rafa is a great insperation and ambassador to the sport,and i cant wait for the book,im sure it will be a best seller.

Rafa's babe Says:

I can’t wait for it I’m so excited to read more about Rafa’s childhood and fill the gaps of his life that I don’t already know


when can i buy it from hong kong!? i can’t wait!

Michael Says:

Someone. Your title should read ‘NO ONE’. Suck it up! RAFA is the greatest whether u like it or not!!!

pat Says:

I think the cover picture is hot!

alison hodge Says:

pat i agree he has the look of jim morrison on the cover of the book,yet when he did the armani photo shoot ,and also when he used to wear the sleeveless shirts and pirate shorts, he reminded me of a young looking johnny depp ,oh how i miss that look,either way very hot, very sexy,also without been shallow hes also a terrific tennis player,the book cant come soon enough,still not long to wait now.

jane Says:

I don’t see either the Jim Morrison or especially not the Johnny Depp comparisons; the celebrity that most reminds me of Rafa in the eye area is Josh Hartnett


But Rafa’s smile is more like Bob Marley’s was. It crinkles up his whole face. :)

alison hodge Says:

jane fair enough thats your opinion,, and this was my opinion, although i do agree ,josh hartnett is also great looking,and for rafa to be compared to him is a great compliment,rafa has a gorgeuse smile,but bob marley come of it.

jane Says:

hi alison, i mean the bob marley comparison as a compliment too, just like the josh hartnett one (b.t.w., it’s just their eyes and brows that seem similar to me). it is in the smile that i see the similarity between rafa and bob, as they both have/had smiles that light up and crinkle up their faces. i will post pics to illustrate, but naturally we all see things differently. :)



alison hodge Says:

hi jane sorry i didnt mean to sound touchy,now you come to mention it ,after looking at the pictures i think you could be right,although he still reminds me of jim on the cover of this book and johnny in a certain light,on the advert especially at the end.although i suppose it would be a boring old world if we all agreed about everything.it was nice chatting to you by the way.

jane Says:

The hair, and Jim, yeah I do see it! No problemo alison. cheers!

JF Says:

Humble Rafa- Seems like you don’t receive enough attention in your personal life.

Rishabh Says:

I have never seen anyone so self-motivated as Rafa in my life. The best part of his game his that he plays every point of his match with grit and gumption such that his life depends on that sole point!! He exudes so much of an an inspirational touch on & off the court. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!! I will always be a fan of yours.I really am looking forward to read his autobiography.

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