Novak Djokovic Gun Photo Creates a Minor Stir [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 25th, 2011, 11:00 am

Novak Djokovic has been doing just about everything right this season. The Serb has lost just one match on the year and after his Wimbledon title earlier this month, he now finds himself atop the tennis world at the No. 1 ranking.

However, Djokovic landed in some controversy last week when his friend and countryman Janko Tipsarevic posted a picture on Facebook showing Janko pointing a gun at Novak Djokovic. (Some of you have voiced your displeasure over the photo on this site over the weekend.)

According to one report the photo was intended to have a little go at Rafael Nadal with the caption “How much $$$ would Rafa gief… ;).”.

While the prank may have seemed all fun and games at the time, it predictably and rightfully produced some uproar and negative publicity (messing with guns is not a good thing, even if they are toy guns; and Rafa fans won’t be pleased).

The photo has since been pulled from Facebook – I’ve added a news story with more details from Argentina’s Canal 5 Noticias above (translations welcome).

Djokovic still has a few more weeks to kill before returning to the tennis courts for Montreal on August 8.

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93 Comments for Novak Djokovic Gun Photo Creates a Minor Stir [Video]

marko Says:

I really wish you hadn’t posted this up..It was a mistake, and Tipsarevic realized that and took it down almost immediately. I think the actual photo was only up for a couple of hours. This should’ve been a dead-end story originating from one Yahoo sportswriter who’s been writing smear jobs against Novak for months now.. It was a mistake, but everyone’s made a joke in poor taste at least once in a while. I’m just sorry that this photo has provided so much fuel for all the Novak haters out there..Can we just put this behind us and get back to enjoying the Tennis?

Michael Says:

What else can u expect from moronic Serbian peasants!! They should be punished by the ATP.

marko Says:

What else can u expect from bigoted people named Michael!! Their mothers should’ve spanked them harder.

stu Says:

Tipsa has some apologizing to do.

nadalista Says:

marko Says:
“…………. This should’ve been a dead-end story originating from one Yahoo sportswriter who’s been writing smear jobs against Novak for months now……..”

July 25th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

eh,…looks like Novak does a very good job of smearing himself than anyone can, imho!!!

what a dumbass…………

Michael Says:

Their mothers are probably no better than them, Marko.

Eric Says:

Sigh…what a non-story.

marko Says:

@Michael..Actually I was referring to the mothers of bigoted people named Michael. Just clarifying.

Michael Says:

@Eric. This is anything but ‘a non-story’. No. 1 player posing in front of a gun. Great example to the kids!!!! They should be scathed by the ATP!

Cristina Says:

Well, they don’t say much new, except that they say Janko posted the picture on his Facebook first, with the caption we all know, and then posted it again with the caption “die”. Now, that’s something I hadn’t heard before and I think probably something got lost in translation there, since I’ve heard the picture was posted with the caption “die hard”.
Then the journalist comments that Rafa has said nothing, and jokes that Novak better not give those ideas to people.

Scott Says:

Well, Tipsarevic did finally remove the photo, but not before insulting his Tweeter followers who disapproved of it:

To all the morons who think I”promote guns” or have anything against these two champion,PLEASE stop following and leaving idiotic comments

He just doesn’t get it, does he?

And here’s an SI article, surprised at this “lapse in judgment” after they included Tipsarevic among their Top 100 Twitter users:

tennisfansince76 Says:

oh relax people. this is actually quite funny if you are not politically correct. what is the objection? some kid might actually think its a real gun and go out and assassinate the pro tennis player they root against? give me a break

tennisfansince76 Says:

also it makes me think. how much would Rafa give?

Michael Says:

Stupid comment T76. Rafa will shoot him down with his racket! Wait and see! Djokstrap’s run will soon come to an end!!

Kimberly Says:

tennisfansince76—i am a parent of young children and myself and several of my friends refuse to hire this one party company since the superhero/spiderman impersonators have been known to climb on the roof and jump off. No need to give impressionable children ideas. This is the same.

Do I think they would play with guns because Novak and Janko do? Not mine because they don’t look up to them. But I’m sure there are kids who would say look at them and say thats cool. And bottom line is its SO NOT COOL. It was a big mistake and if they don’t get it, then they are just dense.

I like tennis bullies Says:


Scott Says:

“some kid might actually think its a real gun and go out and assassinate the pro tennis player they root against? give me a break”

Replace “some kid” with “some adult nut”, i.e. Gunther Parke (Graff’s fan who stabbed Seles).

jane Says:

I agree that this is unfortunate, firstly in having the photo taken, which perhaps came about impromtu-like in the locker room or something? Tipsy said “stick em up” and Nole posed? Who knows? Secondly, it was rather thoughtless on Tipsy’s part to post it and add an inflammatory caption on top of it. :(

Having said that, personally, I don’t think this incident should turn Nole into a “bad person” (all the little boys on my block have been having nerf & water pistol battles for weeks and kids films these days often have worse than that pic!). He is generally a very good guy, who has grown the sport in his country exponentially, who has organized and played for charities, and who has been, again, imo, a gracious player on the court in victory and defeat, applauding opponents, giving hugs and warm hand shakes at the net win or lose, etc. He has matured in many ways over the last couple of years. This is a slip up indeed, but hopefully he can put it behind him.

I was just catching up on tennis news today, so I looked at his twitter and saw this picture; that’s the one I’ll keep in my mind.

mem Says:


with all due respect, you sound very naive.

do you understand that this is not about a joke just between novak and janko. they decided to bring the entire world in on it. it’s about the perception, the message sent to many, many fans. we cannot assume that every fan is mentally stable. case in point, monica seles unfortunate incident, need i say more. some fans are so obsessed with certain players until you can’t put anything pass them. there are some things that are harmlessly unfunny and then there are some things seriously unfunny. this one falls within the latter.

sure, it might seem funny to you and some others but what if some crazed fan took this literal. can players afford to take that chance? you don’t perform pranks like this, attach another player’s name and then laugh it off as nothing. how can we know what lurks in the hearts of people. how can we know what people will or will not do. is there a guarantee?

this is a sport! a competition and players are suppose to seize every opportunity to win as much as possible. novak seized his opportunities to beat nadal, so, i wouldn’t think that any player in their right mind is so caught up in winning that they would want to harm another player. to imply that a player would despise another player to that extent for beating him is preposterous and certainly disrespectful to nadal.

i’m not suggesting that novak and tipsy should be forced to respect nadal or any player. that’s up to them, but it’s important for all players to be reminded of boundaries and the potential impact they have on the lives of others, whether they want to be role models or not, there are those who see them as examples to follow.

there is a price to pay for being in the spotlight. some might say that examining novak this way is unfair, but this kind of examination comes with huge success and particularly with being #1. ask nadal and federer. like it or not, players at the very top of their sport are always under a microscope, every word, every action monitored. it’s the way it is; the way it has always been. a player can’t have it both ways. once a player get to the highest level, he doesn’t get to choose what he wants to be responsible for. there are enormous expectations. people are watching every move. that’s reality! he cannot escape it.

sure, players are human, they make mistakes, i understand that and i don’t expect novak to be perfect, but he’s not exempt from scrutiny either. so for you to suggest that he and tipsy shouldn’t be warned about their actions and for you to think that this is funny is an obvious indication of your naivete. that’s my opinion!

Michael Says:

Jane. Don’t b taken in by a picture! Djoker doesn’t care about anybody . He just cares about himself and his career.

jane Says:

“they decided to bring the entire world in on it.”

Hmm, but do we know that “they” had this intention mem? We know that Tipsy posted it and wrote the caption, but what we don’t actually know are the circumstances under which the picture was taken or even who took it for that matter. I am not saying the posing in the first place was a wise thing; I’ve already made clear I think it was an error. However, we don’t know what Nole’s involvement were in terms of twitter.

Michael “Don’t b taken in by a picture! ” Well, I guess this statement cut both ways? You can’t say the sweet pictures of him with his dog, girlfriend, and little fan are “false” and yet this prank is “real”.

I don’t know Novak as a person, and I am guessing most of us here don’t. However, judging by his actions on and off the court, I generally get the impression that he cares a lot about others and people’s impressions of him, maybe even too much sometimes, but that he is a good person deep down. It’s unfortunate that he has made this mistake (and others), but alas he has. All I can hope for is that he learns from it and puts it behind him.

Michael Says:

Jane. If u look closely at the pics of his dog etc etc etc you might detect how unnatural they really are!!

dari Says:

I’m sure both guys understand the negative image they put out and will never anything like it again. I don’t like the image, they made a big, thoughtless mistake.
I look forward to when this blows over because its not fair to label them generally bad people and for you, Michael, to bring in nationality.
Your insult is in poor taste like the image itself, and you’ve lost credibility in your claim against a violent image by using hateful language.
mem, I seriously wonder how long your sermon would be for another player who doesn’t currently have nadal’s number!
And if rafa beats novak next time they meet, will we hear that novak deserved it for putting out this bad mojo? I bet we will.
Look forward to the next several weeks for these guys to do what they do best- play tennis, not media relations!
On another note, besides being negative image to kids, etc., this can’t be positive for rafa and novak’s ” relationship” maybe nadal doesn’t care, maybe he is mad, but their relations were already cooling off and this can’t help.
Just goes to show how special the untarnishable love affair between rafa and roger is ;)
Jane how dare you put up such a sweet and happy image at a time like this!!!!

mem Says:


let’s be clear, i’m not judging him. i’m pointing out a reality that applies to any player in the spotlight,whether he plays golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, etc. imagine if this had been nadal creating a joke about novak. imagine the huge amount of attention it would have attracted. let’s be real! expectations apply to all; it’s not just novak and sometimes certain players are judged more harsely than others, but again, that’s comes with this level of success.

anyway, “they’ refer to both novak and janko. the photo doesn’t lie! isn’t that novak with his hands up in photo? personally, i fail to see how tipsy was able to set this up and have it photographed without novak’s knowledge of what was going on. sorry, but i’m just not that naive. it doesn’t matter what the intention was. intention doesn’t determine perception. his intention may have been one thing but how others perceive it may be totally different.

my reference to “bringing in the entire world” meant once the joke was posted, it wasn’t private anymore, the photo and the context was published for everyone to view.

be that as it may, like you say, we don’t know details and we can never know for sure what a player will or will not do, only what they have shown us thusly.

mem Says:


first of all, i appreciate you reading my sermon, however, maybe you should try skipping them since they seem to upset you. refresh my memory because i don’t recall inviting you to read them nor do i recall inviting you to church.

i think you might have me confused with the way you do things. you’re the one who seems to always go along with what others thinks. i’m beginning to wonder if you have any ideas of your won. nothing personal, just an observation.

anyway, i’m happy that you found what i said interesting enough to read it.

dari Says:

Don’t flatter yourself mem, I only skimmed your sermon
But keep reading- maybe just maybe I will finally come up with something original

scoreboard66 Says:

C’mon guys, why should this pic be of some alarm to any of you. Wasn’t novak’s brother tweeting what he determined to be phone calls (thinking it was funny) between rog and rafa on what to do about Novak? This pic is indicative of how sucees has blown up Novak’s head and he will continue to make them until someone knocks him off his pedestal. I hope it comes from his sponsors as he’s clearly NOT No.1 in his actions, and he should pay the consequences. i don’t for one second see this as innocent as some clai,, considering all the fun Novak has made of Rafa and his innunedoes towards Fed post AO’08.

@jane, you’re right you don’t know Novak, so why are so always so strong with your defenses and posting sweet pics of him. Step outside the box and you’ll notice that sweet stuff are publicity stunts. That Japan charade was just for publicity. Get real.

scoreboard66 Says:

I forgot to add this story was all over Yahoo and Bleacher Report. The comments here are saintly in comparison to those posted on other boards.

mem Says:


if you say so, but did it ever occur to you that you maybe the one flattering me with your interest in my comments. thanks to you i am flattered! regardless of whether you skimmed or read the entire post, it caught your attention. anyway, keep trying, i’m sure if you try hard enough you’re come up with something original sooner or later. good luck!

dave Says:

This is a fair news story. (Federer could be simply wagging or pointing his finger at his critics after a win, but it would be immediately misinterpreted as something worse by pundits and Federer haters.)

To be fair to Djokovic, it probably wasn’t his fault it got publicized. However, Djokovic clearly participated in the shooting of the picture with his friend Tipsarevic and a photographer. If Djokovic did it with the intention of publicizing it, then he deserves severe criticism, even a suspension. Imagine if a top NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB player did something similar.

Tipsarevic seems to be the culprit. And his belligerent post after taking down the picture indicates he is not contrite and does not get it. Unlike players like Djokovic and Nadal, poor Tipsarevic does not have a public relations agent to guide him on the public implications of actions like this. But Tipsarevic is supposed to be smart.

Regardless, it was negative publicity for tennis in an age where players tweet and publicly communicate a lot. As well as an age where sportsmen and other celebrities have been harmed by violence.

The ATP should investigate this incident and impose some form of meaningful penalty on Tipsarevic that would act as a deterrent to him and other players from doing stupid things on the internet. For example, Tipsarevic could be fined $3,000 or banned from a tournament or perform 20 hours of community service for Nadal (or Uncle Toni)… or just horsewhipped.

jane Says:

Ah but you don’t know him any better than I do, and yet you’re equally as strong – if not stronger – in stating your opinions scoreboard66. I agree with most posters here that he made a mistake posing for that picture.. But then I stated what I think of him overall, which is not negative. I guess we all post based on our impressions & perceptions of a player, his actions, and of course tennis too. In a box, out of a box, on a box, beside a box, it really doesn’t matter: the view contains the viewer, and our perceptions will always be shaped accordingly.

scoreboard66 Says:

@jane, I can only go by what I see as I don’t have my head in the sand as you do. You shouldn’t be offended by any criticisms of Novak as you do more than your share of criticizing other players, your most recent was Bartoli, or have you forgotten your rmarks on her serve routine. Tell me jane, is Bartoli’s serve routine anymore offensive than Novak’s ball bouncing? I doubt it, but yet you criticize her so much.

I’m sure Novak was fully aware that pic would be publicized and it’s why he went along with it. He wanted Rafa to know, but Janko is now taking the fall. Why isn’t Novak defending his friend’s actions and helping him out of a sticky situation. To paraphrase Michael, Novak is all for Novak.

Fritz Says:

Hey dave,

I see you’re good with numbers.
Since you suggested a price for Tipsarevic to pay ($3,000), could you suggest a price for Tipsarevic’s original question, i.e. what would Rafa give…

BTW, I liked your idea of “comunity” service for Uncle Toni. May I suggest his basement ;-)

Kimberly Says:

Janko should be worried about his own game, like how to blow match points in a GS against the slumping Verdasco, maybe how to string consecutive wins in a GS, not how much Nadal will pay him.

Actually maybe he should be worried about how much Rafa will pay him. May be his only shot of getting decent money as he clearly can’t make it off his tennis.

Kimberly Says:

sorry meant how to stop blowing matching points or how not blow match points. Was too excited with my brilliant comment so was typing too fast.

jane Says:

scoreboard66, I am not “offended” by criticisms. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions on Nole or any other player. Naturally the opinions will & do vary greatly. I said myself I think he made a mistake posing for the picture, and that Tipsy should not have posted it. It is unfortunate. Unlike you, however, I am not “sure” Novak was “fully aware that pic would be publicized”. I don’t know the intentions behind it nor can I know for sure unless that is stated by the people involved. Indeed, for all I know, it was a locker room gag that turned into something else. As I said, I have a positive impression of Novak overall, so I prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt than make an assumption about his intentions. Thus, there really is not much else for me to say on the matter.

Kimberly Says:

ANd if this was NBA or NFL this would be all over ESPN, with Mike & Mike discussing it for days, make no mistake. The fact that the general public is not that into tennis has made it more low key.

Fritz Says:

Perhaps Mike & Mike will discuss it after all. Note that Novak is wearing Steelers’ Terrible Towel on that photo. Therefore, in addition to Rafa and Uncle Toni, this was clear disrespect of Steelers and the NFL.
Here is a thought for Mike & Mike!

dari Says:

Ok mem, we can go back and forth all day. You’re flattered, I’m flattered you’re reading my posts and keeping up with my general comment behavior to know I agree with everyone and never say anything new.
Blah blah blah
I’m done now, if you are not, please continue without me!

mem Says:


i was wondering when you would realize that your comments are void of substance. i don’t blame you, you should be done before you really embarrass yourself.

scoreboard66 Says:

@dave, I liked it that Fed was wagging his finger when he won that match at the FO. In his own way, he was saying, watch out, more will come.

I doubt ESPN would talk of th is recent pic, as Novak’s not big in the US, likewise tennis. If an american player did that, then ESPN would be abuzz with the chatter. Novak will get a free pass on this one in the US for sure.

I’d still like to see Novak comment on the video and help Janko out, but I doubt he’ll do anything. Maybe, Janko will learn, but at what age?

Fritz Says:

scoreboard66 Says:
@dave, I liked it that Fed was wagging his finger when he won that match at the FO. In his own way, he was saying, watch out, more will come.

… and then came Tsonga.

Skeezerweezer Says:


“nothing personal, just an observation.”. Since when have your posts been an observation, nothing personal?

Now you now why posters make an effort to skip your sermons. Nothing personal, just an observation.

tqrs Says:

God save the Earth from brainwashed people named Michael.

bob22 Says:

If you are all agaist violence why are you not speaking against current crime in Lybia that was commited by the West? Or where were you when Serbia was bombed just because te were fighting terorists in Kosovo! By your curved mirror bombing of Lybian people with will bring democrasy and prosperity. It is quite common to turn a head on other side and pretend that you are inocent or not part of it!

Kimberly Says:

bob22–i dont follow the news, i only watch sporting events.

mem Says:


if you have learned anything since i’ve been posting on this site you would know that i don’t seek popularity and acceptance and i’m certainly not soliciting friendships. just be thankful i’m not one to post 24/7 every day of the year like some of you are. if i were, then i would really be a nightmare with a computer. you guys should count your blessings that i don’t show up too often. i suggest you guys enjoy my input while you can. you just might miss me when i go on leave. at any rate, ask me how much i care about what others read or don’t read.

you sound as though it should mean something to me when others say they don’t read my posts. anytime posters say that to me, it only means that they actually read it, they found it interesting and i probably struck a nerve, but of course they would like for me to believe they didn’t read it. they just want me to shut up and go away. otherwise, why would they waste time letting me know that they didn’t read it.

sorry, but all i can say is skip my posts if they bother you that much. either way, i won’t be losing any sleep. you get my drift!

Marija Says:

Kimberly and others:
There was a Croatian tennis player called Goran Ivanisevic. Here was his comment so let’s all get a grip. By the way, there was no apology from Mr. Goran.
> “I wasn’t worried,” he sad. “The two policemen, I went to the practicing
> range with them. They showed me how to shoot, just for fun. They let me
> shoot a machine gun. It was tough to control, but, oh, it was a nice
> feeling – all the bullets coming out. I was thinking it would be nice to
> have some Serbs standing in front of me.” ….
> “Ivanishevic ‘fights’ for Croatia”
> New York Times, February 22, 1993, pp C1

Robert Says:

I skipped over Mem’s self-righteous, boring sermons.

Kimberly Says:

Marina, Goran was a psycho, I don’t think he was ever a role model for anyone. But point taken,

Kimberly Says:

I meant marija, autocorrect sorry

mem Says:


you’re smart! i like your style, don’t complain about what you can’t change, just skip what you don’t like. keep it simple!

blah Says:

I want to get humble rafa’s thoughts on this.

Cindy Brady Says:

people should stop over-reacting. like the one who wrote the sermon said ” skip the tweet and the news if you find it offensive “

Cindy Brady Says:

people have learnt to skip mem’s stupid and dumb posts, so i am sure they will learn to skip tipsy’s tweets.

Cindy Brady Says:

how come most of the people criticizing novak are mostly Rafa fans? is this a coincidence? or is it that they need something to get back at novak?

let us be honest here : you should rip tipsy, if you have any problem.

it wouldn’t make sense to rip nadal because the spannish cyclists were caught for doping, right?

do we have proof that novak requested tipsy to post this pic and caption or did janko do it on his own volition?

you read some of these rafa fans’ comments and you would think tipsy has no brain of his own and that novak orchestrated this whole thing.

Michael Says:

@Cindy Brady. I actually read on one of the sites that Djokstrap tweeted that people should look at Tipsy’s Facebook and this was as soon as the picture and caption was posted. So it is pretty obvious that this stunt was pre-planned by both the Serbs.

scineram Says:

God, I love these guys!

Cherry Says:

I wish there were subtitles on the video so I could understand what the anchors were saying. The photo, by the way, looks scary.

mem Says:


first of all, how do you know these comments come from rafa fans only. did you take a poll?

you are so ignorant, what on earth does nadal has to do with a spanish cyclist allegedly doping? are you to blame for what the people you are acquainted with do in your country? are you truely that dense? my goodness, i have seen ignorance before, but you take it to another level. are we all responsible for what the people we know do?

anyway, do you have proof that novak didn’t know?
go ahead blame the rafa fans for pointing out the obvious. we didn’t make the photo. we gave our perception and opinion just like you, just like others. is there a law against that?

lay all the blame on janko. right, he forced novak to go along. right, let janko take the fall; he’s not in the spotlight like novak.

the problem with people like you is you want novak to be #1 but you don’t him to be subjected to criticism and scrunity that other #1s have had to endure.

don’t try to act like you guys are so innocent when it comes to criticizing and scruinizing nadal. that’s all some of you have ever done and still do, blame nadal for the world’s ills. your comments top the list, some of the silliest comments i’ve ever heard.

Chris Says:

Wow, talk about a non-story. I couldn’t care less about this.

Michael Says:

Well said Mem. And Chris, if this is a non-story why r u on this site?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

This will surely not sit well with Rafa.
That caption is REALLY poor sportsmanship. I like Nole, I like his clowning and even his lack of awe for his fellow players is refreshing, but I can’t imagine this being considered acceptable at ANY level of sport, from Pop Warner to high school to beer leagues. Its very insulting to Rafa— even if true!

nadalista Says:

I don’t know what is more pathetic…………….the whole unbelievably stupid caper or Nole’s fans’ scrambling to defend him!!!!!

Keep at it folks…………I’m really enjoying this!

Seth Says:

NON-STORY. Everyone can relax. Trust me, it’s okay.

Chris Says:

I’m on this site to read tennis related articles, not twitter updates

Michael Says:

I really think it is time for the ATP to step in and penalize these two Serbs!!

BXpress Says:

Oh come on. i mean we all knew that he was a joker and all that ,but do you really believe that he is really that stupid?think about it.

He knows damn well about diplomacy in the tennis circuit.he would never have encouraged that or willingly taken part in.this smells like a very fabricated smear to me.

kriket Says:

A non story, that just served the purpose to flush out the Novak (and Serb) haters on this blog. Glad to see there are not many of the latters (only one whose name isn’t worth mentioning).
Good to know, now TX, I think it’s time to change the front story, please.

kriket Says:

Tipsarević should have known better than to post this, and Novak should have warned him not to post that photo after it’s alreadz been taken.
But there were certainly no bad intentions involved, just bad taste and lack of awareness of what being a No.1 player means in this conetxt.
Means no fucking around like this, but nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes, and I’m sure Đoković is already regretting this one bigtime, even if the only thing he did was pulling a prank with Janko while someone with a mobile phone snapped it.

BXpress Says:


The Djokovic haters and radical Nadal fans jump on this story like Hyenas on a dead antelope,without thinking whether this could have been his real intent or not.

The problem with you people is that you think (or act) as if djokovic was introduced just yesterday into the tennis-world and his fame status.he is a professional and has always(!) been diplomatic towards his oponents.

i mean even i as a not-pro-average-joe know that this could destroy fame and think a guy like Djok who’s been in the pro business for several years doesn’t know?

i know that some of the haters have just waited for something like this,but think about it simply makes no sense.

KissMyGrits Says:

Novak ALWAYS GLOATS about his wins. He can’t help it. Probably has something to do with him feeling inferior (which he clearly is in character but not in tennis). End of story.

Cindy Brady Says:


i think most people on this site know who the most stupid person that posts on this blog now. want me to conduct a poll for you?

please stop spewing your venom on the new no.1. you are fooling no one with your claims that nole’s man-handling of your poor wussy rafa this year has nothing to do with your “opinions”.

the rafatards on rafa’s website and maybe other dumbsites like tennis trash might buy your dimwit “opinions”. on much better sites like tennisx, we have more informed and objective posters to keep things in perspective.

i am not at all surprised to see nadal fans insisting that novak be suspended. i guess they see that as the only way back for rafa to be no.1. I am enjoying how desperate these rafatards are getting. thanks for the fun guys!

Kimberly Says:

personally i find tipsy’s role more annoying than noles…what a wannabe.

He should only dream to have 1/10 of rafas career, which he for sure never will. Yet he thinks its ok to make fun of him. However, I make fun of Marion Bartoli and she’s a way better player than me!

If Rafa had posted these photos the outrage would be unspeakable. And yes, I will admit honestly it is more annoying that Djoko making this joke because he beat Nadal five times. However, so what? It’s still classless, the article is here, why not speak about it?

However, have seen some mature posters, fed and nole fans say the behavior is disappointing, but must be taken in context. Which it should be. But those who dismiss it, hmmmmm. I can promise you they wouldn’t dismiss it if it was Rafa.

I’m sure if Nole stays number 1 for a while (which it looks like he will) he will figure out the correct behavior.

Michael Says:

@Cindy Brady. You sound like a very venomous person spitting bile allover this page. You really must regret Djokstrap’s stunt back-firing on him. He has no right to be the no.1 player as clearly he has no idea how to handle himself on the big stage unlike Rafa and Roger. Can’t wait for his demise – the sooner the better. I repeat, the ATP should step in!!!!

BXpress Says:


I’m Serbian and ofc Novak’S fan,and i would dismiss it if it was Rafa.Simply because i know that pros like them would never do this willingly.In all of Djok’s interviews he’s anxious to praise Rafa or Roger or whoever he plays against.And he was every single time.I think he has proven again and again that he has great respect for all players as he is also always gracious in defeat.

This stunt simply doesn’t look like Djokovic to me.It stinks of SMEAR!

Yes he is known as clown and joker but this would go too far even for him,rather especially for him.He may have his antics but he sure knows how to be dioplomatic.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

What in the world are you talking about, “smear”? This was posted by no one other than his friend! He even changed the post before taking it down and never denied that he did it. On top of that, Nole posted for people to check it out.
What in your mind happened? Did someone hijack both Nole and Tipsy’s facebook and twitter accounts? Or were they hypnotized?

Guy did something stupid. If your defence is, this was too stupid for him to do, he must have been framed, you’re going to feel very silly trying to defend him when you realize there was no frame job.

mem Says:

Cindy brady,

who helped you put those comments together? i’m impressed, i didnt know it was in you. i knew you could fall off the hinges sometimes, but gosh, you passed my expectations.

wow, i’m shaking in my boots! do you feel better now that you have released your pent up anger. my, my, did i strike a nerve? be careful, don’t give yourself hypertension over my comments. it won’t change a thing.

although i must say your gullibility is undeniable, suggesting that rafafans hate novak for beating rafa almost makes me sad. you actually believe what you say. you have a lot to learn about sports.

that said, as far as i’m concerned you are nothing more than an empty wagon making a lot of noise.

i’ve heard it all before. you’re not the first to go buck wild and mad over my comments and i’m sure you won’t be the last. has that ever stopped me before?

if you’re going to comment, try not to be so repetitive. others have already said those things. i want to hear something new that you came up with.

anyway, nice chatting with you and i’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re just one of many who explodes into fits of rage because you can’t control how i think and what i say. you’re get use to it! although i must warn you it’s not healthy to get so worked up over something you can’t do anything about. perhaps, you should consider seeking some anger management.

BXpress Says:

@Tennis Vagabond

I never said i know for sure.I just said that it doesn’t make sense.I can explain it only that way.Watch Djok’s interviews or his behavior when he loses.He’s often more diplomatic and gracious than he needs to be.Did he change overnight into a total moron?

“On top of that, Nole posted for people to check it out.”

says who?have you read it with your own eyes?can you provide a link that confirms this statement?

If you can provide proof for that then i’ll shut up for good.

Michael Says:

@BXpress. Djokstrap tweeted to check out Tipsy’s Facebook as soon as the picture and caption was published. I read it on Tennis web a few weeks ago.

johhny Says:

Only Nole haters are making a story out of this, everybody else already forgot about it. Hater will hate ….

Sean Randall Says:

Well, if you are a Nole hater this is about the only thing you have to go on! The guy has been impeccable all year, sans this ill-conceived stunt.

Yeah, it was meant as a joke but since the picture was removed that’s all you need to know. (read: Bad idea)

Novak should know better and I agree, had this been an NFL or NBA star this would have been big news across the media outlets and engendered a lot of outrage.

killerc Says:

I don’t condone gun violence yet, this was a admitted joke gone wrong.. Context of the photo is everything… if they switched the gun for supersoaker and wore western digs; It would of been more comical. Unfortunately this just played into the bad stereotypes – people have with the whole Serbian war incident and gun violence in general. These rich athletes are human, in many ways act like young frat boys in reality off tour and still lacking the mature-ness of 30 somethings or older. It’s just a mistake stunt, I forgive em as a fan – Keep it to TENNIS though! LOL NO NBA LOCKER ROOM GUN BRINGIN OR SOMETHING BWHAHAH.

Seth Says:

Really having a hard time believing so many folks are hyperventilating about this non-story.

Michael Says:

Seth. If this is a non-story I wonder why this page is still open for comments!!!!!!!

Seth Says:


Because an unfortunate number of folks don’t seem to hold the view of it that I (and a few others) do.

scineram Says:

Because they never close comments, you troll.

Peter Says:

It was understandably a joke and was taken down immediately, but he should never have put himself in that position. We never really saw anything like this with Fed and Nadal. Not saying Djokovic is a bad person by any means, he just isn’t as classy a person as the former number ones. He likes to have a good time. Nothing’s wrong with that, but when there are kids out there looking up to you, you’d do well to remember that cameras will be on you constantly and people will be watching.

alison hodge Says:

would djokovic and the people who are defending him find this funny,if it was the other way round and it was rafa and feli ,or roger and stan,doing the same thing,hmm makes you wonder,they would probably want them horsewhipped,however they have more class,and prefer to let there tennis do the talking,great champions know when there hot and know when there not,and also know they dont need to brag about how good they are,as the records speak for themselves,djokovic could learn a thing or two,from the two great men.

baby Says:

I wonder if anyone still remembers Sharapova’s father ‘cutting throat’ gesture after she beat Henin?

scineram Says:

“We never really saw anything like this with Fed and Nadal.”


Michael Says:

Just read the ATP are going to honour the classless Serb at the Montreal Masters. Shouldn’t the be punishing him instead? Tut tut tut ATP!!!!

Oui Says:

To Michael/Von
Honor Nole? Good! He deserves it.

Career titles: Roddick 30 / Nole 26
Career finals: Roddick 20 / Nole 13
Slams: Roddick 1 (slam wonder) / Nole 3
Masters titles: Roddick 5 / Nole 9
Davis Cup titles: Roddick 1 / Nole 1
WTF or YEC titles: Roddick 0 / Nole 1
Olympic medals: Roddick 0 / Nole 1 (bronze)

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