Serena Williams Named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador [Video]

by Tom Gainey | September 22nd, 2011, 1:03 pm

Serena Williams has been appointed as the UNICEF’s latest Goodwill Ambassador. The announcement came yesterday during the 2nd Annual Social Good Summit in New York City.

“Serena Williams isn’t just a world tennis champion, she is a champion for children — and a passionate advocate for providing every child with a quality education,” said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. “We are delighted that Serena is joining us as UNICEF’s newest Goodwill Ambassador and look forward to working together to win for children.”

Serena, who was embroiled in controversy during a US Open final loss to Samantha Stosur earlier this month, first teamed up with UNICEF in 2006.

“I believe all children deserve the chance to make something of their lives,” Serena said. “I am committed to helping UNICEF provide a quality education to children to help them build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Former UNICEF Ambassadors include Audrey Hepburn, Harry Belafonte, Mia Farrow, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom and Shakira.

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19 Comments for Serena Williams Named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador [Video]

Humble Rafa Says:

I hope she doesn’t scare the children like she does umpires.

gum Says:

Is it wrong that I laughed so hard when I saw this article? Goodwill Ambassador… Serena? ha ha ha

CM Says:

Please give me a freaking break for crying out loud. This is the biggest joke of the year !!

majurej Says:

Could they not find someone else? PLEASE

margot Says:

Well Tony Blair got to be peace negotiator in middle east….so in this crazy world we live in, anything’s possible.

felix Says:

OH my god, is there no others person, who is more reliable than her? this is so wrong

Ken Says:

Congratulation Serena. Keep your head up and ignore these haters. They’ve been hating on you from day one for reasons only one can imagine. Where would American women’s tennis be without you? Other than your sister, I can not think of a single player that could have won as much as you have and I challenge anyone that can. Good luck and I know you will do a fine job.

Inextirpable Says:

It had to be Serena as Bin Laden wasnt available (for some reason).

People have been hating on the Williams sisters from day one not because of their color, but for their obnoxious, pretentious attitudes, and general disrespect for anyone other than themselves. There was the same dislike of McEnroe when he acted like a brat. Hopefully the Williams girls can take a lesson from McEnroe and mature gracefully, but I’m not hopeful.

grendel Says:

well, you know, these sisters are not joined at the hip. Venus was always arrogant (in a Sampras/Federer type way – i.e. she was infused with self-belief) but she was always fair. When Steffi Graf beat her (just) in the semi at the german’s last Wimbledon, Venus took the defeat on the chin, refusing to ascribe it to the disorientating rain intervals. Bear in mind that Graf was obviously very experienced, Venus was a novice – it’s obvious who would have been better able to handle the bizzare Wimbledon weather. Earlier in the tourney, Venus had brashly dismissed Graf as yesterday’s player. So she was embarrassed – but she didn’t try to duck and weave.

As for Serena – everything has already been said. A unique tennis player, though. She’ll be missed when she finally goes.

Roy Lesher Says:

Some qualifications. Egotistical, arrogant, insensitive. Perhaps she could partner with Charlie Sheen.

Polo Says:

Is this a joke? Hasn’t UNICEF seen how Serena reacts when things don’t go her way?

WTF Says:

She’ll shove tennis balls down people’s throats and kill them.

truthsquad Says:

Maybe it’s just a chance to meet all the children around the world who work for 25 cents an hour sewing her hideously ugly fashions that she shills on QVC on a regular basis….

rogerafa Says:

Come on guys, she didn’t kill anybody. Comparing her to Bin Laden and Blair is grossly unfair. They were, directly or indirectly, responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent people. Bush did much worse than them. Serena is not some baby-eating monster. The reactions are extreme to say the least. Maybe, she isn’t the ideal UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. However, I am sure the UNICEF guys have their reasons. Maybe, they want to target black populations in particular and, who knows, having Serena might actually work out.

jos Says:

Serena has open two schools along with HP in Africa and has been active in this area since she was in her early twenties.

The comments just go to show me just how racist most of you white people are and what the Williams sister have had to endure since becoming tennis players!

jos Says:

Serena will be working in the area of providing quality education for children in Africa and Asia.

jos Says:

Its interesting how Tiger Woods and Serena are compared to persons who are mass murderers; this says it all!!

CM Says:

PLEASE do not play the color or race card PLEASE !! BTW the foot fault judge was not white was she ?? Pity pity. What a poor excuse to allow such awful behaviour on the excuse of color.

Big Nana Says:

Obviously UNICEF haven’t seen some of Serena’s Utube clips. Obviously NOT suitable for children.

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